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Hungarian Olympic bid for 2024.

AP-BID - Boeing B-777-340ER - PIA - Pakistan International

at Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport (YYZ)


c/n 33.780 - built in 2008


Substitution for the usual B-777-200LR

not often l can get close enough to birds to get a shot but in this case l was eye level with them and had my longest lens handy, with the misty day helping for my daily picture

Za manaihan oorsdiigoo olood taglarai

Vice President Dick Cheney bids farewell to Vice President-elect Joe Biden Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008, following their nearly hour-long visit at the Vice President’s Residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory.


(Source: White House)

The twilight of the day and of the season. Hibernation is near. Time to gather the color and tuck it away. Just remember where you put it so you can nourish your soul come mid February.

Belle Epoque for Pocket Gacha December, Your last chance to get it <3

For LMs and full info click HERE!

I can watch the birds through my window...Robins are a favourite in Winter,

AP-BID - Boeing B-777-340ER - PIA - Pakistan International

at Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport (YYZ)


c/n 33.780 - built in 2008


Substitution for the usual B-777-200LR

EI-BID Piper PA.18 L-18C-95 Super Cub Ballyboy Airfield 05/06/2016

I can never see too many robins, but this one was the first one I saw in the New Year.

The low bidder won the build on the first three stories of this architectural monstrosity. : (


One more that is best viewed at Full Screen.

Tomorrow my daughter Mara moves to Massachusetts. I will miss not having her close.


I wish I could return to the time when the four of us all lived under the same roof.

Sir Goosyford Bubblebutt was put into bidness meeting timeout for honking while I was speaking

Air Bridge Cargo - Boeing 747-281F (SCD) (cn 23139 LN:608) - VP-BID - AMS 31.08.2008

8x10" cyanotype on 11x14" Bergger COT 320 paper

Blackbird, landed on the wire covering my bulbs....

I will bid farewell, sever the ties. is this what i am? is this all thats left?

My sweet girls are walking in a winter wonderland.:) Iplehouse BID Linda and Judith, Peach Gold Resin, Sweater sets by MaramBanu, Scarves and Mittens by Nira.

Taken at my front door in Fort Assiniboine, Alberta Canada.

Wish you wonderful spring time!

This is my last picture for the next 5 weeks.

I will be back mid April.

Please don't give comments meanwhile!

Thank you all!


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NS Linda with custom Iplehouse face-up. Outfit by biscotti725.


Congratulation to Qatar for wining 2022 Wold Cup bid


Well This is the Time ...~


Good ahead Qatar we are with U ... ~

و الله يكتب الي فيه الخير لنا و للأمه اجمعين يارب


اللهم ألبس بلادنــا لباس الأمن و الإيمـــان و ادم علينا أمننا و أستقرارنــا و عقيدتنا ..اللهم اجعــل فوزنـــــــــــا خير للبلاد و العـــــباد و ان يعمــ الخير و التوفــيق و الصلاح قطر ومن عليـــها ....

اللهم وفقدأميرنا لما فيه خير البــلاد و العبــاد ، اللهم أحفظـــ ديننا و بلادنا و أولادنا و أموالنا من كل شر ...اللهم من أرادنا و أراد ديننا و أمننا و عرضنا بســـوء فاجعل كيده في نحـــره ...اللهم اجعل رزقنا رَغَدا ، و لا تشمت بنا أحداً ...اللهم بلادنا حافظةً لأمركــ ، خاضعةً لشرعك، منقادةً لحكمك و سائــــر بلاد المسلميـــــــــن...


اللـــــــــــــــهم امين....~

A child's imagination can take them all around the world...


Looking for my missing left hand glove, I found an answer to the age old question "Where do all those odd socks go to?" the answer is quite obviously that they escape to sock heaven (gloves to glove heaven of course).


119 Pictures in 2019, theme # 69 Lost Sock Memorial Day


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