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Winter Tollwood festival


Be the first to kick start your generous support and fund my production with more amazing images!


Currently, I'm running a crowd funding activity to initiate my personal 2016 Flickr's Project. Here, I sincerely request each and every kind hearted souls to pay some effort and attention.


No limitation, Any Amount and your encouraging comments are welcome.


Crowd funding contribution can be simply direct to my PayPal account if you really appreciate and wish my forthcoming photography project to come alive.

Please PayPal your wish amount to :


Email me or public comments below your contribution amount for good records with your comments and at final day, at random, I shall sent out my well taken care canon 6D with full box n accessory during random draw to one thankful contributor as my token of appreciation.


Now, I cordially invite and look forward with eagerness a strong pool of unity zealous participants in this fundermental ideology yet sustainable crowd fund raising task.

Basically, the substantial gather amount is achievable with pure passion n love heart in photography and not necessary be filty rich nor famous to help me accomplish raising my long yearning photography career, a sucking heavy expense that been schedules down my photography making journey had inevitably, some circumstances had badly fall short behind racing with time and inability to fulfill as quickly in near future consolidating good fund .

Honestly, with aspiration and hope, I appeal to urge on this media for a strong humanity mandate through good faith of sharing and giving generously on this particular crowd funding excercise to achieve my desire n is not just purely a dread dream , is also flickers first starter own crowds funding strength turning impossible into reality through this pratical raising method that I confidently trust it will turn fruitful from all your small effort participation, every single persistency will result consolidating piling up every little tiny bricks into an ultimate huge strong living castle.

In reality, I have trust and never look down on every single peny efforts that been contributed as helpful means, turning unrealistic dream alive is the goal in crowd funding excercise, No reason any single amount is regard to be too small when the strength of all individual wish gather to fulfill my little desire to make exist and keep alive. .

I sincerely look forward each and every participants who think alike crowds funding methodlogy works here no matter who come forwards with regardless any capital amount input be big or small , please help gather and pool raise my objective target amount as close to USD$10K or either acquisition from donation item list below:


1- ideally a high mega pixel Canon 5DS ( can be either new or use ok)

2- Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L IS lens ( can be either new or use ok)

Last but not least, a photography journey of life time for a trip to explore South Island of New Zealand and Africa.


My intended schedule may estimate about 1 month round trip self drive traveling down scenic Southern Island of New Zealand for completing the most captivating landscape photography and wander into the big five, the wilderness of untamed Africa nature for my project 2016 before my physical body stamina eventually drain off.


During the course, I also welcome sponsor's to provide daily lodging/accommodation, car rental/transportation, Fox Glacier helicopter ride and other logistic funding expenses, provide photographic camera equipments or related accessories .

Kindly forward all sponsors request terms of condition n collaboration details for discussion soon.


Great Ocean Drive- the 12 Apostle's


Please Click Auto Slide show for ultimate viewing pleasure in Super Large Display .to enjoy my photostream . ..

Due to copyright issue, I cannot afford to offer any free image request. Pls kindly consult my sole permission to purchase n use any of my images.You can email me at :


Don't use this image on Websites/Blog or any other media

without my explicit permission.


For Business, You can find me here at linkedin..


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RIP for all the souls lost in Portugal

More and how to help here:

Locomore startte in december 2016 na crowdfunding met een eigen IC dienst tussen Stuttgart en Berlijn. Locomotief en personeel werden door goederenvervoerder Hectorrail gesteld. Na een sterkte start liepen de inkomsten in de loop van 2017 terug en werd het in mei 2017 failliet verklaard.


Enkele maanden later nam de Tsjechische vervoerder Leo Express zowel het materieel als het personeel van het failliete Locomore over. Samen met Flixbus werden de activiteiten in Duitsland nieuw leven ingeblazen, nu als Flixtrain. Leo Express rijdt de treinen, Flixbus zorgt voor de ticketverkoop.


Ook in de nieuwe situatie verzorgt Hectorrail nog altijd de tractie. Locomotief 182 505 is geheel in de groene huisstijl van Flixbus/Flixtrain bestickerd. De 242 517 rijdt nog rond in de fraaie grijs-oranje huisstijl van Hectorrail, maar heeft onlangs wel het Flixtrain logo gekregen.


Op zaterdag 4 augustus 2018 werd de "Flixtrain" 242 517 ingezet voor het rijden van een beladen ARS Altmann-trein vanuit Bremerhaven naar München Milbertshofen. Het plan was de trein te fotograferen vanuit de wijnbergen bij Himmelstadt. Maar onverwacht ging de trein in Karlstadt(Main) aan de kant, terwijl de zon in Himmelstadt steeds kopser begon te staan...


Met een mede fotograaf werd uiteindelijk toch besloten de gok te wagen en terug te rijden naar Karlstadt, met de hoop dat we de trein niet tegemoet zouden rijden. Dat gebeurde gelukkig niet en na een kwartiertje wachten mocht de trein dan eindelijk vertrekken. De 242 517 met beladen ARS Altmann autotrein kon zodoende in een heerlijk zomers zonnetje met een prachtige wolkenlucht worden vastgelegd. Op de achtergrond is de cementfabriek Schwenk in Karlstadt te zien.

This is “THE” snowflake that was used to model the snowflake ornaments I’m currently crowdfunding, with only 4 days left to go!


This snowflake has a few classic features that add extra beauty to these designs, starting in the very center. The hexagonal button-like gem in the center is what remains of a twin plate growing out of a center column connecting the two; this snowflake began its life as a column.


Column-type snowflakes usually form in slightly warmer weather, a few degrees below the freezing point. If the temperature drops while the crystal is still growing, it will shift into plate-like growth on either ends of the column. At this early stage, the two plates will likely be growing outward at an equal pace, but if a gust of wind or a pocket of higher humidity hits one side of the snowflake before the other, it gets more building blocks (water vapour) and grows a little faster.


At that point, the battle is over. As soon as one plate grows beyond the footprint of the other, the smaller plate has very little access to water vapour and will remain a tiny gem for the rest of the snowflake’s life. The larger plate will continue to grow outward, eventually growing branches, side-branches, and more unique features.


At the point where we see the first side-branches, the tip of the out-growing branch develops a small cavity. This happens when the top and bottom edge grow faster than the area inside the facet and it’s responsible for all the bubbles we see inside of snowflakes. If a cavity on the tip of a branch becomes larger, it’ll eventually split the top and bottom edges into new plates that compete for growth just like what happened in the center. The bottom-side won again, and you can even see a shadow in the original image that illustrates this shift


One of the side-branches doesn’t match the others, but showcases a very interesting phenomenon in snowflake growth. If a droplet of super-cooled water collides with the snowflake, it’ll freeze on impact (we see a lot of that along the outer edge, left off of the model, called “rime”). In one instance, this droplet protruded enough at exactly the right stage of growth to replace what would have been a normal side-branch. This branch is growing on a different plane, almost like it was just glued on top of the crystal. It also has its surface features on the opposite side of the crystal compared to everything else.


One side of a snowflake typically has surface detail, and the other is mostly void of any features except for some inward-growing lines caused by a thick outer edge growing back towards the center of a snowflake. In a split-crystal design, it’s very common for branches growing on different planes to have features on opposing sides, and we get a little hint of that here as well.


This snowflake has a lot of complexities, but is still has a very “classic” feel. That’s why it was chosen for the first snowflake ornament! Some features were left off such as a few hitchhiking small snowflakes and the rime on the outer edges, just to keep the core snowflake at the heart of the presentation.


Check out the crowd-funding campaign to get a copy of this snowflake to hang on your Christmas tree or to simply use as a nice winter decoration to celebrate the season:

Lettre de MAILING du 21 mars 2021 *** Crowdfunding en ligne ! ***


Merci d'avance !


Overlooking the city in which we have been present and working for over 40 years now. We're really keen to make a film telling the story of Salisbury through the archaeology that we have uncovered. But we need your help in order to make this a reality.


Please watch the trailer for the film and consider donating whatever you can so we can make this a reality.


Thank you!


Wessex Archaeology




Crowdfunding Page:

Crowdfunding has opened for the AFOL Developer Program! I was very happy to see my Vintage Roadster included and I hope you'll want to add it to your collection. If it reaches 200 pre-orders the set will be produced with a custom box and instructions.


The set is $54.99 for 474 parts and you can view and pre-order it here! I appreciate your support.


Photos were taken by the Bricklink team. For more photos see the full album.

Projet à soutenir sur :

Logotypes : Pentacle BLACK ALLIGATOR ! Pentagramme inversé au crâne de Bouc !


En crowdfunding sur :


Merci d'avance (!)


Napoleon's ordering / crowdfunding period is only 5 DAYS LEFT! Don't miss out the chance to hire him, be your exclusive super model. 😎


#granado #bjd #doll #granadodoll #napoleon

Besides our different size Vigor body crowdfunding, we have also invented to make vigor body by using different materials.

Did you ever try to taste your doll because of their irresistibly meaty thighs or juicy bumps? By joining this crowd funding you can make this wish come true!

You can order Jello, spaghetti or even Galaxy ice cream Vigor body! Yummy! 😋

In addition, have you ever worried dropping your doll on floor? No more worries! Turn Vigor body into metal! 24K gold is your exclusive option.

Join our cwordfunding on 31st April, 2018. This is a ONE DAY ONLY offer. Don't miss out!😀


Different size crowdfunding:


#granado #bjd #doll #granadodoll #Vigor #crowdfunding

To get going with the new and innovative idea, a startup company need funds or initial investment to float the company. You might have plenty of options to raise funds but we bring to you equity crowdfunding, which can better help you in fundraising . Here are tips to execute your idea through equity crowdfunding, visit:

Setting up a Crowdfunding campaign can be overwhelming,which is why it is of utmost importance that you do a thorough research and dig out the most important strategies before you go live. Visit to learn more.

3 days left for the crowdfunding project "Passejant el gos. Un tribut a Keith Arnatt". We are at 69% right now and we need some analog photography and portrait and dogs lovers to help to finish the project.

You can help at:

A disused theatre in the UK, a local community group hopes to rescue it in due course.


They hope to begin work this year and were shocked to find out that I knew about them and the theatre despite becoming the first derelict building that I can think of to pay for the heavy renovation work via crowdfunding site, kickstarter.

Crowds funding campaign !!


Please show support for my coming crowd funding raising activity with our beloved Flickr community . This project is to gather a minimum total sum of US$5000. I hope many of my existing contacts and new viewers can also come forward to participate raising such a meaningful charity target amount as I completely trust gathering all human unity power for relieving charitable deeds in remote Myanmar region to cater all inspiring hope to the helpless and needy kids for rooting their early basic child education path .

Any generouse fund from you can be direct to my PayPal : and kindly state child relieve help.



School Teachers always say that discuss the topic you are learning. You will understand it better. Well, to be honest, this fact is actually very true. Discussions with peers can actually give you a better insight of the topic. And this fact is true even for vast topics like crowdfunding.


Napoleon's ordering period, and his 31cm crowdfunding period is only 13 days left!

Please do not miss out the chance to get him <3


#granado #bjd #doll #granadodoll #napoleon

We are planning to take a trip to Istanbul where we will explore its culture, customs, history, food and traditions. We ask you to help us by donating money for travelling.

More details:

Finally the day has come! My Kickstarter project for my new book just went online...


I worked for almost three years on this book showing some of the greatest imagery made by amateur as well as professional astrophotographers. To fund the project I decided to try to get this done by a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter.


Within the next 30 days I have to try to collect 9000 euros through the project to get the funds to make the publication possible.


If you want a book with unique imagery from the universe this is really worthwhile to look at.


For more info please go the Kickstarter site and see what you can do to make this project a succes.


If you like this please share this as much as possible. The more people know about the project the more the chance for succes...





This historical flour mill is the only one, which still is existing to the north of the alpine main ridge. It was endangered in the year 2000 as a result of the construction of a new road, cutting off the influx of water. The mill has been saved by private crowdfunding afterwards. Underpinned by public money it got a new place near the creek Kluppenbach in the valley Schmirntal (Tyrol, Austria).


(Picture merged by 6 captures.)




Diese historische Stockmühle bei Toldern (Tirol, Österreich) ist die einzige, die nördlich des Alpenhauptkammes noch erhalten ist. Durch den Bau einer Umgehungsstraße wurde sie im Jahr 2000 vom Wasserzufluss abgeschnitten und war dem Verfall preisgegeben. Durch private Initiative - heute Crowdfunding genannt - wurde sie an einen anderen Standort verlegt und wieder betriebsfähig gemacht.


~~~~~ - bergfex

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I finally set up a Patreon page. Patreon is a way people can become patrons of an artist's work. It is different than Kickstarter and the like, as it is not for a one-time goal.

You can learn more about it here:

About Patreon


And you can see my Patreon page here:

Bite Hard: Support Sarah R. Bloom


If you are a supporter/fan of my work and want to pledge any amount from as little as $1/month on up, I would be extremely grateful. I will continue to put out free content regularly as I have done since 2006, but supporters of my Patreon will get extras.


Please and Thank you <3

Taken at the Raven Folk club at the Bear and Billet Pub in Chester, these images are from the launch of Ashley Fayth’s new crowdfunding campaign for her new album “Tack Back the Fire”.


For more information about the campaign see:



Taken at the Raven Folk club at the Bear and Billet Pub in Chester, these images are from the launch of Ashley Fayth’s new crowdfunding campaign for her new album “Tack Back the Fire”.


For more information about the campaign see:




New doll Napoleon & His size crowdfunding

11/1/2019 ~ 11/2/2019




#granado #bjd #doll #granadodoll #crowdfunding #napoleon

Je lance mon projet de financement participatif sur la plateforme ULULE pour les tirages Mimü cerf et Mimü licorne.


La campagne de financement durera 30 jours. 10 poupées sont disponibles ! Vous avez la possibilité de choisir entre 3 couleurs: Grise (3 pièces) , Violette (3 pièces) , et Tan (4 pièces) . Ainsi que le modèle, soit le cerf soit la licorne.


Si vous aimeriez soutenir ma compagnie sans pour autant commander une poupée. Je vous invite à prendre connaissance des différents paliers qui offrent diverses contreparties tel que cartes, marque-pages, porte-clés et figurines tournant autour de l'univers de mes BJD.


Plus que jamais j'ai besoin de votre soutiens.

Un petit partage pour en parler autour de vous serait déjà d'une grande aide !


Je vous invite le à lire par ici :


Un grand merci à tous !


Très belle journée !




I set up a Crowdfunding on the platform ULULE for the cast Mimü deer and Mimü unicorn.


The Crowdfunding will last 30 days. 10 dolls are available! You have the possibility of choosing between 3 colors: Grey( 3 dolls), Puple ( 3 dolls), and Tan ( 4 dolls). As well as the model, or the deer is the unicorn.


If you would like to support my company without ordering a doll. I invite you to acquaint with various landings which offer diverse counterparties such as postcards, bookmarks, key rings and figurines turning around the universe of my BJD.


More than ever I need of your supports.

A small sharing to speak about it around you would already be of a big help!


I invite you to read here:


I am sorry, I did not translate a text so complex at the moment, my English being too bad


One thank you to all!


Have a good day !

Crowdfunding equity is a kind of investment which sees no boundaries and no limits. Crowdfunding equity can be practised by all budding entrepreneurs. It also allows all kinds of investors to try their fortune by getting involved in the process of crowdfunding equity. Crowdfunding equity is a...

Platform Coming Soon! Get Ready To Play.

China is a densely populated country. It is a favourable condition for small businesses to find more potential investors because of wider internet reach. China as a country has many advantages as for as crowdfunding is concerned. Firstly, it has a high number of internet users, therefore giving...


So, dear friends, we started our Crowdfunding campaign!

Please help make the dream a reality!


Estamos haciendo una película!

Por lo tanto, comenzamos nuestra campaña de crowdfunding!

Por favor, ayudar a hacer el sueño una realidad!

En lo que respecta, Amarilis Art Group.

The Cup of Fun Game is the best drinking game you will ever play! It takes having fun at a party to a whole new level!

De crowdfunding voor de Zwaluwen documentaire van Mohamed Agharmaw gaat nog steeds door, vanavond staat Abdeslam Oulad Sedik op het Amazigh Yennayer 2970 - 2020: Rif United VI georganiseerd door Bades Foundation in Rotterdam. Met genummerde en gesigneerde prints van mijn pentekeningen van Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi en Ahmed Ziani voor het omslag van de dichtbundel 'Vallende tijd' (uitgeverij Berberbibliotheek / Auteurspagina Asis Aynan, ook aldaar aanwezig met Jurgen Maas). Plus twee speciaal voor deze crowdfunding gemaakte grote portretten van Chacha in kleur (aquarel).

Heel jammer dat ik vannacht ziek ben geworden, ik had er heel graag bij willen zijn, vanavond! Succes allemaal daar! Ayuz i kenniw d kennint!

Crowdfunding is the best option for fund-raising for your business. This thing is true for sure. But which is the best crowdfunding agency? I mean you cannot launch a successful online campaign without using the best crowdfunding agency for marketing. So which one of them is the best?

Well, the...

De crowdfunding voor de Zwaluwen documentaire van Mohamed Agharmaw gaat nog steeds door, vanavond staat Abdeslam Oulad Sedik op het Amazigh Yennayer 2970 - 2020: Rif United VI georganiseerd door Bades Foundation in Rotterdam. Met genummerde en gesigneerde prints van mijn pentekeningen van Mohammed Chacha, Mimoun el Walid, Fadma el Ouariachi en Ahmed Ziani voor het omslag van de dichtbundel 'Vallende tijd' (uitgeverij Berberbibliotheek / Auteurspagina Asis Aynan, ook aldaar aanwezig met Jurgen Maas). Plus twee speciaal voor deze crowdfunding gemaakte grote portretten van Chacha in kleur (aquarel).

Succes allemaal daar! Ayuz i kenniw d kennint

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