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A White-breasted Nuthatch shows me his bottom side.



Swallowing a meal for the great egret (Ardea alba) involves flicking its food into the air followed by a gulp.


The two egret images are taken in the same location (a small pond at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge) but on different days. It is possible it is the same bird, but not guaranteed because we have seen as many as 8 great egrets at once in this location.


I went with two images because they tell different parts of the same story. I think I like the "kerplunk" one better because of the fat water droplets frozen in time and the mirror like reflection, but I also do like the action shot "bottoms up". Let me know if you have an opinion!


Hello All!


Macro Mondays is a weekly theme-based challenge. This week's theme is BEVERAGE.


This is just a jigger of plain ol' orange juice. It was too early in the day for any "additives!" :0: Happy Macro Mondays! HMM!


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Bottom of a cristal glass

diameter 2,5cm

and the center 5mm



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RHS Hyde hall

27th July 2020

52 Weeks of 2020. Week 52. Celebration

Taken at Sunny Side Up sim using chill chair

Underside of a very pretty female Red Cardinal.

The bottom of the lake is now the top of the lake. Drought stricken Lake Isabella at Camp 9. It does make for interesting photography though!

This Goose is dipping its beak underwater in search of food .

Close up shot of one of my resident Robins, I've been watching them closely and believe they have selected a nest site in the ivy on my fence, fingers crossed.

Bearded Reedling Norfolk


Many thanks to all those who fave or comment always very much appreciated


The Peak: Romance and beyond.

macro mondays ... bottoms up ...

ODC ... reflections ...


I thínk I photographed the bottom of this sphere ... or didn't I ?


hmm ;)



The bottom of a tree root system felled long ago.

Wren in the pose I've seen most this week!

Toadlets are tiny! this little fella can sit on a thumbnail. The other day there were many hopping about and it was hard to avoid them 😯 Today we saw a huge adult, maybe the parent, in our shed, which shows our shed is damp and has a hole, but if it good for toads, there we're cool with that!! 🐸

It was dark and beginning to rain...I thought the camera coped well with the 1250 iso.

Waxwing, Shirebrook, Derbyshire


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Theme: Bottoms Up.......HAPPY MACRO MONDAYS !!!!!

The thick bottom of a water glass

Cold Cold Heart


Why can't I free your doubtful mind

and melt your cold, cold heart.

- Hank Williams


* 3 tiny, tiny hearts (1=me, 1=hubby, 1=winnie - Winnie's was the tiniest and didn't show up). All of them landed upside down in the water at bottom of the ice tray. I sprinkled water with paprika and chili powder that landed at the bottom to give this look.


I froze an olive, rock, flowers, etc., etc., but I liked this one.

Hope you do, too !


"MacroMondays InIce"


Many thanks for viewing.





View through the cut crystal bottom of a very ornate Sherry Decanter.


Up-loaded for Macro Mandays




Have a great Monday everyone.

Diving-duck Stackpole Lily-ponds

American Wigeon: a different perspective

Well, for some reason the cam kept coming to the backside, so might as well show off!!

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