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A mallard drake making a splashy take-off from Bushy Park pond during last spring's mating season.

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The Madeley Wood Company blast furnaces and buildings are original. Pig iron was produced in these blast furnaces between 1832 and 1911. The David and Sampson blowing engine housed in a nearby building is not from this site. This huge beam engine was used to generate the blast in the blast furnace and it’s so impressive to see how the technology had moved on from Abraham Darby I’s water wheel driven bellows in the Coalbrookdale Iron Works.


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Texture & Effect's by William Walton & topaz.

Lyall Bay, Wellington New Zealand. Today's weather was showers, possibly sleety, with thunderstorms and hail also possible. Gale southerlies, gusting 90 km/h in exposed places, max temp 7 degrees.

The remains of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s last two blast furnaces dating back to 1965 and 1970 respectively, are being preserved at Belval with additional adjacent facilities. This structure represents Belval’s industrial heritage. Blast furnaces A and B of the former Esch-Belval plant depict the passing of an age, documenting the liquid phase of steel production and represent the most significant landmarks at the Belval site.

Blast furnace B was the last operational blast furnace of Luxembourg, which was shut down in July 1997 following the switch to electric furnaces as of 1993. A proposal from the Sites and Monuments Board led to the inclusion of the two Belval blast furnaces on the Additional list of National Sites and Monuments as of 18 July 2000.

The conservation project for the Belval blast furnaces is being developed within the new urban area framework. The blast furnace area will be integrated as a public place and will not remain an island in the middle of the “Cité des Sciences” (City of Science). The two blast furnaces will become the hub of the Cité des Sciences, not only at urban level but also at a conceptual, cultural and semantic level.




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Mist and sunlight make a beautiful combination

skagitrenee is hosting Kreative People’s Treat This event this week. Her posies inspired me. See the source image in the first comment box below.


Entered in The Award Tree Music Works contest.


Taken during a beautiful sunrise in Sudelfeld, Bavaria ... at a time when it was still allowed to visit the mountains ...


Aufgenommen während eines wunderschönen Sonnenaufgangs im Sudelfeld, Bayern...zu einer Zeit, als es noch erlaubt war, die Berge zu besuchen...


I wish you a great weekend, my friends

commemorating the SpaceX launch tomorrow.

I was photographing the roseate spoonbill when something frightened the birds and there was a big blast off. Fortunately I was able to capture this explosion of birds when they blasted into flight.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day !!!!

Just after take off from water

...from the past that is! I am posting this one from the archives to introduce my new flickr friends to my favourite flower, the Osteospermum.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shot taken at Void Mainstore

Sometimes at the end of a mating session, a bull elk will attempt to launch himself into this one seems to be doing.

This is one of those shots that deserves to be posted even though it has some considerable flaws. To mention a couple: There is significant blur on the legs and face of the bull. And the setting includes an area of mowed grass on the outskirts of Estes Park, CO. I don't like that.

But its a pretty compelling moment and worthy of a glimpse. A close look at this image will reveal that all four of the bulls hooves are off the ground and you can see that he is spouting some drool.

A long exposure blast at Ratcliffe on Soar power station.


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Firefly's pilot is injecting a blast of propane fire into the envelope to adjust altitude -- he was quite low, just overhead. Pilots are very careful to keep flame away from the coated nylon envelopes, as flame will immediately destroy the nylon. 2016 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Sony /A6300 and E50/1.8.

Taken with an iPhone 3GS (CrossProcess App).


Explored on 10/09/10: Thank you so very much

Chesapeake & Ohio 4-8-4 614 pulls the Chessie Safety Express over Big Gunpowder Falls at Gunpowder, Maryland

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A mallard duck in a splashy take-off from Bushy Park pond, Dublin, last autumn.


From my archives.

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I can say that I was far too excited for this outfit! I absolutely love this Team R Gacha Suit! The RARE comes with a HUD to customize your suit's colors. It can currently be found over at the Man Cave event.


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The Wheeling's eastbound train out of Toledo is usually a middle of the night passage but this edition of Wheeling 224 (NS "Wheeling 94") got stuck west of Ironville due to a track structure problem. It wasn't until after 8 in the morning they were finally allowed through the interlocking at walking speed and by then the crew could only make it to Wynn Rd to wait for a re-crew. Once the re-crew got on board they were finally able to get going towards Bellevue and were up to track speed by time they got to Curtice where they clipped some drifts at a crossing. At least one prior train had been through before but I was happy to catch any snow flying off the plow which is tough to get in this area. Curtice, OH 2/17/2021

Copper Basin OT-1 rounds the long curve at Kearny with a train of loaded copper ore for the smelter in Hayden, just a few miles east. The afternoon clouds are finally giving way to sun, leaving the foreground in sun with dramatic cloud cover still looming over the mountains in the distance.

Mullet ~ (Mugil cephalus)


A Mullet fish explodes out of the water. There are a few theories as to why they do this such as to shake loose parasites or evade predators. I am constantly amazed at just how much height these fish can achieve.


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Its exhaust is lifted high as 46115 'Scots Guardsman', with the crew of Driver Mick Kelly and Fireman Rob Russell in charge, tackles the 1 in 125 grade through Bessygill Wood in fine style after a standing start at Eden Valley Loop, heading the 1Z54 15:20 Carlisle to Chester 'Dalesman' charter on Tuesday 13th July 2021.


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breast cancer.


One from the archives for you Aurelia!!!

We liked this pretty little spot amidst the rolling Cookson Hills along the Sallisaw Creek Valley so much we hung out for another hour waiting on a southbound manifest we knew was coming our way. Eventually the MKCSH2 03 (second Kansas City to Shreveport manifest) arrived and is seen here approaching the S. 4641 Rd. crossing at about MP 271.6 on KCS' Heavener Sub. We'd end up following this train off and on the rest of the day total of some 140 miles south when we'd finally see them for the last time down by Wickes, AR at dusk. The GE ES44AC (blt. Oct. 2007) in the lead isn't the best looking unit we could have hoped for giving its peeling paint and one headlight out. But it's all we were served up so we went with it.


Unincorporated village of Bunch

Adair County, Oklahoma

Saturday September 4, 2021

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Pileated Woodpecker. Yosemite Valley, California.

Strokkur geysir (Iceland) going off. I hope everyone will be having a blast this forthcoming weekend! :)

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