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Aeromexico Boeing 737-752 XA-AAM at Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX) November 15, 2012.

Salisbury Bus Station

Basingstoke Bus Station / depot

XA-AAM - Boeing B-737-752/W - Aeromexico

at Miami International Airport (MIA)


A mellifluous symphony of masoor dal and green mangoes. Panacea for the blistering heat. Soul food !!

#004 / monthly press / newspaper

Airbus A318CJ touching down on runway 24

Dublin Airport, Ireland - August 19th 1997

Lithuanian Airlines, YAK-42


In the Diwan-i-Aam (or the Hall of Public Audiences) the Emperor, seated in a canopied alcove, would hear complaints and pleas of the commoners through a jharokha (balcony). The hall was ornamented with stuccowork and featured a series of gold columns. It also included a large railing that separated the commoners from the emperor. The Diwan-i-Aam was also used for state functions. The spacious mardana or courtyard behind the Diwan-i-Aam is surrounded by several interesting structures, though the function and purpose of some of them remain an enigma.

gathering of common men

Yakovlev Yak-42D

Lithuanian Airlines

Vilinius 23/8/1996

Bombardier BD-700 (A7-AAM)

Qatar Airways



Qatar Airways (Amiri Flight)

Bombardier BD-700


XA-AAM - Boeing B-737-752/W - Aeromexico

at Miami International Airport (MIA)

Boeing 720-040B

Air Malta

Dublin 14/9/1980

Mixed media collage 6 X 6 in. Thinking of some powerful women artists: Agnes Martin, Alice Neel and Miriam Shapiro. They've all influenced countless thousands besides me, but I owe them a big thank you.

Raytheon 390 Premier 1A

Bee Line Aviation

Lanseria 14/9/2016

Toyota Prius

Seen in Chalkidiki, Greece

1936 Sentinel Steam Tractor "Queen Mary" on display at Chatham Dockyard in the early 2000s.

[The following is advertisement copy, post editorial comments]


Come and try out the AAM-3! [ed: 3? they never had a 1 or 2] The new Anti-Air Mech [ed: wait, AAM stands for anti-air mech? that's terrible] from the Logistics corporation is the latest [ed: 2 year old design] and greatest in mobile field weaponry. [ed: at least that's true. it can move] With enough ammunition for extended engagements [ed: i thought we saw that the cannon could empty the ammo drum in under 20 seconds], the massive [ed: but low caliber] rapid fire cannon will pummel your enemy's air power! [ed: unless they have any sort or armor] Take a trip to our demonstration fields and view the awesome power of the AAM-3's cannon in person! [ed: unless they plan on showing this against paper targets, this is a bad idea] Make your pilots feel safe while they reclining in comfort [ed: it's a tiny box] within the highly reinforce and nearly impregnable cockpit! [ed: how is basic glass impregnable?]


Come in today and test drive your AAM-3 today!


[ed: good lord robby, did you really take this company and it's crappy mech on as a client? we need to ditch them asap]

Qatari Global Express moments from touchdown on runway 24

Soracat Cos y Nil Solà Muntadas


1972 Volkswagen Devon camper.


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Aeromexico B737-752 XA-AAM

Madeira Drive in Brighton

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