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The milkweed seed pods are all opening and literally bombing the front yard!


Meyer Optik 50mm f/1.8 Gorlitz Oreston single shot at f/8.0 perhaps.


Smile on Saturday group, theme "Starts With S"

Sweet Bomb by ChicChicca

@ Equal Event

Taxi :


Pose by Le Poppycock

NX529B, a Boeing 345 B-29A Superfortress, cruising at 2,000 feet ASL over the bucolic Ontario countryside. We unapologetically annihilated the rural tranquility that afternoon.

MadPea's Bath Bomb Spa gacha set is made exclusively for the January 2021 round of The Epiphany.


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In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about

Immature Bald Eagle loses his shad over the Susquehanna River.

I'm a, I'm am a, I'm a nasty girl, fantastic/Este culo es natural, no plastic/Lo que toco lo hago bombastic..(?)


Mi versión de Avalon.. <3



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After playing with smoke bombs off-and-on all day, I smell like sulfur.


Photographed in response to the Our Daily Challenge group's theme prompt: Abstract.


As with all my work, constructive critique is welcome, and faves are appreciated.

Probably a better picture with than without

More splashes and food. Dexter ate my cherry peppers when I wasn't paying attention so no reshoots for me. I did learn a lot again today about what not to do. I hope your day is da bomb.

During World War 2 the airfield at Dumfries trained bomb aimers and air gunners, preparing them for their future role in Bomber Command. There were a few bombing ranges in the area which generally consisted of a wooden target situated away from towns and villages.


The bombing range at Mersehead Sands was a typical example of this, with a target built out on the sands and spotting cabins built on the top of the cliffs at the side of the coast road where the accuracy of the bombing run would be observed by staff from the training school. The target was never destroyed as all the bombs dropped here were small practice bombs which broke open and emitted smoke when they struck – there were no explosions.

Some of the 168 chairs to remember the 168 people who died in the OKC bombing

Just got this fella nicely framed on the birdbath, when...


The Notorious Cherry Bombs - "Wait A Minute"


Listen :- ♬ The Notorious Cherry Bombs - Wait A Minute


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Many thanks


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Christ Church Greyfriars, City of London. Grounds of church bombed in WW2 turned into public gardens.

Kingfisher (m)

West Lothian.

This shot was taken directly overhead with the background changed.

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at Duxford air show

The circular feature in the field ahead is a relic of World War II. Many of the bombs that were destined for London actually fell on the South Downs dropped by aircrews that either lost their way en route, or in some cases just didn't fancy being shot at and unleashed their load early so they could get back home unscathed

Stabbing a filled water bomb with a needle

just another hummer shot.

Bombshell @ Kinky ♥

It's tough to take a photo of a flower without being "photo bombed" by bees these days. At first it was Bumble Bees and now, happily, the Honey Bees are everywhere. This is Globe Thistle which is extremely popular with our resident Honey Bees.

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