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Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3


Head - Genus Project Baby Face


Skin - [Glam Affair] Ada Skin [ Genus ] Basic Line - Bom


Mole - Izzie's - Veins & Moles /Beauty Marks Bom


Hair - Doux - Ines hairstyle


Headband - Betrayal - Tala Fur Headband PACK @ Tannenbaum


Nails - // L // Baby Boomer @ Level


Coat - Betrayal - Tala Fur Coat WHITE @ Tannenbaum


Sweater - Dead Doll - - Colden Sweater - Sand @ Anthem


Leggings - Blueberry - Daisy Poppy - Leggings - White


Boots - [hh] - Reina Boots


Accessoires - Movement - Hot cocoa - Bag - My favs -


Dog - Jian - Snowday St.Bernards 6. Polar Bear Companion {Gacha}





Pose - Foxcity - Greetings @ C88


Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3


Head - Genus Project Baby Face


Skin - [Glam Affair] Ada Skin [ Genus ] Basic Line - Bom


Mole - Izzie's - Veins & Moles /Beauty Marks Bom


Hair - Doux - Ines hairstyle


Ears - ^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears


Earrings - e.marie - Lianna Earrings - Golds @ Kustom9


Necklace - e.marie - Lianna Necklace - Golds @ Kustom9


Nails - // L // Baby Boomer @ Level


Rings - SpotCat - Love you


Dress - ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... - First Snow -Dress- @ Pretty



Boots - #EMPIRE - Daisy Lori @ C88



dust bunny & con Apple Fall Dust Bunny +Half-Deer+ RezzRoom

Nutmeg Disorderly Jian Varonis

Chocolate Dipped


Face - Babe - Zuri ● LEVEL

Nails - Lueur - Baby Boomer ● LEVEL

DOUX - Yuka hairstyle ● Mainstore


Skin (face)- Babe - Sumiya ● Cake Day

Hair - DOUX - Valentine hairstyle ● Dubai

Nails - Baby Boomer ● LEVEL


Top - Pseudo - Vonny Turtleneck

Pants - Blueberry - Dynamite leggings






Diamond Jelissa Crown ↠November Out at Cake Day

Manicure ↠ Lueur (Baby Boomer Nails)

Robe & Bra set ↠ Cynful out at Equal 10


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L'après-guerre avait été lugubre.

La doxa gaullienne, c'est que tout le monde en France avait résisté. Quarante millions de résistants. Mes grands-pères n'étaient pas d'accord.

On savait bien que tout cela n'avait pas été brillant.

Au lycée de Châlons, j'étais très copain avec des garçons dont les parents avaient été déportés sur dénonciation des voisins. Revenus des camps, ils avaient repris leur vie, avec les mêmes voisins.

Les mêmes exactement.

Pour nous, les enfants du baby-boom, toutes ces histoires d'occupation et de résistance semblaient vraiment nauséabondes. Notre génération allait trouver des exutoires dans le western et le rock.

Des territoires vierges, clairs, azuréens.




Texte : Philippe Manœuvre.



Lieu : Tièche, Crans-Montana, Suisse.


#philippemanœuvre #cransmontana #valais #suisse #montains #hiking #running #clouds #sky #landscape #colors #flowers #saveplanet #yougogreta #ompe #naturalclimatesolutions #greenpeace #goodplanet #youthforclimate #moutainworld #collapsologie #allaboutadventures #photoart #dark #mountainslovers #switzerland #artphoto #MountainPlanet #fabricelecoqfoto

•Dress: ERSCH - Lesie

@ Equal10 Event

Ersch Mainstore

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•Pose: Lyrium. Denise Series

@ Pose Fair

•Nails Applier: Lyrium. Baby Boomer

@ Lyrium Mainstore

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•Watch Set: amias - SIGNY

@ Cosmopolitan Event

•Rings: amias - SALIH

@ The Chapter Four (TCF)

amias Mainstore

amias MarketPlace Store


•Drinks: [IK] After Party Diet - Fruits

@ The Chapter Four (TCF)


•Candles: Tuesdays Hurricane

@ The Chapter Four (TCF)


•Books: The Green Door - Manhattan Bedroom Set

@ The Chapter Four (TCF)


•Head: GENUS Project - Baby Face

•Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

•Skin: L'Etre - Any Skin [Pearl Tone]

•Lipstick: L'Etre - Glossy

•Hair: [RA] Sue (TSS)

•Necklace: MICHAN - Moonchild RARE (Lootbox Gacha)

•Taken @ Elysion


♡ Head ||: LeLUTKA ◇ LeL Evo “Boundless” // Lilly ~ 2.5



♡ CAZIMI @ Pretty! Event ||:

Pretty! Event exclusive runs (December 7th – December 30th 2020)

♡ Lipstick ||: CAZIMI ◇ Delightful // HD Lipstick

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~ 03 Nudes


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♡ Outfit ||: *B.D.R.* ◇ Milena // -Jacket w/ Top- ~ FATPACK


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◇ 40 top patterns // (matching colors slightly lighter)

◇ Buttons & Pocket // 30 color options

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+ tinting

+ materials on // off

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♡ Dark Love @ MIIX Event ||:

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♡ Pants||: Dark Love ◇ Miauki // Pants ~ FATPACK

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♡ LUEUR @ Level Event ||:

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♡ Nails||: LUEUR ◇ “BABY BOOMER” // Bento Nails

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~ Lft. // Rt. hands may be changed independently

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◇ Advanced Materials


♡ Tantrum @ MIIX Event ||:

Miix Event exclusive (Runs from November 30th – December 20th 2020)

♡ Purse ||: Tantrum ◇ Ornament Purse

◇ Multicolor HUD included // 10 colors

~ 2 Metals // 4 Bow Patterns

◇ 4 pose positions: Hold // Front Hold // Finger Hold // Girly Bag Hold

~ hold pose // Lft. & Rt. hand options

⚠ Available only Nov. 30th to Jan. 31st!


♡ [Cinnamon Cocaine] @ Orsy Event ||:

Orsy Event exclusive (Runs from December 9th – December 28th, 2020)

♡ [Cinnamon Cocaine] ||: Xmas Coffee Gacha

◇ 5 RARE flavor options // Candy Cane, Candy Cane II, Cocoa Candy Cane, Grinch, & Mistletoe *shown in Candy Cane rare*

◇ 8 flavor options // Christmas Tree, Ginger Bread, Peppermint, Snow Chip, Sweet Cranberry, Toffee Crunch, Triple Chocolate, & Vanilla Nougat

◇ wearable & decor

~ hold pose // Lft. hand


ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ sᴏ ᴋɪɴᴅ & ʜɪᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ᴀᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ!

♡ ||: fв вℓσg ραgε 💜


♡ ||: gεт ιт sнαωтү вℓσg 💜

Don't forget to shut off the lights

tonight. :-) Bet we have another

baby boom. hehe

Saw this swan with its young cygnets hiding in the grass near Waldemarsudde, Djurgarden, Stockholm, Sweden. Didn't want to disturb it so don't have very good pictures, but you can see the young cygnets rearing their heads as they did periodically. There were several (7?) of them.

I was born Kenneth Delbert Hamblin in 1957 to a 15 young old young lady who had to put me up for adoption for reasons I will not enclose.

When I was adopted I was given The name James Ray McMellen by my new parent who called me Jim or Jimmie.

As I grew older my Dad called me Bud. My Mother called me other things.

As I grew older and got involved in music, my musician friend called me Jimi or Morrison, or sometimes Perry.

I moved to Oregon in 1979 and the Perry handle stuck the people at work called me Perry, although at this period in my life I became involved in my first mother's life again and she and the rest of her family called me Kenny.

When I moved back to Michigan my friends, family, and children called me either Jim, James, Kenny, Jim Bob, Morrison, Perry, or Dad among other things.

As I started into the photo business I started using JR because it made it easier to sign the check. LOL. What's in a name? What mine? What should be on my business cards?

The bottom line is you can call me as you choose. I shall probably answer to it or punch you : ) (maybe not so much the punch thing). So the shorts of it is, you can call me Jim, you can call me James, you can call Kenny or you can call me Perry, or Jimi or Morrison or whatever, but please do not call me late for dinner.


Result for name jim inquiry: There are no results for It is a modern descendant, through Old French James, of Vulgar Latin Iacomus (cf. Italian Giacomo, Portuguese Jaime), a derivative version of Latin Iacobus, the Latin form of the Hebrew name Jacob. The final is in the English first names are typical of those borrowed from Old French, where it was the former masculine subject case (cf. Giles, Charles, etc.). James is a popular name worldwide, but it is most commonly seen in English-speaking populations

James is one of the most common male names in the English-speaking world. In the United States, James was one of the five most common given names for male babies for most of the twentieth century. Its popularity peaked during the Baby Boom (Census records 1940–1960), when it was the most popular name for baby boys. Its popularity has declined considerably over the past thirty years, but it still remains one of the twenty most common names for boys.

und angeblich ein demographisches Problem

The Great Wall of Los Angeles, over one-half-mile in length, on Coldwater Canyon Ave.

En entrant au Jardin botanique dimanche midi, impossible d’ignorer le chant assourdissant des cigales. Lorsque je me suis approchée des troncs des conifères, que ne fut mon excitation de voir des cigales quitter leur exosquelette! Je pouvais observer, et photographier, jusqu’à 4 ou 5 cigales sur un même tronc.

No longer a flower, but not yet a dried out this the baby boomer of the flower world.

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#216 in Explore on 10/10/07

[AK Deluxe] - Suzie Bento Head NEW @Mainstore


Tableau Vivant \\ Indoor/Outdoor Hair for Collabor88


Lyrium - Baby Boomer Nails Applier


Lyrium - Denise Bento Pose Series for Pose Fair

A little Hyacinth bloom on one of the many trays of Spring bulbs being forced for the Spring Bulb Show at Smith College.

Baby Boomers Can't Afford To Take Risks,


The highly elevated stock market is making me anxious. I was looking at Seeking Alpha and one thing led to another. I created this chart based on info from an interesting website by GlidePath:


The blue background is a photo I took of fog on Mount Lemmon from Central Tucson a while ago.

You learn a couple things

When you get to my age

Like friends don’t lie

And it all tastes the same in the dark

When your vinyl and your coffee collection

Is a sign of the times

You’re getting spiritually enlightened at 29


So just give yourself a try


I found a grey hair in one of my zoots

Like context in a modern debate

I just took it out

The only apparatus required for happiness

Is your pain and f***ing going outside

And getting STD’s at 27

Really isn’t the vibe

Jane took her own life at 16

She was a kid who had the box

Tattooed on her arm

And I was 25 and afraid to go outside

A millenial that baby-boomers like


And what would you say to your younger self?

Growing a beard’s quite hard

And whiskey never starts to taste nice

And you’ll make a lot of money

And it’s funny

Because you’ll move somewhere sunny

And get addicted to drugs

And spend obscene amounts on

F***ing seeds and beans online


So just give yourself a try

Won’t you give yourself a try?

Won’t you give yourself a try?

Won’t you give?








Let me sit this ass

On you

Show you how I feel

Let me take this off

Will you watch me

Yes, mass appeal

Don't take your eyes

Don't take your eyes off it

Watch it, babe

If you like

You can touch me baby

Do you

Do you wanna touch me baby, ooh

Grab a hold, don't let go

Let me know

That you

Ready (ready)

I just wanna show you now

Slow it down

Go around

You rock hard

I rock steady

And rock right up to the side of my mountain

Climb until you reach my peak baby, peak babe, peak

And reach right into the bottom of my fountain

I wanna play in your deep baby, your deep baby, deep

Then dip me under where you can feel my river flowing and flow

Hold me 'til I scream for air to breathe

And wash me over until my well runs dry

Send all your sins all over me, babe, me baby, me

Rock it 'til waterfalls

Rock it 'til waterfalls

Rock it 'til waterfalls

Bathe in these waterfalls

I do it like it's my profession

I gotta make a confession

I'm proud of all this bass

When you put it in your face

By the way, if you need a personal trainer or a therapist

I can be a piece of sunshine, inner peace, entertainer

Anything else that you may read between the lines

You and I create rockets and waterfalls

So rock right up to the side of my mountain

Climb until you reach my peak baby, peak babe, peak

And reach right into the bottom of my fountain

I wanna play in your deep baby, your deep baby, deep

Then dip me under where you can feel my river flowing flow

Hold me 'til I scream for air to breathe

And wash me over until my well runs dry

Send all your sins all over me babe, me

Hard, rock, stead, rock, hard, rock, steady

Rock, hard rock, steady, rock, hard, rock, steady

Don't you know that I give you the loving if you need it

I give you my word, you can believe it

Your love feels like, all four seasons

Growing inside me, life has a reason

Swimming and my love and your love lifting

Higher, harder

Got me screaming to the lord, boy, kiss me

Pray we don't overflow

Baby I know you can feel it pulse

Keeping the peak of my waterfall

Rock it, baby, rock it, baby, rock it 'til the water falls


I can't help but love the way we make love

Daddy, daddy

Ooh child, ooh now

Yes, Lord, damn baby

You driving me cray, cray, yeah

You ain't right for doing it to me like that daddy

Even though

I've been a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad girl

Tell me what you're gonna do about that

Punish me please

Punish me please

Daddy what you're going to do with all of this


All up in your face, yeah

Hell yeah

Love me so deep

Ooh my shit's so good it ain't even right

I know I'm right

Hell yeah you the shit

That's why you're my equivalent

So sexy

We're so much more than pointless fixtures

Instagram pictures, consumers

What about that ching-ching-ching

What about that, what about that ching-ching

Baby boomers (baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby)

Cyclical trends, tryna fit in

Home is where the heart is

God damn it, I'm comfortable in my skin

And you're comfortable in my skin

You look so comfortable in my skin (skin, skin, skin)

Rockets and waterfalls

The Buzzy Bee is a popular toy in New Zealand. It resembles a bee with rotating wings that move and make a clicking noise while the toy is pulled along the ground. Possibly based on an earlier American concept,[1] it was designed and first produced in New Zealand in the 1930s, by Maurice Schlesinger.[2] It became popular during the post-war baby boom. Its bright colours and clicking sound call are familiar to many New Zealanders, making it one of the most well-recognised items of Kiwiana. Since this time however, the Buzzy Bee has branched out into various merchandise including books, jigsaws and clothing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Time To Explore. First Grandson stretching his legs on a beautiful day in the Midwest. :) Baby Boomers Still Going Strong ... A Different Time.


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Lyrium // Baby Boomer // Nail Applier (Thank you!!)


Pacagaia Poses // Brenda Set // Bento Poses (Thank you!!)


Stealthic // Somber // Brunettes


Moccino Beaute // Genus Skin Applier // Slick Tan


LeLuck // Everyday Matt Eyeshadow // Fiona


Genus Project // Genus Head - Classic Face W001


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Die Störche sind zurück auf den Nestern.

Wir sitzen in unseren Wohnungen und entweder gibt es in Zukunft eine erhöhte Scheidungsrate(wie in China), oder einen Babyboom(wie nach der Ölkrise 1973)

Schaun wir mal


The storks are back on the nests.

We stay in our apartments and either there will be an increased divorce rate in the future (as in China), or a baby boom (as after the oil crisis 1973)

Let's see


Haubentaucher mit 4 Küken die auf dem Rücken rumzappeln :)


Great crested grebe with 4 chicks floundering on it's back :)

On Dahlia this time:


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Title reflects the musings of an aging, morbid Baby Boomer. :-)

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Baby Boomer Ballerina bento nails available at the Fluffy Kawaii event until February 13th:

I had some good fortune photographing Bitterns at Old Moor RSPB reserve in South Yorkshire last week. A brood of three nearly-fledged youngsters were clambering about in the reeds waiting for their mum to return with a crop full of fish. I managed to photograph the adult female setting off on a foraging flight, plus these youngsters. This left bird was unbelievably high in the reeds. So high you'd expect the reeds to break, but it was clasping large clumps of reed stems with its long claws for support. You can see some fluffy down on the crown identifying these as youngsters.

Flickr Friday: Sign of the Times - Baby Boomer Space Invaders - extra large, easy to read screen =P

Er zijn drie baby olifanten op komst

Credito: Baby Boom

Thimble Event


♥♥ Lyrium Nail Appliers ♥♥

For Belleza/Maitreya Body Users - Baby Boomer Nail Appliers


Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Catwa Freya - Bento

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Joanes

Eyes: CHAIN - Laura Mesh Eyes

Hair: Ade - Kristen - Gift

Earrings: Madame Noir - Pendulo

Eyeshadow: [POUT!] Glitterfest Shadow - Green

Lipstick: alaskametro<3 - "Lipslick" lip makeup

Gown: Son!a-Edge - Sierra

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Kyary

Rings: Cult - Boss Bitch

Nose Piercings: RAPTUS Shura - Silver Bridge Piercing

Nails: Witchcraft - Baby Boomer Ballerina Nails

Held Props: Nantra


*Photo unedited - Windlights only

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