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my Love Naiike Pani♫♥♫


HARO - Fogwood Dynasty Outfit

Male & Female

ATTIC- - Gamepod gacha set

M^2 - Japanese City Complex "Old vs. New" pt.2


♫♥♫Neo-Japan Event♫♥♫

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♫♥♫Eagles of Death Metal - Complexity♫♥♫

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we recently camped in a wilderness area, where we canoed to our campsite. leaves fell from trees and landed in the water. i found this glowing leaf that appeared to be crying. life is complex. we hold many things in our hearts: grief and gratitude; anxiety and hope; dark and light; tears and laughter.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None, but ourselves can free our minds."

Bob Marley

Parc national du Mont-Tremblant,

Quebec, Canada

As I walked this old cemetery fence line, my eye was drawn to a disruption in the ironwork. A secondary gateway had been mangled by a vehicle that had left the road, crossed the berm, smashed into the fence, and continued on to destroy some nearby grave markers. Probably unfolded in a matter of a couple of seconds, but left lasting damage. Didn't appear to be the sort of accident that would have involved serious injury. Of course the driver would have been subject to ridicule by friends suggesting that they were just "dying to get into that cemetery." For me the resulting disorder in the otherwise uniform and pristine fence was a visual delight. I wouldn't normally wish for damage to happen solely for the benefit of a photo. But on the other hand I never shy away from documenting such things when I stumble upon them. As I contemplated the scene, I was distracted by the rhythmic clip-clop of horse hooves hitting pavement. It was the unmistakeable audible signal of an approaching Amish buggy. The timing could not have been better. I was already bent (no pun) on photographing the damaged gate. Coordinating this with the passing buggy I thought would really amp up the visual impact. I used to be timid about photographing the Amish, and still avoid shooting them individually. But I now figure the buggies are fair game. I exchanged waves with the driver as the buggy drew near. Then knelt down and just let the shutter go in a continuous burst as the buggy passed the gate (trying to time shots like this and trusting a single shot is doomed to fail). The resulting image was exactly what I had envisioned. The horse and buggy, along with the fence, appear out of another era. I love the funerary feel of both, and the background and sky tie in perfectly. An image of simultaneous simplicity and complexity revealed in 1/500th of second. Love when the universe tees one up for me like this.

The complexity of market stands is amazing. It's no wonder the market is always open, everything is stuffed with good and packaging what gives this woderful chaotic view.


Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

Don't use my photo's without permission. You can contact me at the above website's contactform. I feature free photosoftware on a regular basis, so check regularly!

A jumble of woodland complexity taken on a dreary day but needed to get my tree fix for the day! needs to be seen big for all the details to get lost in :)

an entanglement of vines at The Lost World of Tambun in Malaysia.

Adored this tree trunk as it wove its way in a very serpentine fashion through the dense (and still very green) complexity of foliage. Taken in the woods at Whiteleaf Cross, Princes Risborough.

Duality is not a story. Duality is just a complexity.


Edward Norton

Edward Harrison Norton is an American actor and filmmaker. He has received numerous awards and nominations, including a Golden Globe Award and three Academy Award nominations. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Maryland, Norton was drawn to theatrical productions at local venues as a child.


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Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

Don't use my photo's without permission. You can contact me at the above website's contactform. We feature free photosoftware on a regular basis, so check regularly!

The complexity and beauty of a Common Sow Thistle flower. Similar but smaller than your average dandelion flower

A complex autumnal scene taken on a damp grey morning stroll through Hillock Wood. I had to wait for the wind to die down before taking the shot as the branches were moving about a lot and I didn't have a lot of light, but it represents what I saw.

In this one a low horizon to view the complex pattern of the clouds. Zoom in and walk through the photo to explore the details.

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Spring woods.


This was taken in March at a bird reserve in Cambridge. I just love the complex tracery of the branches.


For the Crazy Tuesday group's Silhouette theme.


Silhouette is a word I struggle to spell. Why not write it silohoot? I know it's French, but just remember Agincourt OK? [Our hapless commentator ducks and runs...]


Converted to B&W and toned for my 100x challenge...


Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Crazy Tuesday and 100x. :)))


Taken overlooking The Hangings at Whiteleaf, Buckinghamshire. There was a lot to take in looking down into this valley and I couldn't work out to go wide or try and focus on individual structures, so I thought sod it and went the middle ground. Lots of characters jostling for space on the hillside with the sun making its presence felt at the top of the shot trying to burn off what mist it could find!

The almost fiber optic effect at the back of this Kingfishers head made us smile!


The wind was just enough to part the feathers. and it was interesting to see how the colour varied along each individual strand of hair. The same Kingfisher can look to have different coloring dependent on the light,, and this exquisite complexity is probably a major factor why


A little detail that adds to one of the most beautiful little birds you can find


Happy Sliders Sunday

Processed in Luminar FX Photo Studio using a solarizing filter and color filters.

Created with Incendia

Tight relationships

Subsystems turn

Coherent organization

of buildings of Richard Meier ...



I am profoundly enchanted

by the flowing complexity

in you

John Keats


for Flickr Friday # knot

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