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well, probably from someone who couldn't get his head around IOS... ^_~


(I'm not a Cisco fanboy but I do like their gear somehow)

closing speech at CCCamp 07 ... alles ist vorbei

closing speech at CCCamp 07 ... alles ist vorbei

[Just outside the POC]

That's why a couple of friends went in with a fire extinguisher :)


[Greetings to the Yahoo Images search visitors :P]

Don't panic, not even when your tent is flooded

The guy wearing the goggles is seeing the live image from the camera attached to the microkopter, like he is flying in it.

laser tagging in front of the arts & beauty center, courtesy of graffiti research lab. Not sure who made this setup though, it runs on a mac and seems to use the onboard cam which is pretty neat

Make proper use of the bathrooms

Here you could plug in to the network, also the place for the hardware workshops, at the back was the NOC help desk and to the left the Ministry of disinformation.

closing speech at CCCamp 07 ... alles ist vorbei

Finished Geodesic Dome at CCC2007.

What are geeks doing at night in the club? Right, playing infrared controlled video games. This one was set up in the "Arts and Beauty" shelter at the Chaos Communication Camp 2007.

Now we do sell bikinis at the OpenBSD tent, but I'm not sure if this is what we meant... To the left the lovely Machtelt who also cooks our dinner every night and to the right it's Glen and well *ahem*. There's also going to be a bikini-contest tomorrow-night, maybe we should quickly change that into female only? ^_^

check the resolution of that screen... OMG!

An active RFID tag pinned to my jacket. It even blinks!

This part of the camping, is actually right next to one of the runways. Off course this runway is not used, but the other one a bit further is.

It might not be clear but this is the light of a disco ball reflecting in the trees. There's hammocks hanging between the trees, super place to chill.

This is the neatest line I've ever seen at a bar. And, yes, that's "bar": a place to get drinks, not "bar": the word after foo.

I decided to give the OpenMoko guys a visit. I never seen or hold the phone before and I was eager to give it a go.

Chaos Communication Camp 2007

chix truly dig OpenBSD. The shop just opened and the first customers demand pink t-shirts and bikinis ^_^

people standing on a bunker @ chaos communication camp 2007

This is a statue of Lenin which was stolen after the wall came down in germany.


During the 5 days of the Chaos Communication Camp 2007 even Lenin got more relaxed.

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