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A magpie having an imaginary conversation with the Twitter icon.


Without Photoshop, LightRoom 5 doesn't stack or double expose. I had to resort to creating image this in Affinity Designer, where I pasted a transparent Twitter icon (Googled for it) in a separate layer, moved it to where I wanted it, resized it, then exported the entire image to JPG. Then I did the processing as usual in LightRoom 5.


For Smile on Saturdays: Composite Images

I was back out and about in KC last night looking to shoot with my 70-300ii lens and needing some new material. I was waiting out a sunset near the Sky Stations of Bartle Hall when I noticed all these birds being very vocal and flying back and forth while some held their positions in this tree. It looks like a monochrome image but it was color. Hand held.



Mike D.

As many of us come together around the world this holiday season, we want to remind ourselves of the reasons we have to give thanks.


Scan your archives, make your choice, and tweet your best shot @Flickr, adding #TwitterTuesday #Thankful.


We’ll showcase our favorites on the Flickr Blog tomorrow.


Original photo from Iwona in the Flickr Social Group.

E p qm se interessar, pode me followzar no Tíuítti!


Foi bem propício o sobrenome ao desenho, hem, hem?? @.@

Had some free time so I took a snapshot of my background on Twitter.

Today is International Coffee Day, a day to celebrate the elixir that us be functional in the mornings.


Scan your archives, make your choice, and tweet it to @Flickr, adding #TwitterTuesday #Coffee. We'll showcase the best ones on the Flickr Blog tomorrow.


Photo CC-BY from waferboard

The theme for today's Twitter Tuesday is Air, an element essential to life.


Scan your archives, make your choice, and tweet your best image to @Flickr, adding #TwitterTuesday #Air. We’ll showcase our favorites tomorrow on the Flickr Blog.


Original photo CC-BY from Horia Varlan (

The waving fins, and the elegance in the water. Scan your archives, make your choice, and tweet your best fish photo to @Flickr, adding #TwitterTuesday #Fish.


We’ll showcase our favorites on the Flickr Blog tomorrow.


Original photo from Kamillo Kluth (

Let the waters run free! Let that river flow beautifully. Scan your archives, make your choice, and tweet your best photo to @Flickr, adding #TwitterTuesday and #River. We'll showcase our favorites on the Flickr Blog tomorrow


Photo CC-BY from Rick Obst -

nothing like scrolling Twitter while stuck in an Uber come find me @tabbikat1996

lieben dank für eure zahlreichen und lieben glückwünsche zu meinem gestrigen geburtstag.


ich weiß das zu schätzen.




thanks a lot for your kind birthday wishes.


i really appreciate that.

Florence Bay {moderate}


I highly recommend

making sure sound is on!



Rocky is delighted with his new Twitter account and has made some new friends already !

*****NOTE: i cancelled my twitter

Read more about the Twitter Bird at

...i tell you...this is the best bred that we ever had...twitter...twitter

Yeah, please excuse this terrible creation of the twitter logo. I decided to take the nonlazy approach by making my own version...

Anyways, I now have a Twitter where I post of what's going on in the life of DBS and all that stuff. If you wish to follow me, please do so! :D

Ischia - Castello Aragonese By Nigth

Twitter billboard in downtown Minneapolis displaying a tweet reading "Protesters aren't trying to start a race war - we're trying to end one.".



This image is part of a continuing series following the unrest and events in Minneapolis following the May 25th, 2020 murder of George Floyd.


Chad Davis Photography: Minneapolis Uprising


Hoffnung (#Hope) ist eine treibende Kraft. Sie hilft uns in unseren dunkelsten Stunden und macht uns in kritischen Situationen stark.


Teilt euer bestes Foto zum Thema auf Twitter mit uns. Dafür einfach den Flickr Foto-Link auf Twitter posten und @Flickr, #TwitterTuesday und #Hope hinzufügen.


Eine Auswahl der schönsten Fotos zeigen wir euch in den nächsten Tagen im Flickr Blog.

Photo CC-BY from Ben Sutherland -

Just getting your attention ;)


I just made one. Come say hi!

My friend Mathew sent me this mug after a conversation we had on Twitter a few nights ago. He said nobody deserved to treat herself more than I do, to which I replied I could do with that slogan on a poster/mug/t-shirt right now. And guess what, he did (slogan on other side)


How sweet. Thanks, Mat.

Currently browsing 'Can thous hast cheese sandwiches' 1 day past from pigeon.


Originally seen in @brucewagner's Tweetstream

This was on my twitter feed yesterday and with less than 4 percent of the Thai population vaccinated and those mostly with Sinovac, it is hard to argue with. There was a letter from the US Embassy on Twitter yesterday too which basically informed us that US citizens in Thailand were on their own when it came to getting vaccinated.


(Photo of an Internet message.)


For twitter theme ^^

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