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//Ascend// Cody Jeans - @TMD

NATIVE URBAN - Unknown High Sneakers

[InDiGo] Sintra Idle Breathing & Static Stands @Manly Arena




[Krescendo] Hot Tub Streamer Set - @Kinky

[Krescendo] Inflatable Chair - @Blanc

{what next} Mango Ice Pops Giver

Junk Food - Cookout Platters

Clover - Sentient plush boy @Level

My neighbors dog.

One of the more backwoods and obscure parts of the BNSF system is the Cody Subdivision. Linking to the Casper Sub at Frannie, WY, this section of track is served by a single local freight that tends to rate a caboose and a pair of displaced road units. With just one car in tow, we caught the R-PWR8162-26I heading through the town of Powell, mid way through the branch on a hot July morning. Those SD70MACs are a couple hundred miles but a whole world away from the PRB coal fields for which they were built.

Cody Peak, at an elevation of 10,138’ (3,056m), rises above the North Fork of the Shoshone River near Pahaska Teepee in the Absorka Mountains west of Cody The Peak sits on the eastern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. The North Fork river flows through the first National Forest in the US, Shoshone National Forest.


The rocks on the mountain and the surrounding area belong to the Absaroka Volcanics Supergroup which is the remnant of a volcanic field that was active in the Eocene between 53 and 43 million years ago.

The outriders help the the 4th of July Parade in Cody Wyoming go smoothly and safely.

The west end of the longest of 3 tunnels on US 14-16-20 in Shoshone Canyon enters the crystalline core of the Rattlesnake Anticline near the Buffalo Bill Dam just west of Cody Wyoming. The 3,202 foot long tunnel, the longest in Wyoming, was dug in 1960 when the road way was moved away from the river. The rocks, mostly gneiss and granitic gneiss (at this location) date to around 2.6 billion years ago. Geologist call this time period during the Precambrian the Archean Eon. These rocks represent a time when Wyoming was a separate microcontinent called the Wyoming Craton which existed 500 million years before the North American Continent formed. These rugged rocks in Shoshone Canyon are a favorite of climbers.

Trolly decorated for the holidays during the Christmas Parade in Cody, Wyoming

4th of July Parade, Cody Wyoming

Jonian and Rick have done it again. They teamed up for the Signature event and brought you a whole summery set of the Cody Line. It´s perfect for those last warm days and a nice walk outside. They even included sandals for the ladies.


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!!! Please notice the location change for the Cody Set, the Sandals stay where they are until the event is over!!!


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Cody Stampede Parade, Cody Wyoming

4th of July Parade, Cody Wyoming

4th of July Parade, Cody Wyoming

The old grain elevator in Cody, Nebraska.

My new Yellow Lab pup at 8 weeks old brought home this evening. All he did was sleep in his carrier so far waking only for a few minutes to chew some shredded paper then seemingly deciding reality just isn`t for him then crashed back out .

Cody still needs more shots and needs to be introduced to his new world around him, including 2 cats... which should theoretically go ok.

Let the fun begin!


Cody was 2 in this picture, I believe. I thought I would show a baby picture for his 11 birthday today. He is a spoiled little 5-pound boy.

Cody standing on his green dragon wanting to play.

Have Unequal

HU Cody Outfit

@ Belle Event


✔Mainstore the after event


Juna Artistic Tattoo

Dory tattoo



Orb Censor....

Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

Bento Orb Censer by Aii & Ego

@ Crystal Heart!


GingerFish Poses - Dancing with a Stranger @ eBento


5 poses, mirror poses incl, and posestand.

Im using the pose laying down :D


Wicca's Originals - Havoc Mask @ Wlrp


This uniqueHavoc Maskis the face protection for the fashionable post-apocalyptic survivor. Fits either sex, and comes with 6 color options, plus 4 camouflage style textures.


[HU] Cody Outfit @ Belle


This Sexy Skirt and Jacket is a "must have" you can't miss!!!!

Available in 6 colors each with Hud to change the metals, belts, and Collar (Jacket).


tram F728 hair / HUD-B




Love Be x

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Head: LeLutka - Bento Head-GUY

Skin: Clef de Peau - Cody T2 [LELUTKA] Applier @Access

HairBase: Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB 05

Eyes: Avi-Glam - Tender Eyes - Lelutka Applier



Cody wears - Riotzink - Tattoo - Handsome Kunt

Dory wears - Riotzink - Tattoo All-in-one - Wanderlust


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Photographed near Cody, Wyoming.

A Jack Russell called Cody

Mang Cody


4/7/1991 - 2/1/2010


One of the last photos of my dear little Mang. At nearly 19 years old, she was suffering with arthritic pain and at least one tumor. We made the tough decision to euthanize her a couple of weeks back.


We miss you, Mang!

Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox overhead. AB800 open behind backdrop of white faux suede.Triggered by Cybersync.


Cody, a Jack Russell (my son's dog) who likes to live dangerously by repeatedly attempting to make friends with Auntie Elk ... who as we all know does not like making friends and usually shows her appreciation of the efforts by using her teeth ... however, Cody, as befits his breed is quite stoical about it and just tries again ... hmmm

Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox overhead. AB800 open behind backdrop of white faux suede.Triggered by Cybersync.


February 1, 2014

Cody liegt 80 km östlich vom Yellowstone-Nationalpark. Eine Straße über eine der Brücken über den Fluss in Cody führt direkt zum Eingang Ost des Yellowstone Nationalparks. Wikipedia


Leider verfolgt uns das schlechte Wetter ;-(


Cody's been glued to the window the last couple of days as the squirrels prepare for winter.

Cody Wall at the Brad Wall Memorial event at Red River Co-op Speedway, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera right. Triggered by Cybersync.

Every night during the Summer months of June, July and August there is a rodeo in Cody, Wyoming. This is what makes them the Rodeo Capital of the World.

s q u a r e s s u s p e n d e d


Cody and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful spring mornings to enjoy our annual ritual of planting the central backyard garden together, where he often hangs out on the cool pavers of the outdoor shower to oversee it all.


This image started out as a photograph of some splashy coleus plants...and then transformed into more of the essence of the time and place as many of my images do.

Sala vanni - Firenze

A Concert and Conversation with Cody ChesnuTT "Unplugged" @ Firenze

Model: Cody Aethmorot

Location: Surfer's Bay

Cody Cormier getting creative at this unique spot. Ollie over to back lip.


I had a fun morning photographing some sweethearts looking for their forever homes. Details on Cody and other future family members at

Haha ! You go to hate me Cody xD. It's the last : my fav :)) (Madeleine don't worry, i don't fall in love with Cody^^)

@Black milk

Every night during the Summer months of June, July and August there is a rodeo in Cody, Wyoming. This is what makes them the Rodeo Capital of the World.

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