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Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives


the look:

Tableau Vivant \\ Jinny


DAZED. Chic Eyeliner #1 [BOM]

[Cubic Cherry] {Amen} bowler hat BLACK

+koii+ clockwork glasses / fatpack HUD

Insomnia Angel . Romantica - Neck

Insomnia Angel . Romantica - Blouse (Legacy)

Insomnia Angel . Romantica - corset skirt (Legacy)

Eudora3D Road Boots (Legacy)

Eudora3D Road KneePads (Legacy)

RAWR! Sun and Moon Rings (Legacy)


the scene:

2. toksik - Forage Rifle RARE

VARONIS - Dayport Backdrop Scene

[Schultz Bros.] 02. Hotel Marquee - RARE

Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck – RARE

*HEXtraordinary* Bloodhound Buddies - Puplock


along with sidekick pengy!


we might not solve many crimes, but we try our best :D


jacket | ascend / bronson

Knight Rider Remixed.


AVAROSA : Jack Eyes, Kai Skin


DURA : B103

LEGACY : Athletic body

LELUTKA : Skyler Head


WAZ : IPC Deluxe, Ultimatum Jeans.

Determined to break ...

♬♪♫ Far From Any Road



Hat - lock&tuft

Cloak - dami @ arcade

The thing is, as much as retirement didn't suit me, I didn't want to get back into the game.


But it's always a dame aint it?


Missing husband found on the rocks days later. It smelled bad, the kind of bad you don't want around...but I couldn't resist those pleading eyes.


So here I am, no clues, no motive...just some well fed gulls and the music of the surf.


Giving you somewhat Vampyr-Detective vibes.


Background is by Varonis. As always!

Police work can be tough... but somebody's got to do it. ;-)

Bertha Office Girl Outfit - LECASTLE

Stockings - Erratic Ciri

Heels - KC Couture Lielle

Necklace - Secrets

Hair - Stealthic Always

Location: My office - Bloomfield Police Department


D&C Poses Male 11


Song: King Krule - A Lizard State

Resident Evil 2


- Camera Tools by Frans Bouma

Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives

1) ... MINA Hair - Angel@REMNANT


::GB:: Fur Hoodie set (male) Black@Shiny Shabby

::GB::Thank top (Belleza) White


[VEX] 18inch Herringbone Necklace [Plat]@TMD



{iD} DetectivE OfficE (TOKYO) [ C ]-ADD-

{iD} TokyO RoutE MaP + PartitioN-ADD-

{iD} PosteR -ADD-

{iD}NEON SIGN[DetectivE OfficE] -ADD-

{iD} LeatheRCoucH-RE-[PG]-ADD-





NOMAD // Geiger Counter // Green@REMNANT

NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey


[ zerkalo ] Full Metal - Tackle Block (RARE)@REMNANT

[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Industrial Fan (RARE)@REMNANT

[ zerkalo ] Old Locker - Decor@REMNANT


Nova -- Ball Bot [DECOR]@REMNANT


-ANHELO-M44GR-17BGA :: kerosene heater

tank (group gift)

--ANHELO-M30SR-174GA :: sidecar motorcycle

Featuring Arcane Spellcaster ► Stealthic ► Thalia Heckroth




Arcano Kabila is also a real stylist and you can also have your Second Life dress for your real life (in texture and changes exclusive for you in SL and RL) great tailoring ***Hand Made in Italy***


Free worldwide shipping!

For info: Arcano Kabila!


Tailored suits and of course you can make changes to textures and mesh... that will be made in SL and RL (and will be exclusive worldwide). Perfect for those who want to send a real hug (from Second Life to real life) or for those who love to pamper themselves!


В процессе работы над текстом книги Калиста, попалась мне на глаза старая фоточка восьмилетней давности. Детектив Лекс Хантер

Любопытно было посмотреть насколько он изменился. В моем сознании, где-то там в голове, представлениях я знаю какой он, какие изменения с ним произошли, но все равно любопытно наблюдать визуализацию непосредственно в виде фотографии.

Кстати, новая глава уже на подходе.


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Pentax MX

SMC Pentax 55mm f/1.8

Unicolor C41 Kit

Superia 200

Dslr digitized

CC Photoshop

Frans Bouma Tools

Reshade 4.6.0

Nvidia DSR

Batman, Commissioner Gordon, The Question, Detective Chimp

two friends was playing around a detectives, so I ask them if I can get picture as a detectives ... :)

This Nightwing figure will be the one appearing in Detective Comics.


This figure may be my magnum opus in regard to DC related figures.

This Robin figure will be the one appearing in Detective Comics and other series.


My second favorite figure I've made this week.

■ Brick Police is also on Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

(91,5х122,5cm х 2, diptych, oil and acrylic on masonite) 2020

This is the third figure I've made this week and it's one of my favorites.


This will be the figure in Detective Comics.

Because apparently that’s what DC stands for according to Google😂


Back row


Doctor Destiny


Cyborg Superman



Bottom row





General Imortus (Credit to Doctor Allo Zaat)

James Gordon

Mr. Zero

Gorilla Grodd

The Clock

Lucius Fox



And the best character in all fiction, Codpiece

Always on the lookout

Location NY noir

El Roy paparazzoted :)


Or so he claims. It's amazing how many people can be suckered in just by answering a few specially selected questions and observation.


subZERO festival, downtown San José, California.

Or so he claims. It's amazing how many people can be suckered in just by answering a few specially selected questions and observation.


subZERO festival, downtown San José, California.

True Detective Theme Song


Double-exposure of my favorite follower "Nick Valentine" created by, Grizz Jack and inspired by "True Detective".


Design: Vikhunnie


Ảnh mới xD gọi là chào mừng năm 2010 >:D trong đấy tối -.- mình nhìn gì cũg thành màu đen :(

lúc về nhìn kĩ lại cái nón nó màu xnah rêuuu :(( bực cả mình

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