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Home on the RANGE

Warm evening light hitting the tops of the mountains on a cold, misty winter night.

In the foreground, a blueberry farm appears idle for the winter..

I envy this farmer's view.





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Aerial view of the green vegetation covered great Himalayas from the plane.

Singapore night view from Tg Rhu

View from the cathedral

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From Navajo Point, Desert View, grants a stunning view over one of the most impressive natural formations of the whole world, the Grand Canyon.

Flyby view of the glaciers and mountain tops above blackcomb mountains and the glacial lake Garibaldi in the distance.

British columbia, Canada

This beaver picked a prime piece of land for the view alone. It was quite active even with my intrusion, as was building winter food supply behind the lodge. This is now totally ice, a week later. Thanks for looking and may your weekend be bright!

view towards the Mythen mountain tops

Panoramic view from the Muottas Muragl (Grisons, Switzerland) at an altitude of 2450m with lakelands of upper Engadine, the world famous town St. Moritz, the Piz Palü (3900m) and the Piz Bernina (4050m). I took this shot with me during a trip thorugh switzerland.

04., 01 ,2016 # 491

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View to Lechtaler Wetterspitze

A glorious view of the city of Prague from an upstairs window in Prague Castle. (Back from the Holidays. Happy 2017 Flickr Friends)

Every time we came to the village, first thing I did was to climb up that mountain (weather permitting).


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I got to have dinner at our favourite Greek restaurant yesterday. WQe got there just as they opened, hence no other diners blocking my view so I could finally get this shot of inside and outside that I have imagined many times :)

One of many views along the footpath. The atmosphere of this photo reminded me of Japanese prints. And to emphasize that I edited it a bit. Let me know what you think of it.


Kamikochi (上高地, Kamikōchi) is a popular resort in the Northern Japan Alps of Nagano Prefecture.

View of the Barcode, Bjørvika in Oslo, Norway as seen from Ekeberg.

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View from one of the many fruit producing farms, along the Hardangerfjord. Something they have been doing since the 13th or 14th century.


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View from the Rainbow Bridge towards the Bund.


Appropriate Chinese Music:

Shanghai Tan sung by Andy Lau.


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View from the Karwendel massif into the valley below. To the left under the clouds is MIttenwald, in the distance is Krün with the Isar reservoir.


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View from the summit of the the highest mountain in Germany at 2,962 m.


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View of Pittsburgh from the West End Overlook, a public park.

Off trail view from above Nymph Lake. From the left: Half Mountain, Storm Peak, Longs Peak, Keyboard of the Winds, and Storm Mountain.

View from a wonderful hike up in the mountains in Pinnacle National Park in California

View of Venice from the main canal.

Taken early morning from a cruise ship going through.

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and the storm approaching

A view from the castle ruin Brahehus by the E4 of Gränna, Visingsö and the lake, Vättern.

Lovely summertime.


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Venice, Italy, 2007

View from the Wendelstein mountain towards Bayrischzell, almost caught in clouds.


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Viewing machine was created in 2001 by the Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson (f.1967). The sculpture is made of stainless steel, and emerges as a stunning kaleidoscope that audiences can look into. A kaleidoscope is, as known, an optical device that allows you to see mirror images of mirror images with new patterns as you turn on it and catches up new mirror images of the surroundings.

I am now back after 3 weeks Corsica. We hiked a total of 280km with the backpack from north to south on the GR20 ( It was a difficult tour but the landscape was worth it.


This image was taken in about 1800m elevation and shows a view over the mountains to the sea.

Smokey View clouds meet the peaks and create this foggy mist as in this scenic view from North Carolina.

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