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This is an old shot I had on private here on flickr. I have been really busy with work and the little time I am at home, I cant Flickr because my laptop is still broken. Went to fix is today but they couldnt so I have to buy new parts for it.

And I still dont have a new cardreader (I work when shops are open) but it gets memorycard is broken! I get an CF Error when I put it in my camera. So i cant only not upload photos...i cant even take them right now!


apart from all of that im okay though, I just wish I had a little more time for myself. Sorry for not checking up on your streams these days, I will catch up when I get my laptop working again.

Finally handing in my paper tomorrow and going to Paris on Tuesday. See you all in a couple of days!


(I promise I'll get a new cardreader so I can start uploading NEW shots!)

Because of a broken cardreader I lost all the pictures I made the last two weeks. My son worked on it almost the whole day but I have to except it; they are gone!!!

The view inside a compact flash card reader, taken at 3x life-size magnification, for #MacroMondays #EyeoftheBeholder

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I can start shooting again!!! Thanks to the lovely Miguel who send me a new CF card all the way from the States! I cannot believe someone would do that for me, I cant stop smiling =D


And my new cardreader is up and running again.

Sam fills drink orders aboard the M.S. Dixie II Paddle Wheeler on Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Raw development and processing in ON1 Photo RAW 2020.1 (Photomorphis Window to the West Presets: Supple Leather). Olympus E-M10MarkII, Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 25mm f/1.2 Pro, 25mm, f1.2, 1/800 sec, 200 iso. Photo © 2018 Bob Shrader.

a7s + Sony Video Lens 1:1.6 f = 12-72mm


I got this Sony Video Lens in a batch of lenses but I can't find any information about it. I'm not sure it is complete. There's no mount, no iris, no helicoid, no zoom option; the lens consists of two elements. I assume this is the 12mm ...


I like the effect, full of character :-)

My new Apple iMac 27" + 24" LED Cinema Display (ACD).


Stuff on the picture:

-Apple iMac 27" (Core i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB)

-Apple 24" LED Cinema Display

-Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Black

-Apple iPod 5.5G 80GB Black

-Apple Wired keyboard

-Apple Magic Mouse

-Apple Classic Remote

-Apple Dock

-Chinese iPhone dock

-Wacom Intuos 4 Large

-Wacom Intuos 4 Pen + holder

-M-Audio Studiophile AV40 speakers

-Sandisk Firewire Compact Flash cardreader

-Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite calibrator

-8GB Transcend CF card



Camera: Nikon D300 + Nikkor 17-55mm

Extra: Nikon SB900 + Pocket Wizard + White shoot through umbrella (from the right)

This wasn't the picture I intended to make here; it was raining then it stopped briefly and the sun came out.


I saw an opportunity for a picture as the sunlight reflected off the raindrops on the windows and it looked like we may have a sunset afterall.


I didn't want an audience so I packed my camera and went to the 9th floor of our office block which is currently vacant . . . and snapped . . . only to find that I had left my CF Card in my cardreader at home.


I went back to my floor to look for a spare card in my camera bag and went back to my picture but the light had changed again!

This one is USB-C, so I bought a short SUB-C to USB-C cable. No dongle required.

This required a dongle to convert from Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3.

Was cleaning up my gear and had the urge to knoll them. Not all my gear photographed, but the ones I would use or pack with me more regularly than others.


Unfortunately, my old smartphone bit the dust and my current smartphone isn't really all that good at taking photographs lol but hey, the Oppo A3S was given to me for free from my telecom subscription for whatever reason, and it just so happens I needed a new phone since my former phone bit the dust. So, I gotta make due with what I have (just remembering Chase Jarvis saying "the best camera is the one that's with you".)


With that said, for what its worth, the phone does what a phone does, but for everything else, I don't recommend the Oppo A3S as it has a subpar camera, and the Color OS is such a locked down Android OS that I can't completely customize it. But again, it was for free lol


Hover over the photo to get more info for each item.


Shooting Information:


•Oppo A3S (Don't buy this phone! lol)

•1/15th @ 3.4mm zoom, f/2.2

•ISO 1115

•Flash Fired


Post Processing Information:


•Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

•Nik Software Analog Efex Pro 2



I accept any comment, from praises, awards, invitations, all the way to criticisms - as long as the criticism is constructive that I can learn and improve from. So, don't shy away with the comments!! =]


Also, consider following me! I will certainly follow back! You can never have too many friends!! =]

Went to the fortune teller, To have my fortune read ......

Buying a camera is never just about the camera, but about everything else that goes with it!

With my Canon T1i I had much success with the non-Canon battery grip. It was an awesome purchase. I bought the same neck strap for this camera but also bought a gel guitar cushion for a neck strap- we'll see how that goes. Also pays to have plenty of back up batteries for doing weddings and long events. The wrist strap is also an awesome accessory!


So excited to start using my 7D now... just need to set aside time. I have a model shoot coming up- two actually. great excuse to start with that!

Macro Monday's and the theme of "Pins".


A straightforward photo this week. I decided to focus on the pins of a Compact Flash card reader, It was slightly easier than using my Nikon D200 as a subject where the pins are quite recessed inside the camera. The card reader also has a blue light that illuminates when it is plugged in.


Compact flash cards are the reason I mainly use a lead to connect the camera too my laptop. I had heard stories when I first got my Nikon D70 of the possibility of pins getting bent in the CF card port so to this day I am still in the habit of using a lead.

I've just captured this SNOW BUNTING a few hours ago.(Image taken at Halls Rd., Whitby, Ontario.)


Interesting facts: Avg Size is 6inches (15cm)...Appropriately named, the Snow Bunting is a bird of the high Arctic and snowy winter fields.....The male Snow Bunting returns to its high Arctic breeding grounds in early April, when temperatures can still dip as low as -30° C (-22° F)....

Things that are useful

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I cant find my cardreader. And im sick.

Thank god its Friday? Doubt it.


also, my laptop is being attacked by pop ups!! I cant open anything without getting like 10 of them.

One of my SD cards, one of my card readers and a card holder.


Better viewed large and thank you for your favourites. :0)

Front Page on Explore, thanks!


Im so stressed out! My plane leaves in a couple of hours and Im still packing!


Anyway, this is my last upload before I start travelling around this summer. I packed my camera equipment and cardreader so Im gonna try and upload vacation snaps every now and then.


For now, this is goodbye. Have a great summer!

Whoa #9 qnd Front Page on Explore!


Guess who found a computer on Bokeh Wednesday? So far my vacation is going great! I took a lot of pretty cool photos too but I havent got my cardreader on me right now. So here's a shot I took the night before I left.


Whoa, I just realized I now have exactly 100 photos in Explore! Thats insane, thanks so muchhhhh!

Happy Bokeh Wednesday, I miss you!

Having attempted to stress the poor wee Panasonic TZ60 to beyond its limits I thought I'd let it do the kind of thing it's REALLY good at - very close up & wide angle....

One less thing on my desk, as it has a card reader built in, and 2 USB ports around the back.

Plugin it today to download the photos :D

The Card Reader........ an absolute necessity.


I took over 700 photos today and lost most of them when a digipower DP-MCR4 cardreader glitched out and fried my SD card. It was a set of photos I was really excited about but only 10 of them survived.


I don't recommend using a Digipower DP-MCR4 SD card reader.

Palm and Tarot Card Reading shop in Greenwich Village, New York City.


If you want to use this image online or in a publication, please contact me at I'll get right back to you.


If you'd like a print of this image, please email me at or visit


All images are Copyright, all rights reserved.



My daily use of Hardware!

Park Guell


In dit park crashte m'n nieuw...200 foto's kwijt...

Geen kaartlezer die het kaartje nog kon lezen...

Een collega van systeembeheer die ook fotografeert kreeg het uiteindelijk wel voor elkaar...

150 foto's teruggekregen...

De overige waren niet meer te redden...


In this park my memory card crashed. Just brand new, losing 200 photo's.

No cardreader could read the card anymore.

A collegue of mine from system administration, who is a photographer himself, managed to rescue parts of it.

150 photo's were recovered.

The remaining photo's were definitely lost.


Weekly Colour Challenge:

The colours of my country's flag - Great Britain



You, probably, already think that you know this. I thought I did... Since I have had my camera, no one has even touched it (literally)! If anyone even tries to touch the bag it is in, I freak out!


Well, my boss' brother is a professional photog. He makes a living shooting glamour-type photos. He didn't have his camera with him and needed one. So, since he is a pro, I thought he'd be trustworthy.


I had photos on the CF card (about 180) and didn't have my cardreader with me to download them off the card. So, I set the camera to the jpeg mode that he uses and that left him with room for about 300 pics.


So, what did he do? Formatted my card and lost my photos from Vegas, dolphins, tigers, HDR shots and a big photoshoot of my dogs that had a few excellent shots that I would have definitely been uploading to flickr...


Just something to think about if someone ever wants to borrow your camera...

I took a lot of photos at the week-end with my Fuji camera but when I put the SD card into the card reader the computer did not recognise it. It doesn't recognise another SD card, my iPhone or a data stick. However, the external hard drive, which is plugged into the same hub, works … oh dear :(


HOWEVER – I found out today (17 May) that there is an SD slot at the side of the iMac computer; I put the card in and the photos all loaded :)

I got this computer in January 2011 – over five years ago and I didn't know this slot was there … doh :(


(Photos from my iPhone and iPad are uploaded automatically - so this photo was taken with my 'phone.)


Canon Speedlite 430EX II 1/2 50mm diffused with white pillow cover left of camera.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN560 IV 1/2 50mm diffused with white pillow cover right of camera.

My new laptop does not have an SD card reader so I’ve had to keep putting my photos onto a usb stick via my sons computer which does have a slot. I knew I had a card reader somewhere but as my previous laptop had a built in reader I’d lost tabs on where it was.

As we’re here were visiting “I found this” I had another rummage in my office. My son will be happy.

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