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Early days as 60163 approaches the foot-crossing at Billington on 24/6/2010 with the Border Raider A motley collection of stock !

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Whalley Viaduct


Known locally as "Whalley Arches", Whalley Viaduct is a 48 span railway bridge crossing the River Calder and a listed structure.


It was built between 1846 and 1850 under the engineering supervision of Terrence Wolfe Flanagan and formed part of the Bolton, Blackburn, Clitheroe and West Yorkshire Railway. It is a red brick arch structure and the longest and largest railway viaduct in Lancashire.[4] It carries the railway, now known as the Ribble Valley Line, 21.3m over the river for 620m.


Whalley Arches, east side, from the road

Over 7 million bricks and 12,338 cubic metres of stone were used in construction. 3,000m of timber were used for the arch centring, temporary platforms and the permanent foundation piles. During construction on 6 October 1849, two of the 41 arches then completed collapsed, with the loss of three lives.


The east side of the bridge, nearest the remains of the Abbey, has the only decorative treatment.


Back of a disused building in Oldham. Drawn on location, colour added later. Ink, watercolour and white gel pen on A4 size paper.


For my upcoming exhibition at Gallery Oldham.

A volcanic flyby from SR Merchant Navy 35018 'British India Line' whilst on test from Carnforth using the usual Hellifield test circuit.

She is seen here making quite a sight at Billington Foot Crossing, shortly after crossing Whalley Viaduct.

With Pendle Hill in the background Class 5 45305 climbs to Wilpshire summit with a CME on 23/7/2011.

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LMS 4-6-2 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" climbs a way from Whalley with the Cumbrian Mountain Express on 22nd August 2009. A reprocessed image.

An early darkness draws in as Jubilee 45690 'Leander' makes a racket as she begins the climb up Whalley Bank.

She is seen here from a footbridge shortly after Whalley Arches with the return leg of 'The Fellsman' from Carlisle to Lancaster.

Louis Gauffier (1762-1801) - Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Billington, in a white dress, seated at a harpsichord in an apartment, with a view of the Piazzetta, Venice (1795)

EXPLORE # 1 which is a first for me and a great compliment.


“The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.” ~ Unknown


Taken during an open day at Laira Depot, Plymouth, was this line up of two FLF's and two K's.

The nearest FLF is Western National 2059 (BDV 267C), which has sincwe been exported to Switzerland, I beleive, Alongside is FLF 1969 (468 FTT), now cared for by Colin Billington.

As the trees come into full leaf, it gets harder to see the multiple paths that wind around Castle Park. Pretty soon, the view will be obscured, until the trees in the foreground are trimmed!

looking east/ south east from the Castle - in the distance you can see Whalley Nab, almost straight ahead. To the right are the fells around Billington and Langho. To the left, the distant fells are one the other side of Blackburn.

Spring bluebells out in force on the lineside through Lindfield Wood. E4 No. 473 drifts quietly through with the afternoon 'Wealden Rambler' to Sheffield Park.

Probably preservation as we anticipated it in the early years is rapidly disappearing along with those who original supported the earlier schemes. Certainly Pre Covid, many former branch lines were carrying more passengers than in their history meaning larger engines and longer trains taking priority.


A glimpse back a few years when a small engine on a realistic branch line train in BR livery could be mustered on a charter or even be seen working out of season timetabled trains on preserved railways.


15 years ago few railways could provide an accurate recreation better than the Bluebell Railway.


E4 class No. 32473 was designed by R.J. Billington for the L.B.S.C. Railway and introduced in 1897 and is seen at Kingscote Station.


Loco was moving past the camera at some speed, I've tried to reduce the blur on the front end of the loco in photoshop, perhaps with some partial success. Obviously pre-1923 but I've no other info with the negative. I think the loco is a Billington class E2, built 1904 and withdrawn 1954. SR number was 2587 and BR number 32587.

Approaching the foot crossing with the returning Fellsman on 10/6/2015

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46115 'Scots Guardsman' at Billington foot crossing with the return Fellsman from Carlisle to Lancaster on Tue 1st August 2017.


Hopefully sufficiently different from the previous shot to warrant uploading.

The more usual Fellsman fare as the 8F approaches the foot crossing with the return trip on 18/7/2012

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Our luck held as 46115 nears the foot crossing with the Fellsman of 1/8/17 in glorious light.The small gallery included Steve S and Unlucky Alf who will surely need a new nickname after this !

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This is a Billington 0-6-2T, class E4X from 1898, withdrawn in 1959. I am not sure what is going on with the driver, he may be about to give the photographer some advice about standing close to the tracks, or maybe just wanted his photo taken. Location unknown, date 27/5/39.

the last Fellsman of the 2014 season passing Billington

The only Olympian noted among the phalanx of Pilkingtons Tridents on Billington and Clitheroe schools this afternoon was this 1996 example, seen near Great Harwood.

Unusually for Pilks it retains the livery of its previous owner Wrigleys.

The Police had shut the A59 at Chatburn following a serious accident and it was gridlock on the country roads so I was unable to reach my chosen location.After extricating myself from the jam I just made it back to the foot crossing for 6K05

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This location has become quite restricted,the big tree to the left casting a shadow just where you would want to position the engine.This is about the best option for the follow-up shot,if you use too wide an angle the engine can look distorted.

46115 heads south with the Fellsman of 1/8/17

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Red Kite Commercial Services newest arrival is Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking Y417CFX is seen passing Billington near Leighton Buzzard on a 162 service, 16th May

Image taken from the History of the Borough of Preston and Its Environs in the County of Lancaster, By Charles Hardwick 1857. (high-res)


The book is available for online reading Click Here to access, then select either 'PDF' or 'online reading'


This is my friend's dog Billington who is sadly no longer with us. Apparently famous for eating butter or vaseline! Another I found on an old disc, this time dating from 2007. Considering this was taken on my old 300D with a plastic lens and in low light I'm quite pleased with it!

70804 Carlisle-Chirk 26/2/2019

The location is now very limited,this about the only suitable train at the moment

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LBSCR Billinton E4 0-6-2T B473.

Travellers on an unauthorised camp near Portsmouth are being provided with services after a councillor claimed that one of them may have Covid-19.


Councillor Vernon-Jackson told The News, Portsmouth that: “There is a suggestion that one person there has tested positive for Covid-19.


‘We have to check that and ensure that the correct procedures are put in place.”


The Travellers’ Times contacted Portsmouth City Council for clarification.


A council spokesperson said that the travellers arrived on Saturday 24th May, and currently remain on the site at Southsea Common.


“The community wardens are visiting the site every day and have provided access to public toilet facilities, running water and refuse bags to assist with waste disposal,” they added.


“Portsmouth City Council are regularly monitoring the situation including the use of powers to remove the Travellers alongside the government guidance to consideration for supporting vulnerable groups during the Covid 19 period.


Appropriate advice and support will be offered to anyone that discloses that they are self-isolating due to having or showing symptoms of Covid 19.”


The Government have recommended that councils look at the option of providing services for Traveller camps during the coronavirus crisis. Police chiefs have also recommended that Police forces look for other options than eviction.


Romany Gypsy campaigner Betty Billington, Chair of the Dorset based charity Kushti Bok, cautiously welcomed the news.


It is good that Portsmouth Council are carrying out Government guidelines for Gypsies and Travellers and providing water, toilets and rubbish disposal,” said Betty Billington


“However, monitoring the situation regarding the removal of the Travellers is not quite what the government has in mind when they are asking for NO unnecessary journeys or movement in these unprecedented times.

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