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Three car Prospector test 5TO2 at Camargue Drive Brigadoon on 3 November 2005. Photo: Jim Bisdee.

Brigadoon (MGM, 1954). Half Sheet (22" X 28") Style A. Musical Fantasy. Starring Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones. Directed by Vincente Minnelli.


if somehow Oscar Wilde and Mae West could twitter from the grave :-)

Dita Von Teese




rose, 'Brigadoon', little theater rose garden, raleigh, north carolina

The "Brigadoon Bed and Breakfast", home of gourmet breakfasts and gourmet evening desserts, was "our" home for five days in Mackinaw City. The original section (with Victorian-style tower) was built in the 1890s. The wing to the left was added much later.

I was out for an early morning bike ride the other day, and thought it a shame not to snap this. Wishing a happy weekend & lovely light to all Flickr friends & followers.


f/11, 16 mm, 1/15 at ISO 160. Manual exposure and timer.

Also known as Ullapool!


This picture looks like a 1960s postcard. Note to self: try harder

While in Scotland, I got to view the Bridge over the River Doon. It was a magical moment reminding me of all the dreams that I still dream.


"Build bridges, not walls."

~ Suzy Kassem


"We elected a man who knows how to build walls, when we needed someone who knows how to build bridges."

~ DaShanne Stokes


"Everyone smiles in the same language,

Happiness knows no frontiers, no age.

No difference that makes us feel apart if a smile can win even a broken heart."

~ Ana Claudia Antunes


Well, I'm a long way from Scotland, but it seems like the mystical village might appear in these misty mountains bordering Los Angeles.

I think this is the last rest area heading south on I-5 in Washington State. I took some other pictures in the nearby woods, but liked this one on the back side of the rest area the best, better light and shadow, plus the stuff in the background came out pretty cool.

Maybe this would make a nice backdrop for a scene in a Broadway play, that's what it reminds me of. I saw Brigadoon in 1980 in New York City at the Majestic Theater. I was in the Coast Guard then and got hooked on Broadway and Off-Broadway plays, Whenever my ship was in port, I'd go to Times Square and see a play. In two and a half years I saw more than two dozen plays.

A beautiful town in the Valle de Aran

On Mackinac Island, Michigan

When I opened my eyes from a very short rest, this scene was out the window. But I've no idea where it was. Dreamy, very dreamy.

two images from my latest blog post at


From Lake Illawarra on a grey afternoon.

Il misterioso villaggio scozzese Brigadoon compare per un solo giorno ogni cento anni.....

Strone Point and the entrance to Loch Long on the Firth of Clyde.

2018 03 25 SL Caledon - Brigadoon

We first noticed what looked like a horizontal rainbow lying along the cliff top on this side of the water as we were driving back to Ballintoy from Ballycastle and could not believe our eyes. What on earth was that? Then as we rounded a bend we saw that half of Rathlin island appeared to be shrouded in this amazing rainbow, but by the time we reached the nearest car park it had begun to fade. There were several other people standing gazing incredulously at this truly magical sight. I only had time to point and click and hope that the rainbow would show up on a photo and this is the best I got - but imagine it twice as vivid as that, and that is what we saw.


EXPLANATION My friend Alistair Hamill, who is a geography teacher and weather photographer has the explanation.

"Rainbows have a diameter of 42 degrees. They are all circular but unless we have a sufficiently high vantage point (eg. in a plane) from our point of view we can only see part of the full circle.


The size of the circle we see is determined by the position of the sun. The rainbow forms centred on the anti-solar point (the point directly opposite the sun in the sky). In this case the sun must have been close to 40 degrees up in the sky. (I've checked using an online tool, and yesterday at that time and location, the sun was indeed around 40 degrees high). This means that only the top few degrees of the rainbow would have been visible above the horizon, hence the view you were treated to yesterday!"


Thanks, Alistair!

The musical "Brigadoon" left quite an impression on me as a young girl. I can't cross footbridge in a forest without fearing I'd leave beautiful Brigadoon forever if I crossed it. Photo taken in Fontenelle Forest.

Explore-May 25, 2009-#97.

Thank you for all your comments!

I saw the rain-dirty valley, you saw Brigadoon. It could have been made for this. I was climbing in the Kilpatrick Hills with Toezi and the descent showed Glasgow in a stunning misty light.

A classic New England village materializes out of the mist. Washington, NH. Larger version.


Washington, NH is one of the quaintest little towns I've ever seen. That's the old meeting house in the center and a schoolhouse on the right. The place looks as if it's stuck in time.

On May 30, the Victorian Brigadoon Cottage on Mackinac Island caught on fire, sustaining severe roof damage. Fire departments from Mackinaw City and St. Ignace assisted the Mackinac Island fire department, saving the historic building from burning to the ground.

For the Weekly Color Challenge--coral pink.

Brigadoon, WA. Best viewed large.

Q4014 bringing in a 3 hour late 7430 sulphur train through Brigadoon from Malcolm heading to Kwinana this was before Q4014 went in for refurb and is now in the aurizon bulk colours

that age brings wisdom :-) H. L. Mencken


hello friends, just returned from vacation with quite a few images to review. will catch up soon :-)


rose, 'Brigadoon', little theater rose garden, raleigh, north carolina

2018 03 25 SL Caledon - Brigadoon

Here is a better look at the damage to the Brigadoon Victorian Mansion on Mackinac Island. This is the east side in the morning sun.

Foggy evening with patches of ice floating down the river.

Montreal old port accross the river. Taken from Saint-Helen's island at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Looking towards Akaroa, day two of my friends visit from London I took them over the Port hills to Akaroa. We had such a beautiful day and they enjoyed the trip. November 2, 2013 New Zealand.


Banks Peninsula is situated in about the middle of the east coast of the South Island on the margin of the Canterbury Plains. It is approximately 450 sq. miles in area and its highest point is Herbert Peak, 3,014 ft. It comprises two extinct volcanoes which were active less than half a million years ago. Their craters have subsequently been enlarged to many times their original size by stream erosion; they were then invaded by the sea during the postglacial world-wide rise in sea level beginning about 15,000 years ago. They now form the harbours of Lyttelton and Akaroa. Originally Banks Peninsula was an island, but it became tied to the Canterbury Plains at some late stage in geological history when the growing alluvial plain reached its base.


Akaroa is the larger volcano and probably reached a height of over 4,500 ft. Estimates of its original height are uncertain, since they cannot be based solely on the projection of existing lava slopes upwards for the reason that volcanoes of this type often have domed profiles with a falling off in gradient towards their tops. The flows consist mostly of basalt and andesite, and ash beds are not very common. Thick hard lava flows, suitable for quarry sites, are surprisingly hard to find. Dykes, vertical walls of volcanic rock pushed up fissures from below, are common and form prominent ridges in places. In the case of Lyttelton Volcano their radical arrangement centres on Quail Island, which, therefore, is thought to be near the site of the original vent. The original vent for Akaroa Volcano is considered to be near Onawe Peninsula. Because the volcanoes are situated sufficiently close to one another there is a zone of intermingling of their lava flows several miles wide, hence the impossibility of saying from which volcano the various flows originated. At a fairly late stage in the geological history of these volcanoes, when the topography was similar to that of the present day, lava was erupted from near Herbert Peak and flowed down the southern slopes of Lyttelton Harbour to form the prominent spur on which Diamond Harbour now stands. The lower slopes of the peninsula are mantled with a yellow, wind-blown silt, called loess, which was blown by the norwesters during the most recent ice advances from the wide beds of rivers such as the Waimakariri. An alternative theory is that the loess originated from sand banks out to sea. During the lowered sea level periods of the ice ages these became land and the silt was then blown inland by the prevailing easterlies. Moa bones, as well as gizzard stones of these and smaller birds, are common in the loess, which is now used quite extensively for brick and pipe manufacture.


Banks Peninsula has a somewhat more salubrious climate than Canterbury Plains, with a higher rainfall and fewer frosts, particularly on the lower slopes. Snow is common on the highest slopes during the winter months and often lies for several weeks on the tops, although the thickness is not great.

For More Info:

L256 emerges from the Avon Valley at Brigadoon heading towards Perth with a loaded wheat train.

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