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As the oceans dried up they crawled out of the seas and onto the land.

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger to Number 10; 14 October 2010, Crown copyright

Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama at the NATO Summit in Lisbon on 20 November 2010; PA copyright

Prime Minister David Cameron meeting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing, China, during a two-day trip to promote UK-China trade and business; PA copyright

6 July 2010. The PM addresses the FCO Leadership Conference at London's QE2 Conference Centre. Crown copyright.

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Either this is a very bad case of photoshopping or David Cameron is about to star in his own video game. Grand Theft Nation perhaps?


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Try it yourself as it is dead easy.


The former home of the Sheffield family who also owned Buckingham Palace. David Cameron's wife is the daughter of Sir Reginald Sheffield who was the last owner of Normanby Hall prior to it becoming owned by the local council in the 1960s. Normanby Hall has also featured regularly as host of a number of antiques TV shows.


Britain decides to leave European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron, resigns, Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, faces leadership challenge, Scotland pushes for independence again. What a difference a day makes in British politics ... :-))

Inspired by drawings made on location, a classic view of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, a part of Europe that has enchanted expressionist artist Stephen B. Whatley.


On the eve of the EU Referendum the artist is passionate about voting to remain in Europe. Voting to remain in the EU, for unity - not isolation. Peace & Strength.


Oil on canvas

18 x 24in/46 x 61cm

Defaced street art poster on Buxton Street in Spitalfields. Explore #403, 30/08/13.

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.

Arnold H. Glasgow


Let’s hope that Nick Clegg, oooops sorry, David Cameron remembers this as he enters No 10 Downing Street in a few hours. Perhaps now we can get on with it.


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As we head forward today to face another 5 years of the rich getting richer and the poor getting even poorer, I feel worried. I fear for the children who will leave school this summer without decent prospects of meaningful work.


I worry about all of the poorest people in the UK who have had to rely on food banks to feed their children under the smirking eyes of Cameron and his cutthroat crew.


I fear that my fellow citizens will very soon choose to leave Europe and "stand alone" under the misguided idea that Britain is still "Great".


If we leave Europe we will be standing alone . . . . and jobless.


08/05/2015 The day the people died . . . .

David Cameron (right) talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy (left), at the October European Council in Brussels.


[Photo: Council of the European Union]

digital displacement

with audio samples from

'destroy everything you touch'

by ladytron




2015 Balloons from campaigning organisation 'ONE' showing portraits of G7 summit leaders. Munich, Germany

Big Ben rings out across the capital #BigBen #London #Tower #explore #Parliament #Travel


Metropolitan Police Range Rover TDV8 Special Escort Group escorting the PM to Westminter

Roof code: 01/12


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We all know about Boris the Bonker, but who would have thought all the rest of em` were all so uncontrollable rampant.

Yet again I`m not sure what Loretto the artist is getting at, other than they are all a complete shambles & also Corbyn rides a bike.

Metropolitan Police Jaguar XJ from Royalty and Specialist Protection leaving Buckingham Palace


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Metropolitan Police Range Rover TDV8 Special Escort Group at the rear of a SEG escort during Trooping The Colour

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Visited by David Cameron 20th February 2013

Metropolitan Police Range Rover TDV8 Special Escort Group parked outside Whitehall just before an escort

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Metropolitan Police Bentley Flying Spur from Royalty and Specialist Protection leaving Buckingham Palace


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Metropolitan Police Range Rover TDV8 Special Escort Group leaving Westminter

Roof code: 01/11


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Politicians. Loved by few, hated by many.

"They're all mouth" often is said, and this I took literally for this week's Sliders Sunday theme.

HSS my dear friends, and don't take life so seriously! ;-)


Politians shown here today are:

Barack Obama (USA) | Boris Johnson (UK) | David Cameron (UK)

Nigel Farage (UK) | Michael Gove (UK) | Iain Duncan Smith (UK)

Angela Merkel (GER) | Eric Pickles (UK) | Hillary Clinton (USA)


... more images on facebook in my album "All Mouth".

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Taken with my Apple iPhone


Someone's had a little fun with a black marker pen! Honest guv it wasn't me! A day to go and I'm bored of it all before it really starts.


In the interest of fairness and free speech. If I'd had a defaced version for the other main parties then I would of posted them as well. These are no necessarily my political views, its just a funny picture taken with my iPhone.


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PM attends the European Council in Brussels, 24 and 25 March 2011. Eurpoean Council copyright

Home Secretary Theresa May becomes British Prime Minister today, after outgoing David Cameron officially resigns at Buckingham Palace. She's only the second woman to grab the country's top job, after Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.


Boris is a man of honesty and integrity who would never defend the indefensible or take a position purely for his own personal benefit, particularly at a time of national crisis. He is under no circumstances, as this sculpture unfairly suggested during the Brexit fuss, merely the puppet of an unelected career psychopath as the esteemed former PM , "Dave" Cameron called Mr Cummings.

Britain will have a new Iron Lady, handbag and all, at the helm. This afternoon Home Secretary Theresa May won the overwhelming support of her Conservative House of Commons colleagues in the race to succeed out-going Prime Minister David Cameron. Now she has to win the hearts and minds of 150, 000, Tory Party members throughout the country. They have the final say in this one-sided election battle. Bookies have the senior politician down as an odds-on favourite to take Britain's top job and defeat rival challenger, Andrea Leadsom. It will be only the second time a woman has run the country since Margaret Thatcher held office between 1979 to 1990. All we need now is for a certain Hilary Clinton to grab the American Presidency and The Pond will never have looked so pretty ... :-))


Brexit note: Theresa May was a remainer, and Andrea Leadsom, a Brexiteer

Metropolitan Police Range Rover TDV8 Special Escort Group leaving Westminster at the rear of an Escort of the Spanish Royal Family.

Roof code: 01/11


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David Cameron's Britain.


Model Eloise

Photo Sophie Merlo

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