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This Raw Banana Bajji Recipe is a typical South Indian snack prepared with besan flour, topped with spice powders and deep fried in oil. It can be seen all over, from street side tea shops / kadai, restaurants and even in 5 star hotels. It is such a versatile recipe as it can be prepared with available veggies in hand and each veggies gives an amazing different taste. This vazhakkai bajji recipe can be replaced with onion, potato, brinjal, ridge gourd, bread, papad and even egg also.

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Collection of some of lost Street Food recipes like Thaen Mittai, Kadalai Mittai, Bajji recipes etc that are commonly available in the Indian Streets.


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Goli baje recipe / Mangalore bajji recipe / Maida bonda or Mangalore bonda recipe by whatever name it is called, is a speciality snack from Udupi cuisine in Mangalore and South Canara region. It is a no fail recipe without any grinding process, the only main ingredient is to use sour curd and just ferment the batter for minimum 2 hours, then you get super pillowy soft, fluffy and spongy bajji. This is also a no onion, no garlic recipe, then why waiting? get ready with the batter and enjoy your weekend with this hot hot bajji with coconut chutney and a cup of filter coffee…

Mangalore Bajji or Goli Baje (as it is locally know in Mangalore, Karnataka) is a traditional evening snack.


Recipe -

Goli Baje is a snack from Mangalore, a coastal town in Karnataka, India. Mom's recipe is here -


Taken at Mysore during Dasara. In front of Mysore palace.


Mysore hosts a lot of seasonal roadside vendors during dasara. Most of them have been occupying their respective places since a number of years with out conflicting/competing with one another. Another example of "Harmonyious living" which is an inherent trait of Mysore people.


This elderly gentleman was sitting next to the temple near the entrance to Mysore Palace selling Bajjis(recipe). A Big-time small-businessman.


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Tomato bajji preparation at home is really an interesting idea. Most of us like eating bajjis daily, especially in evening. Oh ! but what is this bajji? This is a very famous Indian recipe mostly prepared in South India. This is made using peanut flour. Mostly people of south India eat Mirchi bajji (chilli). Other than chilli & tomato bajji is prepared using raw banana, brinjal, onion, potato and many other vegetables also.


Today lets see how to prepare tomato bajji preparation steps which takes 30-40 minutes of time to prepare. Doctors suggest tomato to increase blood percentage. But, as we prepare this recipe with lot of oil (deep fry recipe) its not suggested to eat daily. Now lets see the process to prepare tomato bajji recipe in detail.


Milagai Bajji Recipe

Find Aloo Pakora Recipe at Browse crunchy potato fritters recipe , potato bajji recipe and make aloo pakora, Potato Pakora with step by step guide.

Special Onion Bajji Recipe

We have various food items that are prepared according to the season. Irrespective of season tempting food item are stators. In south India, many prefer to have street food. Among variety of snack items the all-time favorite is “Bajji”. Bajjis are crispy and tasty as it includes various flavors. You can prepare many stators at home in simple and easy way. Bajji’s can be made in different ways with potatoes, onions, palak and many. So let us prepare another variety of bajji that is “Raw banana”.


Raw banana #Bajji which are made at home can be served in parties or for any special occasions. Aratikaya bajji is another name of raw banana which is called by Telugu people. Vaalakabajji, valakkaibajji, kelabhajia, plaintain tempura these are the names which are usually south Indians named. Are raw bananas useful to health? It increases the fat burning levels in the body and insulin sensitivity. This unripen bananas contain starch as the main substance which are helpful in health benefits. All of us know that bananas are source of vitamin c, B6 and potassium. But intake of raw bananas is useful both in terms of diet and diabetics.

Aratikaya Bajji Recipe Preparation in Telugu Let us know the preparation of banana bajji recipe at home. it is also know as the aratikaya bajji, vazhakkai bajji, balekai bajji. check the step by step photo/video. deep fried fritters recipe with raw banana Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Hyderabadi Ruchulu for more latest and interesting cooking videos in […]

Preparation of Mirchi Bajji in Telugu Today’s recipe is Mirpakaya Bajji, let’s try this for a great snack. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Hyderabadi Ruchulu for more latest and interesting cooking videos in Telugu