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Whether my bark went down at sea -

Whether she met with gales -

Whether to isles enchanted

She bent her docile sails -

By what mystic mooring

She is held today -

This is the errand of the eye

Out upon the Bay.


Emily Dickinson

i>Mucha gente emigró para buscar trabajo.


Πολύς κόσμος έφυγε ψάχνοντας δουλειά.


Fire is a serious global problem, we need to address it head on and find environmental solutions.


HSS 😊😊😍


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"Personality crisis you got it while it was hot

Frustration and heartache is all you got, don't you worry"


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Location: Missing Mile

macro abstract art

This is Crisis, Chris for short, he is bad luck ;)

A blue tit, sunning itself and drinking from my garden pond. It was fairly unconcerned about me crawling up on my belly to take this, but thought better of it shortly after.


S.E. England.

Red woodpecker attacks starling ... (Balkony collection)

i have a very bad case of broken heart disease. we are all in it together, but in the end, we are alone inside our hearts. and they are all broken.

Balade photographique avec R.R.






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Her neighbour chickens already have their eggs. It's gonna take the cat a bit longer:-)

El valor del trabajo

Poppy, one of our three chicken puppies exploring a complete new world outside the egg. We planned to transfer them to farm life when they are a little bit older, unexpected they will stay a little longer now ...

Viktor-Adler-Markt, Favoriten

*Working Towards a Better World

Our shame, today 10,000 refugees are currently stranded in Idomeni - caught in limbo between Greece and Macedonia because of unilateral border closures. They need our help desperately, they are all human beings, men, women and children, all made of flesh and blood, with feelings and hope, yet at the moment no help and very little hope! We, the world, must come together to help them it is our duty they are all part of the human race to which we belong, surely we are not going to turn our backs on our own?


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"En los momentos de crisis, sólo la imaginación es más importante que el conocimiento"

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