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This is Grisu, a resident male red squirrel. I was taking photos in case he wants to apply for squirrel of the year (Squirrels-2020-3932.jpg)

Planet29 Application Open

September / Round 8 / Sep 2 - Sep 7th

✨September designer application ✨

✨Planet29 flickr Group✨



Hello :D

The end of summer is coming and Halloween is approaching little by little 🎃🎃

Information of Halloween events from Team Okinawa.

I know...It's a too late to open the Application...Dx

but if you have the time, Please join us!!

Thank you so much for always warmly support<333

Best regards,





Team Okinawaから、ハロウィンイベントのご案内です。

募集を開始するには遅すぎると重々承知しております... ><





Team Okinawa

-MORE Laville

Well, well! Who works hard, plays hard!

HOLMGANG looking for Dancers, DJ and fantastic Hosts!

Join our crew to rock that Yacht!



If you love shoes and like blogging them , then join the team of Gos bloggers .

The application is open till the 10th of May 2021 .

There is a blogotex access point in the store .

( current bloggers are asked to re apply )


🚖Gos Mainstore

Blogger Applications for the Secret Hideout are now CLOSE!


Please direct all questions about blogging for us to Crystalin Clayton!

💕 ♡ Apply Here! ♡ 💕


Interested bloggers please apply here: Application

Hello Sweetie

Let's go to fourth round of Fluffy Kawaii and we want you to be part of our creator team.

Application is available



Thanks very much for the huge interest in becoming our blogger! <3




Marketplace Store






BlackJack & Flecha Creations is looking for Bloggers,

dedicated and active bloggers to showcase their Clothes/Accesories/Decors

- Store U RL :

-Facebook Page:


-Marketplace Store:




*The pictures must have a high quality.

*Blog must be 6 + months old.

* The Bloggers must be willing to do 2 blog posts a month .

* Everytime you post products, you should send a notice in the blogger group, and share your post on Flickr and facebook.

*The blogs will be reviewed every Wednesday / Saturday.


If your blog has been chosen, we will contact you.

For questions don't hesitate to contact Manager: Sandryta87 Resident .Thx ღ



Hello Sweetie

Let's go to the fifth round of Fluffy Kawaii and we want you to be part of our creator team.

The round starts on May 23

Application is available


The Fall/Winter Blogger Applications for team ChicModa are open. ♥ We cannot wait to see all your wonderful photos.


View Requirements Here:

➝ Blogger Applications for the Secret Hideout are now CLOSE

💕 ♡ Apply Here! ♡ 💕

Thank you for all interest ♥


We are looking to add a small number of bloggers (covering men or womens items, or both) to our group, applications are now open until 22nd April. Only applications submitted through the link below will be considered.


Blogger Application Form


!APHORISM! Facebook Page




Pic by Paolla Flux x X x

In order to see the entire series, click on the link


Thanks for visiting, kind comments and favorites and Have a great week ahead, my friends! -/- Series with 03 images -/-



Hello lovelies :) We open the Bloggers applications !! You can apply by clicking on our ACCESS POINT at store ♥

SLurl to TP at store:

Necrosis is opening the cemetery gates for new blood.

Limited spots available for the upcoming round.

The heat of the sun

The pale moonlight

The Summer of Goth

Has begun

Designer applications now open.

Only alternative / dark style designers will be considered.

Blogger Applications are open again!

We are looking for talented, active and dedicated bloggers who have the passion and own style in blogging.


To qualify check you have the following:

1. At least 2 Modish product blog post dated within the last 9 months

2. You own 1 or more mesh Catwa heads and optional are Leletuka, Fiore,Akeruka, Genesis mesh heads

3. Flickr account that is alive and having over 500 views

4. You are able to commit on blogging 2-3 times per month

5. Able to post event items within 2 weeks of release


Now if you think you qualify please APPLY by visiting


Find near the Reception Desk the INFO Terminal on bottom of which is the Blogers Access Point.


Further details check the video


ATTENTION!! I asking to see POSTs with my products since I have to see that you are genuinely liking my creation not just jumping in for freebies. Plus i'd love a preview to see how my stuff lays on your style.


Hey everybody!


The Thirsty blogger applications are now re-opened!


How do you apply to become a Thirsty event blogger? Visit the link below to apply.


Applications will be open from today, July 6th through July 12th!


Sign up quickly before they're gone!

Ty <3

🎉🎉🚨INTENSITY | Bloggers Application👇

🚨🚨🚨bloggers, join my team Regardless of weather, fashion or season. To be a blogger is to love.

It is love of writing. Love that transcends ideas, collects dreams and opens the door!👇…/1FAIpQLSem7gthrkLt4fGrrC…/viewform

Planet29 Blogger Application OPEN!!!

Only three days! And there are limited places, please apply as soon as possible~


POSEVENT is a monthly event, where you can find all kind of poses and animations.

Designer Application:


[Edited on Feb. 4th]


Thank you to almost 200 people that have applied...! I'm speechless.

Thank you so much for your support, for your interest and for making me feel really happy!

Love you all! ♥

Bloggers who have been selected will receive a notecard soon ^^

Clones execute their Jedi General under the direction Order 66. (Built as an application to the Dark Times RPG)

Here we go Minimals! As always, following our brand values, we open a new Blogger Application each 6 months and old & new bloggers can apply by the Blogotex Access Point available in mainstore.


· You can apply from today to from today, September 5th to next Sunday September 12th.

· Is very important to read the rules CAREFULLY before applying

· Review and selection will be the week of 13-19 of this month


Thanks everybody for the support and interest :slight_smile:


Teleport to MINIMAL Gallery




MINIMAL Flickr Group

MINIMAL Facebook

MINIMAL Instagram

MINIMAL Marketplace


Inworld Group - Gifts every month! “MINIMALGroup”

Applications for Crush is open!


Flair for Events is excited to announce its first Valentines themed event!


Bringing you a wide variety of sexy and sensual clothing, lingerie and accessories with a hint of kawaii/Crybaby, turn up the heat and let your feelings show. Crush is the perfect place to pick out a gift for those you love and admire or to simply treat yourself!


Do you dare to reveal all?


It's time! Come join our team of bloggers! Application

Date: October 8 to October 15





The Heat Event Designer Applications are officially OPEN!!


Please note that sponsor spots are limited and only a few spots are left. To the designers who have applied already thank you so much!!! #TheHeatEvent #TagADesigner






The Official Website








_Any questions or concerns please message my IG: driathequeen_sl or IW: MrsHoodRoyal _

Deep Static is looking to add more bloggers to our staff, with an eye to those who can show our eye wear in creative & new ways.

Our substantial subscriber base of customers ready and eager to see your styling of our eye wear and soon to be accessory line

Think you are a good fit? Then fill out the application below.

Deep Static Blogger App


And we are open for blogger applications AGAIN!

Just fill the application and GOOD LUCKY <3

Interested bloggers please apply here: Application

When you have someone to apply the lipstick just right ♥


Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2020




We're looking for friends to create a Halloween event with us!


More information can be found in the application for participation at the following URL. If you are interested, please confirm your interest♪


Please take care not to get sick during the hot days.









Hi babies, Psycho Pills is open again for applications, I would love to see more clothing bloggers, so if you are interested, apply via blogotex at the link below ♥


Psycho Pills Mainstore

We finally open blogger applications guys ❤ ❤




The app will close on August 26th.



NEO-JAPAN. A bold, creative and individualistic style that is more of a lifestyle. In essence, boundaries are tested with a clever combination of diverse elements. It is an evolved revolutionary statement, trendsetting with a strong international cultural influence.


The NEO-JAPAN EVENT is a bi-annual event where you can find all kinds of modern and bold creations with the unique flavour of a remix of international cultures with a distinctive Japanese root — clothing, hairs, accessories, poses, …anything and everything that fits the fresh, quirky new lifestyle.


It is coming near you on the 29th September 2018 to October 21st 2018


Please visit Site :


Designer Application


Mood Board


Blogger Application


Media Application


Application ends July 29th 2018


Picture by Brandon Taselian - Brandon Taselian/


Graphic by Marcus Lefevre-Enimo Marcus Lefevre-Enimo


Thank you everyone that applied! Only a few were selected so please try again next time, thank you!!


▶ Blogger Apps CLOSED

▶ Male Stuff Coming

▶ Must Have Flickr & Blog





Every 2nd of the month to the 22nd (First Round June 2nd).


RITUAL - Explore your dark side, embrace your inner moon-child, chase your spiritual desires and be true to your soul.


Bringing together a collective of brands that embody magic, mystery and the occult, you can be assured of quality themed products to meet your needs.


**Please note**

This event is in no way affiliated or in collaboration with any other event company.

This is solely an Ephemera Event

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