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A number of years ago I had the fortune to work in the small French Town of Pouancé. It was a quaint little place with some awesome streets and alleyways. Here's one of them.


Pouancé France

This young lady is on her way to explore another Graffiti alley I told her about (just ahead to her right).

Athens, Greece.

Texture: Topaz Studio - Impression.

A bit more than my usual subtle use of texture.


One of many charming alleyways in Monemvasia, Greece.

texture- Lenabem

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A café by one of the many narrow alleys of Stockholm Old Town (Gamla stan). This one is on Yxsmedsgränd - Axesmith alley.


The alley is first mentioned, at least by name, in 1474 and then called Olof Biurs gränd (Olof Biur's alley) - Olof Biur was a prominent person in Stockholm at the time, at one point he was mayor of Stockholm, and he owned a house along this little street. When his house was bought in 1488 by a man named Bengt Smålänning (Bengt from Småland) who also had become mayor, the name was changed to Benct smalennings borgamestares gränd (Bengt from Småland the mayor's alley). Yes, Bengt and Benct is the same name (there was no consistency in spelling back then). The current name dates from the early 17th century, first mentioned in 1612.


But the name probably has nothing to do with smiths making axes. It was named after a Göran Yskemes, and he was a night watchman. The name is probably after the Finnish word for that: yö-mies (or possibly the Estonian öitsi-meets). At this time Sweden was a much bigger kingdom than today and included both Finland and the northern part of Estonia.

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© All Rights Reserved

Vancouver, Canada


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Three Princes Alleyway, Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden

Chefchaouen , Morocco


Nikon F3

Nikon 50mm F1.4

Kodak 5222

Kodak D96 8mins

Fix 12mins

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An alleyway close to the Leaning Tower.

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Music: Lying From You - Linkin Park

One of several to be seen down High Street in Hulls Old Town district.

Taken at BackDrop City!


Just a fun little capture - Look at me, breaking the law and parking the motorbike right in front of the door!


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White swan of cities slumbering in thy nest… White phantom city, whose untrodden streets Are rivers, and whose pavements are the shifting Shadows of the palaces and strips of sky.


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Rocks, Sydney


Street of Gastown

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Alleyway in Tianzifang, Shanghai

Alleyway shop entrance. Seen in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada.

The Cockpit pub, St Andrew's Hill, London


Interesting factoid of the day:

"The Cockpit pub marks the approximate site of a house once bought by William Shakespeare for the princely sum of £140."

A little vague but apparently there is some truth to it.



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A rather dull alleyway between St Mary's Plain and Duke Street in Nowich was brought alive by the evening light...

I liked the light and colours... taken in a small alleyway between St Mary's Plain and Duke Street, Norwich, UK. The brickwork on the building was blue and the golden light from the window.

The Temple area sits between Victoria Embankment and The Strand/Fleet Street and is home to a large number of barrister's chambers. It is a warren of small alleyways and cul-de-sacs and as I can vouch for, very easy to get lost in. But that doesn't matter because the whole area is dotted with small squares and sitting areas and to get lost there is no bad thing. There's also a lovely old 12th century church in the area and an assortment of historic buildings, some open to the public, some not. The image here is of a tiny alleyway running between some buildings and leading into one of those tranquil little squares. In fact the buildings you see are actually threefold although the one straight ahead and the one on the right are attached. This little entrance is small to say the least but I really liked the different textures it throws up as well as that single lamp on the wall to give it a little bit of interest.



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