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The custom figure possibilities with this TFA pilot body are endless!

Aka all Original Trilogy figures.


Bottom to top, L-R we have...


Admiral Ackbar


Luke Skywalker


Ben Kenobi (Hair from Kaiju_Dan)


Han Solo in Carbonite (inspired by Snowy Bricks)


Imperial Officer (inspired by BrickStudios)



Colourful marshmallows!

Imitation crab meat!

Your tongues can't repel flavour of that magnitude!

Master Yoda always enjoy spending an afternoon relaxing with a friend.

Today, on the 4th of May, is the legendary Star Wars Day!


To celebrate this special day, I threw together a little figbarf kinda based around the Battle of Endor.


From left to right I guess


Random Rebel soldier, Endor-outfit


Admiral Ackbar, official fig but with dark orange hands and the TFA head.


Random Rebel soldier 2, Endor-outfit


Biker Scout


Imperial Stormtrooper, official fig with new hips.


Imperial Officer


AT-ST Pilot


That’s about it, I‘ll probably post more Star Wars stuff (mostly figs) soon.

Hope you like it.

One of the shots I planned to take in Norway was Admiral Ackbar disguised as a viking. Unfortunately the hair piece of the collectible female viking was too small for Ackbar's head, so I decided to take the photo with Yoda instead.


The photo was taken at the beginning of the descent of Mt. Ulriken, the highest mountain around Bergen. The walk to Mt. Fløyen was actually more difficult than I thought. I took the cable car to Ulriken, then had to go down the mountain, and then go up another one. The descent from Ulriken was particularly difficult. Sometimes the "trail" (when it's not too difficult to see where it actually is) is very steep, was wet and thus slippery. At the end I was exhausted and my trousers were all muddy, but it was definitely worth it.

My favorite photo from Japan is the one with the two pirates in this small makeshift boat. When I came back from Japan, one of my regrets was that I didn't take a similar photo with Yoda and Ackbar. I tried many times to recreate the photo but it never worked. I tried once more in Norway, and while it's still far from what I envision, it's much better than what previously did. (And good enough to be posted online)

Part of the Hasbro Star Wars collection

You know that there will be other versions, most likely better than mine. I think this might be only the second Star Wars character I’ve ever drawn.

I’m annoyed to see that LEGO is not only becoming generally more expensive, but also more expensive in Belgium than in neighboring countries. Most new sets have now a retail price between 10 and 20% higher than in Germany and France. Consequently, I find myself buying most sets abroad because even “discounts” found in Belgian stores do not match prices across the borders, which are never far when you live in a small country. This new Friend set was an exception. I had the idea of Admiral Ackbar serving hot-dogs to Yoda for quite some time and I’m really glad I managed to find this set at a price that even couldn’t beat.

My redesign of the LEGO Star Wars Set 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser from 2009.

"You may travel through our sector, but that will cost you ten thousand credits per single GR-75 medium transport. Only fighters as escort. If the Empire shows up, you're on your own."


Mon Mothma and Gial Ackbar stood patiently, not understanding a single word as the emissary from planet Gand was giving his terms. They knew See Threepio will soon translate everything.

The Alliance desperately needed this route to become operational as soon as possible. It would shorten their trip to ore mining worlds in the Outer rim by 23 parsecs.

Our favorite space admiral, famous from his memetic lines like "Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!" and "Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer".


More on Cyclopic Bricks.

On my last day in Bergen, I went for a last walk in the mountains around the city. I decided that I would mainly take photos of Yoda, Admiral Ackbar, Shaak Ti and my Sigfig, posing together in front of the nice landscapes I encountered. I managed to reduce the number of selected photos to 12. I'll (try to) post them in the upcoming days in a chronological order, including also some alternate shots and maybe some failures too.

The screaming fish man from that one space movie, everybody loves him.

Admiral Ackbar likes the new maps from the CMF Series 16.

Our favorite space admiral, famous from his memetic lines like "Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!" and "Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer".


More on Cyclopic Bricks.

“Sir, it’s quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.”

"You ever heard of C-3PO?"

"“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

"Goddamnit, are you serious?! You do sound like a jukebox..."


Seems like the Medical Droid is in malfunction mode on some kind. Admiral Ackbar is nothing but listening this potpourri.

The last photo of this series taken during my hike around Bergen.

My redesign of the LEGO Star Wars Set 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser from 2009.

Another attempt at replicating one of my favorite photo of the year with Yoda and Ackbar. This one was taken in a pond where I needed to build a structure underneath the boat to prevent it from sinking down. It was fun to build this with the help of @davirasm but I knew I wouldn't be succesfull in my attempt to make a photo as good as the with pirates in Tokyo. However I'm sure I'll eventually achieve to get a good enough photo.

This is my entry for the "sum of the parts" challenge at You can read more at

I wonder why did I take that scene so late?! It's an instant classic - what's wrong with me? :D


Hope you like it guys.

Today has been a day for uploading lol

RECOVERY: Lockheed Martin F-16IQ D Block 52 Fighting Falcon/Viper IqAF 1619 USAF 13-0032 (In training with AZ-ANG 162nd Wing) @ Tucson IA (KTUS), AZ USA (Note: The green lettering written across the white stripe of the Iraqi national flag on the tail reads Allah Ackbar)

"It's a trap!"

~Admiral Ackbar~

(You need to be a pretty big Star Wars fan/nerd/geek to get this title and quote. What can I say, the amazing shapes found within the geology of The Valley of Fire made me see the oddest things...)

This is the photo I took for the Stuck in Plastic Star Wars contest. Even though it's quite simple, it took me hours to make it. First on the background is my latest MOC: a replica of Yoda's hut I initially built for another contest (and that I won't submit as the MOC isn't complete). Then I played for hours with a fog machine in order to try to recreate the atmosphere of Dagobah. Even though the fog looked pretty cool, I never achieved to get it right as I wanted in camera. In the end I merged 15 different photos in Photoshop in order to get something closer to what I envisioned.

In 24 hours my plane for Osaka will take off from Amsterdam. It’s time to pack everything up, including photography gear and minifigs. (The two most important things BTW.) I spent all week thinking who was going to come with me on that trip and it’s been really hard fitting everyone in the two small plastic cases. Some tough decisions had to be made. I can’t go to Japan without a bunch of Ninjago minifigs so I had to make some room for them. It means the First Order stormtroopers and almost all Chima minifigs will stay at home. Overall I’ve counted more than 50 minifigs that will accompany me in the far east. Maybe it’s a bit much…?


In the meantime Yoda and Admiral Ackbar prepared their luggage too. Yoda decided to bring enough good food for the trip because he fears there will not be enough on the plane.

This shot was taken for the most recent episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast, in which we challenged ourselves to recreate one of our own photos. I chose to redo this shot of Admiral Ackbar from 2014, and put my newfound portraiture knowledge to good use!

Boba wants to collect the bounty the Empire has on Ackbar.

Sarracenie pourpre- pitcher plant - Sarracenia purpurea -

Lego Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

"One with the Force, he is, and our job it is to remember that we will, in time, also pass on. Luminous beings are we, but temporary vessels, our bodies are. And we shall all find ourselves here, in time. A moment of silence, I ask—to remember, and to move on."

- Master Yoda

Everyone's favorite space admiral during the moment in Return of the Jedi that made him internet-famous. Meanwhile, the Battle of Endor rages behind him. All built within a 16x16x16 vignette!

So after doing my Taliban/ISIS/Terroist/Al-Queda figure in my "ALLAH HU ACKBAR" photo. I decided to make another one, this is pretty much a standard militant fighter having a few sculpted parts such as his Taqiyah, pouches & straps. Also wielding an AK which pretty much all the Taliban use.


The figure was mostly inspired off by: CalHigh

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