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I almost let this day get by me..;) This is a trail in Peace Park. The city of Austin and really been working on this park, more so in the last year, to keep it up to speed. Bike trails and walking trails have really been improved over the past year. Great to see tax dollars at work..:)

I'm trying to do some purposeful walking every day so whilst waiting for my daughter's train to arrive yesterday evening I did 2 laps around Banteer lake & sports ground, about 1.7 miles in just under 30 mins, only stopping to take 2 photos! The sun was setting & it was freezing cold, you can see the ice forming in the middle of the lake HBM!

I took this shot, and others, early in the morning. I didn't take my tripod but now I wish I had. This one came out really pretty but there is a ton of noise in it. So, don't look too close..))

Hope everyone's weekend went well. We're still having our usual "Hot" Texas summer. Luckily, I work inside. 105 is just too hot. Saudi Arabia can get up to 129. I don't know how they live in that heat


The festivals were great. I'll post some images later, after I've had time to process them better. We were lucky with the rain.

This is from the grounds of Laguna Gloria museum/art school. It's a really place in west Austin. Lots of weddings are held on the grounds. Not so much in this area, but other sections where it's much prettier.


Some one added me as a contact the sometime back, and I went to look at the stream and probably add them. I always click on "About" because I'm interested in how we all got down the photography path. Anyway, I noticed that he wasn't following me. I thought how odd and maybe I didn't respond fast enough, but I've since noticed others unfriending me as well and it doesn't seem to matter how fast I get back to them. I guess people can make a game out of anything.


A Pease park bench. i probably should have waited for spring to take this shot. Oh well, it's getting so hard to be perfect..:)

Happy week everyone

I will return to catch this quaint little bench set in the dunes near Cresswell for a sunrise at some point, was just a scouting mission yesterday

View from Magic Island looking out to Diamond Head.


Oahu, Hawaii


Have a fabulous new week!

another random one i found

the snow has all melted!

Happy New Week & New Month!!

A place to stay.


June... a month with massive infrared light. So i didn't hesitate to take a "winter" shot.


Nikon D40. Lens 18.0-55.0mm f/3.5-5.6. ISO 200. 1/160 sec. f/11. 18mm. Using an infrared filter 720nm. Blue/Red channel swap.


If you are interested in an image of the disassembled Nikon D40 for infrared conversion ... here it is --> Nikon D40 Infrared Conversion.

Benches just waiting for Spring to arrive. Five exposure HDR processed with Nik HDR Efex Pro 2

This was quite a sight at the local golf course.

My sister said this looked like heaven's waiting room.

Looks like a bench on the planet Jupiter, amazing thing to see


The low, bright morning sun really makes the colours pop.


seen on this day five years ago in beautiful Vancouver.

Curtea de Arges_Rumanía

... waiting to be used.


Germany. Hohenheim Gardens. August ... a month with massive infrared light. So i don't hesitate to take "winter" shots in summer. My macro equipment at this day is placed on this bench.


Nikon D40. Lens 18.0-55.0mm f/3.5-5.6. ISO 200. 1/320 sec. f/8. 18mm. Using an infrared filter 720nm. Red/Blue channel swap in post production in order to get the dark blue sky.


If you are interested in an image of the disassembled Nikon D40 for infrared conversion ... here it is --> Nikon D40 Infrared Conversion.

Goose - Home & Garden

GOOSE - Loretta swing bench




@Les rêves perdus


A good place to enjoy the sun rise

The midday sun was very low in the sky casting long shadows as I walked around the JFK Arboretum in Co. Wexford HBM!

Mountain view from Ulriken, Bergen in Norway

On the left side of river Kupa Croatia, on the right side Slovenia - river Kupa is the border


ran out of benches but found this oldie!! Enjoy the day, my friends and the rest of the week!!

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