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swaza listens as Sue describes her ideal fantasy of what would happen if she ever came across an easy badger with large bosoms posting for recreate an album cover from original

beachy head, east sussex


He's ancient, and likes to nibble at your soul for breakfast

b3ta meme created by the legendary spacefish, known as 'the fear'. immortalised by others over time, i decided it needed to manifest itself in the form of cake and icing.


it was terrifying and delicious.


b3ta, the people most famous for teaching me English, offer a tiny printshop tie-in that allows you to design your own b3ta t-shirt.

Here I model expertly it by reading Tales Of Mirth And Woe by scaryduck, a short lived blogger wonder from 2006. At least that's what I tell him to annoy him. Anyway, he managed to bug Neil Gaiman to write him an introduction and Dotmund to draw him a cover, that's not nothing.

Mr Horrible gets a spanking from Cheeky Boy! Also MNS, IVV and TuTT.

this was about a 15 second exposure, with my mates keyring torch.

again, this was taken over the christmas period, when all was a bit chilly

Phil the street preacher at Oxford Circus. He's an odd one - he has one basic riff, "there's sinners and there's winners" - but he's no Stanley Green

Please go to the website to see all the *animated* headphone cats. The techno one is my favorite. Thank you Moggs for showing me this.

little bit of reverse lens macro

another sepia attempt that stalled at this point. added fear to a pic i shot at the brickworks, one of my local hangouts. the site here:

Been a while since I could get out due to my Sciatica playing up again, so have a few of my photoshop gubbins instead

Fluffy Elephants models this year's latest strap on, complete with clunge. Which is my new mot-de-jour.

from another b3ta compo, saved in teeny-tiny low-res.

bored feet, for the pointless b3ta group

day 66 - 02.12.06


b3ta bash! whoop whoop! (:

animated gif from b3ta

(L to R clockwise) Woodside59, milknosugar, Mushroom, bilbobarneybobs, TopUpTheTea, crazyjude, Curis and Carowallis.. and a big cock.

MNS questions his chances with Pachey

moses and the ten condiments from

after seeing about ten thousand misspellings of the band's name, this popped into my head like an angry lesion.

mystery b3tan, Labia Majora, TGB

Jenpots bears all.

TGB, Chickenlady, Labia Majora, Aberaccion, Markthebrewer, The Supreme Crow, The Disappointed

Kid Blunder.


And his sweaty armpit.

Obligatory Malchick shot

Labia Majora and ppd armwrestling

malchick describes the girth of the first cock he took to a disinterested Woodside59

The Grammar Badger decorating Labia Majora

Only for the sake of completeness... nothing says "early to mid 2000s" like photoshop contests on sites like Fark and B3ta.


Posting only for the sake of completeness, not because the images are at all in any way "good".


Full size full size version so you can see the text.


randomly turned out cool

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