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145 Multicolor Photography - 145 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography, Design, Analysis, Editing and Community Manager


This is Evans. We spent seven days in the company of Joseph, community manager for Wildlife Works, and Bernard and Evans, two Wildlife Works Rangers pictured below. I was impressed by their work, their passion for the wildlife in the Project area, and the danger they face from poachers. A poaching incident occurred on my last day in Kenya, and the pain was evident on their faces.


The 81 rangers working in the Kenya Kasigau Corridor are employed by REDD+ Project manager Wildlife Works. Audi supports Wildlife Works as part of a carbon offset program that compensates for the manufacturing and first 50,000 gas-driving miles of the new A3 e-tron.

Last Sunday night I ventured out with a few fellow Google+ photographers, +Tony Gee & +Carole Diamond down to Wanda Beach just south of Sydney. It was a very windy cold night and would be a challenge to get a good shot. So down to the beach we go with cameras and tripods in hand. MY set up was a Nikon D90 and a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens purchased 18 months ago for nearly $1,500-00. In the past when we have been out with fellow Google+ photographer +Alexander Kesselaar we have both attempted to do our spins and get the sparks as close to our lenses as possible, guess what?


Lesson #1 when going our light painting, use a Filter on your lens


A very small piece of very very hot molten metal hit the front of my lens and pitted the front element of my lens as can be seen in image #4 damage is permanent and could only be repaired by sending in the lens to have the front element replaced, although I may get away with it as I cannot see what it has done in image #3 which was taken about 10 minutes after the incident. I am only happy that this didnt happen on Good Friday when a group of us took the Google+ Photography Community Manager +Brian Rose to a nearby location to do a very similar night of light painting. (this is Brian's awesome image from that night



Issue 024 of HispaBrick Magazine®, the magazine for fans of LEGO® constructions is now available. In this issue we have a look at the work The arvo Brothers have done, presenting their ALIEN project in book form, we interview Michał Kazmierczak (migalart) in our section Great Creators, designers like Lennart Cort and Kevin Hinkle Community Manager of LEGO® Community Engagement (LCE).


We also bring you a new instalment of Building trees, related to the MILS system and tutorials on MINDSTORMS and LEGO® WeDo.


We analyse a number of recent sets, including the Brick Bank, the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarter and Doctor Who as well as sets like the Heavy-Haul Train and the Imperial Star Destroyer


Don’t miss our articles on the HispaBrick Magazine Event 2015 and our presence at the first Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2015 as well as our Pillars of the Community LUGNET and Hoth Bricks.


This and much more that we are sure you will like. We hope you enjoy this issue!






Ya disponéis del número 024 de HispaBrick Magazine®, la revista para los fans de las construcciones de LEGO®. En este nuevo número veremos el último trabajo de The arvo Brothers, que en forma de libro nos presentan su ALIEN project, entrevistamos a Michał Kazmierczak (migalart) dentro del apartado los Grandes Creadores del mundo, a diseñadores como Lennart Cort y a Kevin Hinkle Community Manager del LEGO® Community Engagement (LCE).


Volvemos a traer una nueva entrega de Construyendo árboles, del sistema MILS, tutoriales de MINDSTORMS y LEGO® WeDo.


Analizamos varias de las últimas novedades como el Brick Bank, el Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarter y Doctor Who y de sets como el Heavy-Haul Train y el Imperial Star Destroyer.


No os perdáis nuestro reportaje del HispaBrick Magazine Event 2015 y nuestra presencia en el primer Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2015 y a nuestros Pilares de la Comunidad LUGNET y Hoth Bricks.


Y mucho más que esperamos que sea de vuestro interés. Esperamos que disfrutéis de este número.



Good time out with team flickr shooting street art around the Tenderloin today. Good catching up with Matthew as well as the event organizer Bhautik Joshi and meeting more of the other folks working at flickr along with new and old friends. A fun time.

taken by jenn community manager of sansar! thanks jenn!


Hi Scott,


I will try to be brief (it's not easy for me), I've got a lot of work to do over at Google+ today (which is where I'm spending more and more of my time) -- we have a photo hangout show there tonight that I should be working on right now.


First, congratulations on your new appointment as CEO. As a long-term critic of Yahoo I wish you the best and believe every new CEO deserves a fresh chance. I hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. The Street does not like the news of your appointment, but Yahoo's stock would have probably gone down with *ANY* CEO appointment. The Street wants Yahoo to be sold off and your appointment makes that likelihood a little more murky (why hire a CEO to come get a boatload of severance cash if you're just going to sell the company in 2 weeks anyways -- unless the CEO is being hired to actually sell the company).


I'm going to give you some advice about Yahoo. It probably won't make a bit of difference (it didn't for Carol).


1. Flickr represents your *BEST* possible chance for social at Yahoo, but it's probably too late. Social is key. Social is winning. Facebook is social. Google is social. Twitter is social. Every great web company *must* incorporate social going forward. It's imperative. You can start from scratch or you can try to leverage your best shot at social which is Flickr. I know Flickr is not the most profitable thing Yahoo does -- and I know that profits are very important to CEO types like yourself, but trust me, forget about the immediate profitability, social IS important for your longer-term sustainability.


Google has spent hundreds of millions of dollars so far for social on Google+ -- with *NO* advertising or paid accounts. Why? Well for many reasons that have nothing to do with short-term profitability, but just assume that they can siphon off even 1% of the supposed $100 billion value of Facebook, that's a billion dollars for spending a few hundred mil. Not a bad return. Of course they have plans to siphon off *FAR* more than just 1% and far better ways to monetize things in the longer run beyond even just the network itself.


2. It will be challenging to turn flickr into a full fledged social network. Too many people think of it as a photo sharing site. This is one of your challenges -- but fix social for photographers and you'll pull in other accounts... maybe. But the competition for social is fierce. The competition wants what little photo social Flickr has left by the way. They are siphoning it off right now as we speak. There's a reason that Flickr's uniques are down 20% since June (according to Look at this last flickr post by Ingo Meckmann. Ingo's a great photographer by the way. This is what is happening to Flickr right now. Photographers are leaving. Google+ is siphoning off your flickr accounts and you're losing your best social asset at Yahoo. Ingo's move away from Flickr is just one of many, many, many such moves.


3. Flickr lacks vision and a leader. Maybe this is because most people at Yahoo don't care about Flickr (again, it's not the most profitable thing in the world). Maybe this is because Yahoo cannot recruit a strong leader. I don't know. Again, this is your challenge. I've been on Flickr since 2004. Remember when Bradley Horowitz bought Flickr for Yahoo back in the day? Back when Stewart Butterfield ran the show there. Stewart was a bold visible leader. It helped that he was cofounder of the site and it was his baby, but he was a big personality who was out there banging the drum, interacting with the community, selling flickr to the world. Even if you didn't always agree with his management decisions, he was at least visible.


Who is selling flickr to the world now? Nobody, that's who. Do we even know who the General Manager of Flickr is anymore? Who is out there drumming up Flickr photo walks like Google+ is doing? Nobody. Who is out there talking about weekly Flickr innovation? Nobody.


Look at the big bold leadership of Google+. Look at Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz -- the very top guys. These guys are constantly promoting their baby. They live and breath it. It's in their blood. I had a little censorship hiccup over on Google+ the other day and within about 10 minutes of posting about it at 1am in the morning Vic Gundotra himself responded to the issue and it got fixed. Go to their Google+ accounts and look at what they are posting. Now look what your Flickr Chief is posting (sorry Markus, nothing personal). Who is rallying the troops at Flickr? Who is leading the charge?


4. You have an excellent opportunity to turn Flickr into a stock photography powerhouse and you should. Why? Well for two reasons. First off there are only two companies in the world today who can compete with Getty Images. Google and Yahoo (with Flickr). It's a multi-billion dollar industry ripe for disruption. But secondly, if you really reformed the stock photography market you'd attract all of the best photographers in the world today to Flickr. If you came out with something fairer than a 20% Getty payout and you really put the muscle behind promoting Flickr as a stock powerhouse, you'd retain many of your top photographers who are leaving and you'd attract many more. It's a hook, and a big hook, what social person doesn't like being *paid* to be social? Best of all, you get a cut. How many bored housewives with cameras are sitting out there who wouldn't want to earn a few extra hundred bucks a month? Make this dream come true not just for some of the accounts on Flickr, but open it up to literally everyone.


5. Innovate, innovate, innovate. Apparently you are a tech guy. Flickr needs circles (like Google+). You need to spend about 3 weeks studying Flickr Groups and why they are one of the stickiest social things on the web over the past 10 years. Alot about Flickr Groups need to be changed (you need more robust blocking tools, you need better ways to track threads across groups, you need to integrate group threads into your mobile experience, etc.), but at core, they are highly social little mini social systems buried deep inside of Yahoo. Figure them out. Free them. Promote them. Use them to their full potential instead of letting them languish in obscurity buried in the basement of flickr.


6. Get a flickr account yourself. I gave Carol this advice too and she never took it. Really. You are CEO of Yahoo. You *should* at least have a flickr account. It would be best if you really used it of course, but even if all it is is a puppet account that your assistant posts vacation photos to for you, do it. If you don't support your own product, why should we? More importantly, what kind of message does it send to your employees working on Flickr if you can't even be bothered to set up an account.


7. Overhaul community management at flickr. It's gotten better now that Heather's out (I finally got off the Explore blacklist that Heather always denied ever even existed), but barely. Follow Google's lead and beef up the community management team (I think Google has like 20 community managers or something like that). Get folks in there who will interact with the community, who will promote the community, who will celebrate the community.


Look at Vic Gundotra's last post over at Google+. What is it? It's a post celebrating an interesting article by Trey Ratcliff, one of the photo community leaders who has emerged on Google+. How do you think it makes Trey feel when Vic Gundotra himself comes out and brings up one of his posts? How do you think it made Mike Elgan feel last night? Look at how popular a flickr account Trey has. Who at flickr is reaching out to him and making him feel as special as Vic is making him feel? Who is community management?


Vic is leading by example here. And his community managers are doing the same thing. That's so smart. This is one of the many reasons why Google is winning at social. I hope Brian Rose and Chris Chabot and Natalie Villalobos and Michael Hermeston and Ricardo Lagos and tag team of Dave Cohen and Vincent Mo, and Tony Payne and Chew Chee and Sparky and soooooo many more Googlers got big fat year-end bonuses at Google, because they deserve it (and wayyy more Googlers that I know I left out, sorry).


Where is the community manangement at Flickr? Where is the outreach? Where is the social?


Finally, try this. Hop on the Verge's (don't you love cutting edge new tech sites?) article about your new appointment today, or wherever and ask the question, "what is the best internet property that Yahoo has today?" Watch how many people say Flickr. Flickr represents your best chance to funnel positive technology out of Yahoo in a highly visible way. People care more about Flickr than any other Yahoo property. It's highly, highly visible, despite profitability issues. Let your other sleepy little businesses provide the profitability why you hold Flickr up as your beacon and proof that Yahoo can innovate. Do something bold. Get rid of the paid account. Facebook and Google+ don't charge for accounts. I know there's probably a big gasp there as paid accounts are probably the number one thing contributing to Flickr's profitability at present, but do it anyways. People will love it. It will get great press. It will be a big bold move and a signal that Yahoo has much bigger plans for profitability going forward than paid Pro accounts.


That is all Scott. Best of luck. If you ever want to talk about Flickr, I have many, many more ideas on how you can turn that failing ship around. Show us you've got what it takes.


Dear Elisa:


Last month when you announced Yahoo! Inc's new multi-million dollar ad campaign including the tagline, "the internet's under new management yours," I wrote you an open letter. While admittedly the letter was critical and even a bit sarcastic at times regarding censorship on Yahoo's photo sharing site Flickr, I nonetheless was hopeful that perhaps Yahoo was sincere in your latest marketing message. I thought the statement was much better than the last big Yahoo marketing campaign about everybody needing to wear purple clothes or whatever, and as someone who values customer service oriented companies, I thought it was a positive statement for Yahoo to make.


Unfortunately, at this point, however, I am going to have to call bullshit on your new campaign. I assume it's ok with you that I'm using such strong language to describe your campaign. Your boss Carol Bartz has built a big reputation as a tough talker with salty language so I'm hoping you'll understand.


You see Elisa, despite the fact that seemingly everywhere I turn in San Francisco I see another one of your new ads on a bus shelter somewhere, the message rings hollow. It's doublespeak. It's inauthentic.


Yesterday, your Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ destroyed a community on Flickr that was home to over 3,000 hard-core Yahoo users. It was a community of photographers, many of whom have spent years on Yahoo in a group that was rich and vibrant. The group had over 5,000 ongoing conversations in it. It's where many of us lived on Yahoo. The group was in part dedicated to free speech, but it was so much more than that. The group was a place where we talked about music. Where we shared tips on photography. Where we debated about film vs. digital. Where we went to ask each other for advice on what lens we ought to purchase next. It was a place where many of us went to meet each day. It was a place where offline photography meetups were organized. We actually published a magazine together. Many of us became good friends in real life.


But yesterday, while we were conversing there, and without any warning or opportunity to take any sort of self-corrective action, your Community Manager went nuclear and destroyed all of that user data. All of it. Every last thread. With a push of a button. Threads that were meaningful and important to us.


This was data that did not belong to Yahoo! Elisa. You destroyed something that did not belong to you. You destroyed hours and hours of peoples hard work maliciously and callously. You destroyed a group dedicated to free speech, but more significantly you destroyed a group that thousands of people had put significant emotional energy into.


And do you know what your Community Manager was tweeting mere seconds before she nuked this very popular group Elisa? She was tweeting "I hate your freedom."


That's right Elisa I, hate, your, freedom. That's the image that I chose to go with this letter to you. A screenshot of her freedom hating tweet.


While I'm sure your representative got a good laugh out of that tweet, personally I found it as offensive as the fact that so much user data was destroyed so callously in the first place. You see Elisa, Yahoo already has a problem with people thinking that you hate freedom. Remember when Jerry Yang got called before the U.S. Congress and was brow beaten after you all released private emails to the Chinese Govt which resulted in a Chinese journalist's imprisonment to this day? Remember just last week when rumors (very unfounded rumors I might add) were flying that Yahoo! had released private information on thousands of freedom seeking dissidents to the Iranian Govt?


"I hate your freedom?" Really Elisa? This is the marketing message that you as Yahoo's Chief Marketing Officer want to send out to the world as you rip apart an online community dedicated to free speech. It's distasteful and it's offensive.


You see Elisa, all the money spent in the world on bus stop billboards cannot make your marketing message ring true when the real voices, real human authentic voices online, ring out that the internet (at least at Yahoo!) is in fact very much not under our management at all. In fact our feelings are not taken into consideration one iota. We, thousands of us, are tossed aside, thrown out like garbage. Our hard work destroyed by you. Not only do actions like this invalidate your message, they create enormous ill will against Yahoo that will stand for many years going forward.


A number of help forum threads (now all conveniently locked down by your staff) were created over the destruction of this group. I will quote you the official Yahoo! statement, again from Ms. Champ stated in one of those locked threads:


"Flickr is a community with fences. If you want the open range, then unfortunately, what you want to do is beyond what we allow."


You see how that reads Elisa? It does not read that Yahoo is all about "you" at all. It's a patronizing statement that says Yahoo is not about what "you" want. It's about what "we" want. I hope you can see how this statement directly contradicts your current marketing slogan that the internet is under new management, you.


I'm sure you are familiar with John Gilmore, Elisa, a well respected thinker who co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a quite respected organization that fights for freedom online. John Gilmore once said, "the Internet perceives censorship as damage and routes around it." And that's what many of us have now done. Many of us in the community that was destroyed have now decided that we will no longer use Yahoo for our community experience. Yahoo simply cannot be trusted to not destroy thousands of hours of our work in the future. Instead we will be using community space hosted by one of your competitors, FriendFeed, a site owned by Facebook.


You see, despite not having a large glitzy "the internet's about you," campaign, to my knowledge FriendFeed has never censored anyone. They have this really cool feature allowing users to block somebody if you don't like what they have to say instead. It's great. When you do that they just disappear entirely on the site for you. Poof. Magic. Rather than pay for salaries and benefits for a team of censors, they just let their users block content that they don't like and let me tell you, it works *alot* better that way.


Interestingly enough Elisa, FriendFeed was founded in part by the very guy who came up with the Google (another one of your competitors) slogan, "don't be evil," -- as a marketing exec I'm sure you realize how powerful of a corporate message that has turned out to be, much more powerful than everybody needs to wear purple.


I'd hope that you could see how nuking an entire group over what was a skirmish between maybe two members in the group might not make sense. You used a shotgun to kill a gnat.


Many things could have been done to more responsibly address the Yahoo concern in question. Admins of the group could have been warned and given an opportunity to take corrective action on their own, the single offending post could have been deleted rather than destroying thousands of posts 99.9% of which were entirely unoffensive, you could have simply removed what you found offensive and locked the group down, leaving a rich collection of user data to at least exist in an archive format for future reference for those who had created it.


It did not need to be nuked.


I do hope you take a moment out of your busy day to address this situation personally Elisa because it is damaging to both Yahoo's brand and your own campaign that you are spending significant shareholder money on.


And as long as these are the types of actions that you and your management stand behind then your current campaign is very much meaningless indeed. I do also hope that you do not allow your staff to personally retaliate against me by nuking my own flickr photostream for writing to you what is in fact a very respectful letter.


Thomas Hawk

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John,van Ierland,,Noblesse Uitgeverij,Schrijver,13 Dec 2020

Benjamin,Kumbruck,,HARIBO The Netherlands and Belgium,Human Resources Business Partner,13 Dec 2020

Wilma,Geldof,,Overamstel Uitgevers (House of Books) Luitingh Sijthoff Uitgeverij Holland,"Schrijver voor jeugd en volwassenen schrijfdocent manuscriptanalyse, beoordeling en advies",13 Dec 2020

Tom,De Beckker,,LUDVIG,Theatermaker/Founder,13 Dec 2020

Emmanuel,Vercruysse,,Hogeschool VIVES,Lector emerging technologies,13 Dec 2020

Emilie,Depuydt - Happy Coach,,Happy Coach,Zaakvoerder,13 Dec 2020

Wouter,Polspoel,,Redactiebureau Palindroom,Hoofdredacteur,13 Dec 2020

Jurgen,Nakielski,,Gemeentebestuur Willebroek,bibliotheekmedewerker,13 Dec 2020

Tim,Cassauwers,,AXI,Project Leader,13 Dec 2020

Katia,Van Cauwenberghe,,Het Punt Dendermonde,Schrijver,13 Dec 2020

Eva,De Groote,,,Nieuwe Einders,13 Dec 2020

Laurianne,Aerts,,@LaurianneBooks,Bookstagrammer ,13 Dec 2020

Lucas,Hüsgen,,Zelfstandige,"schrijver, dichter, vertaler, fotograaf",13 Dec 2020

Sofie,De Vriese,,Sofie De Vriese,freelance schrijver / journalist / copywriter / storyteller,13 Dec 2020

Bowling,Brands,,Bowling Brands,Brand Building Experts - Christophe Ghewy & Gwenn Nevelsteen,13 Dec 2020

Hans,Fraeyman,,ULTREIA,Business Analyst,13 Dec 2020

Sofie,Steenhaut,,Freelance,Freelance journalist,13 Dec 2020

Matthias,Van de Velde,,Textbroker Nederland,Freelance copywriter,13 Dec 2020

Monique,Pereij,,Meerbewust,"Filosoof, schrijver, bewustmaker en verbinder",13 Dec 2020

Yves,De Pauw,,compagnie lodewijk/louis,acteur/theaterauteur,13 Dec 2020

Leen,Raats,,Zelfstandige,Freelance copywriter - journalist - schrijver,13 Dec 2020

Karen,Van Winkel,,Zelfstandige,Freelance fotograaf,13 Dec 2020

Marc,Terreur,,De Wondere Wereld,"bedenker en schrijver van scenario's, verhalen, liedjes - muzikant",13 Dec 2020

Els,Van Beneden,,LAVA - Lees- en Adviesgroep Volwassenen met Autisme vzw,Dagelijks bestuurder,13 Dec 2020

Hans,Andriessen,,BouwMind,Coach/trainer,13 Dec 2020

Laura,Bonne,,B-architecten,Communicatieverantwoordelijke,13 Dec 2020

Henke,van der Poel,,i VDP,Sprinkler specialist,13 Dec 2020

olivier,de schrijver,,commechezvousart ,fondateur de la societe de meuble design,13 Dec 2020

Paul,De Bruyn,,Journalist en schrijver/Journalist and writer,Zelfstandige/Self Employee,13 Dec 2020

Anja,Pakula,,Warner Bros. International Television Production België,Eindredacteur,13 Dec 2020

Maartje,Luif,,Taalunie,Eindredacteur,13 Dec 2020

Harm,Hakkoer,,"Minters, dienstverleners in welzijn",Burenbemiddelaar,13 Dec 2020

Connie,Harkema,,Zelfstandige,"beeldend kunstenaar, schrijver en dichter",13 Dec 2020

Yves,Saerens,,School voor schoonheidszorgen Denise Grésiac,Docent middelbaar onderwijs,13 Dec 2020

Harry,van Deelen,,Stichting Ad Eco,Voorzitter / oprichter,13 Dec 2020

Wilbert,van Haneghem,,KLM,Purser,13 Dec 2020

Ludo,Verstraete,,DELA Belgium,HR director,13 Dec 2020

Erwin,DOENS,,home,Lyricist / Songwriter / Creatief schrijver,13 Dec 2020

Lulu,Wang,,het lelietheater b.v.,schrijver,13 Dec 2020

Merle,Van Winge,,TRIXXO Jobs,Corporate Recruiter,09 Dec 2020

Shana,Indestege,,Anahs si,Social media specialist,07 Dec 2020

Olivier,PERBET (MBA) - Warner Bros and Ex Disney,,Warner Bros. Entertainment,International Marketing Director,04 Dec 2020

Bart,Blanckaert,,Zodiak Belgium,ER Blind Gekocht,04 Dec 2020

Cara,Verhees,,Done by Friday | DbF,Accountexecutive,04 Dec 2020

Emilie,Gagnon,,Ubisoft,HR Director,03 Dec 2020

Don,Cooper “Retiredâ€,,Intel,Executive Search Recruiter (Senior Talent Advisor),03 Dec 2020

Eva,Van Riet,,Caviar,Executive Producer,01 Dec 2020

Eric,Huang,,Blink,Visual Designer,30 Nov 2020

Raf,De Clerck,,Offrea,Data Controller,30 Nov 2020

Ben,Poelmans,,Alchemy Business (LifeProjects),Business Alchemist,30 Nov 2020

Bhavna,Madhwal,,Intel Corporation,Sr. Executive Leadership Recruiter,30 Nov 2020

Sebastien,Forest,,Business Angel,Business Angel,27 Nov 2020

Clément,Toukal,,Roche,Scrum Master,26 Nov 2020

Mariana,Cereja Polis,,KUKA Systems do Brasil,Supervisora de Recursos Humanos,25 Nov 2020

Annelisa,Dinwoodie,,Facebook,Technical Recruiter,25 Nov 2020

Gert,Van den Steen,,,partner,25 Nov 2020

Karine,Tan,,LEGO Group,Art Director,24 Nov 2020

Matthew,Hakaim,,Electronic Arts,Lead Recruiter,20 Nov 2020

Mathias,Pans,,KUKA Automatisering + Robots N.V.,Service & Application Engineer,19 Nov 2020

Arthur,Zangiev,,Thrive International Network,Business Development Manager,18 Nov 2020

Michael HE,Keuppens,,interzone Inc,God-Keizer op Gaia,18 Nov 2020

Francois,Gerner,,Ubisoft,Associate Producer,17 Nov 2020

Lucas,Nijs,,Karel de Grote Hogeschool,docent,15 Nov 2020

Patrick,Lefelon,,Het Laatste Nieuws,reporter,14 Nov 2020

Enirac,Tyerbrev,,American Express,Global Business Development & Solutions Director,13 Nov 2020

Navin,"Manjooran, PhD, MBA, FASM",,Solve,Chairman,09 Nov 2020

Nikolas,Gärtling,,,,07 Nov 2020

Thijs,Scheffers,,the LEGO Group,Sr Manager Sales Development,07 Nov 2020

Matt,Dunlop ,,Frontier Developments,Talent Acquisition Advisor,05 Nov 2020

Zoëlle,Pennartz,,BARVEST,Restaurant medewerker,05 Nov 2020

Camille,Meuris,,MAC21,Jobstudent,05 Nov 2020

Zaid,Abawi,,Ubisoft,Community Manager,05 Nov 2020

Kristof,Tinck,,IM Academy,"E-commerce/Financial Entrepreneur Nolimits in Colab with Eaglevision community , Colab CCTeknics",05 Nov 2020

Angela,Lülf-Steffen,,Angela Lülf-Steffen,"Designer für Interieur , Scout für Objekte de Art, Marokko Art, Designer für sehr individuelle Mode",05 Nov 2020

Saba,M,,,,05 Nov 2020

,,,,,05 Nov 2020

Roger,Stiles,,Art Market Solutions,Managing Director,05 Nov 2020

Maureen,Rutsaert,,The LEGO Group,Account Manager,04 Nov 2020

Irene,Wu,,Guthy|Renker,Amazon Marketing Manager,03 Nov 2020

Pablo,Sanchez Martin,,Total Brain,VP of Design,03 Nov 2020

Edona,Shehaj,,DPG Media België,Account Executive Audiovisueel,03 Nov 2020

Yascha,Torfs,,,Student grafische vormgeving,03 Nov 2020

Cathinca,Arfman,,real. space agency,Interior Architect,02 Nov 2020

Simon,Jadoul,,Sibelco Group,Finance Graduate - SAP Key User UK,01 Nov 2020

jos,peeters,,Donum Originals,zaakvoerder,01 Nov 2020

Laura,Starbird,,Amazon,Technical Recruiter,30 Oct 2020

Roel,Vermesen,,the LEGO Group,Account Manager,30 Oct 2020

Isabelle,De Baerdemaeker,,Ace & Tate,Payroll Specialist,29 Oct 2020

Charles,Hodgkins,,Facebook,Product Designer,29 Oct 2020

Marc,Gallet,,Ontex International BVBA,Director Corporate Finance,29 Oct 2020

Marte,Croes,,Tomorrowland,Artist Marketing & Social Media Coordinator,29 Oct 2020

Sandy,Verfaille,,Inksane Tattoo,Owner,26 Oct 2020

Tom,Nemeth,,Luma Pictures,Senior Environment Artist,26 Oct 2020

Bart,Windal,,IBM,Country General Manager Belgium/Luxembourg and Vice President,24 Oct 2020

Zuraida,Buter,,A MAZE. / Berlin,Program Curator,24 Oct 2020

Milosz,Kaluza,,Universal Music Group,Vice President of digital media,23 Oct 2020

Clémentine,Horgue,,the LEGO Group,Chef de projet Digital,23 Oct 2020

Silke,Van Dyck,,King George - The mad creative agency,Graphic Designer,23 Oct 2020

Xander,Valkiers,,Ubisoft,Marketing Manager Belgium,23 Oct 2020

Géraldine,Valette,,Selligent Marketing Cloud,Junior Sales Administration Coordinator,23 Oct 2020

Christopher,Parker,,Electronic Arts (EA),Sr Recruiter,23 Oct 2020

Ornella,Poponcini,,Universiteit Antwerpen,Lector - Faculty of Design Sciences,22 Oct 2020

Iulia Diana,Pop,,Amazon,Recruiter - Operations EMEA,22 Oct 2020

Alex,Zwanck Mora,,/ Free Lance,Free Lance,22 Oct 2020

Anton,de Haan,,Catapult,Bestuurder,22 Oct 2020

Charlotte,Spens,,MARNIX and ALLY - PR & Creative Agency,PR-executive,22 Oct 2020

Ceelke,Van Nuffelen,,StampMedia,Medewerker vorming en producties,21 Oct 2020

Michael,Aendenhof,,Embassy of Belgium in Oslo,Deputy Head Of Mission,21 Oct 2020

Yara,Nolf,,Kazou vzw,Educatief medewerker,20 Oct 2020

Melanie,Simons,,JACQ.MEY,Co-Owner JACQ.MEY,19 Oct 2020

Wim,Temmerman,,"Foxit Software, Inc",VP Sales EMEA,19 Oct 2020

Lotte,Dedobbeleer,,DPG Media België,HR Business Partner,19 Oct 2020

Andrea,Faflikova,,The LEGO Group,"Director, PR, Communication & Events / REEMEA",18 Oct 2020

P.,Mudafort,,Perdomo Gallery Fine Art,Artist Painter,18 Oct 2020

Debbie,Ogle,,Amazon,Sr. Technical Recruiter,16 Oct 2020

Nelleke,Minten,,thoben & minten,Co-owner | interieurontwerper | meubelontwerper | bno,15 Oct 2020

Koen,Schoors,,Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Ghent University),Professor economics,15 Oct 2020

Maria,Eifindijeva,,Van Hoye Kantoor,Graphic Designer + sales,15 Oct 2020

Justine,Hoppenbrouwers,,Giotto,Co-Founder,15 Oct 2020

Magali,Van Gils,,water-link,Specialiste rekrutering en selectie,15 Oct 2020

Thomas,Delaetere,,Actief Interim,HR Consultant Office,15 Oct 2020

Anne-Mette,Vagn-Hansen,,LEGO Group,Associate Creative Director,15 Oct 2020

Claudine,Meylemans,,LN KNITS,Store Manager,14 Oct 2020

Eli,Bastiaens,,PIXOMONDO,Animator,14 Oct 2020

Emilie,Richez,,designboard ,Project Manager,14 Oct 2020

Chaima,Seddik,,Beobank NV/SA,Commercieel bankieren,13 Oct 2020

Christopher,Hart,,The Soho Publishing Company,Book Author,13 Oct 2020

Glenn,Sneyders,,Agidens,General Manager Quality,13 Oct 2020

Tom,Besters,,true. food agency,Creative Director,13 Oct 2020

Keyhé,Delsink,,Boomerang Agency,Creative Director,13 Oct 2020

Marjolein,van den Ham,,® | Creative Agency for Brave Brands,Creative,13 Oct 2020

Clara,Nicolas,,Ubisoft,Talent Acquisition Coordinator,12 Oct 2020

Hugo,REVON,,Ubisoft,Director Of Development at Ubisoft Film & Television,12 Oct 2020

Hossein,Amini,,Noyan | Digital and Creative Agency,"Founder, CEO",12 Oct 2020

Laura,Luther,,Elevate-Event,Venue Owner/Booking,12 Oct 2020

Jean,Guerin,,Ubisoft,"Director Community & Engagement, EMEA",09 Oct 2020

Vicky Kjaer,Jensen,,LEGO Group,Producer,09 Oct 2020

Daniel,Johansson,,Ubisoft,Technical Director,09 Oct 2020

Evangelos,Georgiou,,Wargaming Group Ltd,Wargaming Group Ltd - Director of the Board,08 Oct 2020

Skip,Kodak (he/him),,the LEGO Group,Regional President -Americas,08 Oct 2020

Daniel,Mautz,,the LEGO Group,Senior Manager,08 Oct 2020

Matth,Mouling,,"JamesBold.Agency | probably the world’s boldest marketing, communication and design agency",Special Design Agent & Partner,08 Oct 2020

Annick,Leemans,,Insilencio,Office Manager,07 Oct 2020

Daniel,Kroes,,RSM BELGIUM,Partner Corporate Finance,07 Oct 2020

Bobbie,Walkier,,0930 creative agency,Creative Director / Founder,07 Oct 2020

Nathan,Jennings,,the LEGO Group,"Manager, Talent EMEA",07 Oct 2020

Ronald,Sammels,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Digital Project Manager,07 Oct 2020

Leticia,Sáenz Murga,,Ubisoft,Associate Producer,07 Oct 2020

Cédric,Van der Planken,,Galerie Van Der Planken,owner,07 Oct 2020

Jade,De Winter,,Winterwings,Zaakvoerder,07 Oct 2020

Yuan,Yingzi,,Europe China Foundation,Executive Director,07 Oct 2020

William,Graham,,KUKA Systems GmbH,Head of Technical IT,07 Oct 2020

Chris,Booth,,LEGO Group,Associate Creative Director,07 Oct 2020

Maurits,Stolte,,LEGO Group,Senior Brand Manager Benelux,07 Oct 2020

Spass,Kroushkov,,Ubisoft,Creative Director,07 Oct 2020

Elie,Benhamou,,Ubisoft,Game Director,06 Oct 2020

Davide,Soliani,,Ubisoft,Creative Director,06 Oct 2020

Mikkel,Lee,,The LEGO Group,Story Lead,06 Oct 2020

Marjorie,Dubois,,Ubisoft,Talent Acquisition Manager,06 Oct 2020

Barnabé,Anglade,,Ubisoft,Creative Director - Paris Mobile Studio,06 Oct 2020

Kitty,Vanhoutte,,Lime- Creative Agency ,Social Media Manager,06 Oct 2020

Ellen,Ruymen,,Freelancer,"Branding, Communication & Design Manager",06 Oct 2020

Rogério,Silva,,Ubisoft Barcelona,Game Design Director,06 Oct 2020

Martin,Urrutia,,LEGO Group,Head Retail Innovation - Director,06 Oct 2020

Nicolas,Robion,,Ubisoft,Producer,06 Oct 2020

Olivier,Dauba,,Ubisoft,VP Editorial,06 Oct 2020

Marcel,Keij,,Ubisoft,Marketing Director Benelux,06 Oct 2020

Marine,THOMAS,,Ubisoft,Talent Acquisition Specialist,06 Oct 2020

Alexandre,Debrousse,,Ubisoft,Senior Open Innovation Manager,06 Oct 2020

Anthony,Le Duc,,Ubisoft,Junior PR & Community Manager,06 Oct 2020

Jean-Sebastien,Decant,,Ubisoft,Creative Director,06 Oct 2020

Frantz,Lasorne,,Visionaries 777,Co-Owner,06 Oct 2020

Guillaume,ARVIEU,,Ubisoft,Associate Art Director,06 Oct 2020

Camille,FAVIER-BROLLY,,Ubisoft,EMEA Event manager,06 Oct 2020

Yves,Le Yaouanq,,Ubisoft,Senior Open Innovation Manager,06 Oct 2020

Edwin,Groeneveld,,Ubisoft,Managing Director Benelux & Eastern Europe,06 Oct 2020

Michael,Beirne,,Creative Assembly,Senior Development Manager,06 Oct 2020

Johan,Lundmark,,Ubisoft,World Director,06 Oct 2020

Elisabeth,Pellen,,Ubisoft Paris,Directeur Editorial Online,06 Oct 2020

Alkis,Argyriadis,,Ubisoft,Head Of Music,06 Oct 2020

Aaron,Hooper,,Ubisoft Leamington,Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist,06 Oct 2020

Elmy,Mosquera,,Ubisoft,Junior HR & Workplace Generalist,06 Oct 2020

Lucas,Roquain,,Ubisoft,Chargé de RH,06 Oct 2020

Kenneth,Nagle,,Wizards of the Coast,Sr. Game Designer Developer,06 Oct 2020

daniel,kapelian,,KP creative agency - Seoul - Paris,Founder and CEO,06 Oct 2020

Jelena,Vaisla,,"Freelance, self-employed",Makeup Artist,05 Oct 2020

Viktor Louka,Siebens,,Next Chapter Agency,Influencer,05 Oct 2020

Manchitwan,Jauhal,,the LEGO Group,Brand Marketing Manager,05 Oct 2020

Johan,Lenaerts,,G4 AGENCY bvba,Business Owner,05 Oct 2020

Cyrille,REBOUL,,Chance,Strategic Advisor,05 Oct 2020

Riadh,Bahri,,VRT,Journalist,05 Oct 2020

Rondal U.,Nlandu,,the LEGO Group,Events & Public Relations Coordinator Benelux,05 Oct 2020

Michell,Meeusen,,The LEGO Group,Assistant Account Manager,05 Oct 2020

Sean,McEvoy,,LEGO Group,"Vice President, LEGO Games",05 Oct 2020

Keld,Andersen,,the LEGO Group,Senior HR manager,05 Oct 2020

Ben,Campbell,,the LEGO Group,"Senior Strategist, Global Ecommerce",05 Oct 2020

Yiyi,Xu,,the LEGO Group,Sales Associate,05 Oct 2020

Tuna,Canatar,,the LEGO Group,"Regional Marketing Head - Turkey, Israel, Greece",05 Oct 2020

Kris,Victor Pieters,,VICTORS Design Agency,Owner,05 Oct 2020

Paul,Willmott,,KIRKBI A/S,"LEGO Brand Group, Chief Digital Advisor",05 Oct 2020

Anna Fast,Nilsson,,Hird Consulting,Rekrutteringskonsulent,05 Oct 2020

Kurt,Heerman,,Plopsaland NV,Creative ,05 Oct 2020

Fernando,Nasuti Wood,,the LEGO Group,Head Of Marketing,05 Oct 2020

Scott,Neillands,,LEGO Group,Associate Creative Director,05 Oct 2020

Nikolaas,Onsea,,LEGO Group,E-commerce Manager,05 Oct 2020

Kirstin,Birner,,LEGO Group,"Manager, Talent Operations EMEA",05 Oct 2020

Markus,Schecklmann,,LEGO Group,Senior Brand Manager,05 Oct 2020

Charlotte,Delcroix,,the LEGO Group,Key Account Manager - Grocery/Discount,05 Oct 2020

Tanja,Thomas,,the LEGO Group,Senior Manager Brand Relations & Events ,05 Oct 2020

Ronen,Hadar,,The LEGO Group,Senior Director,05 Oct 2020

Henrik,Nonnemann,,LEGO Group,Vice President,05 Oct 2020

Christian,Frohberg,,BRAHMS NEBEL & KOLLEGEN Rechsanwälte,Rechtsanwalt,05 Oct 2020

Bertel,Van Gansbeke,,WAVE agency,Creative Art Directior,04 Oct 2020

Jeyran,Ford,,Karel de Grote Hogeschool,Lecturer,03 Oct 2020

Asad,A. Mirza,,Creative Design Agency ,CEO,03 Oct 2020

Neslihan,Fidan,,SWAROVSKI,Verkoopster,02 Oct 2020

Ray,Franklin ✅,,Stage America LLC,"#PresentationCoachRay and author of ""On-The-Job Speech Training"" ",02 Oct 2020

Nina,Slap,,Sint-Willebrord - Heilige Familie,High School Teacher,02 Oct 2020

Jan,Hollez,,Deliverect,Co-Founder & CTO,02 Oct 2020

Brent,Vercaemer,,Open for Opportunities,Graduate,02 Oct 2020

Sven,Moresi,,Seventy5 Interior Agency,Agency Owner,02 Oct 2020

José,Vieira,,Ubisoft Singapore,Junior Gameplay Programmer,02 Oct 2020

Wouter,De Roos,,Thomas More-hogeschool,Student Digital Media Manager,02 Oct 2020

Joséphine,Rioda,,,,01 Oct 2020

Meghan,Wawak,,Ties & Tweeds,Art Director,01 Oct 2020

Lieze,Meert,,Aalst,Biensoigné - youth content creator,01 Oct 2020

Bhupinder,Singh,,Facebook,"Technical Recruiter, Software Engineering",01 Oct 2020

Florence,Van de Velde,,Punchline,Social Media Manager,01 Oct 2020

Fleur,Anthonissen,,Friethoef,Salesperson,01 Oct 2020

Kaat,Bohets,,Vinçotte,Talent Acquisition Officer,01 Oct 2020

Zohra,Demeester,,Theater M,Vrijwilliger Bar & Onthaal,01 Oct 2020

Evelyn,Huisman,,Achilles Design,Product designer & digital marketeer,01 Oct 2020

Natasja,Ceulemans,,Unikoo,Graphic Design Lead,01 Oct 2020

Timo,Piredda,,MNM,DJ,01 Oct 2020

Annick,Bongers,,SBS,Programmadirecteur,01 Oct 2020

Alex,Lauwers,,checkpoint,Co Host podcast,01 Oct 2020

Liesbeth,De Smet,,"B & R Bedrijfsadministraties, belastingadviseurs, juristen",Fiscaal juriste,01 Oct 2020

Bart,De Raes,,VRT,Radiomaker,01 Oct 2020

Johfrah,Lefebvre,,,Oprichter,01 Oct 2020

David,Wroth,,Japingka Aboriginal Art,Company Director,01 Oct 2020

Marie,Van Uytvanck,,OENGER vzw,Bandlid bij Kids With Buns,30 Sep 2020

Lien,Verleysen,,NÅhau,Manager sociale media,30 Sep 2020

Joke,De Swert,,Unbound Creative Agency,Founder,30 Sep 2020

Anthony,Roose,,MaxLie,Open for new opportunities ,30 Sep 2020

Yana,Huremovic,,Yapado,Public Relations and Social Media Consultant,30 Sep 2020

Margo,Speelman,,Mensura,Planner griepcampagne,30 Sep 2020

An-Katrien,Dullers,,MARNIX and ALLY - PR & Creative Agency,CEO - Head of Strategy & PR,30 Sep 2020

Bojan,Jevtic,,Egzote Creative Agency,Co-Founder,30 Sep 2020

Jeldert (Dino),Meyts,,Dinofix,Entrepreneur,30 Sep 2020

Don,Arceta,,Playground Games,Art Director,30 Sep 2020

Elise,Van Craen,,j&e van craen design agency,Co owner of j&e van craen design agency//interior architect//designlover,29 Sep 2020


Remco,Knol,,Skybox Design Agency,Creative Director,29 Sep 2020

Maridel,Nuyens,,Axel Vervoordt Art & Antiques NV,Home furnishing and Home collection ,29 Sep 2020

🔥 Wim,Segers,,"Engaged, a Duval Union member",Founder & Creative Director,29 Sep 2020

Sebastien,Delcampe,,Auctions,"Founder, CEO & Owner",29 Sep 2020

Nanou,Haesaert,,Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions,Office Assistant @Lava Textiles,29 Sep 2020

Kobe,Goudeseune,,AVP audio visual partners,Audio Visual Technician,29 Sep 2020

Pieter-Jan,Vandevelde,,4P square,Marketing Consultant,29 Sep 2020

Elena,Kotelevets,,IGG,Concept Art Lead,29 Sep 2020

Tamara,De Schepper,,Cybernetic Walrus,Graphic assistent,29 Sep 2020

Kevin,Davis,,SENSO2ME,Application Developer,29 Sep 2020

Naomi,Cazier,,OVB Holding AG,Financieel adviseur,29 Sep 2020

Otteline,Van Meensel,,Vanbreda Risk & Benefits,Jobstudent Financial Reporting,29 Sep 2020

Christof,Capens,,STUURMAN studio,Captain & Design Strategist,29 Sep 2020

Björn,Soenens,,VRT,VS-correspondent,29 Sep 2020

Mark,Turnbull,,TurnbullRipley,Managing Partner,28 Sep 2020

Yolanda,Lopez Gomez,,King George - The mad creative agency,Project Manager,28 Sep 2020

Lauren,Cooremans,,Colruyt Group,Temp. - Orderpicker,28 Sep 2020

Mauger,Mortier,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Brand Planner & Strategy,28 Sep 2020

Peter,Six,,SIX creative agency,Creative & Managing Director,28 Sep 2020

Bas,Uytdenhouwen,,Weekend Creative Agency,Strategy Director / Partner,28 Sep 2020

Kasper,Janssens,,Wunderman Thompson Antwerp,Creative,28 Sep 2020

Dorien,Dewaele,,artmedia // creative agency,Accountmanager,28 Sep 2020

Folkert,Kattemölle,,Gett creative agency,Creative Director,28 Sep 2020

Mohammed,Ahmed Mohammed,,M9X Robotics Co. ,Founder,28 Sep 2020

Alexandre,De State,,Moskyto Sports Management,Owner & MD,28 Sep 2020

Rogier,de Bruin,,HERC the agency,Creative Director & Founder,28 Sep 2020

Ãngela,Marìn ,,,Growth Marketeer | Social Media Manager,28 Sep 2020

Ellen,Volckaert,,WAVE agency,Creative Producer,28 Sep 2020

Gabriel,Koops,,KICK! Creative Agency,Managing Director,28 Sep 2020

Eva,Rossignol,,Biolectric,Human Resources Business Partner,28 Sep 2020

Miki,Ishiwata,,,Zaakvoerder,28 Sep 2020

Alejandro,Tomás,,Doctor Collector,CEO,28 Sep 2020

Kurt,De Vlieghere,,skinn branding agency,Founder,28 Sep 2020

Gerrit,Janssens,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Creative Copywriter,28 Sep 2020

Ann,Papen,,King George - The mad creative agency,PR Manager,28 Sep 2020

Niels,Van Roy,,,Art Director / Creative,28 Sep 2020

Rajat,J,,Fireartistic Creative Agency,Founder / CEO,28 Sep 2020

Marcel,van Zwieten,,DotControl | Data Driven Creative Agency,Managing Creative Director,28 Sep 2020

Wietse,Swalus,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Digital Marketing Specialist,28 Sep 2020

Brecht,Caveye,,King George - The mad creative agency,Digital Manager,28 Sep 2020

Dries,Reynders,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Brand Planner - HR Marketing,28 Sep 2020

JEAN FRANCOIS,D'OR,,LOUDORDESIGN STUDIO,Owner - Industrial designer,28 Sep 2020

Diederik,Hoffland,,XYZ Creative Agency,Creatief partner,28 Sep 2020

Philip,Stankard,,3M,Lead Industrial Designer,28 Sep 2020

Sven,De Coninck,,CHASE CREATIVE - Social Storytelling Agency ,Co-Founder,28 Sep 2020

David,van Gessel,,skinn branding agency,Co-Founder,28 Sep 2020

Tobias,van Schneider,,Semplice,Co-Founder & Creative Director,28 Sep 2020

Righard,Bruyns,,Spice Agency bvba,Founder & Creative Director,28 Sep 2020

Massilia,Ben Mayassa Riahi,,Picklift,Co-fondateur,28 Sep 2020

Sanne,Lemmen,,Selmore Creative Agency,Sr. Creative,28 Sep 2020

Wannes,Vanhaleweyk,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Online Marketing Specialist,28 Sep 2020

Jenna,Vaartimo,,IVALO Creative Agency,Strategy Director,28 Sep 2020

Edvin,Puzinkevich,,Freelance,3D Designer/Motion Designer,28 Sep 2020

Charlotte,Couckuyt,,SARAWAK BRUSSELS,Field Sales Representative,28 Sep 2020

Fran,Gillis,,Francq Colors,Creative Assistant | Social Media Manager,28 Sep 2020

Jeroen,van Norren,,Springbok Agency,Design lead,28 Sep 2020

Django,Vereecke,,Kinepolis,ITS,28 Sep 2020

Rudy,Verbeeck,,Intelligent Internet Machines,Chief Executive Officer,28 Sep 2020

Sami,Lehtovaara,,INFINITY.FI,CEO,28 Sep 2020

Myriama,Taïrou,,DROP & DRIVE ,Mede-eigenaar,28 Sep 2020

Jessica,De Cnijf,,ING Belgium,Talent Acquisition Specialist - available,28 Sep 2020

Thomas,Bettens,,Cloudwise Belgium BV,Marketing Project Manager,28 Sep 2020

Charlotte,Vandersteen,,Actief Interim,HR consultant,28 Sep 2020

Verhelpen,Eliott,,Capital Panache (Branding & Creative Agency),Co-founder | Art director @ Capital Panache (Branding & Creative Agency),28 Sep 2020

Ermelinda,Hajdari,,AngLe Agency,Founder,28 Sep 2020

Nigel,Ooms,,,Creative Director,28 Sep 2020

Benjamin,Van Geem,,Prodotto,Founder,28 Sep 2020

Simon,Vandoorne,,STRATO-dsgn,owner,28 Sep 2020

Sarah-Alexandra,Van Laere,,RESIGRASS,Sales & operational assistant,28 Sep 2020

Jens,Milonton,,Edmire.Design,Design Researcher,28 Sep 2020

Chantal,Fonteyn,,CONNECT design agency,owner,28 Sep 2020

William,Verbiest,,SURU,Small Business Owner,28 Sep 2020

Phil,Bastiaans,,Appart Agency,Digital designer,28 Sep 2020

Tom,Van der Roost,,Start it @kbc,Community Manager,28 Sep 2020

Elise,Ulens,,Craftzing,User Experience Designer,28 Sep 2020

Bibiana,Kubota,,Dazuld,Marketing Intern,28 Sep 2020

Wenke,Claus,,Dinesen,Independent Consultant,28 Sep 2020

Laurens,Geerts,,"BBC, a B2B creative agency.",Digital Designer,28 Sep 2020

Arnaud,Fontaine,,La niche Agency,Head Of Design,28 Sep 2020

Julien,Lessire,,,,25 Sep 2020

James,Kerigan,,Marvel Entertainment,Design Manager,23 Sep 2020

Rik,Oplichtenbergh,,Compusearch bvba,ICT Headhunter,23 Sep 2020

valentin,deparis,,,,23 Sep 2020

Jo,Van Grinderbeek,,De Cronos Groep,Creative Director - OECO Group,23 Sep 2020

Chloé,Coppens,,Lidl België & Luxemburg,Regionale Recruiter,22 Sep 2020

Nivaldo,Preira,, ,Collector,22 Sep 2020

Deborah,Gebruers,,Basic-Fit,Club hostess,21 Sep 2020

Eva,Vanhengel,,Lisbeth Gruwez / Voetvolk,Board Member,21 Sep 2020

Philippe,Wuyts,,Tomorrowland,Lead Photographer,21 Sep 2020

Anneke,Pauwels,,Self-employed,Freelance Photo & Video Producer,20 Sep 2020

Jules,Maeyens,,Virtus Media,Producer,20 Sep 2020

Charles,Michel,,Council of the European Union,President of the European Council - Président du Conseil Européen ,17 Sep 2020

Aaron,Schneickert,,Apple,HW Recruiter,16 Sep 2020

Sébastien-Abdelhamid,Godelu,,,"Animateur, journaliste ",16 Sep 2020

Jean-Luc,Imhof,,KUKA Robotics,CEO / Président France & BeNeLux,16 Sep 2020

Sanae,A.,,,,13 Sep 2020

Kashfia,Jahan,,Twine,Community Team at Twine,13 Sep 2020

Mélu,Cerato,,,,12 Sep 2020

Azadeh,J,,,,10 Sep 2020

Geert,De Schoenmacker ,,Dantasy Foils,Windowfilm expert,09 Sep 2020

Jacqui,Melman,,Me,Me,09 Sep 2020

J. Allen,Brack,,Blizzard Entertainment,President,09 Sep 2020

Bart,Verreydt,,O&M Halyard EMEA,Vice President - General Manager EMEA ,09 Sep 2020

Stéphanie,Hans,,STEPHANIE HANS STUDIO,Comic book creator,08 Sep 2020

Sylwia,Szcześniak,,KUKA,Founder,07 Sep 2020

Nicholas,Lataire,,DPG Media,Adjunct directeur News City,06 Sep 2020

Patrick,Krebs,,Nickelodeon Animation,Senior Supervising Producer,06 Sep 2020

An,Feyfer,,Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds,Verantwoordelijke talentontwikkeling Filmfonds,03 Sep 2020

Johan,Van Overtveldt,,European Parliament,Chairman of the European Budget Committee,03 Sep 2020

Kristan,Rivers,,AdInMo,CEO & Founder,02 Sep 2020

Simon,Mortelmans,,DPG Media België,AdOps Executive ,02 Sep 2020

Boris,Bogaert,,Rydoo,COO & Board Member,01 Sep 2020

Sirena,Irwin,,Nickelodeon Animation,Voice Director,01 Sep 2020

Jennie,Monica,,Nickelodeon Animation Studio,Producer,01 Sep 2020

Xanthippe,Verbist-chelona,,Chelona,Owner,01 Sep 2020

John,Trabbic III,,Nickelodeon Animation Studio,Storyboard Director,31 Aug 2020

Jeroen,Raes,,,Recruitment Optimizer,31 Aug 2020

Vinit,Singh,,XcelServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Project Manager,29 Aug 2020

Andreas,Walbert,,KUKA,Global Key Account Manager,28 Aug 2020

Sara 'Serval',Fisher,,Spindlehorse Toons,Lead Lighting Designer/ Compositor,28 Aug 2020

Orkun,Tekin,,,Co-Founder & CRO,27 Aug 2020

Charlotte,Verduyn,,FIGMENTS,Eigenaar,27 Aug 2020

Stijn,Michielsen,,Cultuurloket,Consulent Jurist,26 Aug 2020

Vianney,Settini,,Boosty,CEO,26 Aug 2020

Derek,Weeres,,Electronic Arts (EA),"Recruiter, University Relations & Next-Gen Talent",25 Aug 2020

Jana,Onzo,,ONZO,Founder at ONZO,25 Aug 2020

Sjoerd,Zwart,,Tomorrowland,Food and Beverage Manager,24 Aug 2020

Art,Pix ,,Artpix_Inc,Designer for architectural luxury homes,24 Aug 2020

Kees,Van Kooten,,NVIDIA,Scientific Visualization Software Engineer,24 Aug 2020

Julie,Bulinckx,,Hays,Consultant Expert Finance & Accounting,24 Aug 2020

Januel,Mercado,,DreamWorks Animation,Head of Story,22 Aug 2020

Arthur,Lamoot,,KUKA Systems GmbH,Concepteur 3D,22 Aug 2020

Ana,Simoes,,Intel Labs,"Chief of Staff, AI Cognitive Computing Research",22 Aug 2020

🌊Michelle M.,Godoy,,BlueWave Resource Partners,Recruiter,21 Aug 2020

Ann,Caluwaerts,,Telenet,"Executive Vice President People, Brand & Corporate Affairs ",20 Aug 2020

Laura,Calero Ruiz,,CEVA Logistics,Administratief bediende,20 Aug 2020

Dan,Frommeyer,,Amazon Web Services (AWS),Sourcing Recruiter,19 Aug 2020

Reza,AmiNian,,Khoroush Cultural & Art institution ,Executive Director,19 Aug 2020

Chidinma,Bellmond,,Studio 100 Animation,coordonatrice,18 Aug 2020

Tom,Van Doorslaer,,DPG Media Advertising België,Sales Manager Regio,17 Aug 2020

Miles,Vanderlooven,,AimDigital,Digital Designer,17 Aug 2020

Shirley,Zhai,,Superera,Publishing Manager,17 Aug 2020

Myrte,Reusens,,Actief Interim,HR-consultant,17 Aug 2020

KD ,Shadani,,Diplomatrix,Founder/ CEO,17 Aug 2020

Dae Sung,Kim,,Bluehole,World Artist,16 Aug 2020

Jacelyn,Blok,,Meit.,Podcast maker,16 Aug 2020

Zoe,Xue,,嬗节跳动,BD Manager,16 Aug 2020

Sarah,So,,A Plus World Trade Group | Ever Peace Asia | HK Cyberport | AIA | PCCW | Reach | HK Telecom,Board Director | Full Board Member | A Plus Group GM | Senior Level Corporate Executive,14 Aug 2020

Lincoln,Fan,,美团点评,Recruiter,14 Aug 2020

Elien,Verstraeten,,PwC Belgium,Corporate Finance Consultant | M&A,13 Aug 2020

Christian,Edelmann (We are hiring),,dahmakan,Co Founder & CTO,12 Aug 2020

Ingrid,Hoffman,,ADMbelgium,General Manager,12 Aug 2020

Pierre,Vleminckx,,Wereldhogeschool(.be) ‘Homo Cytobioversalis’,Empathic Embodiment,11 Aug 2020

Garsett,Larosse,,Made with Love Pro,Organizer Virtual Valentine,11 Aug 2020

Michiel,Daeleman,,DPG Media België,Brand Manager VTM,10 Aug 2020

Jennifer,Bowen,,Activision,Lead Talent Professional - Call of Duty Mobile,09 Aug 2020

Jeff,Griffins,,LOAN MART LIMITED,Investment Marketer & International Advisor.,09 Aug 2020

Abhishek,Kumar gupta,,MeFy Care Private Limited,S & M Admin,09 Aug 2020

Alex,Saltos,,Public Artistic Comics,Artist,08 Aug 2020

Julius Constantius,Augustus,,Professional Angel Investor.,Entrepreneur. CEO. Angel Investor.,08 Aug 2020

Niki,Heyligen,,Integration Designers,Business Integration Consultant,07 Aug 2020

Jamie,Snell,,Lucasfilm,Freelance Illustrator,06 Aug 2020

Jan,Van Royen,,DPG Media België,Internal & Corporate Communication Officer,06 Aug 2020

Maciej,Ruszala,,Freelance,Freelance 3D Artist,06 Aug 2020

Brent,Van Handenhove,,Cybernetic Walrus,Project Manager,06 Aug 2020

David,Chen,,Electronic Arts (EA),Recruiter,06 Aug 2020

Didier,Van Landuyt,,Carrefour Belgium,"Talent Acquisition Consultant (In-House, Ad Interim)",05 Aug 2020

Chu-Hui,Song,,Nickelodeon Animation Studio,Background Painter,05 Aug 2020

Anja,Peleman,,Bepublic,Managing director Bepublic Group,04 Aug 2020

Bert,Desmet,,Formatplus,Event & fairs coördinator,04 Aug 2020

Sam,Jannes,,KUKA Automatisering + Robots N.V.,Project Equipment Purchaser,04 Aug 2020

Dave,Needham,,Nickelodeon Animation,Feature Director,04 Aug 2020

James,Vanderbeek,,NVIDIA,AI Enablement & Strategy,03 Aug 2020

Lisa,Hughes-Redwine,,International Artist Publishing for American & Western Art Collector,Senior Account Executive,03 Aug 2020

Austin,Ray,,SaxeCap,Chief Technology Officer,03 Aug 2020

Rick,Grandy,,NVIDIA,Principle Solutions Architect,03 Aug 2020

Serge,Haubourdin,,Albert Heijn,Senior Human Resources Manager,03 Aug 2020

Syed,Qadri,,Amazon,Senior Technical Recruiter,03 Aug 2020

Michael,Clawson,,International Artist Publishing,Executive Editor,03 Aug 2020

Rakesh,Mehta,,Intel Corporation,Engineering Manager,02 Aug 2020

Mylène,Romano,,FoXXa FINANCE,CEO,02 Aug 2020

Lisa,Pisacane,,Lucasfilm,Head of Global Talent Acquisition for Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic,31 Jul 2020

Pascale,Van Damme,,Dell Technologies,Vice President EMEA VMware & SAB Business ,30 Jul 2020

Lee,Verheyden,,Seidensticker,Vice President Brand Management Arrow Europe,30 Jul 2020

Michael,Peeters,,imec,VP R&D Connectivity,30 Jul 2020

farah,verbruggen,,Randstad Enterprise Group,Vice President Enterprise Accounts ,29 Jul 2020

Bilal,Benyaich,,Vrije Universiteit Brussel,VUB Honorary Fellow,29 Jul 2020

Kristof,Vanthournout,,,,29 Jul 2020

Dr N C ,Rajamani,,TAMRASYS(M)SDN BHD,Chief Executive Officer,29 Jul 2020

Maria Leena,Dpaul,,Adobe,Senior Talent Partner,28 Jul 2020

Josh,Weiss,,Forbes,Contributing Writer,28 Jul 2020

Geert,De Wilde,,Portilog,Member of the Board,27 Jul 2020

Ron,Maes,,VideoFactory - the ultimate video partner,Founder,27 Jul 2020

Peter,Shirley,,NVIDIA,Distinguished Research Scientist,27 Jul 2020

Els,De Sweemer,,Boost Group,Managing Director Asia Pacific,27 Jul 2020

Freya,Poppe,,Frepo Projects,CEO,27 Jul 2020

Katrien,Huygens,,Stad Antwerpen,Projectmanager digitale innovatie & health,27 Jul 2020

,,,,,26 Jul 2020

Axelle,Steffen,,Deloitte,Risk Consultant,26 Jul 2020

Dirk,Driehuijzen,,Tomorrowland,3D Designer,26 Jul 2020

Mick,Takacs,,Working from home,Working from home - day trading as well as some Affiliate Marketing ,26 Jul 2020

Bridie-Louise,Full Circle Brussels,,Full Circle Brussels,Founder,26 Jul 2020

Ine,Carlier,,Decathlon Belgium,Sportleader - Sportief ondernemer,25 Jul 2020

Tommy,Bishop,,Nickelodeon Animation,Lead Environment Artist,24 Jul 2020

Chilmil,Singh,,Own Private Investment Office,Fund Manager,24 Jul 2020

Purnabha,Majumder,,NVIDIA,Director Of Hardware Engineering,24 Jul 2020

Izabella,Vörös,,On,Talent Acquisition Specialist,23 Jul 2020

henri,Laude,,APIEC Assoc. pour la promotion de l'IEC SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) ,Chapter Chair - SCIP,23 Jul 2020

Victoria,James,,Productora Cultural Caminos S.C.,CEO,23 Jul 2020

Olivier,"Selis, CFA",,BGL BNP Paribas,Fuelling start-up growth,23 Jul 2020

Evy,Bernaers,,Select HR,"Business Unit Manager Office, Sales & HR",22 Jul 2020

Victoria,Popusoi,,AGING ANALYTICS AGENCY,Business Development Specialist,22 Jul 2020

Ben,Kurzrock,,Nickelodeon Animation,Script Coordinator (SpongeBob SquarePants),21 Jul 2020

George,Hotz,,,President,21 Jul 2020

Sirine,a.k.a MISS CHATZ 💜,,Freepik Company,Creative Illustrator / Designer,21 Jul 2020

Mike,Boon,,,Managing Partner eWINGS,21 Jul 2020

Maya,Nair ,,Adobe,Talent Scout,20 Jul 2020

younes,el yakhloufi,,Teach Me,Founder,20 Jul 2020

tinne,marant,,DPG Media België,chef redactie Dag Allemaal,20 Jul 2020

Koen,Salmon,,Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Hoofd Dataverzameling & Sectoranalyse,20 Jul 2020

Justine,Szpringer,,2EMPRESS ,Ondernemer,20 Jul 2020

Kai,Cabrera,,Larian Studios,Recruiter,19 Jul 2020

Ibe,Vermeulen,,Move to Cure,Sport Recovery & Movement training,18 Jul 2020

Erik,Novaes,,Anheuser-Busch InBev,"VP Procurement & Sustainability, Europe",18 Jul 2020

Birger,Verpeten,,GWESP,CEO,18 Jul 2020

Dr. Celestin Hugues,FOKOUA MOUAFO,,FOD Justitie SPF Justice,President Penitentiary Health Council- Voorzitter Penitentiaire Gezondheidsraad,18 Jul 2020

Keisha,Ebbesen,,Microsoft, Atlanta Recruiter- Geo Ambassador,17 Jul 2020

Lindon,Gao,,Caper,Cofounder & CEO,17 Jul 2020

Tina,Huang ,,PCB ONLINE LIMITED,Sales Manager,17 Jul 2020

Fernando,Goes,,Ockam Consulting,Managing Partner,17 Jul 2020

Rosine Danielle,EKAMBI,,SuiTch ,Présidente,17 Jul 2020

Erik,Roddenhof,,de Persgroep Nederland,CEO Nederland & Belgie,17 Jul 2020

Eloy,De Cort,,,,17 Jul 2020

Pablo,Garcìa Garcìa,,3d Artist Freelancer,3D Game Artist,17 Jul 2020

Owen,Welsh,,Intel Corporation,Competitive Intelligence Manager,17 Jul 2020

Grace Windsor,Art Dealer,,,Gallery Director & Co-Founder,16 Jul 2020

Akul,Munjal,,,,16 Jul 2020

F,Brushes,,Photoshop Brushes,Photoshop,16 Jul 2020

Roger,Lamah,,Big-Atlantic,Responsable des araessources Humaines,16 Jul 2020

macarena,vasquez,,,FOTOGRAFÃA,16 Jul 2020

Maykon,Cruz,,,,16 Jul 2020

Catherine,Ruwet,,Moi,Conseil,16 Jul 2020

Thor,Laenen,,,,16 Jul 2020

Stefanie,Verlinden,,Imprint Weddings,Creative & Weddingplanner,16 Jul 2020

Alexander,D'Hiet,,Alexander D’Hiet,Photographer,16 Jul 2020

Humberto,Cardoso Aires,,Mediahuis nv,Account Manager,16 Jul 2020

Wim,de Petter,,Smurfit Kappa,bediende,16 Jul 2020

Prabhakara,Raju,,SUSHI BASKET,Chief Executive Officer,16 Jul 2020

Hannes,Phlypo,,"Partena Ziekenfonds, Hulp in huis & Kinderopvang",Servicedesk medewerker VITEL ,16 Jul 2020

Steven,Verbocht,,OVB Vermögensberatung AG,Regional Coördinator ,16 Jul 2020


Poojaa,Sri,,"Illustration, Animation & Design - Self Employed",Self Employed,16 Jul 2020

Chelsea,Picton,,Edge Hill University,Student,16 Jul 2020

Rohit ,Singh ,,"Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra",Student,16 Jul 2020

vakantie villa,Thoumazet,,Thoumazet,eigenaar,16 Jul 2020

Ann,Vandervoort,,Striktly Business Software,Customer Success Manager,16 Jul 2020

Ernest,Stawiarski,,,,16 Jul 2020

Max,De Brabander,,Zelfstandig / Eigenaar,Independent Video Editor - Graphic Designer - Illustrator - 3D Creator,16 Jul 2020

Khayyam,Naghiyev,,"Freelance, self-employed",Digital Sculpting,16 Jul 2020

Stijn,Eysermans,,UCAN Communications,3D Artist,16 Jul 2020

Iris,Van Aert,,OMP,Talent Acquisition Professional,16 Jul 2020

,,,,,16 Jul 2020

âš¡Katrijn,De Bock âš¡,,ACLVB,Graphic Designer,16 Jul 2020

Zivoli,Cars,,Zivoli Cars,Car Specialist,16 Jul 2020

Philippe,Segers,,Segers Wire Products,International Key Account Manager,16 Jul 2020

Dieter,Wéry,,The Fridge Postproduction,Developer,16 Jul 2020

R o b e r t F, S a y l e s,,"North American Lighting, Inc.",Sr. Product Design & CG Rendering,16 Jul 2020

Oriole,Huang,,Apple,Recruiting Manager,16 Jul 2020

Jeroen,Van Cauwenbergh,,DPG Media Advertising België,Manager Concepts Publishing,16 Jul 2020

Sylvie,Pagé,,Hochschule Mainz - University of Applied Sciences,Professorin für Storytelling,16 Jul 2020

Stijn,Cavens,,DPG Media Advertising België,Manager Content Development,16 Jul 2020

Ann,Wellens,,Ctac Belgium,Recruiter,16 Jul 2020

Gemma,Harvey,,IAG,Talent Acquisition Consultant (via Hays Talent Solutions),16 Jul 2020

Lu,Xia,,Heatherwick Studio,In-House Recruiter,15 Jul 2020

Raphaël,Auwerkerken,,Webgroup,Founder,15 Jul 2020

Andrew,Bressin,,FT 500 Company,Consultant,15 Jul 2020

Rik,Van de Walle,,Ghent University,Rector,15 Jul 2020

Koen,Vanisterdael,,Comate Engineering & Design,Design Engineer,14 Jul 2020

David,Brevik,,Skystone Games,President,14 Jul 2020

Tom,Peenen,,DPG Media,Tax Manager,14 Jul 2020

Ryan,Schumacher,,FourBurner Technologies ,Junior Software Developer,14 Jul 2020

Sharon,Debuyser,,DPG Media België,Product Owner Radio Techniek,14 Jul 2020

Amaury,de Granvilliers,,3A TRADING,Président,14 Jul 2020

Gerhard,Brändle ,,Gerhard Brändle,Experte für Training & Ernährung,14 Jul 2020

Bruno,Urbain,,Fishing Cactus Game Development & Services studios,"Owner, Studio Manager",14 Jul 2020

Sudhakar,Bhavanasi,,Deluxe Entertainment Services Group,Assistant Manager - Recruitment,14 Jul 2020

Antoine,Munch,,COLLECTIONISM,Gérant,13 Jul 2020

Ian,Davidoff,,Apple,Hardware Technology Recruiter,13 Jul 2020

Justin,Poirier,,Self-employed investor,Angel investor,13 Jul 2020

Jim,Boyle,,"Marvel Entertainment, Inc.","V.P. Operations/Procurement, Publishing",13 Jul 2020

James,Uffindell,,Bright Network,CEO & Founder,13 Jul 2020

Michel,Libens,,Propaganda,Managing partner & CEO,13 Jul 2020

Nele,Hofman,,DPG Media Advertising België,B2B Marketeer,13 Jul 2020

Nathan,Resnick,,Bubble Hotels,Owner,13 Jul 2020

Praveenjit,Nambiar,,The Pioneer Media Group,Group President,13 Jul 2020

Christian,Schroeder,,10x Value Partners,Founder and CEO,12 Jul 2020

Courtney,Reum,,M13 Company,Co-Founder,11 Jul 2020

Sandra,Van Gucht,,Sellsior,HR-manager,11 Jul 2020

Aimée,Lobé,,Actief Interim,HR Consultant,10 Jul 2020

Coray,Seifert,,NVIDIA,Program Manager,10 Jul 2020

Frank,Zamudio PMP,,Cushman & Wakefield,Facilities Manager/ REWS Team @Google ,10 Jul 2020

Sanju,Suryawanshi,,Deluxe Entertainment Services Group,Talent Acquisition Representative,10 Jul 2020

Victoria,Binyatova,,Newxel,IT Recruiter,10 Jul 2020

Elmo,Art Centre,,El- Mo Art Center,Art collector and dealer,10 Jul 2020

Lena,Kucun,,Lantis,Accountant,10 Jul 2020

Isabelle,Ghislain,,Tomorrowland,Head of Legal,10 Jul 2020

Johnny,Jeong,,Media Contacts,Angel Investor,10 Jul 2020

Charles,Adeler,,Global ,"Global Finance, Venture Capital",10 Jul 2020

Alan,Latham,,BIOTECHNOLOGY Ventures,Though Leader/ Angle Investor,09 Jul 2020

Arne Paul,Oltmann,,,Co-Founder & CEO,09 Jul 2020

Julian,Buhagiar,,RB Capital,Co-Founder,09 Jul 2020

Bas,Godska,,Acrobator Ventures,"Founder, General Partner",09 Jul 2020

Sara,El-Behiri,,Nickelodeon Animation,Coordinating Producer,09 Jul 2020

Vincent,Artist,,Vincent Artist,Fine Artist,09 Jul 2020

Emily,VanEpps,,Adobe,Advertising Cloud Account Manager,09 Jul 2020

Ren,Carlton,,Confidential,Managing Director,09 Jul 2020

Greg,Shepard,,BOSS Capital Partners,Founder and CEO,09 Jul 2020

Paloma,Castro Martìnez,,Euros / Agency Group,Strategic Director Euros/Agency Group,09 Jul 2020

Sami,Samiee,,Nivad Barzan,CEO,09 Jul 2020

Jean-François,Gagné,,Element AI,CEO,09 Jul 2020

Joselyn,Z.,,Private Investment,Private Angel Investor,09 Jul 2020

Jose,Berengueres,,United Arab Emirates University,Associate Professor,09 Jul 2020

Miguel,Matias,,Self Energy Ltd,CEO,09 Jul 2020

Rina,Neoh,,Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE),Board Of Directors,09 Jul 2020

🧠Dan,Murray-Serter,,Heights,Co-Founder,09 Jul 2020

Jesse,Tinsley,,Job MobZ,CEO and Founder,09 Jul 2020

Konstantin,Andryushchenko,,Xsolla,"Head of Business, Publishing Suite",09 Jul 2020

Michael,Greene,,Advisory Cloud,Advisor,09 Jul 2020

A.,Hari,,ELITF Group,CFO,09 Jul 2020

Jort,van Welbergen,,Marvel Entertainment,Freelance Concept Artist,08 Jul 2020

Lee,Moreau,,Other Tomorrows,President,08 Jul 2020

Els,Kerckhof,,BuzziSpace,Chief Marketing Officer,08 Jul 2020

Karen,Vander Elst,,Dixon & Company,Recruitment Consultant | Finance,08 Jul 2020

Talbot,M.,,la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image,community manager,08 Jul 2020

Simon,Bullman,,Charleroi Entreprendre,Administrateur,08 Jul 2020

Peter,Renders,,Broekman Logistics,Finance Broekman Logistics Belgium Antwerp nv / Broekman Logistics nv,08 Jul 2020

Stefano,Peeters,,Hifluence,Full Stack Developer,08 Jul 2020

Tara,Shrimpton-Smith,,U-Sentric,Head of Europa Business Unit,08 Jul 2020

Pieter,Seyssens,,Izify,KBC & Monizze Partnership Specialist,08 Jul 2020

Erwin,Dochez,,Eskens Benelux n.v.,Business Unit Manager Sales,07 Jul 2020

Sara,Vercauteren,,Bepublic Group ,Managing Director,07 Jul 2020

Toon,Mast,,DPG Media België,chef online Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN),07 Jul 2020

Dave,Wilkins,,Sony Corporation of America,Art Director,07 Jul 2020

Kathleen,Kovatch,,Intel Corporation,"Vice President, System Software Products",07 Jul 2020

Adrien,DOMKEN,,Caracal Studio,Lead Graphic Designer,07 Jul 2020

Grisha,Verlinden,,The Argonauts,Business Designer,07 Jul 2020

Patrick,Chassany,,Datatourisme,Founder,07 Jul 2020

Mercedes Virginia,Cuesta,,Jobinson ,HR Business Partner,07 Jul 2020

Hilke,Heremans,,Tomorrowland,project manager / developer,07 Jul 2020

Alexander,Karais,,Family Office Research FOR,Family Office,07 Jul 2020

Louise,Selfe,,Electronic Arts (EA),Talent Scout,07 Jul 2020

Abraham David,Belilty Bittan,,Abraham Belilty Gallery,Principal CEO,06 Jul 2020

Kumar,Chaitanya,,WorldTech Games,Level Designer,06 Jul 2020

Martha,Gallego,,Adobe,Principal Talent Partner,06 Jul 2020

Peter,Bolle,,iTalents,"Senior Talent Consultant, Business Owner",06 Jul 2020

Marisa,Torres,,Nickelodeon Animation,Background Painter,06 Jul 2020

Jennifer,Klos,,Collector House ,President,06 Jul 2020

Leo,Exter,,European Innovation Council ,"Member at the European Innovation Council (EIC) high-level group of experts, SME Instrument Phase 2",06 Jul 2020

Patrick,Geiser,,Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd,Head of Finance,06 Jul 2020

Bart,De Keyser,,CVO Semper,Teacher,06 Jul 2020

Nikki,Vertruyen,,DPG Media België,Assistente Legal & Public Affairs ,06 Jul 2020

Alexander,Lozano,,Marvel Entertainment,Cover Artist,06 Jul 2020

Mathias,De Winter,,Mooseoffice,Design Consultant,06 Jul 2020

Geert,Dewaele,,DPG Media,Head News City Video,06 Jul 2020

Helle,Detavernier ,,DPG Media België,Digital Marketing Consultant,06 Jul 2020

Paulien,Van Assche,,Licquid,UX / UI Designer ,06 Jul 2020

Annick,Van Ostade,,DPG Media,Eindredacteur,06 Jul 2020

Sven,Van Vlem,,DPG Media België,Head of Technology News City,06 Jul 2020

Katherine,Keirens,,De Persgroep Publishing,B2B communicatie ,06 Jul 2020

Winok,Oplinus,,Rode Neuzen Fonds - Koning Boudewijnstichting,lid van het bestuurscomité,06 Jul 2020

Miten,Shah,,LIFARE,Founder,05 Jul 2020

Frederik,De Swaef,,DPG Media België,Hoofdredacteur bij News City,05 Jul 2020

Cédric,Algoed,,DPG Media België,Data Performance Manager,05 Jul 2020

Bert,Looij,,DPG Media,Director Brand & Digital Marketing,05 Jul 2020

Patrick,Van Gompel,,DPG Media België,Journalist,05 Jul 2020

Stijn,Maris,,DPG Media België,"All things Livemuziek, Artiesten- & Sectorrelaties Qmusic, JOE & Willy bij DPG Media",05 Jul 2020

Dimitri,Heikamp,,DPG Media,Director DPG Media Netwerk,05 Jul 2020

Deborah,Bracke,,DPG Media België,Key Account Manager,05 Jul 2020

Tom,Overloop,,DPG Media België,Online Researcher,05 Jul 2020

Geertrui,Brughmans,,DPG Media België,Executive Producer TV,05 Jul 2020

Anthony,Kisters,,DPG Media België,Business Project Manager AV,05 Jul 2020

Lorenzo,Veppi,,CUTURE,Founder,05 Jul 2020

Nezir,Yikik,,DPG Media België,Online Marketeer VTM & VTM GO,05 Jul 2020

Karoline,Neujens,,DPG Media,Freelance eindredacteur Goed Gevoel,05 Jul 2020

Guy,Bultinck,,DPG Media,Retail & Distributie Manager,05 Jul 2020

Liesbeth,Van Cauwenbergh,,DPG Media,Chef Redactie Goed Gevoel &,05 Jul 2020

Gil,Dhulster,,DPG Media België,Commercieel Project Manager,05 Jul 2020

Peter,Wouters,,Eco Print Center (DPG Media),Commercieel Manager,05 Jul 2020

Jill,Pintens,,DPG Media België,HR Business Partner,05 Jul 2020

Laura,Devlies,,DPG Media België,Strategy Executive,05 Jul 2020

Dipan,Mandal,,Intel Corporation,"Research Scientist, Processor Architecture Research Lab, Architecture & Design Research, Intel Labs",05 Jul 2020

Ebarim,Fortune Godsend,,EDEN CLASSIC HOMES AND DESIGNS,Chairman/CEO,04 Jul 2020

URBAN,PAINTING,,Urban Painting,Creative Director,04 Jul 2020

Jhr.W. H .Rudolf,de Witt,,Art Dubai,Directeur,04 Jul 2020

Charlotte,Van Ouytsel,,Select,Business Unit Manager Technics,04 Jul 2020

Lucia,Giudice Fucilli,,"Puccio Fine Art, LLC",Owner,04 Jul 2020

Richard,Arnold,,State University of New York,Public Services Librarian,04 Jul 2020

Frans,Wauters,,AurAir,Commercieel directeur,04 Jul 2020

Héloïse,Delègue,,I&A Art,Painting production manager at Idris Khan's studio,04 Jul 2020

private,art,,Private Art Collector,Directeur,04 Jul 2020

Aäron,Rombouts Katznelson,,KATZ,ICT-verantwoordelijke,04 Jul 2020

Ahmed,El Yousfi,,Atos,Senior Project & Service Management at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister,04 Jul 2020

sushil,shriwastwa,,Arth Art International - India,Founder,04 Jul 2020

Günter,Krusch,,Vorwerk Group,Orga-Leiter,04 Jul 2020

Althaf,Ali,,Inspired Holding Group,CEO,04 Jul 2020

Thomas,Marschall,,The Marschall Plan Holding,CEO / Founder,03 Jul 2020

Vish,Rajappa,,"Ricoh USA, Inc.",Group Product Manager,03 Jul 2020

Philippe,Meert,,HEC Paris,Executive Coach,03 Jul 2020

Tonny,Vanderhoven,,Peritus Consulting cvba - Founding Partner,Strategic Advisor / Coach for SME's in Growth - Succession - M&A ,03 Jul 2020

Corentin,Orsini,,Super Capital,Founder & ceo,03 Jul 2020

Ralf A.,Plat,,INVIVENS,Founder and CEO,03 Jul 2020

Gilles,Bodart,,Salesforce,Business Development Representative,03 Jul 2020

Irène,Jung,,,,03 Jul 2020

Emmanuel,Vanbrussel,,Business AM - NL,Senior writer,03 Jul 2020

Frank,Hartmann,,Blockchain Applications AG,Founder,03 Jul 2020

Hrvoje Steve,Prpic,,Strujni krug,President,03 Jul 2020

Jean-Luc,Vloeberghs,,Simovision bvba,Commercial Director / Partner,03 Jul 2020

Christian,Klingebiel,,Milestone Capital Partners,Managing Director,03 Jul 2020

Cedric,Lingier,,Kabinet Minister President Jan Jambon,Parlementaire Relaties,03 Jul 2020

Frans,Verstreken,,NSX - Normalized Systems,Business Architecture,03 Jul 2020

Peter,Van den Bosch,,Painting with Light,Business Development Manager,03 Jul 2020

Inge,Vanluyd,,MOOZ BVBA & online gallery,Owner,03 Jul 2020

Soufian,Aboulfaouz,,Doowaly Digital Ventures,Founder & Managing Director,03 Jul 2020

Helen,Hunt,,GENIE BIO CLEAN LIMITED,Investor,03 Jul 2020

André,CARRION,,ACMI Conseil,Fondateur,03 Jul 2020

Jedidjah Julia,Noomen,,"games, (immersive) theatre, film, tv",Scriptwriter/Narrative Designer/Story Developer,03 Jul 2020

Maarten,Van Eynde,,Delen Private Bank Luxembourg,Business Analyst,03 Jul 2020

Stefan 🧪,Herrebosch âš¡ï¸(hiring),,Upthrust - digital projects & experts,Marketing Manager,03 Jul 2020

Yasir,Hashmi,,The Hashmi Group,Founder and Chairman,03 Jul 2020

Nick,Eyskens,,NEMAC,Owner / Business Director,03 Jul 2020

🎨💡Hervé,MISSIAEN,,HM Art Belgium,Creative Director,03 Jul 2020

Jochanan,Eynikel,,ETION,Business philosopher,03 Jul 2020

Pierre,NG,,Leonis Investissement,Business Angel,03 Jul 2020

Jonas,Dhaenens,,,Co-Founder & Group CEO,03 Jul 2020

Johan,Van Beek ,,Flexso,Business Manager,03 Jul 2020

Birte,Wagner,,SD Worx,Human Resources Business Partner,03 Jul 2020

Sarah,Vandewoude,,Creactiv - Marketing waar je van houdt!,Partner,03 Jul 2020

Patrick,De Wachter,,Mediahuis nv,Corporate Development Manager,03 Jul 2020

Jeffrey,Lemaire,,SIMC,Assistent Owner,03 Jul 2020

Kristiaan,Cloots,,STARSKY,FOUNDER & OWNER,03 Jul 2020

Marc,Frederix,,museumPASSmusées,Voorzitter raad van bestuur,03 Jul 2020

Raf,Picavet,,Uncle.,Vice President,02 Jul 2020

katja,genbrugge,,VDAB,Opleiding technisch commercieel medewerker,02 Jul 2020

Yvonne,van Ulden,,Infrared productions,Delegated and creative producer The Great Orator VR game/art installation by Daniel Ernst,02 Jul 2020

Rol,BOSCHI,,Marvel Comics,Artist,02 Jul 2020

Keith,Jones,,KVC Ventures,Owner,02 Jul 2020

Xu,Zhao,,NVIDIA,Developer account manager,02 Jul 2020

Jovanna,Piazza,,Electronic Arts (EA),Executive Assistant II - Global Campaign Management & Global Creative ,01 Jul 2020

Aleksandra,Popovic MSc,,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia,First Secretary,01 Jul 2020

Lieve,Van Ostade,,Quality Seekers,Medezaakvoerder - Sr. Recruiter,01 Jul 2020

Lisa,Haezebrouck,,Acerta Career Center,Recruiter,01 Jul 2020

Nico,Potvin,,Kadanza,Co-Founder,01 Jul 2020

Daniel,Krug,,Duvel Moortgat,President Belgium & Emerging Markets and global marketing,01 Jul 2020

Startup,Investments,,"Freelance, self-employed",Project,01 Jul 2020

Oleksii,Kuchaiev,,NVIDIA,Senior Applied Research Scientist,01 Jul 2020

Ivana-Iasminca,Luianov,,Agidens,Business Unit Buyer,01 Jul 2020

Melody,Romero,,Nickelodeon Animation,Environment Modeler,30 Jun 2020

Bert,Pans,,Private Sector,"Master of Economics, Banking and Law",30 Jun 2020

Arthur,Biedermann,,Self-employed,Freelance Graphic Designer,30 Jun 2020

Janne,De Meyer,,,,30 Jun 2020

Ellen,Van den Rym,,Gemeente Schilde,Themaconsulent Secretariaat,30 Jun 2020

Kenn,Wouters,,Deloitte,Partner | Emeritis a Deloitte business,30 Jun 2020

Tom,Stubbe,,Tomorrowland,HR-manager,30 Jun 2020

Evi,Renaux,,Rue NØ,Storyteller - copywriter - ghostwriter,30 Jun 2020

Lailuma,Sadid,,"UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency",Facilitator,30 Jun 2020

Jan,Mortelmans,,Ostend Beach Festival,Artistic Director & General Manager,29 Jun 2020

Angelique,Foré,,Generation WOW,Co-Founder,29 Jun 2020

Omer,Shapira,,NVIDIA,Senior Engineer,29 Jun 2020

Gwen,De pooter,,PZ,Loyalty Manager,29 Jun 2020

Jan,Jambon,,Vlaamse Overheid,"Vlaams minister-president en minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Cultuur, ICT en Facilitair Management ",29 Jun 2020

Arnoud,Schoofs,,bump,Innovation Lead,29 Jun 2020

Khaled,AL-Ma'lawani,,Independent,Private Investor,28 Jun 2020

Amanda,Franell,,Electronic Arts (EA),Senior Recruiter,28 Jun 2020

Alberto,Giorgi,,,Director of Engineering,28 Jun 2020

Fleur,Vanderhaegen,,Vialenti,Stock Controller en Back Office,28 Jun 2020

Maarten,Daemen,,KUKA Automatisering + Robots N.V.,Sales & Project Manager Automotive ,28 Jun 2020

Farmer,Wang,,NVIDIA,"Site GM, NVIDIA Shanghai R&D Center",28 Jun 2020

Marc,Poot,,Sofico,General Manager - JAPAN,28 Jun 2020

Thierry,Bouffioux,,Entrepreneur Endeavors - Life-changing experience,Founder & CEO,27 Jun 2020

Akansh,Sinha,,Spinny,Core Team,27 Jun 2020

Marat,Tolibayev,,"""Activat""",Founder & CEO,27 Jun 2020

Lawrence,Ang,,Viacom,Receiving and Asset Inventory Specialist,27 Jun 2020

Jef,Wittouck,,Govi,President,27 Jun 2020

Mathew,LeJeune,,NVIDIA,Senior Visual Designer,27 Jun 2020

Gregor,Kopka,,NVIDIA,Lead 3D Artist,26 Jun 2020

Abraham,Joseph,,IOT Insights,Founder,26 Jun 2020

Jean-Louis,Van Marcke,,,â˜‘ï¸ Co-founder & CEO,26 Jun 2020

Cristiano Karl,Gellera,,Art Advisory,Art Advisor,26 Jun 2020

kurt,cornelis,,sfumato design,graphic design,26 Jun 2020

Avinash,Chourey,,Electronic Arts (EA),Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant,26 Jun 2020

Demi,Poppe,,FPC Antwerpen,Jobstudent,26 Jun 2020

Wouter,Reggers,,Aforis,Owner,26 Jun 2020

Joseph,Sommer,,Stanford University,Language Tutor,25 Jun 2020

Bernard,Draily,,Vandemoortele,Director Operations and Supply Chain Bakery Products,25 Jun 2020

John-Paul,Bogers,,Elmedix,Chief Executive Officer,25 Jun 2020

Amit,Badlani,,NVIDIA,Senior Product Manager,25 Jun 2020

Rafał,Brzoska,, Group,CEO,25 Jun 2020

Lester,Knight,,Nickelodeon Animation,Compositing Director - Kamp Koral,25 Jun 2020

Axel,Funhoff,,Achilles Design,CEO,25 Jun 2020

Iryna,Zolotarevych,,Ukrainian Cultural Foundation,Expert Council on Communication Strategies Member,25 Jun 2020

Karina,Santjohanser,,KUKA,"Director Parts, Repairs & Used Robots",25 Jun 2020

Girish,SR,,RATESHWAR Consulting,Independent Business Owner,25 Jun 2020

Kristof,Du Bois,,Intel Corporation,Research Scientist,25 Jun 2020

Dimpee,Borah,,Electronic Arts (EA),People Practices Partner,25 Jun 2020

Ashwath,Hegde,,NVIDIA,ASIC Engineer,25 Jun 2020

ì˜ì›…,ì •,,plus n minus,대표,25 Jun 2020

Cameron,Knox,,Intel Corporation,Business Operations and TA Manager,24 Jun 2020

Steven Russell,Wells,,Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design,Adjunct Professor,24 Jun 2020

Lisa,Bell,,NVIDIA,Director of Business Development-VR,24 Jun 2020

Anne-Catherine,Gerets,,Clo Clo Studio,Founder,24 Jun 2020

Randy,Adams,,Scoby Social,Chief Technology Officer,24 Jun 2020

Miel,Van Opstal,,WaveLab - Corporate Consulting,Business & Marketing Innovation Facilitator,24 Jun 2020

Alfred,Moeckel,,Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND),German Business Angel of the Year - Hall of Fame,24 Jun 2020

Tony H,Allison,,Desert Business Association,Diplomat,24 Jun 2020

Chuck,Hyder,,Intel Corporation,Executive Recruiter,24 Jun 2020


Sakir,Sezer,,NVIDIA,Principal Architect,24 Jun 2020

Morena,Beltrami,,MoBeArt Gallery,Direttrice artistica MoBeArt Gallery/Art Collector,24 Jun 2020

Ravi,Venigalla,,Intel Corporation,"Senior Director of Engineering, Analog IP Development",24 Jun 2020

Peter,Hellinckx,,University of Antwerp and imec,"Professor (hoogleraar),Head of Department Electronics-ICT and the Postgraduate in Internet of Things",24 Jun 2020

Daniel,Lynch,,"Iovox, Resolver, Catalyst RO, Spiceology, NDVR, EternaTear, OtoNexus","Business Angel, Board Member, Keiretsu Forum Member",24 Jun 2020

Luc M E,Vanderveken,,CGI,Business Consultant,24 Jun 2020

Wallace,Santos,,MAINGEAR,CEO,24 Jun 2020

Timur,Sener,,Timur Sener,Online Marketing Freelancer,23 Jun 2020

Véronique,De Prycker,,The House of Leadership,Online B2B Strategies-Social Selling-LinkedIn-(Self)Mastery-Leadership-Speaker-Trainer-Coach-Mentor,23 Jun 2020


I interviewed Xiola Linden, Lead Community Manager for Linden Lab. Details on my blog:


161 Multicolor Photography - 161 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


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156 Multicolor Photography - 156 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography, Design, Analysis, Editing and Community Manager


I am happy and grateful for this recognition. It´s really a great support to me

157 Multicolor Photography - 157 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


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158 Multicolor Photography - 158 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


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160 Multicolor Photography - 160 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


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©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography, Design, Analysis, Editing and Community Manager


Happy Autumn PolaroidWeek 2014!

Day 5


This Polaroid Week has been full of the most amazing work by the 'roiders! Thanks everyone for the inspiration and sheer pleasure of viewing such great work, and of course all your enthusiasm for the instant film format. Thanks also, as always, to the mods and admins that keep this going. A special thanks to Anne, anniebee, our fearless and indefatigable instant community manager. :)


I'm around on twitter and instagram if not here.


See you all on April 20, 2015 for another round of the most wonderful week of the year, that happens twice a year!

♥́ ♥



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148 Multicolor Photography - 148Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


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PUBLISHED National Geographic 29/11/2018


MATT ADAMS favorite,National Geographic Senor producer

September 2018

& DAVID Y. LEE favorite, Producer Nat Geo Your Shot

November 2018

& CHRISTINA SHORTER favorite, Community manager Nat Geo Your Shot ,

December 2018

Read a bunch of new stories yesterday.

Was nice to finally meet Jon.

We'll see how next week goes... I'm not sure I want to keep doing these weekly. Maybe every other week or once a month.


I knocked out 2 cases quickly this morning.

Sent a third for review.

And cleaned up the remnants of a fourth.

Two more cases are ready to be queued for the next release.

And the team has another case that on Monday I can do some polishing up.

Then there's the blog post. That's ready for the community manager to adapt to their style.

All in all, a decent day to start.

We'll see if it stays that way.


I'm taking Friday off.

Yeah, the weather is going to suck for a few days.

I'd been hoping for more outside in the jasmine time.

Maybe it'll be dry in the mornings.


I'm reading the Night Circus.

It's a good book.

I know which character inspired Sho.

Still not quite certain of the others.

There's a bit of overlap.

I think Chrissy did a pit piece the other week that was a role.

Still not seeing any monkeys.


The echoes were pretty bad earlier in the week.

But they've subsided some.

There's a rehearsal tonight, but I won't go if it's early.

I'd like to photograph Noir Neverland.

I also need to clean up the text for two blog posts for Inara.

And then there's the weekend summaries.

People are so late with their notecards for Dance Queens.

Maybe I'll give that roundup a rest eventually.

I don't think it's doing any good.

I've asked people to tell me if they use it, and they don't.

When I stop, and they whine, I'll just point to that and say "It's too late now. I have other commitments. Think of this when someone does something useful and asks for you to confirm that it's needed."

Not wanted. Needed. Useful. Of use.

There's a huge difference.

118 Multicolor Photography - 118 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


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The Cliff Swallows that are attempting to nest in the entry to our underground parking garage got sidelined by someone who should have known better than to disturb nesting birds IMHO.

Yesterday a staff member removed the nest because there eventually will be some work done to the space nearby.

Ugh! I cried yesterday afternoon when I realized the nest was taken down and saw the birds frantically beginning to rebuild it last night. They had just completed the nest on Wednesday and Thursday it was removed.

So here's one of the swallows working on the new nest this morning.

I talked to our apartment community manager and she assured me that the maintenance staff has been informed to leave the nest alone this time.

I really want to see these beauties nest successfully and hope that they will prevail.



About Cliff Swallows:

144 Multicolor Photography - 144 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography, Design, Analysis, Editing and Community Manager


Business card minifigure of Kevin Hinkle (flesh tone version).


Kevin Hinkle was with LEGO for 12 years and was a former community manager for the Americas at the LEGO Group.


This flesh tone version was a very limited run and was rejected by LEGO as flesh tones were decided to be reserved for licensed themes.

So, a very limited print of these official LEGO minifigures were produced (only several hundred in existence).


The rarest Kevin Hinkle LEGO Group business card out of all of his versions.

This unusual hard to find official LEGO minifigure was distributed by Paul Striefler (LEGO employee) only during the year of 2017 when he was a Community Manager at The LEGO Group.


Since then he has changed positions at The LEGO Group and is now a Retail Events Manager which makes this minifigure unobtainable as this version was only given away at LEGO events while he was a Community Manager.


Less than 1000 of these in circulation!


Paul Striefler is a fantastic LEGO employee and this was one of his first official LEGO employee business card minifigures. It features an exclusive double sided face print with two unique expressions which don't appear on any other LEGO minifigure as well as an exclusive sand green torso that includes the LEGO logo with his name and contact information.

♥ ́ ♥



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#SecondLife #second #closet #photography #photooftheday #diseñografico #logos #diseñoweb #RRSS Ver menos♥



Hair: DOUX


Diseñadora Gráfica Titulada en RL.

Logos - Imagen Corporativa - Diseño Web - Community Manager - Diseño en General.

Facebook: Pluton Designs



#SecondLife #second #closet #photography #photooftheday #diseñografico #logos #diseñoweb #RRSS

141 Multicolor Photography - 141 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography, Design, Analysis, Editing and Community Manager


113 Multicolor Photography - 113 Fotografía Multicolor ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry, Adobe, Art, Author, Canon, Colombia, Colorful, Design, Digital, Fotografía, Landscape, Lightroom, Multicolor, Photo, Photographer, Photographie, Photography, Photoshop, Urban, Twitter,


©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography, Design, Analysis, Editing and Community Manager


I am really going to town on this figure, now especially that 343 Industrie's community manager Jessica Shea took notice of Halo 4 mini figures!


Obviously, I have redone her face. I got some extra heads in and decided to give it a second go. I have also made some pretty noticeable changes to her torso, and removed the HUD flow lines on the lower half of her legs. I never really liked those from the start. And Cortana now features her proper dark blue hands.


In the background you'll get an idea of just as to how I am displaying my Halo 4 characters :)

5_ Digital abstract photography ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Photography; Design; Analysis; Editing and Community Manager / 5_Fotografia abstracta digital ©Pablo Felipe Pérez Goyry. Fotografía; Diseño; Análisis; Edición y Community Manager / Twitter: @PabloFeliPerezG - Skype: pablofeliperezg

The convention was lasting from Thursday till Sunday evening and was quite nice for the most part, I was meeting some awesome people from Flickr and also got to know some new people of the German LEGO community, which I didn´t know too well before..


Apart from contributing to a fantastic Halo Collab I was also displaying a Purge Diorama as well as various vehicles. And that was were the trouble started, at least in the eyes of Jan Beyer. My above seen EU MBT was apparently too much of a...tank(?), I guess, that he wanted it removed, as the only person there to complain about it, he wasn´t even the host, but some weird community manager of TLG which was supporting and branding the event. The host of the event actually liked the tank and said it could stay there because it is fictive.


This is where the ridiculous things started, that guy was apparently so focused on the tank that he didn´t notice the AC-130 Spectre, Hellhound, Dragonfire and Scorpion Gunship around there and also failed to see the probably most cruel part of the Dio, a splattered head. There also were 3rd party products all over the Diorama, he was however only focused on the tank. I asked him to provide me a written and signed version of that there shall be no tanks at the convention, knowing that he couldn´t.


What followed was the LEGO official Jan Beyer to scream, shout and yell at a friend of mine and later me in front of my Diorama. You can almost guess that I was showing off how stupid he is by showing off the splatter head which he still didn´t notice till then, even though it was placed on a really obvious spot, with him getting madder and madder of course. After he was finally getting the fuck off, after threatening me to permanently ban me from the Fanwelt event, with my tank still being where it is supposed to be however. Then I created the above seen sign and explaining the rather big crowd of people who were around now, what was going on. They also agreed that he was ridiculously moronic. (Not to mention that he was also pushing some child around with the father getting kind of angry and disappointed by LEGO´s poor representation by Jan.)


Anyway, so after like a day of discussions and me wanting to pack my stuff because I obviously don´t back down (either my tank stays where it is, or I pack my things and quit for all visitors to watch, definitely negatively falling back to the convention), a co host of the convention suggested to remove the light bley forward barrel parts of the tank´s main cannon which was eventually solving the issue for the most part. The whole thing ended with him leaving in a rather annoyed way and my tank staying where it is till the official convention end.


Long story short, LEGO as a company is retarded, You can not rely on the host of a convention to say that tanks are perfectly fine before the convention and I was proving my ground towards that community manager moron.


Apart from that rather annoying issue, the convention was really nice, I got some nice news for those who like my vehicles, more instructions will be made during the next few months, given the huge interest in those at the convention. One more interesting thing I would like to point out that during the night before the convention start, a Leopard II tank MOC was stolen from the convention halls, Jan Beyer commented this saying that he isn´t sad about it.


Original picture by Deff (loving how the tank looks here btw, colors turned out sweet), edit by me.

Picture of Jan Beyer was found somewhere on Google. ;D


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