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Advertising graphics mounted above the facade of a suitmaker's shop.


In my childhood I made many flat cardboard people, with clothes that look just like this suit, with little fold flaps to hold onto the cardboard person's body.

floating on a two-dimensional breeze,

catching updrafts off the two-dimensional trees,

lost in a two-dimensional sky,

high above a two-dimensional reality ...



..A lot of it. He's collected quite a bit to sell to a recycling centre. Bacolod City, Philippines.

New centre The Hague / The Netherlands

In addition to newspaper (no shiny pages) and mulch from my neighbor's ground tree stump, I'm using cardboard boxes to control weeds in this needs-a-lot-of-work garden area. Camille is sitting on one that is getting a bit of "aging"; after the broken-down boxes are rained on, the packing tape (which won't decompose) peels right off.

The main exhibit of mudac (museum of contemporary design and applied arts) is a home made entirely out of corrugated cardboard, from kitchen equipment to furniture to piano.

A sheet of plain brown paper that was found between two pieces of kitset furniture, screwed up to form a vaguely cave-like shape. HMM!

Woody seems to be amassing a little housing complex of favourite delivery boxes....

Some unorthodox rain protection in Hong Kong.

Bentley Trust Rd., Fairbanks Alaska.

ODC - Cardboard


ATSH - Enough


The internal striker on my grill doesn't work anymore - thank goodness for these long matches to keep my fingers safe during the manual process. Looks like I have enough for now, but will need to get a new box on my next shopping trip.

Cardboard - Our Daily Challenge

Contour lines - Our Daily Challenge


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It's all the rage right now, trust me. ;)

@ Midnight Glory Thank you, Mr. VanMoer for making me discover this sim :)



@ Foundry 404.


Foundry 404 (previously Cake) closes on January 25th after 13 years, and with that these two charmingly simplistic locations (Cardboard Town and Tentacle Park) will be gone.

A life size motorcycle made entirely from cardboard at the Toys For Engineers exhibition in WIT ARENA Waterford.

Found Elvis all dressed up in the back of a donut shop in Chatt. Tn.

Detail of a wall of the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, known informally as the Cardboard Cathedral.

Cardboard sculpture by Wayne White, creator of the PeeWee’s playhouse sets.

hittin that ens with the extinguisher..hahah


pretty big piece of cardboard..ummm if anybodys interested i will let it go for suppperrr cheap...let me know


edit: dont know why the red is so glossy in this looks solid in person..



Many thanks for all views, fav's - and particularly comments - all are greatly appreciated!


Happy Macro Mondays to you all!


An old lady collects cardboard in Tai O village in Hong kong to make a living.

Five years of working around jagged cardboard in a printing plant yielded a healthy cautious respect for one of the most wicked forms of paper cuts. This abstract isn't quite so scary because I've recovered from the trauma and the nightmares have stopped, . . . for now. :D

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