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"El Condor Pasa (If I Could)"


I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail

Yes, I would

If I could

I surely would


I'd rather be a hammer than a nail

Yes, I would

If I only could

I surely would


Away, I'd rather sail away

Like a swan that's here and gone

A man gets tied up to the ground

He gives the world its saddest sound

It's saddest sound


I'd rather be a forest than a street

Yes, I would

If I could

I surely would


I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet

Yes, I would

If I only could

I surely would

A major factor affecting your conversions is user flow. It’s the path a user follows through your website interface to complete a task (make a reservation, purchase a product, subscribe to something). It’s also called user journey.


In order to maximize your conversions, you have to get the user flow right – build one that matches user’s needs.


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The wrong way to go about designing your site

You need to decide what your new website will be like. Two most common ways people approach it:


Scenario A


You keep everything as it is on your current / old site, but just make it look “better”.


Scenario B


You start with the building blocks.


Okay, the logo goes in the top left corner. Lets put the menu to the right. A nice image in the header. Cool.


And so on and so on.


Both of these are the wrong way to get going.


Start with the objectives

Your primary aim is to fulfill the business objectives (either your own or the one set by your client). Business objectives might be getting users to sign up for something, getting people to purchase products or join an email list.


Just as in real life, quickies are very rare. People don’t just come to your site, and right away do what you want them to do. In most cases, they need to go through a set of steps leading up to the action.


Next time you’re thinking about designing a site (note: design is not just how it looks, but how it works), start with figuring out what user flows you are trying to create through the website.


In order to do this you need to know 2 things:


Your business objectives. It’s the action you want visitors to take on the site.

User objectives, the desires or needs that they want to satisfy.

So start with being clear about your own goals and identify each user objective to create design flows that meet all of them.


Source / medium determines the message

Customers don’t arrive on a particular page on your site from nowhere. The first step in a flow is mapping out how they get onto your site.


Once they land on your site, they won’t immediately perform the action you want them to. Specific sequences of actions lead visitors through your website as they try to accomplish their tasks.


Match users needs with your business objectives


Your goal is to map users paths – flows that take users from their entry pages through conversion funnels – toward the final action (signup, purchase etc). The final action needs to provide value both to the user as well as the business – otherwise the conversion won’t happen.


If the user wants to clean their car, and your goal is to get the user to order a car cleaning service, you have a meeting of goals and the conversion can take place. On the other hand, if they want their car cleaned (right away), and you want them to join your car-related newsletter, there isn’t a match.


Designing user flows

In order to come up with the user flows through your site, you need to establish possible entry points, and the flow from there on toward the final goal.


Some typical entry points:


Organic search. A user comes via Google, after searching for a particular keyword. Often lands on a deep link.

Paid advertising. Visitors that come via PPC advertising (AdWords etc), banner ads or other kind of promotions. Arrives on your landing page.

Social media. A user coming from a friend’s post on Facebook or Twitter, or via social news site like Reddit.

Email. A user coming from an email newsletter or a link they saw in an email sent to them.

Press or news item. Visitors who come after a mention in the news or a blog post.

Direct link. A regular visitor, has been on your site many times and knows the URL by heart.

How they end up on your site largely determines their needs, expectations and what they know of your product or even the general category. This means you need to treat different people differently.


Sample user flows


So what do these user flows look like? Here are 3 sample flows.


Link in Google results

↓Direct to your site

↓Click on a PPC ad

Landing page

↓Home page

↓Landing page

Joins email listProduct page

↓Makes a purchase

Adds to cart

Completes a purchase

You get the idea.


Stacked user flows


Sometimes you want them to join the email list on their first visit, but ultimately you want to sell them a product. In those cases, you should map stacked user flows: the first one that is completed by joining the email list, and the second one that starts AFTER the first flow has been completed.


Click on an ad → Landing page → Joins email list



Gets an email → Product page → Adds to cart → Completes purchase


The user who has already been through the first flow, is much more knowledgeable than a first-time visitor, has some kind of a relationship with you and you should treat her accordingly.


The steps in the flow depend on your users and the product


In order to design the best possible user flow, you need to understand the visitor and his motivations. Start by answering these questions:


What needs or desires do your visitors have? Which problem do they want to solve?

Why do they need it?

What qualities (about your product or service) are most important to them?

What are all the questions they have about the product?

What are their doubts or hesitations?

What information do they need to take action?

What’s their emotional hotspot to propel them towards taking action?

In order to answer these questions, you need to talk to your customers (or your clients’, if you’re a service provider). You can’t just pull the answers out of thin air. Yes, you should use buyer personas, but those should be based on actual customers and their needs.


Here’s an interesting case study detailing how customer journey maps were used in Boeing.


Another article you might want to read is about designing a hotel booking experience.


The answers to the questions above determine how things are presented on your website. You have to demote certain things and emphasize others. You cannot be all things to all people, your website cannot be about 10 different actions. You need to build focus into your site.


Present sufficient information


The flow must fill in the gaps of information by providing the user with the information they need at the moment they needed in order to eventually be converted.


The mistake a lot of websites make is asking for the sale (signup etc) too soon. There’s little we people do without the adequate amount of information.


Your goal is to keep them moving down the funnel, towards the desired action. Optimize the content on each screen for conversions.


In each step present a clear, benefit-oriented value proposition.

Explain how your offer is useful and how it all works. Invite to read more detailed information.

Back it up by easy-to-digest proof points (references, testimonials, studies etc).

Minimize friction. Ask for the minimum amount of information, reduce the number of fields, extra clicks and page-loading time. Use trust elements.

Create clear and attractive calls to action that guide them to the next step

Designing users flows does not mean that you forget about all the other conversion stuff, au contraire.

State diagrams

Flows are made out of individual screens where interactions take place. A screen offers some possibilities and the user chooses one. Then something happens, and the screen changes. It’s an ongoing conversation.


In each moment in a flow, their (computer) screen is showing something and the user is reacting to it. A good and understandable way to map steps in the flow is to use state diagrams:


what the user sees


what the user does



what the user sees next


what the user does next


Above the bar is what the user sees. Below the bar is what they do. An arrow connects the user’s action to a new screen with yet another action. These are called state diagrams in computer science.


Using these diagrams help you focus on the most wanted action on every screen the users lands on. It’s also very useful when explaining the flow to your colleagues or clients.




Let’s say it’s a website for a car detailing service.


service description


click “book now”



booking form


submit valid data



booking confirmation message


Do this for every page on your site. Define the key content you want to present to the user and a most wanted action. The next action from a screen doesn’t have to be just one thing, the flow can break into 2 or 3 alternative paths. The important thing is that you plan ahead for each path, and design each screen accordingly.


Doing this requires ruthless focus on your part, but the boost in conversions will make it all worth your while.


User flow that supports Flow

Flow, as a mental state, was first proposed by psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It’s a state of being that makes an experience genuinely satisfying. Everybody has experienced it. Most people refer to it as being “in the zone” or “in the groove”.


During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with the task at hand. There’s a book about it.


Ideally your user flow helps to nurture the flow experience in your users. Three ingredients for the “flow” experience are challenge of the right level, immediate feedback and a skill that can be mastered.


In order to design your site for flow, according to Jim Ramsey you must:


Have clear goals for users that help them understand where they’re going and each step they’ll take to get there.

Provide immediate feedback – whether they click on a button, fill a form or navigate from one page to another – tell them how they’re doing, and what’s going on. The messages and copy have a critical role here.

Maximize efficiency Once a user becomes familiar with your site, they’ll want to start using it more efficiently. When they’re experiencing flow, users want to work more quickly and want the site to feel more responsive. Heavily use the key features of your site and see if there are any annoying, repetitive tasks. Pay close attention to the feedback you get in your user tests. Think hard about how to turn the experience frictionless.

Allow for discovery. Once a user has begun to work with maximum efficiency, there’s a chance that they’ll feel less engaged and grow bored with their experience on the site. In order to avoid this, you should make content and features available for discovery.

When the smooth path is interrupted, or something doesn’t seem to fit, users notice and the flow is broken, which means that the experience is also momentarily broken. These small episodes of friction are cumulative. Unfortunately, the breaks in flow weigh more heavily on the experience than the positive, frictionless moments. Experimenting and testing are key to getting it right.


Clutter, animation, and surprises may interrupt and be disruptive. Online, people don’t like surprises (especially the kind where they go “now what?”, “how do I…” or “what’s that?”). Take out or improve that might cause friction. Less is more: remove visual and navigational noise that might seem like clutter to users.


I’m an Amazon user and have bought a million things from it. I’m very familiar with their interface and while on it, it’s a flow-like experience for me. Today I was browsing Home Depot website looking for certain things, and it was a pretty bad experience. No flow over there.

How can a company determine marketing and advertising that is digital?


Digital marketing is defined by way of many techniques that are electronic networks for connecting with customers where they invest most of their time: online. Through the internet site itself up to a company's online branding possessions â digital advertising, email marketing, online leaflets, and beyond â there's a spectral range of strategies that come under the an umbrella of "digital advertising."


The most effective electronic entrepreneurs have clear picture of how each advertising that is electronic supports their overarching goals. And with regards to the targets of their online strategy, marketers can support a larger campaign through the paid and free channels at their particular disposal.


A marketer this is certainly content for example, can make a series of blog posts that serve to build prospects from a brand-new e-book the business enterprise recently produced. The company's social media marketer might then help advertise these websites through compensation and posts that are natural business's social networking records. Possibly a message is made because of the e-mail marketer promotion to deliver those who download the ebook more information in the business. We are going to chat more info on these specific marketers which can be an electronica moment.


Provide types of services in Best Digital Marketing Agency:


Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

Content Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Affiliate Marketing

Native Advertising

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Online PR

Inbound Marketing

Sponsored Content

Here is a quick rundown of a few of the most typical advertising and marketing that is digital in addition to channels associated with each one of these.


Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

This is actually the process of optimizing your site to "rank" greater in search results pages, therefore enhancing the number of natural (or no-cost) traffic your receives that are internet site. The networks that benefit from SEO include web pages, blog sites, and infographics.


There are certainly a true range methods to approach Search Engine Optimization to be able to produce competent traffic to your website. These generally include:


⢠On-page SEO: This particular SEO centers on all of the content that exists "on the page" when considering a web site. By investigating keywords with their search volume and intention (or definition), you'll respond to questions for readersand rankhigher from the search engine results pages (SERPs) those relevant questions create.


⢠Off page SEO: This type of SEO focuses on all of the activity that takes spot "off the web page" when trying to enhance your website. "What task not on my internet site that is own could my position?" You might ask. The answer is one way links, also referred to as backlinks. The number of writers that connect to you, and the"authority that is general of these publishers, affect exactly how extremely you rank for the keywords you care about. By networking with other editors, composing guest posts on these websites(andlinking returning to your website), andgenerating external attention, you can make the inbound links you'll want to move your website through to allthe right SERPs.


⢠Technical SEO: This particular SEO centers on the backend of one's web site, and how your website are coded. Image compression, structured information, and CSS file optimization are kinds of technical Search Engine Optimization that will increase your website's running rate â an important factor this is certainly ranking the eyes of search engines like Google.


Content Advertising And Marketing

This term denotes the creation and promotion of content possessions for the true purpose of creating brand name awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and consumers. The channels that may play the right component in your content marketing strategy include:


⢠Blog posts: Writing and posting articles on acompanybloghelps you indicate your business expertise and generates search that is natural for your business. This finally gives you more opportunities to convert visitors being site leads for your salesforce.


⢠Ebooks and whitepapers: Ebooks, whitepapers, and comparable content that is long-form additional educate guests. It also permits you content that is toexchange a audience's contact information, creating leads for your company and moving peoplethrough the customer's trip.


⢠Infographics: Occasionally, visitors would like you to show, not tell. Infographics are really a as a type of visual content that will help visitors which can be website a thought you need to assist them to learn.


Would you like to find out and apply marketing that is content your organization? Take a look at HubSpot Academy's free content advertising and marketing instruction resource page.


Social Media Marketing:

This rehearse promotes your brand and your content on social media channels to improve brand name understanding, drive traffic, and prospects that are generate your organization. The networks you can use in social media marketing include:














If you should be new to systems which can be social you should use resources like HubSpot to get in touch channels like LinkedIn and Facebook in one single spot. Because of this, you can easily schedule material for multiple channels simultaneously, and monitor analytics from the platform as well.


Together with connecting accounts that are social publishing functions, you may also integrate your social media inboxes into HubSpot, so you can get your direct communications in one single location.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is just a way of driving traffic to your site by paying a author any right time your advertising is clicked. The most typical types of PPC is Google Ads, allowing you to definitely purchase top slot machines on Google's search results pages at a high price "per click" for the links you spot. Other networks where you are able to utilize PPC consist of:


⢠Paid ads on Facebook:Here, people will pay to customize a video clip, picture post, or slideshow, which Facebook will publish to the newsfeeds of suit your company peoplewho's market.


⢠Twitter Ads campaigns: Here, people can pay to position a few posts or account badges into the development feeds of a market this is certainly specific all specialized in accomplish a particular objective for your needs. This objective could be traffic that is website more Twitter followers, tweet engagement, and on occasion even app downloads.


⢠Sponsored emails on LinkedIn: right here, people will pay to deliver messages straight to particular LinkedIn people centered on their business and history.


Affiliate Advertising And Marketing:

This is often a type of performance-based advertising where you obtain commission for marketing somebody else's products on your site. Affiliate marketing networks include:


⢠Hosting video ads through the YouTube Partner Program.


⢠Posting affiliate links from your media records being social.


Native Advertising:

Native advertising describes advertisements which are mostly content-led and featured on a platform alongside various other, non-paid content. BuzzFeed-sponsored posts are a instance this is certainly good but some men and women additionally think about social media marketing to be "native" â Facebook advertising and Instagram marketing and advertising, as an example.


Marketing Automation


Marketing automation refers to the program that serves to automate your fundamental marketing and advertising operations. Numerous advertising departments can automate jobs which can be repeated would otherwise do manually, such:


⢠Email newsletters: Email automation doesn't only enable you to instantly send emailsto your subscribers. It may help you shrink and expand your contact listing as required so that your updates are just visiting the personal individuals who like to see them inside their inboxes.


⢠Social news post scheduling: you ought to post regularly should you want to increase your corporation's existence on a myspace and facebook. This will make manual posting a little bit of an procedure that is unruly. Social media scheduling resources press your articles to your social networking to help you spend more time focusing on content method channelsfor you.


⢠Lead-nurturing workflows: Generating leads, and changing those prospects into clients, can be quite a lengthy procedure.You can automate that process by delivering leads certain email messages and content they download and open an ebook when they fit particular requirements, such as for example whenever.


⢠Campaign tracking and stating promotions which can be:Marketing incorporate a ton of different people, e-mails, content, websites, phone calls, and more. Advertising and marketing automation will help yousort anything you work on by the promotion it is providing, then track the performance of the promotion in line with the progress many of these components make over time.


Email Marketing

Companies make use of marketing with email like a genuine method of communicating with their audiences. E-mail is generally utilized to market content, discounts and events, in addition to to individuals who are direct business's website. The kinds of emails you might outline a contact strategy feature:


⢠Blog subscription newsletters.


⢠followup emails to website visitors just who installed some thing.


⢠customer e-mails which can be welcome.


⢠Holiday promotions to commitment program people.


⢠Tips or series that is similar for buyer nurturing.


Online PR:

Online PR may be the practice of acquiring earned coverage that is online digital publications, blog sites, as well as other content-based websites. It really is just like old-fashioned PR, but in the space this is certainly online. The channels you need to use to maximise your PR attempts feature:


⢠Reporter outreach via social networking: speaking with reporters on Twitter, for example, is a method in which is great create a commitment utilizing the press that produces won media possibilities for the company.


⢠Engaging online reviews of the company: an individual ratings your company online, whether that analysis is great or bad, your instinct could be to not touch it. On the other hand, engaging company reviews makes it possible to humanize your brand and provide powerful texting that protects your reputation.


⢠Engaging comments on your own personal internet site or blog: Similar to the way you would answer reviews of your organization, responding to individuals who're reading your content is the greatest option to produce productive discussion around your industry.


Inbound Advertising And Marketing

Incoming marketing means a marketing methodology wherein you attract, engage, and delight clients at every phase of the buyer'sjourney. You can use every advertising this is certainly digital overhead, throughout an incoming online marketing strategy,to create a consumer experience that workswith the client, notagainst them. Below are a few classic examples of inbound marketing that is marketingversustraditional


⢠Blogging vs. ads which can be pop-up


⢠Video marketing vs. commercial marketing


⢠Email contact listsvs. e-mail junk e-mail


Sponsored Content:

Another business or entity to create and market content that considers your brand or solution in some manner with sponsored content, you as a brand name pay.


One kind that is preferred of content is influencer advertising and marketing. A brand sponsors an influencer in its industry to create posts or videos pertaining to the company on social networking with this specific type of sponsored content.


A different type of sponsored content could be a weblog article or post that is written to highlight an interest, solution, or brand name.


To find out more about sponsored content, take a look post out.


Marketing Automation Coordinator:

Main KPIs: e-mail rate that is available promotion click-through price, lead-generation (conversion) rate


The advertising and marketing automation coordinator helps select and manage the program that allows the marketing and advertising that is whole to comprehend their clients' behavior and gauge the growth of their company. Because most advertising and marketing operations described above may be performed separately from a another, it's important for here to be somebody who can group these tasks which can be digital individual campaigns and monitor each promotion's overall performance.


Inbound Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which Can Be It?


The two seem similar: Both occur primarily online, and both concentrate on producing electronic content for people to take on the surface. So what's the distinction?


The term "digital advertising" doesn't distinguish between push and pull advertising and marketing techniques (or that which we may now relate to as âinbound' and âoutbound' methods). Both can still come under the umbrella of electronic advertising.


Digital outbound strategies make an effort to place an advertising message straight right in front of as many folks as you are able to in the area this is certainly online regardless of whether it is relevant or welcomed. For instance, the banner that is garish you see near the top of many internet sites you will need to drive a product or promotion onto those who aren't fundamentally willing to obtain it.


Having said that, entrepreneurs whom employ electronic strategies that are inbound online content to entice their particular target customers onto their particular web pages by giving assets being beneficial to all of them. One of the simplest yet most inbound that is powerful advertising possessions is really a blog site, that allows your internet site to take advantage of the terms which your perfect clients are trying to find.


Ultimately, inbound marketing is just a methodology that uses advertising and marketing this is certainly electronic to attract, engage, and delight clients online. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is actually an umbrella term to explain marketing and advertising that is online of any kind, no matter whether they're considered inbound or outgoing.


Does advertising that is electronic for many companies?


Digital marketing and advertising can work for any continuing company in just about any industry. No matter what your organization offers, digital advertising nevertheless requires creating completely buyer personas to identify your market's requirements, and creating important content that is online. But, that is not to state all organizations should apply a digital marketing strategy in the way that is exact same.


B2B Digital Marketing:

If the business is business-to-business (B2B), your digital marketing and advertising efforts are likely to be focused around online lead generation, using the final objective being for someone to speak to a salesperson. For this reason, the part of your online marketing strategy would be to attract and transform the product quality that is greatest leads for the salespeople via your internet site and promoting digital channels.


Beyond your internet site, you will probably decide to focus your efforts on business-focused stations like LinkedIn where your demographic is spending their time online.


B2C Digital Marketing:

If for example the business is business-to-consumer (B2C), according to the price of the products, it really is most likely that the aim of your electronic advertising efforts is to entice individuals your internet site while having them be customers without previously needing to talk with a salesperson.


For that reason, you are probably less inclined to consider âleads' inside their good sense this is certainly standard prone to target creating an accelerated customer's trip, from the moment some body lands on your own site, to the minute they make a purchase. This can usually indicate your product or service functions in your content higher up when you look at the marketing and advertising channel you may want to utilize more powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) than it could for the B2B company, and.


For B2C companies, channels like Instagram and Pinterest could be more important frequently than business-focused platforms LinkedIn.


HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Answers 2018 PDF Download, this certification demonstrates your proficiency in the theory and practice of inbound. It tests your knowledge of inbound best practices and your ability to apply those practices using HubSpot to achieve measurable results.


Get Certified in HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Now!


True or false? The Marketing Hub uses shared contact information with the Sales Hub and Service Hub via the CRM contacts database.






Which of the following metrics are marketing teams NOT likely to report on?


Monthly website traffic


Rate of visitors converted to contacts


Rate of contacts qualified to be handed over to sales


Individual sales users’ monthly quota


True or false? The more completely you use the Marketing Hub, the better the individual tools can help you.






Keeping your database healthy and up to date should always be a priority so that you can create powerful and ___________.


contextual conversationsCMS


content conversations


contextual pillar pages


outbound conversations


True or false? When importing contacts, HubSpot automatically searches for matches with your spreadsheet columns and pairs your existing properties, such as first name and last name.






True or false? Buyer personas are non-fictional case study examples of your most successful customer.






True or false? When creating buyer personas, consider creating a different persona based on job function. Grouping buyer personas together by the goal or challenge they’re trying to overcome won’t be detailed enough to know who you’re talking to.






Fill in the blank: When linking your topic cluster together, it’s critical that you __________.


link all subtopics to the pillar page


only link the top 20 performing subtopics to the pillar page


link the pillar page to all relevant subtopics


A and C


B and C


True or false? The higher your DA, the easier it should be for your topic clusters to rank.






True or false? Only reference the core topic on your pillar page. Using synonyms of your core topic will confuse search engines on how to best rank this page.






Which type of pillar page is in the form of an ungated guide or ebook?


Resource pillar page


Guide-type pillar page


Information-based pillar page


10x content pillar page


All of the following are examples of SMART goals EXCEPT:


Have 30% of your marketing leads attend an upcoming webinar.


Have thought leaders contribute to an upcoming ebook.


Increase sales qualified leads by 20% by the end of the year.


Generate 10 customers within the first week of an upcoming product launch.


True or false? Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating a new, unique page for your website.






Fill in the blank: For distraction-free editing, click ___________.


Zen Mode


Text-Only Mode


Draft Mode


Inline Edit Mode


Fill in the blank: To preview your post, click __________.


a – Zen mode


b – The read more separator


c – The eye icon


d – There is no preview mode


True or false? Big companies require complex page templates.






True or false? Logos are always global content and can’t be swapped out on individual pages.






How does a landing page typically gather information about site visitors?


a – Using a meetings link


b – Using a CTA


c – Using an email


d -Using a form


True or false? Pillar pages make landing pages obsolete.






What are the key components of a landing page?


Copy, form, content offer


Headline, chatbot, form, video


Headline, copy, form, image


Copy, form, video, content


What is a call-to-action button?


a – A clickable element on a website page, blog post, or email that promotes and redirects visitors to an offer


b – A pop-up form


c – A snippet of text that Google serves on a search engine results page (SERP)


d – Anybody your company communicates with in the course of doing business


Why should your call-to-action contain action-oriented language?


Because Jorie said so.


A call-to-action should inspire your visitors to take an action.


You don’t want a visitor to have to think too hard about what they can expect when clicking a button.


B and C


You should base the design of your CTA on the following:


Your buyer persona’s preferences


Your brand




A, B, and C


Why should you limit the number of form fields you use on your form?


Trick question! You should ask for all of a contact’s information up front so you can personalize every conversation moving forward.


The information you ask for should be a fair exchange for the content you’re offering.


Nobody has time to fill out a long form.


Short forms show that you don’t really want to learn more about a prospect.


Your form submission rate tracks:


a – The total number of views for all the pages your form appears on that also have your HubSpot tracking code on them


b – The total number of submissions divided by the total number of views for the form


c – The total number of times the form has been submitted across all your pages


d – The total number of times your form appears across all your pages


What is a lead flow?


a – A pop-up form


b – A bot programmed to chat with prospects conversationally


c – A clickable element on a website page, blog post, or email that promotes and redirects visitors to an offer


d – An ungated piece of content


How can a lead flow supplement a visitor’s experience?


a – By interrupting a visitor browsing irrelevant content


b – By providing additional content or value


c – By redirecting users to an interesting offer or asset


d – By collecting information that can help you immediately personalize a visitor’s experience


Lead flows are best suited to which stage of the buyer’s journey?








All stages of the buyer’s journey


You can filter your HubSpot social inbox in a variety of ways. Which one is NOT one of them?


a – By the accounts you want to see engagements from


b – By going to Twitter to see the lists you’ve created in HubSpot


c – By conversations, so you can respond to audience comments


d – By interactions or click-like engagements with content that has been published in HubSpot


What is a Twitter stream?


a – A contact list of followers you acquired from Twitter


b – A data list of keywords to monitor that appears after uploading a list of your Twitter contacts


c – A display of tweets that you developed in the social inbox to promote a specific campaign


d – A display of tweets that match pre-defined, saved searches on specific criteria


What are the three types of segments you can create in HubSpot?


Saved filters, active lists, active filters


Static filters, active lists, active filters


Static filters, static lists, opted-out filters


Saved filters, active lists, static lists


True or false? Common uses for active lists include sending unique marketing emails based on each contact’s behavior and properties.






The analyze tab for your marketing emails is most commonly used to __________.


report on your individual marketing emails


review emails before sending them out


optimize your marketing emails


analyze your email marketing channel as a whole


True or false? Your email channel works with your other conversational channels to help create conversations and experiences with the people you’re connecting with.






True or false? Marketing automation is ONLY used to automate your marketing actions.






_________ workflows will operate once a contact meets the enrollment triggers of that workflow.


a – Start from scratch


b – Center on a date


c – Center on a date property


d – Center on a sales date property


True or false? A session expires after 30 minutes of activity.






How does HubSpot calculate the source of a visitor to your site?


a – Using the initial URL a visitor uses when first landing on your site


b – Using the final URL a visitor uses when leaving your site


c – Using their social media profiles to contextualize their favorite platforms


d – Using Google Analytics


What is the reporting library?


A resource that offers dozens of canned reports built around marketing best practices


A reporting add-on feature you can buy for an additional $300 a month


Dozens of canned reports that help you dig a little deeper into your data — only currently available to HubSpot Admins


The section of your public library where HubSpot developers sit when creating the HubSpot reporting tools


When determining buyer personas, which type of information is most important to capture?


Psychographic information


Demographic information


Both are equal


Neither. Your buyer personas are actual customers you’ve worked with.


Which of the following are campaign metrics that can be tracked in HubSpot?


Influenced contacts


Closed deals


New contacts (first touch)


A, B, and C


Which sentence best describes the relationship between templates and pages?


Templates and pages are the same thing.


To create a page, a marketer must first build a new template using the design manager.


Pages and templates are unrelated.


Pages are created from templates, which can be built in the design manager or downloaded from the marketplace.


Which statement about selecting marketplace templates is most accurate?


Any template in the marketplace will be a great fit for your content.


A web developer is recommended for best results.


Learning to select the best templates for your needs can help your organization build great pages faster.


The most important consideration when selecting templates is brand alignment.


You can create a call-to-action to align with which stage of the buyer’s journey?








A, B, and C


True or false? Forms are dead.






True or false? All scheduled social posts can be attached to an existing HubSpot campaign, or you can create a new campaign with your post.






The definition of __________ is the software that exists with the goal of automating your marketing actions.


Sales automation


Marketing automation


Sequence automation


Productivity automation


There are three types of workflows you can create in HubSpot. What are they?


a – Start from scratch, Center on a sales date, and Center on a date property


b – Start from scratch, Center on a marketing date, and Center on a date property


c – Start from scratch, Center on a date, and Center on a date property


d – Start from a contact property, Center on a date, and Center on a date property


Fill in the blank: To get started with adding a buyer persona in HubSpot, look for the __________ on your dashboard.


Smart List report


Sources report


Conversations report


Top Personas report


True or false? You can collaborate with your team when drafting a blog post in edit mode.






Where should you consider inserting calls-to-action throughout your blog post?


Text-based call-to-action at the top


Image-based call-to-action at the top


At least one call-to-action per three paragraphs of text


A and B


A, B, and C


True or false? A list and a report in HubSpot accomplish the same actions and goals.






Marketing Hub users will frequently use which of the following menus in HubSpot?










All of the above


Which of the following options reflects the correct sequence for establishing goals with your team?


Specify Tactics -> Define Business Goals -> Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs)


Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs) -> Define Business Goals -> Specify Tactics


Define Business Goals -> Specify Tactics -> Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs)


Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs) -> Specify Tactics -> Define Business Goals


Define Business Goals -> Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs) -> Specify Tactics


What is the definition of contact management?


a – A strategy that focuses on using only a marketing software to easily store and source a contact’s information, including their name, contact history, email information, and more


b – A strategy that focuses on using a software program to easily store and source a contact’s information, including their name, contact history, email information, and more


c – A strategy that focuses on using a software program to easily store and source company information specific to making a deal in HubSpot CRM


d – A strategy that focuses on dividing marketing and sales to separate contact information and store it separately in a software platform.


________ software is the foundation for storing all the information you have on the humans you’re connecting and building trust with.


a – CMS


b – CMC


c – CRM


d – CMR


Which parts of your organization can benefit from buyer personas?


Marketing team


Sales team


Services team


A and B


A, B, and C


Most organizations target how many buyer personas?








At least 10


All of the following are components of a topic cluster EXCEPT:


Core topics, which will take the shape of your pillar page


Subtopics, such as blog posts or videos


Distribution channels, such as YouTube or Twitter


Internal hyperlinks


All of the following are examples of on-page SEO best practices to consider when optimizing your pillar page EXCEPT:


a – The core topic is featured in the URL


b – The core topic is featured in the H1


c – The core topic is featured in a video at the top of the page


d – The core topic is featured in the image alt text


All of the following are ways you can report on a campaign EXCEPT:


In the campaign itself


In campaign analytics, under the reporting tool


Both of the above


None of the above: Campaign reporting is a default option in the marketing dashboard


All of the following are examples of how you can export campaign data EXCEPT:


a – XLSX


b – XLS


c – PDF


d – CSV


All of the following are tools you can connect to a HubSpot campaign EXCEPT:






Content strategy




True or false? You have up to one week to edit the name of a campaign.






What type of file can you import in draft mode instead of starting a blog post from scratch?


Word doc


Google doc


Evernote file




Which of the following tasks can be performed in settings?


Managing navigation


Setting a logo


Choosing system pages


Setting a favicon


All of the above


Which sentence best describes collaboration in the CMS?


The HubSpot CMS should only be used by one person at a time.


Delegation and organization are integral to managing web assets in the HubSpot CMS.


The HubSpot CMS automates collaboration so you don’t have to worry about it.


Marketers should defer to developers when it comes to CMS decisions.


What are the elements of a traditional conversion path?


Chatbot, live chat, messaging app


Landing page, form, chatbot


Landing page, form, CTA, thank you page


Thank you page, messaging app, CTA, landing page


When should you ungate content?


Contextually — ungate content when it makes the most sense for your business.


Always — forms are dead.


Never — pillar pages are a fad.


To gate or ungate is an illusion.


Why is it considered a best practice to include an image or video on a landing page?


a – Images give visitors a tangible idea of what they’ll receive.


b – Images make landing pages much more visually dynamic.


c – Images can tell complex stories faster than words can.


d – A, B, and C


What are/is the area(s) you need to consider when building a call-to-action?








A, B, and C


A call-to-action button is also known as a:


a – ATC


b – CTA


c – CAT


d – TAC


True or false? You can use your HubSpot CTAs in externally hosted content.






True or false? You should always disable cookie tracking on forms, unless you have a specific use case in mind.






What is a form submission notification?


A notification that your form has successfully published to your site


The code you use to embed your HubSpot form externally


A notification that is emailed to a set list of recipients when a visitor submits a form


The HubSpot tracking code installed to track and store your form submission data in your CRM


Where is information collected by your form submissions stored in HubSpot?


Buyer personas


Your reports home


Deal records


Contact records


What is the advantage of using a form?


Forms help you gauge how interesting a piece of content is to your target audience.


Forms can help you disqualify leads.


With forms collecting information for you, you no longer need to talk to sales.


Form submissions can be used to boost the vanity metrics of your site.


What’s the difference between a form and a lead flow?


Experience — forms are inbound. Lead flows are outbound.


Location — forms only exist on landing pages. Lead flows only exist on pillar pages.


Forms can be used in the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. Lead flows are only used in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.


Experience — lead flows are a CTA, landing page, and thank you page all in one. Forms are part of a larger conversion path.


What are the two most important things to keep in mind when developing a HubSpot social media strategy? Choose two:


Using a free tool to develop great content


Knowing your buyer persona


Mapping your business goals to social objectives


Adding social media links to your website header and footer


Connecting your social media accounts in email


What is the definition of segmentation?


Creating filters for your contacts based on similarities


Creating a segment based on buyer personas


Breaking up your contacts into smaller groups of similar people


Creating a static list based on an imported list of contacts


What are three examples of segments that every business should ideally have?


Subscribers, leads, customers


Leads, prospects, opted-out customers


Subscribers, customers, users


Unsubscribers, users, customers


Quickly viewing a segment of your database right from the contacts, companies, deals, or tickets dashboard is an example of which type of segment?


Active list


Saved filter


Static list


Saved list


True or false? You can test your marketing emails in different email clients from within the email editor.






When drafting an email, why would you enable a web version of your email?


Enabling a web version of your email gives recipients the option to open the email in a web browser if their email client doesn’t render it correctly.


Enabling a web version of your email helps you create SEO with your email copy.


Some email clients require a web version to render marketing emails.


You should not enable a web version of your email. This is not a best practice.


True or false? You can set a workflow goal on the main workflows dashboard.






When should you report on your marketing campaign performance?


Before a campaign


After a campaign


Throughout a campaign




What is key to the success of your reporting?


Setting the right goals


Identifying the correct success metrics


Having the correct analytics in place


A, B, and C


What is a session?


a – A session tracks if the HubSpot tracking code has loaded on a page.


b – A session tracks all the interactions a visitor is having across your site until they have been inactive for 30 minutes or more.


c – A session is anytime a visitor reaches your site from somewhere outside of your website domain.


d – A session is anytime a visitor shares one of your pages on social media.


True or false? Choosing to not use the Marketing Hub blog tool to host your blog will make your Marketing Hub campaign reporting less comprehensive.






Which is NOT an example of demographic information that can help bring value to your buyer persona research?


Age range


Geographical location


Shoe size


Income range


Fill in the blank: Strive to choose a core topic with a monthly search volume that’s at least __________.










True or false? All assets should be built before creating a campaign.






Which of the following is a feature available to you in draft mode?


Adding a call-to-action


Italicizing text


Inserting an H2 or H3 header


Calling out a quoted sentence


True or false? When creating a new page in the CMS, it’s important to choose your title carefully since it will automatically become the HTML title of the published web page.






What is a landing page?


A single page that covers all aspects of the topic, with room for more in-depth reporting


A pop-up form


The page typically encountered first on a website that usually contains links to the other pages of the site


Website pages that are designed to convert visitors into leads


In the HubSpot email dashboard, there are two types of tabs that give you more insight into how your emails are performing. What are they?


Manage and Report


Manage and Analyze


Post-Send Details and Report


Analyze and Report


What are the three ways you can add recipients to your marketing emails?


a – Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or save the email as a sales email.


b – Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or save the email as a services email.


c – Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or save the email for automation.


d – Add individual contacts, save the email for automation, or save the email as a transactional email.


What were the original stages of the inbound marketing methodology?


Get Found, Close, Analyze


Get Found, Convert, Analyze


Convert, Close, Delight


Convert, Delight, Analyze


Which of the following should you do before setting new KPI goals?


Identify current performance for your KPIs.


Create a project plan to meet your goals.


Identify your areas of opportunity.


All of the above


True or false? You can import contacts into HubSpot that are opted-out of communication.






True or false? Lead flows are outbound.






A(n) _______ list can help you gain an understanding of contacts who met a certain criteria on a particular date. Then you can look back at that list later and see contacts who may no longer meet the criteria.










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buyer persona

inbound marketing


marketing blog

Kalau anda sudah pernah membuat sales page (atau landing page) sebelumnya, pasti anda sempat berpikir seperti ini: “Enaknya nulis apa ya…?” Lalu tiba-tiba otak jadi kosong… …tangan […]


Kalau anda sudah pernah membuat sales page (atau landing page) sebelumnya, pasti anda sempat berpikir seperti ini:

“Enaknya nulis apa ya…?”

Lalu tiba-tiba otak jadi kosong…

…tangan tidak bergerak sedikitpun di keyboard.

Berjam-jam, bahkan berhari-hari…

Kemudian ketika sudah selesai…ternyata tidak ada yang berminat sama sekali.

Tidak mudah memang menulis copy di sales dan landing page. Berbeda strukturnya sedikit saja bisa berakibat penawaran anda tidak menarik.

Sehingga konversi-nya jadi sangat rendah.

Tapi ada 1 formula rahasia… rahasia yang akan membuat anda dengan mudah menciptakan struktur penulisan copy yang efektif.

Namanya: AIDA.

Silahkan lanjutkan membaca karena setelah mempelajari formula AIDA ini, anda akan langsung bisa membuat copy yang mampu menyihir orang lain supaya ketagihan dengan penawaran anda.


Apa itu AIDA?

Yang jelas bukan nama penyanyi dangdut.

AIDA adalah singkatan dari:





Dengan menggunakan formula AIDA, anda bisa mengubah sebuah halaman kosong di layar komputer anda menjadi sesuatu yang bisa menarik perhatian sampai membuat orang lain mengambil tindakan.

Itulah mengapa AIDA sering dikaitkan dengan copywriting.

Meskipun identik dengan copywriting, tapi anda juga bisa menggunakan formula ini untuk membuat tulisan apapun supaya menarik.

Saya juga menggunakan AIDA untuk sebagian besar artikel di blog ini.

Seberapa ampuh sih AIDA?


Dalam sebuah landing page yang saya buat dulu, sebelum menerapkan struktur AIDA conversion rate-nya hanya 2.3%. Angka ini sebenarnya tidak jelek-jelek amat mengingat beberapa faktor seperti industri dan harga.

Tapi apa yang terjadi ketika saya ganti sedikit strukturnya sesuai AIDA:


Konversinya meningkat sebanyak 253% menjadi 8.1%.

Dan peningkatan ini baru akibat mengganti kata dan kalimatnya saja.

Sekarang mari kita bahas satu per satu dari tiap bagian AIDA.

1. Attention

Copy yang kita buat harus mampu segera menangkap perhatian pembaca.

Tahukah anda…menurut sebuah penelitian dari SilverPop yang dilakukan pada tahun 2013, kita harus bisa menangkap perhatian pengunjung dalam waktu 8 detik atau kurang.

Gila kan…

Manusia mengedipkan mata tiap 4 detik.

Artinya kalau kita tidak mampu mendapatkan perhatian dalam 2 kali kedipan mata…maka mereka akan langsung pergi begitu saja.

Artinya kalimat-kalimat yang anda susun selama berhari-hari akan ditentukan dalam 2 kali kedip.

Itulah pentingnya tahapan ini.

Lalu bagaimana cara kita menarik perhatian mereka?



Kalimat-kalimat pembuka

3 elemen itulah yang paling harus anda perhatikan.

Untuk bisa menangkap perhatian mereka ke 3 elemen tersebut, ini tipsnya:

Berikan apa yang buyer persona anda pedulikan terkait bisnis anda

Sajikan solusi dari permasalahan utama dari buyer persona anda

Buat mereka merasa “ah itu gua banget

Kalau anda belum punya/paham tentang buyer persona, silahkan kembali ke bab sebelumnya.

Contohnya kalau saya ingin menjual suplemen penurun berat badan. Buyer persona-nya adalah ibu karir yang belum lama melahirkan.

Ini kalimat yang kira-kira bisa menangkap perhatian calon pembeli:


“Ingin menurunkan berat badan hingga 20 kg dalam sebulan tanpa diet ketat yang menyiksa diri?”

“Kembalikan tubuh langsing anda seperti dulu lagi”

“Tidak punya waktu dan energi untuk olahraga? Sekarang anda juga bisa menurunkan berat badan tanpa perlu merasa lelah di tempat kerja”


Sambil menulis artikel ini, saya juga melihat beberapa sales page yang menjual produk suplemen seperti dalam contoh di atas.

Beberapa dari mereka menggunakan headline seperti “aman, tanpa efek samping”, atau “murah”.


Memang keduanya seperti masuk akal tapi bukan itu yang mampu membuat mereka peduli. Keduanya bukan permasalahan utama mereka, jadi tidak akan bisa menangkap perhatian.

2. Interest

Buat mereka tertarik dengan anda.

Karena anda telah berhasil menangkap perhatian, maka selanjutnya anda akan membuat mereka melanjutkan membaca dan tertarik dengan anda.

Buat mereka sadar dengan besarnya masalah mereka.

Untuk memancing interest, cara terbaiknya adalah dengan menyediakan:



Studi kasus

Kondisi idealnya


Mari kita gunakan contoh suplemen tadi:


“Dengan menggunakan suplemen [merek], anda akan:

…mampu menurunkan berat badan hingga 20kg dalam kurang dari 30 hari

…bisa menggunakan lagi baju kesayangan anda yang sudah sempit

…makin dicintai suami

…tetap punya banyak waktu untuk keluarga dan pekerjaan”


Contoh di atas tidak menggunakan kelima hal tadi.

Anda juga tidak perlu menggunakan semuanya apabila memang tidak mungkin.

3. Desire

Dalam tahap ini anda akan membuat mereka sangat-sangat-sangat menginginkan produk/layanan anda.

Desire mirip dengan interest…

…bedanya, di sini kita akan lebih banyak bermain dengan emosi dan logika.


1. Dengan menyebutkan benefits atau manfaat.

Hati-hati, ada kesalahan yang sering terjadi…keliru antara fitur dan manfaat.

Ada perbedaan besar antara fitur dan manfaat, fitur itu hanya penjelasan dari isi atau komponen yang anda berikan melalui produk/layanan anda.

Sedangkan manfaat adalah keuntungan yang bisa mereka rasakan melalui fitur tadi.

Di bab copywriting mindset, kita sudah membahas ini:

“Mereka tidak peduli dengan anda, mereka hanya peduli dengan dirinya sendiri”.

Mereka tidak peduli dengan fitur, kelebihan, resep, spek, komponen dari produk anda… Mereka hanya peduli dengan bagaimana fitur tersebut bisa bermanfaat bagi mereka.

Ini fitur:


250 mg Ekstrak teh hijau

2,5 mg Vitamin B6

10 mg L-Carnitine


Dan ini manfaat:


…diperkaya dengan ekstrak teh hijau serta vitamin B6 yang akan mempercepat metabolisme dan pembakaran lemak meskipun anda sedang duduk di depan komputer

…ditambah L-Carnitine untuk melindungi tulang, jantung, ginjal, otak, dan sistem kekebalan tubuh selama proses penurunan berat badan. L-Carnitine juga akan melindungi ibu yang sedang menyusui agar tidak kekurangan nutrisi.


Dalam penjualan produk, fitur memang wajib ada…tetapi fitur tanpa manfaat tidak akan mampu menjual karena sebagian besar pembaca tidak mengerti.


Copywriting: Features tell – benefits sell…

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2. Dengan memancing emosi negatif dan memberikan solusi

Mereka yang sudah mengikuti tulisan anda sejak tahap attention sampai interest merupakan orang-orang yang punya permasalahan spesifik.

Mereka adalah orang-orang yang frustrasi.

Siapa yang masih ingat iklan dari Apple ini:


Dalam iklan tersebut, Apple menggunakan tokoh PC (kiri) dan Mac (kanan). Mereka menggambarkan bagaimana ruwet-nya menggunakan PC dan bagaimana mudahnya menggunakan Mac.

Kalau kita perhatikan sekarang, memang para pengguna Mac adalah orang-orang yang frustrasi dengan banyaknya gangguan pada PC.

Iklan ini berhasil…banyak pengguna Windows yang beralih ke Mac.

Berikut contoh untuk produk suplemen:


Waktu anda sangat berharga…anda harus bangun sejak pagi, menyiapkan sarapan kemudian bersiap dan berangkat ke kantor. Belum lagi energi yang terkuras akibat mengurusi keluarga, klien, dan boss anda di kantor…kemudian anda tiba di rumah pukul 7 sore dalam keadaan seperti tisu basah.

Dengan rutinitas seperti ini, olahraga dan diet ketat jadi hal yang mustahil.

Untungnya, suplemen [nama produk] hanya membutuhkan 90 detik dalam sehari. 1 tablet sebelum makan…dan [nama produk] akan membakar lemak sambil anda duduk santai di depan komputer.


Itulah contoh paragraf yang memanfaatkan emosi negatif.

4. Action

Tahapan yang sederhana, mengajak mereka untuk mengambil tindakan.

Apapun tindakan yang anda inginkan — membeli produk, mendaftar, membuat akun, mendownload, mengirim email, menelepon — ungkapkan di bagian ini.

Karena itu bagian ini sering disebut call to action (CTA).

Jangan dilupakan, anda akan sering menemukan istilah tersebut mulai dari sekarang.

Sesuai fungsinya tadi, CTA bisa berupa tombol, nomor telepon, atau alamat email.

Dan disertai harga.. kalau anda menjual sesuatu.

Di sini, anda punya 1 lagi senjata rahasia:

Prinsip Persuasi.

Prinsip ini sudah terbukti secara ilmiah akan meningkatkan kemungkinan calon kustomer anda untuk melakukan apapun yang anda inginkan.

Apa saja prinsip persuasi itu?

Silahkan baca ebook gratisnya di sini untuk belajar 6 teknik persuasi.

Gabungkan keempatnya

Terakhir, gabungkan keempat bagian dalam formula AIDA tadi secara berurutan mulai dari Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


Anda sekarang sudah punya sebuah struktur copy untuk landing page atau sales page.

Dalam bab berikutnya, anda akan belajar lebih lanjut mengenai komponen-komponen yang bisa membuat sebuah landing page memiliki konversi yang tinggi.

Anda juga akan melihat beberapa contoh copywriting untuk landing page yang baik dan yang kurang baik.

Kembali ke bab 1

Daftar isi

Lanjut ke bab 3




Software gratis


Roo Company Ltd.

Ada banyak hal yang bisa anda pelajari terkait teknik copywriting. Tetapi kalau harus memilih 1 dari sekian banyak ilmu, inilah yang paling tidak boleh anda lewatkan: Mindset […]


Ada banyak hal yang bisa anda pelajari terkait teknik copywriting.

Tetapi kalau harus memilih 1 dari sekian banyak ilmu, inilah yang paling tidak boleh anda lewatkan:

Mindset seorang copywriter.

Meskipun anda punya 1000 template copywriting dalam berbagai aspek, kalau anda tidak punya pola pikir seorang copywriter.. tidak ada artinya.

Anda tidak bisa membuat copy yang menjual tanpa memahami ini.

Bukan hanya itu…

Template akan membuat anda kaku.. dan template bisa kadaluarsa.

Tidak demikian dengan mindset.

Cara berpikir manusia modern tidak pernah berubah sejak jaman homo-sapiens mulai bermunculan…hingga sekarang.

Dengan memiliki pengetahuan ini, anda akan mampu menciptakan copy yang efektif bahkan apabila 1000 tahun ke depan anda masih hidup.

Dan ini bisa anda terapkan dimanapun… landing page, sales letter, iklan, konten website…


#1 Copywriting bukan (cuma) penulis

Karena jaman dulu media pemasaran hanya tulisan, makanya disebut copy”writing”.

Sekarang ada media iklan dan pemasaran berbentuk gambar, video, dan audio.. maka sebagai copywriter tugas anda termasuk membuat konsep gambar dan script dalam video.

Tapi yang terpenting, ini:

Copywriter adalah orang yang mendalami psikologi manusia.

Mari kita lihat lagi fungsi utama seorang copywriter: membuat copy yang mampu meningkatkan konversi.

Artinya anda harus “masuk” ke otak mereka.


Kemudian menyalurkan ide-ide yang ada di kepala anda agar diterima oleh mereka. Agar mereka mau mengambil tindakan sesuai yang anda inginkan.

Jadi prinsip-prinsip psikologi manusia akan banyak anda temui.

Jangan khawatir, anda tidak perlu jadi psikolog sungguhan.

#2 Tidak ada yang peduli dengan anda

Egois.. itulah sifat mendasar manusia (dan makhluk hidup lain).

Meskipun di pelajaran PPKN kita selalu diberitahu untuk tidak egois… pedulikan orang lain… tapi tetap saja, tidak ada yang peduli dengan anda.

Mereka hanya peduli dengan diri sendiri.

Mari kita lihat contohnya:

Ini adalah contoh copy dari sebuah sales page bisnis sungguhan (nama dan alamat disamarkan).


RajaKostum didirikan pada awal tahun 2009 di Surabaya, dengan penggagas ide: Sinta Cahya SE, MM. RajaKostum merupakan toko online yang dikembangkan dari toko offline yang telah ada dengan brand “Kostum Kustom” yang terletak di Jl. Pahlawan 10, Surabaya.

Kami membuat kostum secara personal / customized dan dijual maupun disewakan untuk event-event seperti : Karnaval, Hari Raya Nasional, Tujuhbelasan, Perlombaan, Ultah, Hari Raya Agama, Halloween, Event Televisi, Pameran, Acara Perusahaan, Pentas Busana, Pesta, Event Sekolah, Pre Wedding, Foto Angkatan dan lain-lain.

Banyak klien kami yang berasal dari Sekolah bertaraf Internasional dan Sekolah-Sekolah Nasional, Event Organizer serta Perusahaan-Perusahaan maupun pribadi.


Ngantuk kan?

Siapa sih yang peduli dengan sejarah bisnis kita?

Menurut anda.. kalau mereka ingin menyewa kostum, apakah mereka membutuhkan informasi sejarah, apalagi nama pendiri toko?

99,9% tidak akan membaca.


Copywriting: Mereka tidak peduli dengan bisnis anda, mereka hanya peduli dengan diri sendiri

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Berikanlah informasi yang mereka pedulikan.

Seorang copywriter harus mengetahui apa informasi yang paling dibutuhkan oleh calon kustomer mereka. Kemudian sediakan informasi tersebut.

Setelah mereka merasa anda adalah orang yang tepat untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan mereka, barulah mereka peduli dengan anda.

Sekali lagi, ingat:

Mereka tidak peduli dengan anda, mereka hanya peduli dengan diri sendiri…pada awalnya.

#3 Lakukan penjualan seolah-olah kepada 1 orang saja

Ini salah satu cara untuk membuat mereka peduli dengan copy anda…

Jangan menjual kepada semua orang.

Banyak produk/jasa memang bisa digunakan oleh semua kalangan mulai dari anak muda, orang tua, pria, wanita, orang yang sukses, orang yang belum sukses…dll.

Yang sering terjadi seperti ini:

Anda ingin mendapatkan pembeli sebanyak-banyaknya. Maka dari itu anda membuat sales page yang menargetkan semua kalangan.

Harapannya supaya semua bisa membeli.

Padahal yang terjadi adalah copy anda jadi tidak efektif sama sekali.

Misalnya penjualan properti. Umumnya ada 2 jenis pembeli: orang yang ingin membeli rumah tinggal, atau orang yang ingin berinvestasi.

Keduanya berbeda 180 derajat.

Anda tidak bisa melakukan penjualan kepada keduanya sekaligus. Keduanya punya selera, kelas, dan permasalahan yang berbeda.

Solusinya: buat buyer persona

Buyer persona (…bukan pesona) adalah perwakilan rata-rata dari kustomer ideal anda.

Siapa yang paling mungkin untuk membeli produk anda atau menggunakan jasa anda. Itulah yang akan kita jadikan perwakilan sebagai buyer persona.


Lupakan mereka yang kemungkinan besar tidak akan membeli atau membutuhkan produk/jasa anda.

Daripada penjelasan, langsung saja contohnya:

Saya ingin menjual produk suplemen penurun berat badan.

Siapa yang biasanya membeli produk ini?

Semua orang yang overweight?

Tidak salah. Tapi terlalu luas… Lebih spesifik lagi:

Jenis kelamin: wanita

Umur: 25-35

Status: ibu dengan 1-2 anak

Pekerjaan: di kantor dari jam 9-5

Permasalahan utama: ingin menurunkan berat badan pasca melahirkan, tetapi tidak punya banyak waktu dan energi untuk berolahraga

Yang bisa kita bantu: suplemen penurun berat badan tanpa perlu olahraga keras, tanpa perlu diet ketat

Itulah buyer persona kita.

Selanjutnya dalam sales page, iklan, maupun promosi yang anda lakukan…semuanya menargetkan persona ini.

#4 Jangan menjadi robot

Di pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia dulu, kita selalu diajarkan untuk menggunakan bahasa EYD. Menulis yang kaku sesuai tata bahasa…seperti robot.

Ini terbawa sampai sekarang.

Katanya dengan menulis seperti itu tampak lebih profesional.

Ditambah lagi dengan penggunaan istilah-istilah yang sulit dimengerti.

Pada prakteknya di dunia nyata, apakah ada orang yang suka berbicara dengan orang yang selalu menggunakan bahasa kaku?

Kaku =/= profesional.

Kaku bukan profesional. Santai juga bisa profesional.

Coba anda baca ini:


Di era digital seperti saat ini, copywriting merupakan hal yang sangat penting bagi entrepreneur yang ingin melakukan pemasaran secara online maupun offline. Copywriting dapat diartikan sebagai proses menulis kreatif dalam bentuk pemasaran dan periklanan dengan maksud mempengaruhi individu atau kelompok dalam pengambilan keputusan.

Copywriting meliputi teks, gambar, video, maupun audio yang tercantum dalam iklan, konten, brosur, billboard, katalog, dan media komunikasi pemasaran lainnya dengan orang yang berpotensi menjadi kustomer.


Kalau saya menggunakan paragraf ini sebagai pembuka panduan yang sedang anda baca sekarang.. sebagian besar pasti sudah pergi.

Ini seperti guru/dosen yang bikin kita ngantuk di kelas… Membosankan.

Jangan jadi copywriter yang seperti itu.

Meskipun dalam bentuk tulisan, seorang copywriter harus bisa membuat tulisan yang seperti berbicara langsung kepada orang lain.

Gunakan bahasa yang sering mereka gunakan

Ini salah satu tips yang paling ampuh untuk bisa langsung mencuri perhatian target anda.

Gunakan bahasa sehari-hari yang sering mereka gunakan di antara kalangannya sendiri ketika mengeluhkan sesuatu terkait fungsi produk anda.

Bayangkan mereka mengeluhkan masalahnya di depan anda…

Kira-kira seperti apa kalimat keluhan mereka.

Jangan ciptakan kalimat yang asing.

Lihat contoh ini dari halaman fitur sebuah layanan pembuatan toko online instan bernama Jarvis Store. Saya mohon maaf sebelumnya kepada pihak Jarvis Store.


Perhatikan bahasa yang digunakan.

Pada dasarnya Jarvis Store ini layanan yang sangat menarik karena kita bisa membuat toko online sendiri tanpa biaya dan tanpa perlu skill membuat website.

Tapi kalau kita baca…fiturnya terdengar aneh di telinga.

“Toko anda dalam genggaman”

“Kontrol toko anda dimanapun”

Seperti Bahasa Inggris yang diterjemahkan kata-per-kata.

Padahal intinya dari 6 poin ini sederhana:


Bisa membuat toko online secara instan tanpa programming

Mudah diakses dan dikelola bahkan dari HP

Manajemen pelanggan, invoicing, dan pemberian diskon secara otomatis

Sudah teroptimasi untuk mesin pencari

Bisa membuat blog dalam toko online supaya jangkauan pemasaran jadi lebih luas


Kalau bisa dijelaskan secara sederhana, jangan dipersulit.


Mudah kan?

Hanya 4 hal di atas yang perlu anda pahami sebagai seorang copywriter.

Dengan bermodalkan keempat pola pikir ini saja sebenarnya anda sudah bisa membuat copy dalam bentuk apapun.

Landing page.. sales letter.. email.. iklan.. konten website.. dan masih banyak lagi.

Jadi, untuk menyimpulkan bab ini.. ada 4 kesalahan paling mendasar dalam copywriting:

Tidak memikirkan apa yang terjadi di pikiran orang lain ketika membaca tulisan anda

Terlalu fokus dengan diri sendiri

Berbicara ke orang yang salah

Membosankan dan sulit dimengerti

Dalam bab selanjutnya, kita akan belajar bagaimana membuat struktur copy dengan salah satu formula terbaik dalam copywriting.

Baca bab 2 kalau anda ingin membuat tulisan yang mampu masuk ke dalam pikiran orang lain dan membuat mereka tergerak.

Daftar isi


Lanjut ke bab 2




Software gratis


Roo Company Ltd.

Faktanya: Website yang menggunakan content marketing mendapatkan konversi dan penjualan 6x lebih tinggi daripada yang tidak (OneSpot, 2015). Konten itu bisa menjual… ..bukan cuma sebagai hiburan, panduan, […]



Website yang menggunakan content marketing mendapatkan konversi dan penjualan 6x lebih tinggi daripada yang tidak (OneSpot, 2015).

Konten itu bisa menjual…

..bukan cuma sebagai hiburan, panduan, atau informasi.

Apabila dimanfaatkan dengan benar sebagai media pemasaran, maka — seperti angka di atas — penjualan akan meningkat drastis.

Benarkah begitu?

Belum tentu.

Pada prakteknya, ada juga yang tidak merasa manfaatnya. Banyak.

Sudah membuat konten, pengunjung berdatangan, tapi ternyata penjualan tetap begitu-begitu saja. Ini yang sering terjadi.

Bukan salah sistemnya,

Tetapi salah kontennya…

Karena konten anda tidak mampu menjual.

Dalam artikel ini anda akan mempelajari mengapa orang-orang tidak membeli dari anda, dan bagaimana menciptakan konten yang mampu menjual.


Mengapa mereka tidak membeli dari anda?

Ada berbagai alasan, pastinya.

Mari kita bahas beberapa di antaranya tanpa melihat apakah produk/jasa yang dijual sudah layak atau belum. Dan hanya dari segi konten saja.

Ini penting:

Untuk membuat konten yang mampu meningkatkan penjualan, anda harus benar-benar memahami apa yang membuat pengunjung website memutuskan untuk tidak membeli.

3 hal ini adalah alasan utamanya…

…ketiganya merupakan halangan yang harus anda hancurkan satu per satu sebelum pengunjung mau berubah menjadi kustomer.

1. Karena belum percaya

Online maupun offline, orang-orang tidak akan membeli dari penjual yang tidak dipercaya.

Tetapi ada perbedaannya.

Kalau offline, kita bisa melihat langsung. Si penjual punya toko fisik dan dia bisa langsung memperlihatkan apa yang dijual di depan mata anda.

Tidak demikian di online.

Semua orang bisa membuat website, bahkan penipu sekalipun.

Tapi itu masih sepele…

Meyakinkan orang lain bahwa kita bukan penipu itu mudah.

Masalahnya, meskipun anda sudah dirasa bukan penipu mereka belum tentu mau membeli. Anda harus bisa mendapatkan kepercayaan sebagai yang terbaik.

Jadi, 2 tahap.

Karena itulah untuk mendapatkan kepercayaan dari orang lain anda butuh usaha ekstra dibandingkan melakukan penjualan offline.

Untungnya, content marketing (yang tepat) bisa jadi solusinya. Akan dijelaskan lebih lanjut di bawah.

2. Tidak tepat sasaran

Ini kesalahan yang paling sering dilakukan oleh praktisi digital marketing.

Seperti yang dulu dialami oleh Groove.

Groove adalah software help desk. Jadi semestinya target pasar mereka adalah para pengusaha yang punya masalah dengan urusan customer service.

Nah, masalahnya blog mereka dulu hanya membahas tentang pengembangan bisnis:


Meskipun sama-sama tentang bisnis, tapi orang yang mencari informasi pengembangan bisnis tidak memerlukan software mereka.

Sehingga kontennya tidak mampu meningkatkan konversi.

Padahal kualitas dari konten yang mereka buat luar biasa. Saya sendiri juga langganan di blognya…padahal tidak ada niat untuk menggunakan softwarenya.

Maka dari itu, mereka kemudian membuat kategori khusus membahas customer service.


Setelah diluncurkannya blog ini, konversi mereka meningkat drastis. Pendapatan untuk setiap konten yang diterbitkan di blog mencapai angka $1,657.25.

3. Pengunjung masih dalam kondisi pasif

Benda dalam keadaan diam akan tetap diam, kecuali ada gaya yang mengubahnya.

Itu sebagian dari bunyi hukum 1 Newton.

Menariknya, manusia pun seperti itu.

Ketika dalam kondisi pasif, kita akan terus pasif…sampai ada sesuatu yang membuat kita aktif.

Orang-orang yang sedang browsing di internet otaknya dalam kondisi pasif. Baca artikel, lihat gambar, nonton video, buka tab baru – lalu ditutup.

Tidak bergerak.

Jadi, konten yang kita buat harus mampu membuat mereka bergerak.

Kalau tidak maka mereka akan tetap pasif.

Membuat konten yang mampu menjual

Sebelum melanjutkan, saya menyarankan anda membaca seri panduan content marketing ini.

Ada 2 fungsi utama konten dalam pemasaran online:

1) Mendatangkan pengunjung, dan 2) meningkatkan penjualan.

Yang pertama masih mudah…

…asalkan kontennya menarik, pengunjung akan datang setelah konten tersebut dipromosikan.

Tapi yang kedua butuh perhatian ekstra.

Dalam penjualan online, kita harus melewati 3 hambatan yang tadi disebutkan. Karena itu konten yang sekedar “menarik” saja belum tentu bisa meningkatkan penjualan.

Inilah beberapa hal yang harus diperhatikan:

1. Sediakan konten untuk setiap tahap dalam sales funnel

Sales funnel atau kadang disebut marketing funnel adalah setiap tahapan yang dilalui oleh setiap orang sebelum memutuskan untuk melakukan pembelian.

Mari kita lihat kembali gambar sales/marketing funnel:


Kalau anda mencari di internet, setiap website akan menampilkan gambar sales funnel yang berbeda satu sama lain. Meskipun demikian, intinya sama.

Secara umum ada 3 bagian:

TOFU (Top of the funnel): Awareness

MOFU (Middle of the funnel): Consideration/Evaluation

BOFU (Bottom of the funnel): Purchase

Bagian atas, tengah, dan bawah.

Sebelum seseorang memutuskan untuk membeli, semua orang akan melewati bagian-bagian ini.

Pertama, mereka akan sadar dengan masalahnya. Kemudian menimbang-nimbang pilihan yang ada. Terakhir, memutuskan untuk membeli.


Konten untuk tiap bagian tidak sama.

2 hal yang sering terjadi yaitu hanya fokus di funnel atas (TOFU) dan hanya membuat konten untuk funnel bawah (BOFU).


1. Fokus di TOFU – traffic jadi banyak tapi tidak mampu menjual

2. Fokus di BOFU – susah mendapatkan traffic dan pembaca yang loyal

Oleh karena itu harus ada keseimbangan.

Untuk memahami konten apa yang harus disediakan untuk tiap bagian, ini penjelasan singkatnya:

TOFU – bagian atas funnel

Konten di bagian ini merupakan konten yang bisa dinikmati oleh masyarakat luas…karena tujuannya adalah mendatangkan traffic.

Misalnya anda menjual suplemen penurun berat badan.

Konten di bagian ini TIDAK menjelaskan kelebihan-kekurangan dari produk yang anda jual. Bukan membahas dan mempromosikan produk.

Sebaliknya, berikan panduan olahraga atau diet untuk menurunkan berat badan.

Contoh lain, kalau anda menjual rumah.

Konten TOFU berisi panduan membeli rumah yang tepat, memilih lokasi yang pas, foto-foto desain rumah, dan sebagainya. Konten yang kira-kira akan dicari oleh mereka yang ingin membeli rumah.

Jadi, sekali lagi…konten TOFU harus bisa dinikmati bahkan oleh mereka yang saat ini tidak langsung ingin membeli.

MOFU – bagian tengah funnel

Dalam tahap ini, calon pembeli dalam proses membanding-bandingkan antara solusi satu dan solusi lainnya terhadap masalah mereka.

Jadi topik untuk konten MOFU lebih mendalam.

Tujuan utama kita dalam tahap ini adalah memperkenalkan bahwa ada solusi yang lebih mudah untuk menyelesaikan masalah mereka.

Dan anda lah solusi yang mereka inginkan.


Untuk menurunkan berat badan, mereka tidak perlu berolahraga setengah mati atau diet super ketat. Dengan bantuan produk yang kita jual, prosesnya jadi lebih mudah.

Jadi, kita memperkenalkan suatu nilai tambah.

Dibandingkan dengan solusi tradisional atau solusi lain, produk/jasa yang anda tawarkan memiliki nilai tambah yang menarik bagi mereka.

Supaya lebih jelas, ini beberapa contoh jenis kontennya:

Studi kasus dari mereka yang sudah menggunakan produk/jasa anda


Perbandingan, kelebihan dan kekurangan

FAQ, pertanyaan yang sering diajukan

Video demo produk


Buyer’s guide – panduan dalam memilih produk yang tepat

Ini hanya beberapa, dan tidak semuanya bisa diaplikasikan pada setiap jenis bisnis.

Konten untuk MOFU bersifat edukatif tetapi juga persuasif.

BOFU – bagian bawah funnel

Tahap terakhir, ketika seseorang sudah siap melakukan pembelian.

Mereka sudah dalam keadaan ter-edukasi dengan masalah yang ada serta solusi yang tepat. Mereka sudah tertarik dengan anda.

Tetapi masih ada 1 hambatan lagi yang menghalangi mereka untuk melakukan pembelian.

Rasa takut, atau ketidakpastian.

Karena itulah konten BOFU 100% bersifat persuasif, contohnya:

Konsultasi gratis


Cara melakukan pembelian

Diskon atau bonus


Tujuan akhirnya adalah perasaan yakin.

2. Identifikasi permasalahan yang nyata untuk diselesaikan

Konten sebagus apapun akan percuma kalau isinya tidak menyelesaikan permasalahan dari pembacanya sampai tuntas.

Mari kita ingat kembali…

Apa yang membuat seseorang ingin melakukan pembelian?

Karena mereka punya masalah.

Tapi, ini yang terpenting, melakukan pembelian itu adalah opsi terakhir. Kalau mereka tidak bisa menyelesaikan permasalahannya sendiri.

Artinya begini:

Anda tidak akan bisa mempengaruhi orang lain untuk membeli kalau belum apa-apa sudah menyuruh mereka mengeluarkan uang untuk membeli.

Ini terutama kalau masyarakat umum belum ter-edukasi dengan bisnis anda.


Misalnya, kita menjual air alkali.

Katanya, air ini bisa jadi antioksidan, untuk detoks, untuk awet muda, dll. [1]

(Salah satu merek yang cukup terkenal di Indonesia, Kangen Water, mungkin ada yang sudah pernah dengar?)

Tapi sebagian besar masyarakat belum tahu tentang produk ini.

Nah, kalau anda menjual produk ini secara online…

…Apakah anda akan membuat konten tentang:

Pengertian & manfaat produk, jenis-jenisnya, proses pembuatan, dsb., atau

Cara mencegah kanker, membersihkan racun tubuh, cara menjadi awet muda, dll.

Yang pertama?

Okelah, dengan membuat konten yang pertama kita akan mendapatkan pengunjung berupa orang-orang yang siap membeli produk tersebut.


Jumlahnya sedikit.

Karena tidak banyak yang tahu dan paham tentang produk tersebut. Jadi sebagian besar akan “cuek” ketika membaca konten seperti itu.

Bandingkan dengan yang kedua.

Yang membutuhkan informasi seperti itu JAUH lebih banyak.


Meskipun saat ini mereka belum tahu mengenai produk tersebut, tapi melalui konten tersebut anda bisa memperkenalkannya sebagai solusi.

Karena mereka punya masalah yang bisa kita selesaikan dengan produk tersebut.

Itu sebabnya konten TOFU harus menyelesaikan permasalahan yang nyata.

3. Perhatikan relevansi antara konten dengan produk/jasa yang dijual

Ini seperti permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh Groove tadi.

Pada awalnya konten mereka tidak mampu memberikan hasil positif karena apa yang dibahas dalam konten tidak relevan dengan apa yang dijual.

Ini pertanyaan salah satu pembaca PIM:


Misalnya kalau menjual alat-alat kantor, tapi konten yang diterbitkan seputar traveling. Apakah hasilnya akan sama?

Pasti beda!


Kita ingin mendatangkan pengunjung, tapi bukan sembarang pengunjung. Melainkan mereka yang memang punya permasalahan yang relevan dengan apa yang kita jual.

Kalau menyediakan konten travel, maka orang yang datang adalah orang yang ingin traveling. Bukan yang butuh perlengkapan kantor.

Akibatnya, penjualan sama sekali tidak meningkat.

Masuk akal kan?

Konten dalam pemasaran konten itu bukan cuma supaya “sekedar ada”, tapi harus diarahkan ke tujuan utama kita. Entah itu penjualan atau yang lain.

Solusinya: buat buyer persona

Ini solusi untuk nomor 2 dan 3 di atas.

Supaya konten yang kita buat benar-benar menyelesaikan permasalahan. Dan supaya konten tersebut tepat sasaran kepada orang yang berpotensi membeli dari kita.


Apa itu buyer persona?

Gambaran ideal dari pembeli ideal kita. Orang seperti apa yang berpotensi akan membeli dari anda.

Jadi misalnya anda menjual perlengkapan kantor, maka salah satu buyer persona-nya adalah pengusaha baru yang baru membuka kantor.

Tidak berhenti sampai di situ…

…kita masih perlu menganalisa lebih lanjut mengenai profil mereka, permasalahan mereka, dan lain-lain.

Semuanya dijelaskan lebih lanjut dalam panduan strategi content marketing ini.

Pada akhirnya, konten yang kita buat harus fokus dengan permasalahan apa yang dihadapi oleh buyer persona. Dengan demikian pemasaran dan penjualan jadi tepat sasaran.

4. Buat konten praktis, konten yang mudah dipraktekkan

Coba bayangkan:

Anda sedang belanja di Hypermart atau swalayan lain…

…kemudian ada seorang sales yang menawarkan suatu merek makanan beku. Si sales mempraktekkan betapa mudah proses memasaknya, setelah itu anda dipersilahkan untuk mencoba.

Pasti muncul keinginan untuk membeli.

Ini karena kita sudah ditunjukkan “benefit” yang akan kita terima.

Kira-kira seperti itu kalau offline.

Masalahnya, ketika sedang mereka membeli secara online anda tidak bisa mempraktekkan langsung. Kecuali anda bisa memberikan trial/demo kepada calon pembeli.

Karena itulah kita butuh konten praktis ini.

Artinya: konten berupa panduan yang bisa langsung dipraktekkan oleh pembaca dan langsung memberikan manfaat positif bagi mereka.

(Hati-hati, praktis bukan berarti simpel atau sederhana)

Jenis terbaik untuk tujuan ini adalah panduan, bukan informasi atau berita…bukan sekedar bacaan.

Ini alasannya:

Konten seperti itu bisa menyelesaikan 2 masalah sekaligus.

Pertama, mereka akan “bergerak” dari pasif menjadi aktif.

Masih ingat 3 alasan mengapa seseorang tidak membeli? Terutama yang ketiga.

Pada umumnya orang-orang di internet masih dalam keadaan pasif. Makanya ketika ditawarkan untuk membeli mereka tidak langsung membeli.

Ketika selesai membaca konten, mereka masih pasif.


Konten praktis bisa jadi penggerak.

Mereka tidak menganggap konten sekedar konten lagi karena mereka bisa melakukan sesuatu setelahnya.

Ada yang lebih penting lagi,

Apabila konten yang anda berikan bisa langsung memberikan manfaat bagi pembaca, maka dalam sekejap anda jadi sosok yang dipercaya.


Misalnya karena saya memberikan panduan marketing, maka pembaca yang merasa konten ini bermanfaat akan menganggap bahwa saya seorang ahli marketing. Maka apabila saya membuka jasa marketing, orang lain akan lebih yakin untuk membeli (dibandingkan tanpa konten sama sekali).

Jadi ketika membuat konten, jangan jelaskan “Apa” melainkan “Bagaimana”.

5. Berikan sesuatu yang ditukar dengan sesuatu

Membingungkan ya bahasanya…

Akan saya jelaskan latar belakangnya dulu.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, seorang pakar psikologi dan marketing, dalam bukunya “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” menyebutkan ada 6 prinsip yang bisa digunakan untuk mempengaruhi orang lain agar mengambil tindakan.

Lebih lanjut mengenai keenam prinsip tersebut bisa dibaca di PDF gratis ini (2 MB).

Prinsip-prinsip ini sering diaplikasikan oleh orang-orang sales dan marketing.

2 di antaranya akan kita manfaatkan.

Yang pertama adalah Commitment & Consistency.

Intinya, orang-orang akan lebih mungkin untuk melakukan komitmen yang lebih besar apabila mereka sudah setuju dengan komitmen yang lebih kecil sebelumnya.

Mengeluarkan uang, melakukan pembelian, itu komitmen besar.

Padahal kita ingin menjual dengan konten. Membaca konten dari sebuah website itu tidak membutuhkan komitmen, betul? Mereka tidak membutuhkan usaha apapun.

Jadi ada gap besar di sini.


Antara konten yang tanpa komitmen dengan pembelian yang komitmennya besar.

Maka dari itulah sekedar konten saja belum cukup untuk mempengaruhi mereka agar membeli.

Kita butuh sesuatu di antaranya.


Contoh komitmen kecilnya bisa salah satu dari:

Mendaftarkan email

Memberikan nomor telepon

Membuat akun gratis

Atau yang lain…tergantung dari jenis bisnis anda.

Tapi bagaimana supaya mereka mau rela memberikan salah satunya?

Untuk itulah kita manfaatkan satu prinsip persuasi lagi:

Reciprocity (timbal-balik).

Orang lain akan cenderung memberikan sesuatu kepada kita apabila kita memberikan mereka sesuatu terlebih dahulu. Contohnya, kalau kita menolong seseorang maka orang tersebut akan merasa punya kewajiban untuk balas budi.

Maka dari itu kita yang harus memberikan mereka duluan.





Sebagai gantinya mereka akan lebih rela memberikan komitmen kecil tadi kepada anda.

Contoh penerapannya bisa dilihat di website ini.

Saya menaruh form pendaftaran email di beberapa tempat. Anda juga pasti sudah melihat beberapa di antaranya.

Salah satu jenisnya adalah layar popup, ini rasio konversinya:


Antara 4.39% sampai 8.94%.

Tidak jelek-jelek amat memang, tapi mari kita lihat 1 jenis lagi:


Di sini saya menjanjikan file bonus ketika pembaca memasukkan alamat emailnya. Rasio konversinya seperti ini:


Dari 5% sampai 15%. Hampir 2x lipat.

Dengan memberikan sesuatu, maka orang lain akan lebih cenderung untuk rela memberikan kita sesuatu.

6. Lakukan email marketing

Ini lanjutan dari nomor 5 di atas.

Kita sudah mendapatkan “sesuatu” dari mereka. Email, nomor telepon, PIN BBM, username LINE, atau apapun…mestinya merupakan kontak yang bisa dihubungi.

Jadi tidak harus email.

(Meskipun yang sudah mencoba pasti sepakat kalau email sejauh ini paling praktis)

Yang penting kita harus bisa menjangkau mereka.

Dan tentunya tidak berhenti sampai di sana. Percuma kita mendapatkan kontaknya tetapi tidak ditindaklanjuti.

Tetapi tidak semudah itu, setelah mendapatkan emailnya kita tidak langsung melakukan spamming penjualan begitu saja menuju inbox mereka.

Seperti ini kesalahan yang paling umum:

Memberikan gratisan ditukar email atau kontak lain

Kemudian punya 1000an email list

Dikirimkan “email blast” yang menawarkan produk

Report as spam…tamat

Ini salah besar.

Begini, kalau anda ingin berhasil menjual secara online – maka anda harus mengurangi proses menjualnya. Tidak ada orang yang suka dengan orang yang selalu menyuruh mereka membuka dompet.

…kecuali ketika mereka sudah siap membeli.

Maka dari itulah tugas utama anda adalah mengkondisikan mereka agar siap untuk membeli.


Tadi kita sudah berbicara tentang sales funnel. Ada TOFU, MOFU, dan BOFU.

Konten yang diterbitkan di website sebagian besar adalah TOFU, tujuan utamanya untuk mendatangkan traffic. Sedangkan dalam email marketing, yang kita berikan kepada audiens adalah konten MOFU dan BOFU.

Proses yang dilalui oleh seorang calon pembeli

Kembali ke contoh tadi, untuk website yang menjual suplemen penurun berat badan…

…seperti ini kira-kira proses yang dilalui:

Masuk ke website > membaca “cara menurunkan berat badan” > mendaftarkan email untuk mendapatkan bonus > menuju halaman produk > menuju konten studi kasus, testimonial, atau FAQ > mendapatkan kupon diskon > melakukan pembelian.

Idealnya seperti itu.

Tetapi seringkali prosesnya berhenti di tengah-tengah.

Maka dari itu itulah kita butuh email mereka, supaya kita bisa mengingatkan mereka kembali untuk melanjutkan prosesnya.

7. Lakukan analisa konten

Kalau anda sudah punya kontennya,

Apakah konten tersebut berhasil menghasilkan penjualan?

Apakah konten ini percuma?

Atau justru berakibat buruk?

Kita tidak akan tahu apabila kita tidak melakukan analisa.

Bukan dengan asumsi…

…melainkan data yang nyata.

Maka dari itulah kita perlu melakukan analisa konten.

Pastikan konten mana yang memberikan hasil terbaik, mana yang percuma, dan mana yang justru berakibat buruk. Kemudian dari hasilnya anda akan tahu konten seperti apa yang harus dibuat kedepannya.

Karena topik ini sendiri cukup panjang untuk dibahas, silahkan baca panduan analisa konten.

Mulai dari mana?

Itulah ketujuh hal yang perlu anda perhatikan untuk membuat konten yang mampu menjual beserta contoh prosesnya.

Kalau anda membaca sampai titik ini, berarti anda:

Belum punya konten, baru ingin mulai

Sudah punya konten tetapi belum efektif

Untuk tipe ke-2, silahkan lakukan analisa terhadap konten yang sudah ada, kemudian hilangkan semua konten yang kinerjanya buruk. Tapi tidak perlu dihapus kalau anda tidak rela.

Setelah itu, termasuk bagi anda yang tipe-1, silahkan mulai dari:

Tahap 1: Buat konten praktis. Gunakan metode KTP sebagai panduan kalau anda ingin membuat konten yang berkualitas. Baca juga panduan memilih topik konten ini.

Pastikan konten tersebut ada di TOFU (bagian atas funnel).

Tahap 2: Sediakan “sesuatu” yang bisa anda berikan kepada pembaca konten untuk mendapatkan email mereka. Baca panduan list building ini.

Tahap 3: Promosikan konten praktis yang barusan dibuat.

Tahap 4: Setelah punya traffic dan email list, mulai dorong ke arah pembelian dengan mempromosikan konten MOFU dan BOFU (bagian tengah dan bawah funnel) kepada mereka.

Setelah itu lakukan analisa, konten mana yang tidak memberikan hasil positif.

Terakhir, sebagai tambahan, pelajari teknik Copywriting untuk mengetahui bagaimana membuat tulisan yang mampu menjual.


[1] Disclaimer: Mengenai air alkali, dalam artikel ini saya bukan ingin merekomendasikan produk tersebut kepada anda. Informasi tersebut dikutip dari website lain dan bukan melalui pengalaman pribadi. Penyebutan jenis produk dan merek hanya murni untuk contoh.



Software gratis


Roo Company Ltd.

Bagus-tidaknya sebuah landing page akan berdampak langsung terhadap tingkat konversi. Ada beberapa faktor yang menentukan apakah penjualan anda melalui landing page akan berhasil atau gagal. Inilah […]


Bagus-tidaknya sebuah landing page akan berdampak langsung terhadap tingkat konversi.

Ada beberapa faktor yang menentukan apakah penjualan anda melalui landing page akan berhasil atau gagal. Inilah yang paling penting:


Masih ada faktor lain seperti desain, waktu loading halaman, dan sebagainya.

Tapi tak peduli seberapa elegannya desain landing page anda, kalau teknik penulisan anda tidak tepat…maka tidak akan terjadi konversi.

Tidak demikian sebaliknya,

Kalau anda sudah menerapkan prinsip copywriting untuk menciptakan kata dan kalimat yang tepat, bahkan desain sederhana pun akan berhasil menjual.


Dalam panduan ini anda akan mempelajari esensi copywriting dalam sebuah landing page.

Setelah itu, anda akan bisa membuat landing page yang mampu meyakinkan pembacanya dan membuat mereka mengambil tindakan.


…Sebelum kita lanjut

Ada 3 hal yang ingin saya sampaikan terlebih dahulu.

Pertama, untuk me-refresh ingatan anda…atau untuk anda yang membaca artikel ini langsung tanpa melalui bab-bab sebelumnya.

Copy: teks yang digunakan dalam penjualan atau pemasaran (beda dengan copy yang artinya salin)

Copywriting: teknik menulis copy

Konversi: ketika pembaca mengambil tindakan yang anda inginkan

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Formula untuk menciptakan struktur copy yang baik

Kedua, yang tidak dibahas dalam panduan ini:

Konsep desain. Yang dibahas hanya dari segi copywriting

Teknikal. Saya akan berasumsi anda sudah bisa membuat halaman web sendiri menggunakan kode-kode HTML atau dengan alat bantu

Kalau keduanya dibahas maka panduan ini akan jadi ssaaaangat panjang.

Ketiga, ada baiknya anda sudah pernah melihat contoh-contoh landing page dalam berbagai fungsi.

Ini supaya anda tidak asing dengan komponen-komponen yang akan dijelaskan. Dengan demikian proses pemahaman akan jadi lebih mudah.

Anda bisa menemukan beberapa contoh landing page di sini:

Leadpages Marketplace

Unbounce landing page examples

Sekarang mari kita lanjut…<!--


BONUS GRATIS: [thrive_2step id='2441']Klik disini untuk mendownload[/thrive_2step] checklist copywriting yang bisa anda gunakan sebagai pedoman praktis saat membuat landing page.



1. Tentukan SATU tujuan dari landing page

Satu.. tidak kurang.. tidak lebih.

Landing page anda harus punya 1 tujuan akhir, misalnya:

Pembelian produk

Memasukkan alamat email

Mendaftar akun

Mendaftar webinar

Menghubungi anda via email dan/atau telepon


Kalau anda punya lebih dari 1 goal, maka copy yang anda buat akan kacau balau.

Selain itu pembaca juga akan bingung sehingga mereka bisa jadi malah memutuskan untuk tidak melakukan apapun sama sekali.

Setelah menentukan tujuannya, maka semua komponen landing page yang akan anda buat mengarahkan ke satu tujuan tersebut.

“Lalu bagaimana solusinya kalau saya punya lebih dari 1 tujuan?”

Buat lebih dari 1 landing page.

Contohnya begini:

Saya menjual produk, ketika ada yang membeli maka mereka harus mengkonfirmasi pembelian dan transfer uang via email/telepon/sms.

Dalam kasus ini ada 2 tujuan.

Tujuan utama adalah pembelian, tujuan kedua adalah menghubungi.

Solusinya, dalam landing page utama tujuan anda adalah membuat mereka membeli. Misalnya dengan memasang tombol pembelian.

Ketika tombol ini ditekan, mereka diarahkan ke cara membayar.

Setelah pembayaran selesai, barulah mereka diarahkan lagi ke halaman konfirmasi pemesanan.

Ini akan jauh lebih efektif daripada semuanya anda tumpuk di satu halaman mulai dari pembelian, cara membayar, dan cara konfirmasi.

2. Komponen utama sebuah landing page yang efektif

Kalau anda sudah sering melihat landing page, secara sadar maupun tidak sadar anda akan menyadari bahwa ada banyak kemiripan secara struktur.





Social proof/testimonial

Call to action (CTA)

Masing-masing komponen punya peran tersendiri.

Untuk bisa membuat landing page yang memiliki konversi tinggi, maka anda harus mendapatkan nilai 100 untuk semua komponen tersebut.

Headline yang luar biasa akan percuma kalau isinya payah… demikian sebaliknya.

Inilah komponen-komponen sebuah landing page yang efektif.

2.1 Headline yang mampu menangkap perhatian

Dalam bab sebelumnya kita sudah bicara banyak tentang Attention dalam AIDA. Inilah peran dari headline… untuk menangkap perhatian.

Headline dari landing page anda harus:

Tidak membosankan

Langsung bisa dipahami

Tidak bertele-tele

Menyajikan manfaat

Terasa personal

Untuk poin #4 dan #5, kalau anda sudah membuat buyer persona dari 2 bab sebelumnya mestinya tidak jadi masalah.

Saya ingin lebih menekankan pada poin #1, #2, dan #3.

Jangan membuat headline yang sudah terlalu umum digunakan. Kalau anda menggunakan judul yang mirip-mirip dengan orang lain maka produk anda akan dianggap sama saja.

Jadi cobalah lebih kreatif dalam membuat judul.

Tapi… jangan juga terlalu kreatif.

Ini kesalahan yang paling umum dalam headline. Mencoba terlalu kreatif sehingga malah jadi sulit untuk dimengerti.


Go-jek misalnya. Salah satu layanannya adalah kurir barang.

Memang layanan kurir mereka bisa menghemat waktu (time-saver), tapi headline ini sama sekali tidak secara langsung menjelaskan siapa mereka.

(Go-jek punya beberapa alternatif headline yang muncul bergantian, “your personal time-saver” ini hanya salah satunya)

Sebaliknya, landing page kursus SEO dari ClickMinded berikut ini memenuhi kelima poin tadi.


2.2 Subheadline yang memperjelas dan memperkuat headline

Keberadaan subheadline tidak wajib.

Karena headline harus bisa menarik perhatian dalam 8 detik, maka isinya harus singkat, padat, dan tetap jelas.

Setelah perhatian tertangkap melalui headline, subheadline akan menjelaskan lebih lanjut manfaat apa yang akan mereka dapatkan.


KerjaDulu menggunakan headline yang sangat singkat…bahkan mungkin headline ini tidak bisa dimengerti langsung kalau sebelum ini saya tidak tahu apa itu KerjaDulu.

Tapi untungnya mereka memberikan penjelasan yang lebih bisa dimengerti melalui subheadline-nya.

Satu contoh lagi:


Headline dari Soltius menjanjikan solusi bagi bisnis kita.

Tapi kemudian subheadline-nya menyebutkan gratis demo SAP Business One.

Bagi orang yang menemukan halaman ini secara tidak sengaja, kita sama sekali tidak mengerti apa itu SAP Business One dan apa hubungannya dengan solusi bisnis.

Akhirnya subheadline justru mengakibatkan kebingungan.

Kesesuaian antara headline & subheadline dengan iklan

Saya menemukan website Soltius tadi melalui iklan yang mereka pasang di AdWords dengan kata kunci “peluang bisnis” ketika saya membuat artikel ini.

Setelah saya selidiki ternyata Soltius ini menjual software bernama SAP Business One yang berguna untuk mempermudah pengelolaan bisnis.

Orang yang melakukan pencarian dengan kata kunci “peluang bisnis” biasanya ingin mendapatkan ide-ide bisnis… ya kan?

Tapi apa yang terjadi ketika mereka masuk ke halaman tadi?

Apa yang diharapkan dan apa yang didapatkan tidak sesuai.

Ini akan membuat tingkat konversi anda sangat rendah.<!--


BONUS GRATIS: [thrive_2step id='2441']Klik disini untuk mendownload[/thrive_2step] checklist copywriting yang bisa anda gunakan sebagai pedoman praktis saat membuat landing page.



2.3 Manfaat atau solusi permasalahan sebagai badan dari landing page


Mereka bukan membeli karena fiturnya… mereka bukan membeli karena harganya… mereka bukan membeli produk anda…

Mereka membeli harapan,

…Mereka membeli hidup yang lebih baik.

Karena itulah, manfaat dan solusi dari permasalahan merupakan komponen yang sangat efektif sebagai badan landing page.

Dalam AIDA, badan landing page mempunyai peran sebagai Interest dan Desire.

Silahkan baca kembali bab AIDA untuk mengetahui cara menyajikan manfaat dalam copy anda.

Panjang atau pendek, mana yang lebih baik?

Ada landing page yang panjang:


(ini sudah dipotong separuhnya)

Ada juga yang pendek:


Mana yang lebih bagus?

Apakah yang badannya panjang akan lebih dipercaya? Apakah yang pendek lebih tinggi konversinya karena pengunjung tidak lelah membaca?

Belum tentu…

Ini pertimbangannya:

Kalau mereka mengeluarkan uang, biasanya panjang lebih bagus karena kita bisa meyakinkan mereka

Kalau tanpa mengeluarkan uang atau kartu kredit, tidak perlu panjang

Kalau mereka sudah tahu persis apa yang akan mereka dapatkan, pendek. Misalnya baju.

Kalau mereka tidak tahu gambarannya apa yang akan mereka dapatkan, anda perlu menjelaskan secara detail. Misalnya software atau kursus online

Jadi sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan anda.

Panjang maupun pendek, landing page yang anda buat tetap mengikuti formula AIDA.

Semakin panjang, berarti anda harus membuat copy yang semakin menarik. Karena resiko “bosan di tengah jalan” jadi makin besar.

2.4 Social proof/testimonial yang mampu mempengaruhi keputusan

Dalam 6 prinsip persuasi yang dibuat oleh Dr. Robert Cialdini, social proof adalah salah satu elemen yang bisa mempengaruhi pengambilan keputusan.

…kalau dilakukan dengan benar.

Yang sering terjadi adalah testimonial yang kita pasang justru meragukan.

Akibatnya mereka jadi curiga dengan anda…disangka penipu.

Ada beberapa bentuk social proof:

Jumlah pengguna

Daftar pengguna yang “bernama”

Komentar dari orang yang terkenal

Komentar dari beberapa pengguna yang puas

#4 yang paling sering ditampilkan.

Karena mudah…dan karena anda bisa buat sendiri atau minta dengan teman anda, ya kan? Hati-hati. Sebagian pembaca bisa langsung sadar kalau testimonial yang anda sediakan palsu.

Menurut anda, apakah testimonial ini bagus:

Luar biasa! Buku ini berisi informasi-informasi baru yang sangat bermanfaat. Saya sudah membaca buku ini sampai 3 kali dan tetap kagum dengan isinya.

Tidak sama sekali…

Memang isinya penuh dengan pujian. Tapi ada banyak kelemahannya:

Terlihat palsu

Tidak jelas topik yang dibicarakan (hanya “buku”)

Tidak menjelaskan apa manfaat yang mereka dapatkan

Tidak memberitahu hasil yang mereka peroleh

Percuma. Testimonial tadi tidak akan meningkatkan konversi landing page anda. Justru mereka akan curiga karena alasan #1.

Bagaimana dengan yang ini:


Saya tidak tahu ini asli atau tidak….meskipun asli tapi testimonial seperti ini tidak akan membantu penjualan.

Testimonial itu bukan sekedar kisah sukses.

2.5 Call to action (CTA) yang menonjol dan tidak menyeramkan

CTA itu menyeramkan…

Sebuah tombol “beli” atau “bayar” saja bisa membuat pembaca berpikir 7 keliling.

Tetapi di saat yang bersamaan, CTA harus menonjol.

Tanpa perlu diberitahu pun, anda pasti sudah paham kemana mereka meminta kita untuk meng-klik:


Masih ingat tadi saya bilang bahwa dalam 1 landing page hanya boleh ada 1 tujuan? Jadi pastikan dalam landing page anda hanya ada 1 CTA.

Tetapi boleh diulang-ulang.

Jadi dalam 1 halaman anda boleh punya lebih dari 1 CTA tetapi fungsinya harus sama.

Penempatan CTA

Ada 2 penempatan yang paling umum:

Above the fold

Di paling bawah (sesuai AIDA)

Istilah “above the fold” artinya bagian yang sudah langsung tampak di layar ketika landing page baru dibuka tanpa perlu melakukan scroll ke bawah.

Untuk landing page pendek, lokasi above the fold biasanya yang terbaik.

Sedangkan untuk landing page panjang, lokasi paling bawah merupakan tempat yang ideal. Tapi supaya aman anda bisa menempatkan di kedua lokasinya.

Meskipun begitu, kedua lokasi ini belum tentu optimal.

Semuanya tergantung struktur dan copy yang sudah anda buat. Maka dari itu sebaiknya lakukan pengujian.

Penulisan CTA untuk menghilangkan rasa takut

Jangan hanya menggunakan kata-kata ini saja dalam CTA:




Klik disini


Terlalu ambigu…dan menyeramkan.

Tambahkan atau ganti menjadi kata lain yang lebih ramah.

CTA yang baik menjelaskan apa yang terjadi atau apa yang akan mereka dapatkan setelah melanjutkan.


Seperti contoh dari CrazyEgg di atas. Pengunjung jadi tahu apa yang akan didapatkan setelah menekan tombol.

Untuk landing page pendaftaran, anda bisa memainkan kata-kata dalam CTA. Jadi buatlah sesuai kreativitas anda daripada hanya menggunakan “daftar”.

Jawab pertanyaan berikut untuk membuat teks CTA pendaftaran anda:

Apa manfaat yang mereka dapatkan setelah melanjutkan?

Kemana mereka dibawa? (Mestinya sesuai headline)

Apakah gratis? (Tampilkan kalau memang gratis)

Apa yang akan mereka lakukan berikutnya?

Bagaimana dengan penjualan?

Kalau dalam langkah berikutnya pengunjung langsung dibawa ke halaman pembayaran, maka CTA anda sebaiknya “Beli [nama produk]”

Untuk mengurangi rasa takut, solusinya berikan:

Garansi uang kembali

Masa uji coba (trial) gratis

Harga diskon

Pilihan paket harga (kalau ada)

Seperti ini:


Dan ini:



BONUS GRATIS: [thrive_2step id='2441']Klik disini untuk mendownload[/thrive_2step] checklist copywriting yang bisa anda gunakan sebagai pedoman praktis saat membuat landing page.


-->3. Lakukan pengujian untuk mendapatkan hasil terbaik

Dalam copywriting dan landing page, kita tidak mengenal “senjata rahasia” yang ampuh untuk semua kondisi.

Tidak ada template yang selalu bisa memberikan konversi tertinggi.

Kita bisa mempelajari konsepnya, tapi dalam penerapannya karena penawaran setiap orang berbeda-beda maka yang bisa anda lakukan adalah mengaplikasikan konsep tersebut menjadi copy ciptaan anda sendiri.

Dan hasilnya tidak akan pernah sama.

Karena itulah kita sendiri yang harus melakukan pengujian.

Pengujian ini diberi nama A/B test atau kadang disebut split test.

Artinya, dalam periode yang sama kita menampilkan 2 atau lebih variasi copy (atau desain) yang berbeda.

Jadi misalnya ada 1000 pengunjung.. 500 orang melihat variasi A, dan 500 orang lagi melihat variasi B.



Kedua halaman ini sama persis… yang berbeda hanya judulnya.

Ternyata setelah dilakukan A/B test, yang di kanan mendapatkan tingkat konversi 307,77% lebih besar daripada yang kiri.

Hal seperti ini sangat lumrah terjadi dalam copywriting.


Kalau anda menggunakan layanan seperti Unbounce atau LeadPages untuk membuat landing page, keduanya sudah punya fitur A/B test bawaan.

Kalau tidak, anda bisa menggunakan layanan Optimizely yang gratis dalam batas tertentu.

Atau gunakan Google Analytics kalau anda ingin yang benar-benar gratis. Baca tutorialnya.

Kembali ke bab 2


Daftar isi




Software gratis


Roo Company Ltd.

Content marketing optimization model leveraging buyer personas, business goals in combination with optimized content/digital assets and distribution channels independent of Google.


Read the full post, "Beyond Google: SEO and the Social Web".


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How to Name Hotel Room Types Effectively | Hotel Marketing


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How to Name Hotel Room Types Effectively?


How many times have you come across a hotel that sells a Standard Room? Would you want to stay there, especially if the room rate is at $200-300? That would certainly not be convincing. What if that room rate was for a Plush Double or Triple Suite? You might then be more inclined to make a reservation.


Names play a critical role in the marketability of your hotel. Remember, rooms are perishable commodities in the hotel industry. Every unsold room is lost revenue. Thus, put in a little more thought in naming your rooms. They need to be creative to attract the attention of prospective guests or descriptive of the key features to encourage reservations.


How creative should your room names be? Some hotels have had a bit more pizzazz with their room names, using artist names like Van Gogh, Picasso, or Rembrandt, or even destination cities like Amsterdam, Paris, or Athens. These names undeniably sound much more appealing. Whichever theme you are going for, your room names must capture the essence of the experience your hotel is selling.


You can also describe the occupancy, bed type, location, or views of your rooms. Successful hotels opt for names such as Bay View, Lake View, or Pool View. Some hotels have gone as far as naming their rooms Extra Small, Small, Large, or Extra-Large with Balcony. While these names do not sound as fancy, they describe exactly what the rooms are offering. In choosing descriptive room names, make them as catchy as they are accurate so you can pull the kind of customers you want to stay in your hotel.


Buyer personas have changed in recent years, and from the beginning of their experience, that is, from the moment they decide to make a reservation, guests demand to be wowed. You want to use names like Spectacular, Fabulous, Amazing, Fantastic, Cozy, or Plush. Room names like these help to sell the experience. Ask yourself, do I want to sleep in one of these rooms? If your room names do not attract you, you need to work on it.


Design and boutique hotels charge more and thereby make more profit because they do not just sell a room; they sell customer experience. A guest would not want to pay $300-400 just for a room; they pay $300-400 for a complete experience. Leisure travelers are inspired to make a reservation not only by the material aspects of the room but also by the prospect of an unforgettable experience with your hotel.


Every detail matters and everything starts with what they see first, the room name. Keep your prospective customers in mind when you choose your room names. Remember to capture their attention and stand out from the competition. It makes all the difference and will surely drive revenues for your hotel.

You’ve got the trends, you know who you want to target, and you have the demographics figured out: your buyer persona is clear in your mind.

Now it’s time to get a process in place and to start outreaching to your audience.

If you don’t have your audience research done yet, go back to How To Do...




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The ‘Buyer Persona’

One crucial step before launching Facebook ads is to come up with our ‘buyer persona’. This is a good idea for any kind of business but for Facebook Ads it is particularly essential.

If you’re going to have a successful PPC campaign, then one of the single most imp...

Used by ContentConnect in their description of how to define buyer personas

B2B Email Outreaching Tips

Great, so we have our list of prospects, we know our buyer persona, and we have segmented all of our potential customers, so now it’s time to start outreaching to them.

To do this, we will use, at a very low price of $9/month.

P.S. If you can afford...




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Every company wants to grow, to achieve that zenith where it can be recognised as the market leader. Growth can come from wildly various sources, however, without a proper, on-point strategy, you are going to spend a lot of time on spinning your wheels but it won’t lead you to anywhere.

And when you are thinking about expansion or unveiling new products, the last thing you want is to waste your valuable resources and the quality time. Those are more required to make your mark in the market at the right place and the right time. In order to tackle such situations, it is important to craft a carefully thought out plan.


Planning and strategy are of utmost importance as resources are limited, competition is fierce, and time-bound target deadlines are nipping at your heels. Without a structured plan you won’t know the right audience to chase or when is the right time to strike or the market is too saturated to similar solutions. Here comes the much talked about methodology – Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy.


What is GTM Strategy?

It is a way in which a company brings in a tactical approach that outlines the necessary steps to emerge victorious in a new market or with a new customer base. This new market or customer base can involve anything from launching new services and products to re-launching the brand or company or even stepping into a market with the current product. This strategy often begins with a single narrow scope hyper-focused on just one product. Every product and market is unique and this has to dealt thoroughly with suitable strategies. A GTM Strategy includes a structured business plan outlining the marketing plan, the target audience and the sales strategy, developed on the basis of research, expertise and market know-how. With a well-designed Go-To-Market Strategy you will be able to map out the market challenges and provide better solutions for your start-up, small business, medium business or even an enterprise.


Now, we are going to show you the best practices for preparing an effective GTM Strategy!


What Aspects Should You Consider When Making a Go-To-Market Strategy?

What Will You Sell?

This is the most crucial phase. The main objective is to understand the problems that you are addressing to solve through the product or the service. A company or product succeeds only when it is needed by the people. For instance, a recent survey report shows that almost 100 start-ups who shut down last year found that 42% didn’t solve a valid customer problem. Regardless of whether you are a large enterprise, or medium/small sized, a strong and evolving GTM strategy is central to the success of your marketing initiatives. When you put together your GTM Strategy you delve deep into the ‘why’ that led you to come up with the product or the service. Then you have to identify the product roadmap and how it will change and adapt to social evolution. Don’t forget to ask yourself where you will see your product after 6-months or a year. This thought will help you to work on a long-term strategic objective.


Who Are Your Audience And Buyers?

Who and Where – these questions might sound trivial but hold an extremely important position while making the GTM Strategy. Until and unless you know your customer well, you will never be able to get the desired success. Before you chalk out your GTM Strategy, you need to know exactly your customers’ needs and demands. This involves both high-level knowledge like basic demographic info, as well as specific knowledge of your ideal customer—their wants, needs, passions, and preferences. Ask several questions like who are your ideal customers within those markets, what are the targeted groups and segments, and others. The answers to these questions will help you in getting the specific realistic customer profiles and you will be able to make better decisions and how to take things forward. Thus, your Go-To-Market Strategy will be on point with better assurance on results.


What Is The Competitive Landscape?

It is as important as knowing your customers. You definitely need to know who are your opponents and how’s the battleground. How else will you react to the market necessities in a structured manner! A GTM strategy should be flexible enough to change constantly as per the demands and adaptive to adjust as the market growth. Get a complete idea about the market trends, the latest happenings. These will positively affect your launch and culminate towards your product or services success.


What Is Your Market Strategy?

To start off with the strategical part understand how much you are aligned with your overall business plan. Post that, you have to plan cautiously to engage with customers to create value and hit the strategic objective. Outline your customer’s journey in four stages – Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Loyalty. These are necessary to support and sell the product. It is also suggested to use cases to understand your customers better because that’s how you will serve them better. Make sure you fully think through the process and consider these changes after repetitive thoughts.


What Is Your Pricing Strategy?

Pricing your product or service may initially appear either vague and unusual, or remarkably straightforward and simply settled. In actuality, it’s apparently someplace in the middle. If you have limited experience with business management or finances, this would be a suitable time to consult an expert or bring one on your organisation in a more continual capacity. You’ll also want to refer to your product or service roadmap to gauge an idea of what you will need to charge your customers in order to make a profitable return. Furthermore, you will want to study at your adversaries to make sure the amount you are charging is reasonable for your buyer persona to make sure potential clients will be ready and willing to pay for your product or service. Also, look at your buyer persona to decide whether or not your price fits their passion for value, luxury, transparency, or other aims. However, before considering the actual number, look into other aspects like is it a one-time purchase, will it be a pay-per-use service, will there be subscription and others.


What Is Your Messaging Strategy?

Content is a compelling way to get in the presence of potential customers and convince them that you’re knowledgeable and trustworthy. Think about what you can inform your users and how your content strategy can help promote your launch with things like blogs, posts, videos, ebooks, whitepapers and others. Your message should speak loud about the value you create and solve pain points or benefits to your customers.


Where To Position Your Brand And Offering?

Knowing your product or service’s key characteristics and benefits will support you with success when it comes to positioning it in the market. Understanding how you stack up against opponents helps to make this move a little easier. Brand positioning is all about how you’re going to place yourself against other competitors in the market or business and what ensures your brand to stand above the other alternatives. Your brand positioning should inspire the making of your marketing strategy and messaging, and thus, your product or service launch. Keep in mind your buyer personas and company mission when forming your positioning for your product or service initiation. Everything should unite together, as each element is a direct representation of your organization as a whole.


How To Leverage Your Customer Insights?

Consumers should have a uniform brand experience every time they associate with you. Recognising who your customers are, how they act and what they feel is invaluable for your business. The better customer insights you have, the better probability you have for producing a successful go-to-market strategy. A great way to accumulate insights is by surveying internal stakeholders within your business to better learn what customers are reporting them. This involves, but is not limited to, customer service representatives, your sales team and client-facing workers.


How To Identify Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

KPIs will be the metrics used to distinguish success factors in your Go-To-Market Strategy and should be aligned to your goals and sales objectives. For a product or service launch, an important KPI will be conversions, most likely designating that a purchase has been done. Conversions can designate multiple different ventures, defined precisely by your business. Maintaining the track of your KPIs will help you evaluate how your product or service launch is trailing against your goals and will also show areas in need of improvement.


Many people fear sales and business. However, with well-designed analytics and structured metrics, fresh sales AI technologies cropping up, business leaders can optimize their methods to accelerate sales. Establishing a successful company is not reserved for those entrepreneurs who’ve been honoured with special skills. Possibilities are, you’ve already created your product or service, and making a company is a very relatable process. You must be strategic and continue to evolve throughout the journey.


The benefits of GTM Strategy are as follows -

Gain market position

Develop tailored products and services as per market needs

Accelerate reach to your customers

Optimize Cost to reach

Improved defining of target markets

Better brand positioning

Better risk management

Adapt/transit to a new suitable business model

Expand overseas

Promote business

In order to give the best results to businesses, Targetorate Consulting keeps all of the above-mentioned strategies and tactics in mind and helps you in creating a path that will take your business to the next level that you desire. With more than a decade of experience and a clientele of 500+, the company has been giving GTM Strategy to small, medium and large business across geographies successfully. Take your decision wisely and partner with us!

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Choosing the right COLORS for your brand is more than just picking colors that feel good. Each COLOR has a specific meaning that must appeal to your customers. If you have any doubt, check-out the graphic underneath... it'll help you make the right decisions! MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented branding strategies for the Medical industry. With a proven track record in MedTech marketing, a first-in-class team of online and social marketing experts, and a passion for building Brands, MedTech Momentum’s range of services are packaged in a way that generates results, creates momentum and brings cost down. MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented branding strategies for the Medical industry. With a proven track record in MedTech marketing, a first-in-class team of online and social marketing experts, and a passion for building Brands, MedTech Momentum’s range of services are packaged in a way that generates results, creates momentum and brings cost down.

Basically, you got to know your target audience very well and at least have a set of buyer personas to bring in an element of personalization every time you pitch. The ambiguity you could have while searching for CDO Email Address for your marketing and sales strategies could revolve around whether the database that you bring in would work or not.



Understanding buyer persona is the first step in creating an effective marketing strategy as it helps companies identify customer pain points and decide an appropriate solution.With Esalesclub Denmark Mailing Database containing over 300 million unique records and a minimal bounce rate, you can expect to find both quality and quantity. A marketing campaign’s success depends on being able to collect large amounts of accurate customer and lead data and following up on them. B2B contact data is essential to market goods and services to the right clients.


Esalesclub Denmark Business Decision Makers go through extensive data enhancement processes such as data cleansing, data integration, validation and reflect change in job position and individual preferences. Esalesclub Denmark Business email list is compiled from over 40 sources including business journals, publications, trade shows, seminars, and business directories and is guaranteed to provide minimal bounce rates.


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B2B and B2C companies who have transitioned to internet marketing campaigns have realized that SEO and utilizing keyword optimization offers a better targeting of prospective customers. via Inboud Visibility ‪#‎InboundMarketing‬ ‪#‎OnlineMareketing‬ ‪#‎SEO‬

Andy Rock serves as a Director on the VHP Board. He is also a member of the Linsly School Board of Trustees and a Chairman of the Development Committee; Mr. Rock earned a reputation as a successful serial entrepreneur in the global medical technology industry. He is co-founder of K2M Group, a medical device developer based in Leesburg, Va., which became listed as a publicly traded company on NASDAQ on May 5, 2014. While at K2M, Mr. Rock developed over 17 utility and method patents for the treatment of complex spine pathologies including scoliosis, tumor and trauma, as well as for minimally invasive implants. MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented branding strategies for the Medical industry. With a proven track record in MedTech marketing, a first-in-class team of online and social marketing experts, and a passion for building Brands, MedTech Momentum’s range of services are packaged in a way that generates results, creates momentum and brings cost down. PercuVision® is creating new markets and changing the standard of care for DUC — from blind to visually-guided insertions, improving patient care, outcomes, while lowering hospital costs.



Understanding buyer persona is the first step in creating an effective marketing strategy as it helps companies identify customer pain points and decide an appropriate solution. With Esalesclub Germany Mailing Database containing over 300 million unique records and a minimal bounce rate, you can expect to find both quality and quantity.A marketing campaign’s success depends on being able to collect large amounts of accurate customer and lead data and following up on them. B2B contact data is essential to market goods and services to the right clients.


Esalesclub Germany Business Decision Makers go through extensive data enhancement processes such as data cleansing, data integration, validation and reflect change in job position and individual preferences. Esalesclub Germany Business email list is compiled from over 40 sources including business journals, publications, trade shows, seminars, and business directories and is guaranteed to provide minimal bounce rates.


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Content is the most important activity in your Digital Marketing strategy. The right content targeted at the right buyer persona helps in positioning your services with the right audience. Content has to be created in Video, Image, Text and Audio formats and be shared in multiple forms in a variety of channels to Reach, Engage and Convert the right buyers. MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented branding strategies for the Medical industry. With a proven track record in MedTech marketing, a first-in-class team of online and social marketing experts, and a passion for building Brands, MedTech Momentum’s range of services are packaged in a way that generates results, creates momentum and brings cost down. PercuVision® is creating new markets and changing the standard of care for DUC — from blind to visually-guided insertions, improving patient care, outcomes, while lowering hospital costs. MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented branding strategies for the Medical industry. With a proven track record in MedTech marketing, a first-in-class team of online and social marketing experts, and a passion for building Brands, MedTech Momentum’s range of services are packaged in a way that generates results, creates momentum and brings cost down. MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented branding strategies for the Medical industry. With a proven track record in MedTech marketing, a first-in-class team of online and social marketing experts, and a passion for building Brands, MedTech Momentum’s range of services are packaged in a way that generates results, creates momentum and brings cost down.

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