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.. taken on a photowalk in MA and edited together during a Skype call with phyllographer .. enjoy :)

My boho queeeeens! So grateful to have worked with, laughed with, and built friendships with these AMAZINGGGG, talented beauties. You are my inspos always ♥♥♥


If you haven't had a chance, check out our journey through SL, blogging, and collaborations in this month's issue of ECLIPSE MAGAZINE.

Bumble Bee and Aster, Mt. Rainier National Park.

20 Oct 2021; 13:10 CDT; Velvia+


Collaboration done via US Mail

Landscape painting over an abstract monoprint, bwf and jel collaboration thru the mail

Collaboration through the mail with, I got this one folded to fit the envelope and it stuck together. When I pulled it apart I tore off pieces of each folded side. Later I puzzled over the pieces and found where they fit together and glued them in place.

photo, decor and model by Purple Leonis ( Nel4481)

Outfit Angel by Salt and Pepper @ The Arcades Gacha Event Now

Hair Angel = Abbie by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 event

Outfit Demon by Salt and Pepper @ The Arcades Gacha Event Now

Hair Demon = Lordie by Tableau Vivant @ Uber event


Collaboration -mailed art papers

Landscape idea by jack over an abstract drawing by me, finally edited by me

I've been coming here for a great many years but I have never ever seen cloud formations light this. From New Years Eve, 2012. Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

We had such a beautiful snowfall overnight that, for some odd reason, it made me think of Schubert's Winterreise Lieder Song Cycle. And then I felt like doing this in a Georgia O'Keeffe style. What a combination for the second day of what we're calling a New Year. I wonder what Schubert and O'Keeffe think of my pairing?!


Here's one of my favourites in the cycle sung by one of my favourite tenors, whom I've now obviously drawn into the collaboration! My mother accompanied my father for many of the Winterreise - what a duo they were musically!

This is a collaboration for Summerjoust2021 with MedievalBrick, Sami and Jan the creator


A big thanks to Rilbist who made this awesome collage !

A cut open mailing envelope decorated by Mel and me

Mailed art collaboration with Jack Loeb

Collaboration with J. Loeb

Painting collab with artjel - mailed back and forth, painted on a recycled Express Mail envelope

Collaboration with Jack loeb on a mailing envelope

...when photog becomes model


Collaboration with artjel on Flickr -mailed back and forth till done


Special thanks to my precious friend and exceptional blogger Baihley for helping me in this collaboration and having the necessary patience to pose with me, I know you do not have much time so my thanks are twofold.😘🌹

Collaboration with J Loeb by mail

I'm glad to present you the newest project by LUG, the Viking Village!

8 members and friends of our community teamed up for a huge early medieval display in the far north, where the Vikings rule unquestionably!


The whole collab stands on 7x8 standard 32x32 baseplates. We want to expand this project next year, as more builders enter with their parts. This is definitely a long-term project. ;)

Big thanks to JaskiertheBard, because he was the one to start the project and he has built a huge chunk of its baseplates, including basically everything on the left side. I've only built a tiny 2x2 slice with the pathway uptop the cliff. :P


Please excuse my terrible editing skills, but I guess it looks fine for a photo that was primarily taken on a convention last week with a light striking into the camera lens. It was tough, but I guess it looks quite nice. :)


More details shots soon!


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josefalcao auster photographer / ambrosia editor


Mailed envelope collaboration w/Jack Loeb

My first Collaboration with beautiful Bella <3




On Trixie (right side)


Scandalize. Kya Romper @ Bloom



#Besom~Rory All Tones


On Mɪss Dɪᴀᴢ (left side)


TETRA - Lifeline Outfit @ Collabor88



Doux - Stella hairsytle


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This work is dedicated to my very good friend, Massimo. Despite the many miles of separation, our friendship is strong and our collaboration is never-ending! Thank you, dear Massimo xoxo


Continuing with my Positive Flags of the Nations with celebrating the power of Collaboration.


It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." – Napolean Hill


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Title from the EA Poe poem -collaboration with j loeb

Mail art collaboration with artjel

Drawing on the back side of a collaboration painting on brown paper

This is a work that Massimo and I have collaborated on more than once. We have a tremendous time collaborating, it surely keeps

our imagination going and gives us lots of fun. Thank you Massimo. You can find Massimo's wonderful works at the link below:


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Collaboration through the mail with jack



Herewith an updated edit in collaboration with Agnes.

Thank you very much Agnes, I like it very much!

An improv with my collaborator, thank you my friend, it’s always a pleasure to work on something new.

I am most grateful for the creative enhancement of this passing train from my car by Harsubagh, an artist/writer I greatly admire who is one of the premier color Abstract artists on Flickr. Salud


And an even more creative variation by Harsubagh here:


Love Train:



A special collaboration with an artist that I personally admire a lot, and also, a very special friend of mine. Thank you so much for always inspiring me no matter what story our life can tell us:) Cheers,

A letter to my collaborator

Art collaboration and mailed between jack loeb and I. Painted on newspaper.

Noah's Original


What a pleasure to work with such a talented artist/photographer. If you haven't seen Noah's photos... well, you should take some time and do so. Lots of great stuff to see in his photostream!

I was talking a break from driving my semi, when the clouds opened up on a small group of trees nearby. So, I grabbed my camera and began to play with the autumn foliage and light.

I feel like photography is a collaboration, we are only a participant, working with all the other parts that make up a photograph, each part important.

ღ Collaboration with Nuva ღ


↬ Lotion/Sunblocker with Bento-Hold Animation (clickable) - unrigged

↬ 4 different styles

↬ closed or open tube - open tube with drip animation)

↬ Do it Yourself Kit inlcluded

↬ Lotion Blob for chest/arm/tummy/leg - unrigged

↬ Copy/Mody


Available at Summer Camp!



Check Nuva Store too

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