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Dress “!EE Setosa” - ElvenElder @ Tres Chic

Boots with legparts “Hadley” - Meva @ Cosmopolitan

Pose “Fairytaile 2 “- Foxcity


(Body : Maitreya – Head : Lelutka fleur – Skin : DS’ELLES Vic)





NEW from Raindale - Morningdream Gacha ~ Arcade

CREDITS at Her Sketchbook

"Weedon's Weeds"


Have a fine start to your week ....!

(Turdoides rubiginosus) B28I6311 Samburu NP - Central Kenya

Nov 25, 2018 - Harbor Front - Singapore

Wish everyone a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.


Three guys unwind on the veranda overlooking the sunset behind the shore of Sentosa island.

It was a whole day of overcast sky until the moment when the evening sun just manage to emerge below the clouds, the lights crack through and cast on the two street lamps standing out like dancing musical-notes.

Enjoy the simple things in life.

Noisy and colorful Starling.

Marsh wrens sound to me as if they are cheerfully chattering as they go about their business

Canon EOS 6D - f/10 - 1/5sec - 100mm - ISO 250


- for challenge of the group 'Macro Mondays',

theme: 'Intentional Blur"


- the height of the closed dentures is 4.7cm, so inclusive the chattering movement the total heigth stays within the allowed dimension.


- another (earlier) photo of this peculiar ice tong is in the first comment.


I answered him and he back to me...this went on for several minutes. At first I thought he was a pinto squirrel but now think he's just a lively and friendly red squirrel with very red paws and lots of white.

Seen in northern MN on recent trip. Not often seen where I live.


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This is You. She definitely has developed an extrovert personality.


Thank you for stopping by. Wishing everyone a great week.

Featuring Little Branch LondonPlaneTrees and youngMaple available at October Round of Shiny Shabby


Thank you Exis for asking to collaborate with me and making it happen. Yay!


Please check out her blog for her credits & scene credits ~ Existence


For my credits ~



In the Victorian city of Bendigo they have a hop on, hop off tourist tram that talks visitors through the attractions of the city. Great fun for a rail enthusiast such as myself.


Papotage coloré

A yellow-breasted Chat doing one of his favorite things in this dense vegetation.

Parrots enjoying sunshine in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

SOO 4412 and 4413 snake out of Tower CK with a short 23 car H20 train. This ended up being one of those completely sporadic mornings, unplanned and with sketchy weather. I couldn't sleep, was tracing CP's roster and finally found out what COULD be leading the train. I left La Crosse and headed for Winona, running in to rain, amazing light, rainbows and sunshine along the way. I arrived, it wasn't looking pretty. Time passed, and not to go in to too much detail, the sky cleared off and was open for 30 seconds, at a pretty good moment here to see this scene unfold. It has been two years since I've gotten a pair of these things together, and I wouldn't be surprised if this scenario were the last of its caliber.

Letting my imagination get the better of me again!

Observed in Maria's Garden, New Jersey.

House Wren singing and chattering up on a flag pole!

Big and Noisy,Male Flicker Wood Picker.

U.S.A. : San Francisco - Chinatown


Explore 02 / 10 / 2009



Many thanks to all those who fave or comment always very much appreciated

NEW from Tableau Vivant \\ Bunbun hair ~ Collabor88

MudHoney - Finley Entry Gacha Set

llorisen // chester apartment skybox

Sway's [Laurel] Window Blind - wood

CRESITS at Her Sketchbook

Blue Heron,making some Strange Noise.

The sedge warbler grips a reed tightly while singing his chattering song. Sometimes he takes a leap and performs a song-flight for a few seconds before returning.


It can be hard to distinguish the sedge warbler's song from the reed warbler's.


In Swedish there's a play-on-words to help you learn the difference that goes: Sävsångare sjunger rörligt, rörsångare sjunger sävligt.


That is: Sedge warblers (sävsångare) sing vivaciously, reed warblers (rörsångare) sing leisurely.


There you go. Well, it works in Swedish since the names and the adjectives (although they carry different meanings) match. ;)

Mr. Squirrel,being very Chatty.

Erly Rush Barista talking to customers on coffee and other things.

In these troubled times, could there be a more enchanting distraction than the sound of voles arguing at half two in the morning...…?

Kira & Asha ♡♡♡

This female Baltimore Oriole and a beautiful male have been around all day, visiting the oranges, singing, and (seen here) chattering.

I had the fortune of doing some portrait photography this weekend.

There were a few decent workable solutions from the shoot and will be taking the time to get more completed as the week progresses.


Many thanks to Anthony for organizing and to our model for being such a willing participant.



Getting the gossip from old crows.

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