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Beste jeg vet nå er å sitte på rommet mitt å høre på musikk! Har kjøpt billetter til The strokes konsert og tar nok en tur på Annie som skal ha en liten konsert borti gaten her på torsdag... ELSKER! Takk, kjære;)

Techcrunch article about a $1.65 trillion lawsuit to shut down


Access to from Denmark, Europe has been effectively blocked. The largest ISP in Denmark, TDC, has the following block mesage referring to a legal judgement in the court of Copenhagen dated Oct 25, 2006.


Comment by Jesper Rønn-Jensen,

this plunger with a disturbingly short handle is not surprisingly discontinued. (but still $45!) can anyone recommend a useful one (for toilets) that wouldn't be too horrible to leave out? OH! It's a sink plunger.


shop with me.


the diver is also a beautiful song off thomas newman's score for "how to make an american quilt," one of my favorite soundtracks.

Hvis man prøver at besøge

I caught that falling star

It cut my hands to pieces

(for only USD$0.13, goodbye iTunes Store...)

ja det er ganske almindelige weblogs som TDC har lukket adgangen for

My 'Electro playlist'. I found this album on allofmp3 and it has become one of my most-played. has a crazy system for downloading your music, where if you left-click on a file, you lose the ability to download it.


To get around they that write "Pay attention! Don't left-click" on the downloads page.


I'd like that to be bigger and much much brighter, but that's not why I posted this. I just think it's pretty funny to tell your users to "Pay attention!"


I'm sure we'd all like to do that from time to time...

Så fik IFPI også skovlen under Cybercity.

The progress bars for each track are beautiful

Det er dumt at betale for at stjæle, men det er dummere at glemme at slette sin downloads history...

Download client for, a Russian-based site known for charging minimal fees for downloads. was closed after pressures from the RIAA and Russian government, due to its disputed licensing status.