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Antofagasta - San Pedro de Atacama - Cemetery in the desert



Nikon F2 / Kodachrome 64

Lindos recuerdos de aquel viaje!😊


Calgary hosts a fireworks competition every August at Elliston Park and Chile was featured on Saturday night, stunning colours were a highlight of the night

Chilean Flamingo @ Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - Jersey, Channel Islands





na Ilha Grande de Chiloé - 2009


Plaza Sotomayor - Valparaiso - Chile

Flamenco de Chile

Flamenc de Xile


Zoo de Barcelona



What is the difference with others?

-They have grey legs with pink joints and feet.


¿Cuál es la diferencia con los otros?

-Tienen las patas grises con las articulaciones y los pies rosas.


Quina diferència hi ha amb els altres?

-Tenen les potes grises amb les articulacions i els peus rosa.


The "Anacleto Angelini - UC innovation centre building" is a office tower designed by Elemental architects office (Chile) and opened to the public in 2015.


It´s placed in the San Joaquín campus of the Chilean Catholic University, in Macul district (south eastern suburbs of Santiago) and has 14 floors of height. This building was designed for create a innovation environment.


This design and others done by Elemental architects (and also, Alejandro Aravena) won the 2016 Pritzker Prize.

The Chilean flamingo is a large species of flamingo at 110–130 cm (43–51 in) closely related to American flamingo and greater flamingo

Found a small group of them crossing the summit in the Andes in a snow storm in Peru. Archives.

At beautiful contryside of Chile

- Pequén-5 - Expressionism City Flare Cosmic Realignment - TS2 3


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Original diapositiva Reproducido con Refelcta x7 Scan

Apparently the Chilean fjords in Patagonia very rarely experience the kind of sunshine we witnessed there.

How interesting to know that tarantulas are not naturally very aggressive and they are rarely lethal. Like any other animals, they will defend themselves once cornered.


Just in case you decided to keep Chilean rose tarantula as a pet, here is a very insightful link to read:


For more useful information about this tarantulas, please visit:


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[The Landmark]

Sunset over south Pacific Ocean in summer

(At chilean central zone coast)

Chépica and Las Gaviotas beaches

Near southern entrance of El Tabo

Town of El Tabo

City and Seaport of San Antonio

Valparaíso region



[El Lugar]

Atardecer de verano sobre el Océano Pacífico Sur

(en la costa central chilena)

Playas Las Gaviotas y Chépica

Cerca de la entrada sur de El Tabo

Municipalidad de El Tabo

Ciudad y Puerto de San Antonio

Región de Valparaíso




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November, 2020 | Noviembre de 2020



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Apparently the Chilean fjords in Patagonia very rarely experience the kind of sunshine we witnessed there.

Puerto Natales - Chile

Chile. Rainbow over Torres del Paine.


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The famous Chile House in Hamburg.

If you go there be reminded it does not have as many stories as I am showing here, so don't be disappointed :)

Canon TS-E 17mm 4.0L via Sigma MC-11 on Sony A7rII

Shift panorama and compositing

GlobalFest international fireworks I bought a ticket for Chile to get access to the lake for reflection shots, I was not disappointed!

Seeds and pods from Thai Red Chile, for Macro Mondays theme "Seeds" These seeds are very small - the walnut stripe is 7/8 inch wide.


La cordillera de la costa, se encuentra con el mar, formando todo innumerables playas y caletas, a cual mas vistosa.


The coastal mountain range, meets the sea, forming countless beaches and coves .

Salteador Chileno, Chilean Skua, Stercorarius chilensis.


Offshore Valparaíso

Región Valparaíso


Flamenco Chileno

(Phoenicopterus chilensis)

Flamenco Chileno (Phoenicopterus chilensis)

En route from Chile to Argentina.

(129/365) Unfortunately I hadn't got my camera with me when I visited the JFK Arboretum this week (I was working out a transect for a butterfly survey which was complicated enough & taking the camera would have sidetracked me too much) but I did take a few iPhone shots. This magnificent crimson flower belongs to an shrub called Embothrium coccineum commonly called Chilean Firebush or Flame tree. It was huge, at least 12m tall.


For my 100 Flowers 2017 project.


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