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Gild - Long beaded necklace

Gild - Secret base conbi

Vango - Jeremy hat

Pitaya - Under destruction collection

Paleto - Backstreet backdrop


♫♥♫Jack Savoretti - Breaking The Rules♫♥♫

More information can be found on the blog

Volkstone - Herbert hairbase

Volkstone - Franko HD eyebrows

Volkstone - Rustic facial hair

Vegas :. Tattoo - Destruction of time

ENFORCER - Pants Bear

Native Urban - Guetta Sneakers



♫♥♫Men only Monthly♫♥♫


♫♥♫Bruce Springsteen - I'll Stand By You♫♥♫

More information can be found on the blog

And Zeus unhappy with what man had done to his world is now about to wreak destruction down on what man has wrought.


Its actually a beautiful sim full of wonderful artwork by several artists. I encourage all of you to visit if for nothing else inspiration.

║ Exams are over, so here I am, back again ! ♥



║ Featuring :



- .:SOUL:.

- Plastik / Petrichor


-// APOTHIC //



details 🌙


Photo taken at Tralalas Diner

Sony a7rII | Sigma MC-11 | Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 VC USD

Will the soundtrack kindly produce a sound?


Go on, don't be nervous, go ahead, any sound


Heheh, well, that isn't quite what I had in mind




Oh my God, there's nobody who can set me right

I've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight


I-I wanna know who you told 'til they're all laying on the floor, frozen to the core

I-I wanna know who you told 'til it's nobody anymore, nobody anymore


Oh my God, I'm a giant with an appetite

Pushing people to the ground and running 'round the halls at night


Creeping 'round I saw a little thing I didn't like

You tried to hide.

I've been creeping 'round I saw a little thing I didn't like

You tried to hide, from me


I-I wanna know who you told, there's nobody anymore


Nobody anymore [x2]


Love, love love that song.


Not gonna lie, the little ascii emoji faces made me watch that whole video. I am easily amused.


The dragon(+ s if you managed to get the other rare) from the egosumaii gatcha were sooooo good, I didn't even have to pose this guy, they just kind of always look cool like that lol. also loved pretty much everything else in the picture, if you want the deets slide into my sl IMs


I did the close up of this earlier because i liked the flowers idea, but honestly? i forgot about the flowers until now... so oops? i'll see if i can add them tomorrow, but partly i don't want to 'hide' the details of the things in the pic, the outfit, katanas, background, dragon, all very well made.


This is the last pic i took of myself before i started to 'expand' my comfort zone, you'll still see me, but maybe not just 99% me. (i'm sure some people will be glad for it).


I HATED this pic while i was taking it, I half assed the pose in-world instead of making it myself, i wasn't even entirely sure what it was going to be, and i don't really think i have achieved what i wanted, i mean, i love the stuff in the pic and the picture itself is decent, but, with how good the things are, I should have done WAY better.

a little piece of rotting wood. Zoom into that photo to see that incredible structure.


#MacroMondays - #decay

Another winter shot from Kilfarrasy beach on the Copper Coast a couple of years ago.


"This is part of an attractive stretch of coastline known as the Copper Coast. The name arose because of the mainly 19th century copper mining activities in the area. These finished long ago but there are a few relics remaining. Kilfarrasy Beach is one of the most attractive parts of the Copper Coast, although falling rocks are a potential danger here."

Psalm 91:6-7 King James Version (KJV)

6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.


Abandoned Industrial Site

PSYCHOALA - Self Destruction Tattoo @Mainstore





Another shot of the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.


The southern ocean takes its toll on these wonderful limestone sea stacks each year, eroding them further so that eventually they all crumble into the sea.


Top: Noir Christa - Available @ C88


Skin: Lefort by Revoul: Saje (tone 1)


Pose: L y r i u m Bento Series 3 #4 - Available on Marketplace here


Full credits @ pixelated fashions


Tune: Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction




Legacy F






[M.O.R] teleri elf ears



Phobia: OCULISK EYES : BOM @Skin Fair



Phobia: OCULISK SKIN : LELU : JASPER @Skin Fair (Other tones in blog!)



DOUX - Vanilla



A! Goth Girl Makeup Set Lelutka HD @ Skin Fair ~ Quadrametics - Meridiem Eyeshadows (BOM ONLY) ~ @Skin Fair



Avada~ Stiletto Nails - Embrouille @TheDarkness



~ Quadrametics - Inkovu Scars (BOM ONLY) ~ @ORSY Event



:::insanya::: ThongGString P1 - LEGACY



:[P]:- Sana Narine Spiral Orb







ORSY Event:

Skin Fair:

Taken on a Sony a6000, using 35mm 1.8f lens


Great Dog Demon: Sesshōmaru






Destruction, the end of the world, scary clowns, wrecked fair grounds... it must be Everwinter.

It is all change at our local business quarter. The ITT Canon building has been demolished and there is action on site day and night for something new.

I've seen many forests destroyed by human and his brainless greediness, but this one, located in National Park of High Tatras was affected by several natural disasters, like severe storms and fires. Spruce forests in Smokovec are recovering slowly and hopefully, one day, they will restore their previous glory.

Tatranská Lomnica, High Tatras, Slovakia.

Pants, Sneakers, tattoo and glasses all found during weekend deals, nothing over $60L



Head: LeLUTKA Skyler (BOM)

Skin: Not Found - Bran Skin - Ruddy Beard (BOM) @ManCave

Eyes: .euphoric ~Aphrodite Eyes Applier

Body: [Signature] Gianni

Body Applier: Not Found - Gianni - Ruddy

..:: INKer ::.. Eagle Tattoo



E.Storm Pants male. Zack

LF. - SVRN 7's (sneakers)



BONDI . The Gentleman Sunglasses . Classic



FAKEICON / asdar ring set / silver

When you accept violence

When you accept things against your own conscience

When you let yourself be hurt

When you do what you know you don't like:

Then you lose yourself

You shatter into a thousand pieces

And you are not alive.


The purpose of this photo is to leave this message. Think about it.


Random post that I took for fun ♥

Exhibition " Alertez les bébés ! " Gallery Vibes


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