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The former bus garage doing great work as a Covid testing station.


I'm not sure of the future for the building, possibly redevelopment as housing.

… a desolate scene at the corner of Arkwright Road and Frognal.

Back to a semblance of life before. I wanted to say normality, but in the end, hasn't normality become the mask, the hydro-alcoholic gel, the hygienic gestures?


Back from life in Paris, I took the opportunity to go on an outing rich in photos and faces that will appear here soon. 30 km of walking through the city, for a dozen photos that feel good. To rediscover a bit of humanity.

Donación voluntaria de plasma sanguineo con anticuerpos del COVID-19 en el Banco de Sangre y Tejidos de Aragón BSTA


Voluntary donation of blood plasma with COVID-19 antibodies to the Blood and Tissue Bank of Aragon BSTA


Done plasma del COVID-19


Si se ha recuperado completamente del COVID-19, usted puede ayudar a los pacientes que actualmente luchan contra la infección donando su plasma. Ya que usted tuvo esta infección, su plasma ahora contiene anticuerpos del COVID-19. Estos anticuerpos proporcionaron una forma para que su sistema inmunológico combatiera el virus cuando estaba enfermo. Por esta razón, su plasma podría usarse para ayudar a otros a combatir la enfermedad.


¿Qué es el plasma convaleciente?


El plasma convaleciente es la parte líquida de la sangre que se recolecta de los pacientes que se han recuperado de la nueva enfermedad del coronavirus, COVID-19, causada por el virus SARS-CoV-2. Los pacientes con el COVID-19 desarrollan anticuerpos en la sangre contra el virus. Los anticuerpos son proteínas que pueden ayudar a combatir la infección. Se está investigando el plasma convaleciente para el tratamiento del COVID-19 porque no existe un tratamiento aprobado para esta enfermedad y hay información que sugiere que puede ayudar a algunos pacientes a recuperarse del COVID-19.


Donate plasma


If you have fully recovered from COVID-19, you may be able to help patients currently fighting the infection by donating your plasma. Because you fought the infection, your plasma now contains COVID-19 antibodies. These antibodies provided one way for your immune system to fight the virus when you were sick, so your plasma may be able to be used to help others fight off the disease.


What is Convalescent Plasma?


Convalescent plasma is the liquid part of blood that is collected from patients who have recovered from the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 patients develop antibodies in the blood against the virus. Antibodies are proteins that might help fight the infection. Convalescent plasma is being investigated for the treatment of COVID-19 because there is no approved treatment for this disease and there is some information that suggests it might help some patients recover from COVID-19.

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Sighhhhhhh..... There are days when I feel exactly like this.

1.977.893 Dead until today worldwide

Streets of Brussels...

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Take this song ..but don't misunderstand... take the lyrics and reverse the gender!!! Not I'm the girl...etc, I'm the guy instead..yes ROLE REVERSED.

ILCE-6500 ƒ/5.6 135.0 mm 1/1000 ISO1250           〇

Masked World (COVID-19) I come ! Edim day 20 : shoes. She wants Booty:-)


Hello.. It's me. im in Florida Dreamin about goin out to eat..just a burgerrr .. w/ cheese or a shaken margarita and baby back ribs from chillis..


Big Thanks to Dacio and Stockard for Taking this awesome shot with me.

check out their versions



"Ultimately, the greatest lesson that COVID-19 can teach humanity is that we are all in this together, no matter the location."


Showcasing the amazing new works available now from some awesome designers.


So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today:-


One major and predictable yet unexpected consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic upheavals that ensued was a complete interruption of schedules that could be felt all the way down the line. It simply effected everything, even shortline railroading. The Illinois Railway, a operating predominantly as sand-only on its Ottawa-Eola, IL line, did not escape unscathed. It's usually a night operation, running between Wedron and Eola and back in the overnight hours. But for a period of at least 2 months in the winter of 2021, they ran more daylight runs than night runs.


So when I stopped in downtown Yorkville, IL on a lunch break one February day at the beginning of the cold snap to observe the bald eagles fishing below the damn, I was caught unaware of this when this westbound train came through shortly before 2pm. On point were a couple of borrowed BNSF units, and bringing up the rear were two of their four all-blue HLCX SD40-2's.

Streets of Brussels...

Covid 19 times .... Italian breakfast April 17 at 9:00 am not the classic shouting only an terrible silence

As we head into a long weekend here in Australia..and the green light is on for local tourism to spread its wings. The city has started to relax being couped up indoors for the past many months. The reality is though that there is no vaccine available for COVID-19 yet. Whilst my American counterparts have the magical time of being able to go to the beach, sadly my beach time here is restricted to indoors.


Showcasing the amazing new works available now from some awesome designers.


So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today:-


Yes ! we can sit at a terrace again !

The difference of a lonely person before and after the lockdown

One of those commerces, long Monk Boulevard that are closed during Covid times.

Streets of Turkey - Coronavirus...

Hallelujah, Noel, be it heaven or hell,

the Christmas we get we deserve.

Stay safe everyone.

Konica Hexar AF

Fuji Superia 400

A common occurrence.

The lack of hospital beds in Bangkok is so severe that people who are only lightly infected with Covid are being put on specially converted trains and shipped upcountry to their hometowns. The army has also converted an airplane for the same purpose and has taken sick people upcountry as well.

Charming Cardiffian mural, spotted on walkabout through the city which is on the verge of another lockdown.

Corona is everywhere and spreading fast. I'm gonna draw only about covid,until I find a cure. Maybe.

We visited the area of the Louvre last week and it was very quiet indeed. A fantastic experience for us 'locals' to be able to walk around in practically deserted streets but rather sad for Paris. It needs its heart back.

A shot taken on Angel Corner in Strood.


This is the covid face mask clad statue that stands on the corner.


I shot this image on my IPhone 11, and post processed using the internal processing options. I thought a heavily edited noir edition suited the need.


IPhone 11.

It came as a surprise to see a jet streaking over given the conditions of our current situation. Hopefully we will get back to whatever normal is in 2021.

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