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Saint Peter's Abbey wall, Ghent, Belgium.


The abbey was built in the 7th Century. Not sure this wall and window frame are that old though.


Wikipedia: St. Peter's Abbey, Ghent


confronted with a blank canvas

textured with the city's seasonal duress

soft to the touch



Plymouth, Devon, England

Seen not far from Hulls award winning Aquarium "The Deep" this artwork depicts the "Manta Ray..

Manta rays are found in tropical and warm temperate coastal regions of the world's oceans, generally between 35 degrees north and south latitude, including the coasts of southern Africa, ranging from southern California to northern Peru, North Carolina to southern Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Old Brick heavy deterioration on this old brick building found in North Carolina.

We all hit a wall eventually, some are more interesting than others. This was a wall of Schatz bakery in Bishop. I'm guessing there's been a lot of settling since the wall went up, hence the rippling with a few bricks falling out and needing to be replaced over the years.

This is part of a very old, very tall, curved brick wall at Hopton Hall, Derbyshire, UK. I am practising the skill of focusing on one part of the scene in front of me, so I was pleased with this. Lovely old bricks too.

Old Brick old building very worn and deteriorating as you can see, if not replaced it my come tumbling down at some point, shot in North Carolina.

in the Distillery District of Toronto

Brick path from entrance gate to the Maclay House at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park.


Happy Textural Tuesday!

Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London, UK, 2012

Canon FTb QL, Rossmann HR400

MUDE, the Museum of Design and Fashion in Lisbon, had a lot of interesting exhibits, and apparently inhabits a building originally designed for some vary different purpose, perhaps retail. Most of the interior has been stripped down to bare, stressed brick & concrete walls & floors, although there are wonderful polished stone counters on a couple of floors.

Lots of opportunities for urban abstracts, like this gap in an interior wall.


Atlanta GA


Panasonic GM1 camera (m43) PanaLeica Summilux 15/1.7 lens


DXO RAW prep

Photoshop using blended/masked layers:

+Topaz Glow (color saturation and texture smoothing)

+Topaz Impression (edge smoothing)

+Topaz Glow (edge emphasis)

+Perspective horizontal flip overlay

LR5 highlight adjustments

Nik ColorEfex2 border

An old closed-off window in downtown Corsicana, Texas.

More results of tramping around in the Bellingham "backs," where the buildings have more character than they do out front.

A brick wall during the morning is illuminated by sunlight. Photo taken at Innovation Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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