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Thanks for snapping that pic, Åke!

I don't know who these belong to, but I sat next to their owner during Robin Christopherson's "Beyond A Code Audit" presentation. They seemed too perfect not to ask to take a snap of them. Sir, I salute you (and hope you don't mind the "geek" sobriquet)

The panel from the WCAG panel plus guests!

The rabble spilled out onto the street at the @media opening party (until we were moved on by the police!) Please feel free to add your own notes and say who you are.

The wonders of a third arm, eh?

Accessibility expert (, Chief Web Opener (Opera), and member of the HTML5 working group (WHATWG, Opera)

Stuart Langridge, Dean Edwards, Peter Paul Koch and Derek Featherstone at the great JavaScript gathering of 2005, year of the DOM.

What can I say, really?

A summary of the whole @Media

Cameron, Suzanne, Pernilla, Roger, Andy and Molly.

Richard Ishida, Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Joe Clark, Drew McLellan

Watching other people use your laptop with a smirk, is a nervous experience

His dual purpose - one of the most handsome web designers in London, and heavy metal guitar widdle extraordinare...

Cheat sheet designed by Erin Caton.

Point 1. JavaScript is good not evil!

Police arrested someone outside the pub.

.. quite possibly the most absurd presentation slide ever created

A strong wind blowing in from the west, caused these presenters to lean, just slightly to the right

Kevin Smith, who I met in Austin at SXSW last year, spotted me during a break on day one of the conference.

Light firework. Retreat to safe distance. One of the more talked about talks.

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