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Carl Blanchard


Pfisterer Assoc. Eng. 1967: Part Time


Antonozzi Assoc. Architects Darien Conn. Part Time: Design Parking Garage


Richard F Heyer: Summer Of 1965: Meet Kyro Kyritsis and Peter Dapont


WLAE: 93.7 FM: Paul di Savino (WPAT) 494 W. Main Street, Meriden, CT: 238 1010/201 334 5310: Offices in Meriden; Tower on Signal Mountain In Waterbury: License in Hartford

WPAT, Patterson was originally an AM station Owned by Wright Broadcasting Company’s Howard Haman.

The history of this frequency can be traced back to July 18, 1939, when Edwin H. Armstrong’s station W 2 XMN began regular broadcasting on a frequency of 42.8 MHz. Armstrong, the father of FM radio, had actually begun testing the station on April 10, 1938, and had demonstrated FM transmission as early as 1934. The station, which also became known as W 31 NY, moved to 43.1 MHz in 1941. W2XMN moved to the new FM band in 1946, first at 92.1 MHz, and then in 1948, to 93.1, where it became known as KE2XCC. It went off the air on March 6, 1954, after Armstrong’s death. WPAT began broadcasting on this frequency in March 1957 with an Easy Listening format until the stations sale to Spanish Broadcasting in January 1996.


SRG (Schimmelpfennig, Ruiz and Gonzalez)1968-1969: Full Time in Puerto Rico


Department of Education: Puerto Rico: Contract Work (Self) 1969


Kahn And Jacobs: Full Time 1969-1970: Ed The Alcoholic: Duncan Stewart:

Ed Dickman (lived in queens and loved to detail buildings) was my job Captain after Ed Penn (was an n alcoholic)

D’kirk (Not his name but it’s the best I can do) sponsored me into the AIA


Lee Harris Pomeroy: 1970-1972: son of Selwyn Pomeroy for whom I hung drapes in Brooklyn. Lee Harris Pomeroy, FAIA

Is president of the firm he founded in 1964 in New York City? He has guided the firm's growth, building a reputation for design excellence over the past 36 years. Lee’s work has led to numerous architectural awards and to a number of significant commissions with major commercial clients, including Swiss Bank Corporation, Saks Fifth Avenue, HBO, and The Trump Organization. He also taught at City College under the dean Bernard Spring. The emphasis then was ON the social aspects of Architecture. Lee introduced me to one of his students: Phil Winters and we became very good friends. Lee resided in a town house he designed and renovated with his wife and children Hi wife played the viola.

In the public sector, he has designed libraries, educational and institutional buildings and large transportation projects that have been recognized for high design standards and improving quality of life in their communities Offices first on East 66 Street; then Upper floor of former maids quarters of the Plaza Hotel.

One of the projects that came to the office was the design of the Congress Nursing home in Brooklyn Heights. It was special because I got to know its owner Eugene Hollander and really think about the last place a person would life before they died. What they would see and know. I concluded that it was there widow and the view of the garden. So I recommend that he spend his money on landscaping the gardens and making removing and replacing all the buildings windows. This was 1971 and I was 34 years old. Another, and more famous client was the then owner of the Dallas cowboy, and rich Texan , Clint William Murchison for whom I designed the “Dallas Cowboy Restaurant on East 44 street between Vanderbilt and Park at the base of a , then brand new office building.

Clinton Williams Murchison, Sr (1895-1969) was an oil and gas developer financier, son of John Weldon and Clara (Williams) Murchison, and born in Tyler on April 11, 1895. He moved into exploration and development, and despite the fluctuations in the price of oil, he sold his holdings in 1925 for $5 million and moved his base of operations to San Antonio. He speculated in South Texas and in 1928 reestablished himself in Dallas

Another client of Lee’s was, now convicted criminal, spending time in jail, David Paul. David hated me and expressed his feelings openly. The below story explains the situation. The below article was written in 2000 and by now David should be out of prison.

“Former CenTrust Bank chief asks to be released from prison with 11 years left” By Catherine Wilson of the Associated Press

“MIAMI -- The federal government spent a lot of time and money putting former highflying banker David Paul behind bars and wants to keep him there until he completes one of the longest sentences imposed on 1980s savings-and-loan felons.

The former CenTrust Bank chief has asked his trial judge to let him go based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision, but a prosecutor responded Tuesday that the request to free Paul from the rest of his 11-year sentence should be rejected.

The goodwill issue was raised and rejected on Paul's original unsuccessful appeal, and the subsequent Supreme Court decision doesn't apply in his criminal case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Harriet Galvin said in trying to head off Paul's early release. He is due to serve another three years.

CenTrust, once the largest S&L in the Southeast, was seized in 1990 after its goodwill write-off to produce the fourth-largest banking collapse in U.S. history.

Paul, known for his expensive keepings and lifestyle, was convicted in 1994 of running a sham bond deal and a junk-bond fraud and using millions in CenTrust money to dress up his palatial waterfront estate.

Paul claims that the trial judge's calculation of a $61 million loss from his crimes would have been lower if goodwill were considered. Dollar losses drive prison terms in federal fraud cases.

"Looking fit and trim," Paul was recently transferred to Miami from a South Carolina prison, Weintraub said. Heart problems that required surgery during his imprisonment are still being treated, but Weintraub said, "His health is good now."

Paul collected $66,000 a week in salary and dividends while entertaining politicians and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor aboard his yacht. He once flew in a team of European chefs led by Paul Bocuse for a gourmet banquet at his home. He surrounded himself with Old Masters artwork and other trappings of ostentatious wealth.” It was Paul’s intensive dislike for me based ON his jealous relationship he wished for him and Lee that eventually caused Lee to ask me to resign.

Another of our projects was the Neighborhood Plan in Harlem for the Manhattan borough President’s office for Livingston Bryant and Mildred Brown.


Lee Harris Pomeroy (FAIA) is president of the firm he founded in 1964 in New York City. He personifies the New York liberal.


LME: Full Time: 1970-1973


Pratt Institute: 1969-1973: Part-time

One of the faculty members John Lobell and his wife M’me epitomized the era by being known for there being naked at parties and love-ins. The times were filled with a wave of rebellion, sit-ins, love–ins, happenings, and student strikes and heavy duty dope. Many of my students came to class drugged and confused. Young girls offered them selves. Several of my colleagues, especially one, Dean, we stood in awe of all the assemblies of students not knowing what to do. We were not prepared for this. Several of my colleagues did very well in this environment especially Gamal ElZogby. I my self opted the whole thing by creating LME, doing Earth Day and teaching in the New Open School. It would have lasted longer but as University of Houston, Pratt could not invite me to teach Full Time.

Many years ago Sydney Shalov coerced me into taking over the teaching of two classes to UN Master exchange students on the premise that the classes assigned teacher, Victor Olgay had died and I needed to fill in. I did, and it was a disaster. He had selected me because I had spent 15 months designing buildings as an architect in Puerto Rico. I muddled my way through and did try to learn the material. The technical class was very difficult but the other went quite nicely. The two classes were Climatology and Bioclimatic Design created by Victor Olgay. The student’s rebelled but several wonderful students helped me save the day and things finally went smoothly. One of the students was Ahmed Zahid who I later discovered in KFU in KSA. Of course we were good friends and as he had helped me I tried to help him when both our contracts were terminated.

I recently found out that Olgay was alive and well teaching and developing his work at Princeton University. I tried with out success to contact him.


University Of Ohio: 1972 Part Time One Semester Only


Peoples Protective: 1973: Full Time (36)

In Jackson Tennessee, it wasn’t South verses North as was politely mused, but urban verses Rural. Jacksonians exuded rural values and rural mind. They preferred the urban farm and the quiet farmer’s village. Urban density, culture, commerce was undesirable and offensive. People’s Protective’s projects were rural recreational second homes being marketed to suburban non-urban people from the Midwest and North. The building were made to look like rural Tennessee barns, shacks, and building types. They aimed that Northern people should perceive Tennessee rural. My urban mindset systematized and made it possible. It was another example of the power of commerce and its consequent urbanity.


Bruce Gallery: 4646 Poplar Avenue; Memphis, Tennessee 38117; exhibited and sold my watercolors July 23, 1974. The owner invited me to exhibit after seeing my work at an art fair.


Jonathan’s Gallery: August 4, 1974:Christina’s Plexiglas sculptures and Barie’s Pen and Ink and watercolor paintings and drawings exhibited and sold in this gallery in Jackson, Tennessee.


Works And Jobs: {918 total words}

( 916 words)





1944 Faile St Wood Crate Interior In Sun Parlor

1947 Simpson St Tissue Box Stage

1948Bicycle Mobil Room

Ship At Sea Painting

Record Box File

Electric Light System

Stereo Sound System

Disc Jockey Audition Tapes

Hang Drapes in Hundreds of Homes

Drive People in Dads Car to Asbury, Weddings

Ceramic Pottery

Interior Decoration Portfolio

Type Stories

Painting of Lion; Circus

1958PrattCoffee Shop

Penny to A Dollar

Apartment Shelves

Black And White Photography

Oil Paintings

Act In Play

1962 Buildesign CorpLobbies on West End Ave: ”Wedgwood”

Karram Silver

Sojo Store Fronts

Phone Lists for Buildesign

Stationary Concept with Heidi Jung

1961 SelfSolomon Decorating Store Exhibits


Virgin Island Beach Pavilion

Contemporary Theories of the Universe

Bed Room

Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel

Rug Design

2d Design in Space



Dream Records

A Person Structure

1962 Designs for Business: Design Offices for Bank of Israel

James Talcott Factorers

Israel Bank


1963 PrivateHome Of Frank Housler

Guard House for Telephone Company

1963Pen And Ink Sketches Of European Cities

1964Framed and distributed by Missy in Sanibel

Ed Durrel StoneFine Arts Building, Planetarium And Gym For “State University Of New York” (SUNY) In Albany, N.Y.


Morris LapidusQuality Courts Motor Inn

Drafting Examples Used in Morris Lapidus’ Book

Working Drawing for Apartment Buildings in Wash. D.C.

Yale UniversityCultural Center

K4 School

One Room School House

Dog House

Concert Hall

CBS Office Building

Fairfax Hospital

Hosatonic Horizons; High Rise And Matrix


Feiss & Associates :Apartment Building Model:

Dapont Construction

Single Family Houses; Vitagliano Const.

Town Houses; Vitale Bros.

Shopping Center; Hosatonic

Remodel design of our apartment; Orchard St.


Ruiz and Gonzalez:

Rio Piedras Puerto Rico (Junior Partner in SRG)

El Mundo Office Building

Homacao Police Station

Vocational High School

Department Store

Ron Rico Bottling Plant

Obras Publicos; Prospectus

Private PracticeIsland-Wide Plan For Public Libraries

Centro Modus Boutique Dress Shop; Condado

Mobile Cabinet for Patty Pease

Grace English Lutheran Church: Church House graphic designs and expedites work to paint and repair building

Kahn and Jacobs; New York

Working Drawings for Telephone Company Offices

And Hospitals

Irving Bank; Third and E 57 St; NYC.

Lee Harris Pomeroy

Dallas Cowboy Restaurant: Owner, Clint Merchanson: I measured and did the working drawings and design layout for the restaurant located at the base of an office building one block from my Yale club on 44 and Vanderbilt near Park Ave. Merchanson’s Interior Designer working in the same building just off fifth Ave hired us.

Private PracticeLME Loft

Earth Stage and Event Production

Hockey Stadium

Pratt InstituteTeach Design, Theory and Methodology and Victor Olgay’s Climatology and Bioclimatic Design


1973People’s Protective

Mark Housing Collection

Belize, Honduras Belmopan Housing Collection

W2hisper Inn

Sugar Tree Country Club

Bear Mountain Inn

1975GOREDCO policies And Procedures for Construction

Beltway/Houston Computer Center

2 Houston Center: Gulf Chemicals

Laboratory in Woodlands

Odessa Office Building

Victoria Teas Chemical Plant; Site Selection

1979Texas A&MProject Management System (PMS)


Slide Show with Music


1981ARAMCOVideos of Metaphor and Christina

Video of Desert with Music


1983alSuhaimiSaudi Fisheries

alSuhaimi Villa Cabinet Design



1985International Associates

11 Internal Security Forces Housing Projects


1985elSeif GroupelSeif Business Plan

1986Fe BasilPresident of Youth Welfare Club/Riyadh


1986Arieb: Business Plans For Fire Extinguisher And O&M Business


1986alFoadia And Found FGBFI Chapter Riyadh

Contracts For Maintenance and Operations for Us Embassy, Japan Embassy, Us Consulate (1992),

1987MinistryChurch Plant: Japan, Tanzanian, Arab, Philippine


1988Christian Fellowship At Del Tura: Founded

3 Years Of Sunday Worship Services

Weddings funeral Services

Pot Blessings, Intercessory Prayer, and Candle Light Services;


1989Frizzel:3 High Schools In Lee, Orange And Jackson Counties, Fl

1990Leipzig Evangelical Ministerial Alliance

1990Collins And DupontCondominium’s Lobby Design4 Residential Interior Architectures

1991King Faisel UniversityWrite And Publish 20 Monographs And

2 Books and Campus Plan Review and Analysis.

International Correspondence University (ICI) Saudi Arabia

Pastor’s Sketch Book and Living Bridge News Letter;

LEMA handout in German for Leipzig


Found Architects International Mid-East and AIA Provider of Continuing Education for Saudi Arabia

1996CDESaudi Arabian Japanese Pharmaceutical Plant/Jeddah

Dhahran Academy

1987ARAMCOTransportation Office Building

Jeddah Factory


2000Lee County


Newspapers and Professional Journals

Photos: Grace English Lutheran Church

TV network appearances: ABC; NBC; CBS; March 1970; Central Park

El Mundo Newspaper in Puerto Rico

Ecology Events

Earth Day 1969:April 22

Earth Day 1970 March



European Cities

Thirty years of Marriage

Life’s Story

Project Manuel Standards: Policies and Procedures for Gulf Oil

Twenty monographs about Metaphors published by Main Currents in Modern Thought; Datutp (Finland); Jeddah University; British Learned Journal; Lebanon; Ankara, Turkey

Leipzig in Metaphor book

Saudi Metaphor book

LME prospectus



Holy Spirit


Pen and Ink

Hundreds of drawings of European cities

Pastor’s sketchbook (many drawings and bible verses)

Water Colors

Rugby, Tennessee

Haufbrau house, Munich: Sold at art fair in Tennessee

Pick up truck


Kaiser castle in Munich area

Fantasy Series




Chermayeff’s drawings and diagrams of complementarities

Lapidus d. Book: Schedules and details

Edward D. Stone: State University in Albany: Perspective View

Paul Rudolph’s New Haven parking garage: dry mark sketch


Architecture the making of Metaphors


Publishers (See writing section)


Main Currents in Modern Thought


Scientific Architectural Journal, Beirut Arab University: Vol. 8: January 17, 1995: Dr. Ahmed Salah Attia: Dean of the Faculty: Editor of the Journal: ”The Metametaphor Theorem”


A first person.. to explain me and others the principles of bioclimatic design , to describe the features that makes a house green and to show me where and how to get started on fulfilling my dream...

Vikelea Library, one of the most important libraries of the Greece. It took its name from Dimitrios Vikelas, a cosmopolitan intellectual that originated from the island of Syros, who donated his library to the Municipality of Heraklion.

The library first opened in 1908 and moved in this building in 1930. Its collection was enriched by the donations of Ellie Alexiou, Georgios Anemoyannis and Maro Seferi, who donated her library as well as the one of Giorgos Seferis.


Apart from the 250,000 books, 300,000 newspapers, 500 magazines and about 1.650 hours of audiovisual material, Vikelea also holds another valuable treasure: seven centuries of archives left by the occupiers of Crete. This treasure includes the Venetian archives –which came from the State Archives of Venice in the microfilm format- the archives of the Ottoman period and the Cretan Revolution of 1896.


Renovation works was started in 2003 and they were finished in 2013. It has a bioclimatic design and the building is divided into three sections: in the basement is the children’s library; the first floor hosts the general library where people can borrow or read the books; and the second floor hosts cultural and literary events, as well as the libraries of Seferis, Vikelas and the Archives of Tzedakis and Spanakis. At the semi-basement there is a small exhibition of the archaeological findings discovered under the building, with special lighting and glass floors.


15 large naturally lighted houses, with a bioclimatic design, in an apartment building with underground garage, storerooms, with 3 floors + penthouses, with beautiful landscaped zones and outdoor swimming pool in Las Marinas, Denia (Costa Blanca). More on


Located between Bugis and City Hall, within Victoria Street, the National Library Building is an innovative ‘green’ building designed as a “Library for the Tropics” using bioclimatic design techniques. Internationally recognised as an architectural icon and designed as a ‘green’ library building, its deployment of various innovative ‘green’ features keeps the building operating in an energy-efficient way and does its part for a more sustainable environment. For the considerable ‘green’ outcomes achieved, the National Library Building has won several awards in recognition of its energy-efficient features.