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Nothing quite like watching an artist create. I'm always inspired. Taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park


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“I am an artist, my hair is rarely tamed & sometimes I sleep till noon,

My house is messy and I speak to the moon.

I care less about the materials that I share with my world and more about the passion inside myself.

Im an artist, what more can you expect?

i am full of soul, love and all the rest.”

Quote ― Nikki Rowe


The beauty of an old tulip ;-))




* Nutmeg Artist's Alcove

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Throw

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Chair

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Vase

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Album

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Candle

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Page / 1

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Page / 2

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Page / 3

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Desk / 1

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Album

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Purse / Bonus Item

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Branches

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Page / 1

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Papers

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Pencils

Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Eraser

Exclusive for Anthem (NEW)


* Nutmeg Stored Antiquities Pile and Curtain Exclusive for Shiny Shabby (NEW)


Nutmeg 6. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Potted Olive Branches

5. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Potted Flowering Tree


Kunst ist, andere zu verzaubern.

Art is to bewitch others.


Aquarell auf Hahnemühle

Watercolor on Hahnemühle

☆☆☆ EXPLORED 02-03-2021 ☆☆☆


The colors are created by the oxidation of different metals in the rocks: Iron compounds produce red, pink and yellow colors; decomposition of tuff-derived mica produces green colors; and manganese produces the purple color. The amazing site is known as "Artist’s Palette" and is located in Death Valley National Park, California.


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I had to share because I still LOVE this picture and his others. A great artist who left last year and did a great pic of me April 7, 2019. I will always remember him and he left Flickr and SL.


Maybe my all time favorite profile pic


Original Picture on Ben Burton's profile here:


Yesterday I took four pictures and deleted 3 of them. I’m pretty sure I overdid things this week so I need to take a breather before I start on my blog pics again.



Scandalize.Adoured Boots

Scandalize.Adoured SKIRT

Scandalize.Adoured TOP LACE


The Liaison Collaborative

Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Blank Canvas (Brush)

Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Blank Canvas (Jar)

Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Blank Canvas (Stool)

Le Poppycock-Blank Canvas


Blog post & SLURL.

One of the most popular and iconic scenes in Yellowstone, with the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River flowing thru the chasm it's water's created.


"Many people think that this was the spot where famous artist Thomas Moran painted to inspire Congress in 1872. Yellowstone Park photographer F. Jay Haynes thought the same thing. He mistakenly named the overlook in his 1890 guidebook and on his hand-colored postcards.


However, Moran's paintings were actually created at the north rim overlook named Moran Point by the first Hayden Survey in the 1870s. There is more confusion here - Moran Point is also called Lookout Point, Mount Lookout, Lookout Rock, and Prospect Point. On current day official park maps, it's called Lookout Point."


Regardless of how it was named this is still one of the finest views in the park. And many artist's paint and photographer's shoot from this ideal viewpoint.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Artists always need a place to work.


The Men’s Department

K&S – // Decorated Christmas tree



.peaches. Ainsley Desk Set – Desk (Light)

.peaches. Ainsley Desk Set – Dog Statue (Ceramic)

.peaches. Ainsley Desk Set – Dog Statue (Metal)

.peaches. Ainsley Desk Set – Book Stack

.peaches. Inked Set – Clip Board

.peaches. Inked Set – Tablet

.peaches. Inked Set – Small Book Stack

.peaches. Skye’s Travel Clutter


Blog post & SLURL.

Shot with the Olympus E-M1 in Delray Beach, Florida.

Chrysanthemum Indicum


Fun fact: half of my family are artists.


Featuring "Shea" by Belle Epoque @ FaMESHed >>


Belle Epoque mainstore >>


Also featuring "Alyssa" hair & hat by ::C'est la vie !:: @ mainstore >>


Pose by me.


Taken at platform.

An artist painting Winchester Cathedral. What talent.

Here is the view of Huntoon Point from Artist Point. April 2015.


Een schilder aan het werk in the Westerkerk in Amsterdam

Taken during the Upfest graffiti festival in Bedminster a few years ago. I hope that events like this will be able to happen again soon.

New : My Shot "My secret garden" is selected top 15 in the official Flickr "Top Photos From France in 2019".


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Abandoned Villa, Italy

Fin Dac at the ndsm werf

A sketch artist works beside a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge.

Death Valley, California, USA

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - Twyla Tharp


Items used:

01 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Home Gallery RARE

05 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Standing Buoys

21 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Oar 1,2,3

25 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Ship 1,2,3

23 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Poles

14 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Safeguard

24 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Seagull 3,2

06 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Hanging Buoys

19 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Mailbox

13 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Rack

12 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Easel

17 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Yellow Lighthouse

27 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Utensils

08 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Painting 1

09 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Painting 2

11 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Painter's Seat

02 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Stargazer RARE

18 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Blue Lighthouse

26 - 8f8 - Paint me Summer - Bright Colors!

11 BOHO 2.0 - plant/table

04 BOHO 2.0 - cabinet

Boho Gacha - cactus terrario RARE

02 BOHO 2.0 - room divider

01 BOHO 2.0 - armchair

10 BOHO 2.0 - small table with stuff

09 BOHO 2.0 - pile of pillows



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Friend & extraordinary talent. Gone, too soon,


A wide panoramic view of Monument Valley from Artists Point, one of the stops along the 17 mile scenic drive.


Hope you have a lovely day whenever you see this! Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.


© Melissa Post 2015


All rights reserved. Please respect my copyright and do not copy, modify or download this image to blogs or other websites without obtaining my explicit written permission.

Paint It Black_The Rolling Stones


I want to see it painted, painted black

Black as night, black as coal

I want to see the sun, blotted out from the sky

I want to see it painted, painted, painted, painted black


Songwriters: Keith Richards / Mick Jagger


(2 of 11) Works that are part of "All the colors of Monochrome"


Thank you to Milla and all the other wonderful artists who are part of this exhibit. Make sure to visit


Exhibit @ The Edge Art Gallery

Such a fun moment in Paris! I came upon this artist working on a street corner, all dressed in white, who had obviously packed all the artistic necessities onto a bicycle. Voila!

If you are interested in any item present in this picture just take a look at my blog 😊


All scene details can be found at Emporio Look Blog


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