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Palais de Congres Montreal, the ground floor in the afternoon light.

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We aren't sure what its supposed to make us think. It was outside of our hotel.

"It's like chemistry. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate. Do you really want to be the dandruff of HCI? Reflect on it.

Near the end of the workshop at which I spoke about the intersection of sex and chi, we brainstormed as a group on the resulting topics for the poster.

Fernanda pitches her email visualization to the sleepy masses.

Fernanda goes over her slides with the reporter and a friend.

The last night of the Anselm Kiefer show was the third night of CHI 2006. I got to see his overwhelming, monumental work in a beautiful city.

Dropping science at the CHI 2006 tagging workshop.

His talk summarizing the history of end user programming research.

Is it a doodle? Or is it, instead, a profound slide?

A design problem: one must tilt the glass in order to fit it under the spigot. When the glass is full, one must tilt the glass again in order to remove it. Iced tea spills.

CHI bigwig Terry Winogrand declaims during a panel.

The menu of a fancy Polish "resto", Stash Cafe. Superb food in a relaxed and classy setting. Fresh local beer.

Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal museum of archaeology and history.

At long last, a break in the weather!

A typical vista in the Montreal neighborhood where I'm staying for CHI.

Sacha Chua sports her dogear colors, in the form of a tag-cloud t-shirt of her own devising.

Who knew that these two skills could meet in one body? His was a welcome, spindly presence amongst the dining nerds.

oh sh*t, my soul.

The main nave of the basilica is lit somewhat histrionically.

Raymond Mason's "Illuminated Crowd"; 1981 McGill College Avenue

The Montreal Botanical Gardens have a LOVELY bug zoo. For as icky as they are, the giant hissing cockroachs are pretty cool looking when they are behind glass.

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I love how the colors peek through the I-beams.

Montreal at night


An experimental search interface from Microsoft Research with rich tagging and filtering. Read the paper to learn more.


All the girls remember this moment.

The crystal palace of conference centers is home to CHI2006!

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