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"Huge crop"....Short-eared Owl and Northern Harrier spat... Short-eared the King hunter...Harrier likes the steal !


Thank you very much for your kind comments, favorites and looking and please stay safe !

The Calgary Globalfest international fireworks competition got off to a bright start with Brazil on Friday night

There is an unending competition between some of the birds who visit my yard, some come for the food, others want to control access to the food. Over the years control has passed between the species, and at times I have intervened to keep the peace.


Butcher birds, the bird closest to the camera in this shot, moved in at one time and drove away almost every bird who visited my yard. They perched on my roof, and the neighbours' roofs, and mounted a co-ordinated, multipronged attack on any bird who entered. They had all the food for themselves. They even posted a guard on the food dish to make sure no other bird got anything to eat.


When Rainbow Lorikeets came to visit after the fires last year, I put out fruit and seeds for them. Not food Butcher birds eat, so I expected they would co-exist. Not so, the Butcher birds were not happy. The Lorikeets stood up to the Butch birds, and ate the Butcher birds' food as well as their fruit and seeds. Now the Lorikeets rule the roost, any bird can visit, so long as they don't want the fruit and seeds.


And still the competition for yard dominance continues. In this shot the alpha Butcher bird provocatively sits on a chair overlooking the Lorikeets' feed dish. It's an uneasy peace, the Lorikeets have superior numbers, they stand their ground, raise their right feet and thrust their talons towards their adversaries. It's very intimidating and they have the Butcher birds well and truly bluffed.


Meanwhile up to a dozen different species come to feed, if not every day, at least regularly. I keep the peace and make sure that every bird gets something to eat, and it's amazing to see how they negotiate among themselves to share the space and the food.

Pied-billed Grebes. The one on the right caught the fish, and ultimately won this contest. In this image, the Grebes aren't cute as in the prior posted image. They loom more like their ancient velociraptor relatives. Farmington Bay WMA, Utah

Thanks Bruce and all!

The blue jays have been coming around a lot. Now Chad (the chipmunk) has competition ;)

White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae)


Looks like the Kestrels have some competition for the Skinks in the Sneydes Rd. Paddocks.

It was great to see the Heron back in the area today.

This willet objected to another willet invading its feeding space, so it chased the competition.

Taken at the Brailsford Ploughing Competition in 2018.

Hello Everyone

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Sports in old times...

Two wintry egrets fighting for hunting territory.

Note to self: sunset was 1809

Just finished our application to compete this Saturday in the CVH cup ♥ Blizz and I are so excited to finally meet our competition!

I've been digging into the film archives again. This is a scan of a 35mm colour slide taken during one of the competition days at the Burnie Surf Life-saving club on the north coast of Tasmania, Australia. Taken sometime between 2005 and 2009 on a custom built RBT 3D stereo 35mm camera. Scanned using my Samsung A51 phone camera. For those interested in old and unusual cameras, I will endeavour to post some shots of my various old and newer 3D cameras themselves soon.

Diving Fulmar - Bempton Cliffs.

This is my entry for the RSPB Love Nature 2020 Calendar Competition. Have you Entered?

Who is the best and the brightest of us two?

The chief of each tribe chose a hopu manu to represent them in the competition. The contenders were waiting for the signal living in houses on top of the cliff. Given the signal, they would come down to the sea and swim 2 km to Motu Nui on a board of reeds that kept them afloat. Once at Motu Nui, they settled into small caves waiting for the first manutara to lay an egg. The first one who managed to capture the egg would signal the crowd who waited at Orongo, indicating the chief that he was the winner.

Taken at Mimmo Sim

Zeiss 135/2 APO Sonnar

I am my own Competition!


Photo taken at Sunny's Photo Studio

Pose Spring Fling

Tending toward the sky

The Alps, some trees and a statue named "emergence".


La Roche-sur-Foron, Haute Savoie.

The goldfinches (Carduelis carduelis) seem to spend as much time fighting as feeding

#Fill the frame.


The competition just runs like chewing gum through my everyday life. Somehow I'm still not on track. At least I'll have reached my interim goal soon... ...only two topics left on the current topic:-)


Happy Monday, my friends!


Inspired by... SNAP - The Power



.... einige tanzen immer aus der Reihe ;-)


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

But ... then ... a tiny glimmer of light appears.

A friend said to me,

"We are fragile alone but together unbreakable."

And ... that gives me hope.

cool down ...


Jemand erzählte mir, dass sein Fotoclub, zusammen mit Calumet, einen Düsseldorf Fotowettbewerb startet - ein Gutschein für 150 Euro winkt - ein günstiger Preis um an ein gutes Foto zu kommen ...


mir zu günstig, da nehme ich nicht teil ...


das Thema habe ich mir heute Morgen dann selbst gestellt - hier das Ergebnis, der Hitzeperiode und dem Klimawandel geschuldet ...


Ihr seht den 218 m hohen, markanten, Rheinturm

dazu die Energie-Pyramide, die Spuren des nahen Flughafens und die Spuren der DEG, des Düsseldorfer Eishockeyvereins, als Melange ...


Die Herleitungen sind für euch sicher leicht nachvollziehbar ...

zur Pyramide, die den Puls dieses charmanten Welt- und Kunstdorfes angibt, hier mehr ...


Das Luftbild der Energie-Pyramide zeigt das Wechselspiel der geometrischen Formen: Über vier konzentrischen Edelstah-Ringen sind vier Dreiecke angebracht, deren Winkel denen der Pyramiden von Gizeh entsprechen.


Auf den vier Ring-Skalen ist abzulesen, wieviel Strom, Fernwärme, Erdgas und Trinkwasser die Stadtwerke Düsseldorf zur Zeit, in der Stunde, abgeben.


Die Drehung der Dreiecke zeigt weiter, wie die Zeit verrinnt. Zu jeder vollen Stunde stehen die Dreiecke im Winkel von 90° zueinander und bilden so die "Pyramide".


Sinnfällige Sprüche umgeben diese Zahlen:


"Das All ist voller Energie. Energie verändert das Universum." "Der Reichtum der Erde ist nicht bloß Kapital. Er ist ihr Wesen."


;-) ...



Driving competition in Hoogenweg in the municipality of Hardenberg in the Netherlands today🐴


Thanks very much for visiting, favs and comments !

Snelli pond, old town

The apple trees in the garden are laden with some lovely apples; crunchy and sweet.This has not been lost on the local wasps, flies, magpies, blackbirds, or starlings. This particular apple was being made short work of by the wasps, this one had fought off a few others, and was happily chomping away when the flies arrived.

The wasps are a bit aggressive, if uncoordinated - the apples are fermenting and making them drunk!

But the smell under the apple tree is quite amazing, especially with the warm spell currently being enjoyed.

World Surf League (WSL) competition at Sunset Beach, North Shore of Oahu.

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