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Macro Mondays - "Fill the Frame with Food."

Macro f/22.0


Shepton, TX # 331

Hello awesome Flickr People !!


Today is a green day at Color my World Daily and that is it and all. So on this green day I absolutely had to show you what happened in my vegetable garden…


At the very beginning of the lockdown I panicked and I was sure that at one point in time we will had to fight, not only for toilet paper like it happened in real life, but also for food. There is no way that I will let my sons and husband starve !! Over my dead body !! Food shortage or not, they will have all the necessary and all the unnecessary nutriments to stay alive (even if it is in the shape of nutella or ice cream). So I send my husband to the store and ask him to buy some plants of vegetables for us to plant in our garden. Keep in mind that we have 0 skills in agriculture or even caring for decorative plants of any kind… Our green thumbs are non existant.


My husband came back from the store with several plants of cucumbers (but all different kinds just to make sure that we will never be able to compare them and see which plant is doing better… I'm not criticizing... just telling the facts) , one cherry tomatoes plant, one « giant slicer » (that what was written on the price tag !!) red tomato plant and a pepper plant. The giant slicer did very good. It had ONE (!!! why only one, we will never know ????) huge tomato which I loved like my own child since it appeared on the plant until a horrible squirrel ate the half of it, on the very same day we were planing on harvest our giant tomato for lunch…

The Cherry tomato plant gave us a few tomatoes and I have one pepper so far.


But the huge surprise was the cucumber plant. We had some cucumbers looking like birds… My youngest son is sure my husband bought a very exotic plant by mistake lol.


I dont know if I will try this experience next year (maybe if there is another pandemic … lol just kidding !!!) but I must admit it was entertaining to watch all those plants growing and to fight for our food with squirrels !! I learned a lot about myself and squirrels !!! And my gin & tonic was very helpful during those hard times...


So how do you like my cucumber bird ?


Have a beautiful day my friends !! My hungover is almost finished so everything will be back to normal very soon !!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and healthy!! And see you soon on Flickr!!

Cucumbers still going strong in my greenhouse !

A stop by Ohio Pyle State Park at the end of the day right before sunset landed me at Cucumber Falls, perhaps the most photographed waterfall in Western Pennsylvania.


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Macro Mondays-Spiral


Our Cucumbers are getting bigger and they are sending off tiny new tendrils to grab onto the garden fence.

Spotted Cucumber Beetle. Photographed in Maryland.

Focus stack of 3 images, shot with the camera hand held. Canon 80D, Canon MPE 65mm macro lens, Canon twin macro flash. Aperture f/11, shutter speed 1/250, ISO 400.

Every year they swarm all over the wild coyote melon blossoms in our backyard but don't seem to be interested in the cucumbers in our garden.

Cucumber Beetle. Photographed in Maryland.

A focus stack of 4 images, shot with the camera hand held. Canon 80D, Canon MPE lens, Canon twin flash, Aperture f/11, shutter speed 1/250, ISO 400.

Slices of cucumber pickled in brine, seen from close :)


Macro Mondays - theme: "Slices"


Our Daily Challenge - theme: "Food"

the macromonday theme for this week (8/6) is decay. been watching and photographing this cucumber for a couple of days now ~grin~. leaving it out of the refrigerator might have hastened its demise, but i wasn't ready to deal with the results.

btb, this was taken inside my frig-- any excuse to get some cool air!!


It was great to do farming activity to make routing of cucumber plant's branches on the wood stick so the plant will be growth through the wood stick

Spent the day at Ohiopyle State Park, took and extra day off for an extended Labor Day weekend :-)

The fragrance of the evergreens was like perfume as we hiked in Cucumber Gulch Preserve, a nature preserve in Breckenridge, Colorado. The trail descends in this view, through the tall spruce, pine and fir trees, opening in the background to the slopes of Breckenridge Ski Resort. There is a trace of snow visible in the background mountain top.


The town of Breckenridge is at an elevation of 9600 ft (2926m).

A thin slice of cucumber, back lit to show up the details hidden within.

Already blooming - patiently waiting!

Ohiopyle State Park, PA

another vegetable option for MM...


I love cucumbers and so does my youngest grandson.... I bring them every time I watch them and he shares... along with grape tomatoes and carrots!!!

Popsicles made from two kinds of cucumbers; the garden cucumber (light green skin) and Japanese cucumber (dark green skin).

I am currently obsessed with the lightning round team game in Words with Friends. It is fast-paced, challenging and addictive! What is your favorite game?

Capture made from the side showing the drop zone in profile.

A view there taken downstream from Cucumber Falls. Liked how the flow at this time was split by the rather large slab of rock.

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