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The view from ground level when someone makes a trip route with Googlemaps. (like this one)

Some kinda Irony going on here: A physical storefront, affiliated with a purely virtual store (eBay), which is then captured by an affiliate (A9) of a competitor (Amazon, another virtual store).

What happens when the A9 van gets stuck in traffic - collage of a hurried departure.

Ridiculous vehicle cornering on 5th Ave - NY

Once again the A9 SUV was stuck while people walked past. Composite image here.

Holy Cow! This guy's face popped up along commonwealth Ave in Boston. My hunch is that he's the A9 Driver getting out and adjusting the camera pod.

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, as captured by A9 Block View.


This is from 3 frames, stitched with Canon PhotoStitch.


Ironically, the woman photographing the folks up against the door didn't make it into the stitch -- see St. Patrick's by A9, detail to see her.

Self-portraits of A9 SUVs, from University Avenue in Palo Alto and 4th Avenue in San Mateo.


Here's my blog post about it:

Amazon's A9 yellow pages is a little off on their picture of the local Zeek's Pizza in my neighborhood. This is actually my bus stop a little more than a block west of Zeeks.

another PC Forum speaker. A9's new photo-enhanced search is provoking all sorts of interesting behavior from users, who are adding their own photos, creating panoramas and otherwise building out the service into a joint vendor-user production. After we had finished lunch and parted at a street corner (Hamilton and Webster), a woman came up to me, asking for directionfs to the post office. I called back to Udi for help: Of all the people in America, he is probably the single one most qualified to give such walking-down-the-street advice!

Here's a good shot of the A9 SUV from the windows of the Starbucks at 26th and Wilshire in Santa Monica. Has anyone seen any better photos of it?

Yes, those are giant binoculars. Originally the home of Chiat-Day, it later became the primary offices for Razorfish. Not sure who's there now.

Just south of Rodeo Drive Shopping District.

A very popular eatery at 4th and South.

My favorite steak has whiz & onions. I often buy two.

Just down the street from the close-up pic on Commonwealth Ave.

One of Miami's finest, riding high. (A9 Local Images just added Miami, Fargo and a few others to it's roster)

Someone pulled over and getting written up on McKinney St. in Dallas, TX.

He really does show up everywhere. NY - Broadway.

On Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Oswald allegedly shot JFK from the 6th floor.

The Urban iPod listener.

Here's a story for you - back in the heady dot-com days, I got a job with pre-IPO. With Kleiner Perkins backing us and huge banks taking us public, the future looked bright indeed. So bright that pre-leased two entire floors of this building in early 2000. We became the anchor tenant in a building that was billed as one of the most-wired, most tech-friendly, most entertaining buildngs in the whole Northwest. It sounded really cool... for a while. The building was postponed, the market crashed, pre-broke their pre-lease, other tenants fled or evaporated, etc. It's funny now to see this placard, and that the building is still "Coming soon".

Window Shopping. How sweet.

Visual poetry (if sparse). Seattle, Greenwood area.

The A9 Block View crew caught this stricken CTA bus and CTA service vehicles next to Millennium Park in Chicago.


Stitched from 8 frames with Panorama Tools / PTGui.

This is the central single frame of St. Patrick's, as captured by A9 Block View.


I've rotated, unspherized and cropped it.


For a 3-frame stitch including the adjacent frames, see St. Patrick's by A9.

Inside a rather long tunnel

Although the surrounding neighborhood is kinda barren.

Telegraph Ave., Berkeley CA.

Telegraph Ave., Berkeley CA.

The man looks like he's painted onto the side of the bus, but he really isn't.

Superimposition of bus, suv, pegasus

Interesting architecture

No idea what the two guys in front are doing

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