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in the time of corona


is it a big spider? a tarantula?'s just nellie, under the table, wagging her tail next to the wall while we eat.

we eat, and watch, and laugh.


a no-comment no-fave photo

The Tuiuiú orJabiru is a bird ciconiiforme of the family Ciconiidae..

the name means: from (Tupi) Yabi ' ru, iambyrú = swollen neck, very large; And from the (Greek) mukter, Mukterizo = snout, nose, beak. ⇒ Bird with a very large nose of swollen neck.

This bird is a symbol of the Pantanal - Brasil


Tjörnin is a prominent small lake in central Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. Most visitors to the city pass along its shore, as it is situated in the city centre next to the Reykjavik City Hall and several museums.

old family photo printed using a color shot pola printer on spectra film and sandwiched on top of 690 film - not digital layers


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An Homage to one of my very favourite artists, Surrealist, Max Ernst ( 1891-1976 ). Ernst's artistic achievements started in original Dada, moved into Surrealism, which in both fields he was a key and influential leader. Later he ventured into abstraction, collage, and sculpture with incredible results. Whatever this consummate artist turned his vision on resulted in unforgettable and highly accomplished imagery.


I wanted this homage to not only collage his work but to also have the look and feel of an "Ernst". Max Ernst himself was a highly accomplished collage artist and he also often worked in multiple planes, long before digital layering. Even my looping lines reference paintings of Ernst's such as, "Young Man Intrigued by the Flight of a Non-Euclidian Fly" ( 1942/47 ) and "The Bewildered Planet" ( 1942 ).


Ernst's work can be hauntingly beautiful, quietly disturbing, wonderfully innocent ( "33 Little Girls Chasing Butterflies", 1958 ) or deeply cerebral. His abstraction has never been recognized for it's high degree of accomplishment, placing him, in my opinion, as equal to any of the great European Abstractionists, the American Abstract Expressionists and the Post "Ab-Ex" painters of the 60's and 70's.


In the "Award Tree" group's challenge "Famous Painters".


Provenance, going left to right:


- "The Anti-Pope", 1941 - Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.


- "The Temptation of St. Anthony" 1945 - Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg.


- "L'Oeil du Silence" 1943/44 - Washington University Art Gallery, Saint Louis, MO.


- "Birth of a Galaxy" 1969 - Galerie Beyeler, Basle.


- "Un Capricho de Venus" - Date & Provenance unknown.


- Photograph of Max Ernst, Frederick Sommer, 1946


Ernst strongly believed that making art was an entirely new venture each time. He felt that an artist that knows what they want exactly and stays strictly to that idea, is not an artist. An artist must be prepared to accept and incorporate what comes out of the process of making each piece, the surprises and the accidents. In that Max Ernst was true to the Surrealist spirit of the time that sought to give complete allowance for the expression of the sub-conscious. That made him a both an accomplished painter but also a great improvisor. His aesthetic can be summed up in his statement:


"Blind Swimmer, I have made myself see. I have seen. And I was surprised and enamoured of what I saw" - Max Ernst.



© The finished, whole collage - Richard S Warner ( Visionheart ) - 2017. All Rights Reserved. This image is not for use in any form without explicit, express, written permission.


This image is made up of individual paintings by Max Ernst, the provenance of which is listed above. The current artist makes NO claims to any of that work whatsoever. This "collage" is in honour of Max Ernst. No monies will come from this project.



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The sound of flowing water soothes the soul.


3-shot bracket,

Topaz Adjust,

Photomatix Exposure Fusion

Curves Adjustment,

Digital Layer Sandwich in Photoshop CS2

Rolleiflex 3.5F - Planar - Ilford XP2 Super


digital layered with a second frame




''The Wild Wood is pretty well populated by now; with all the usual lot, good, bad, and indifferent - I name no names. It takes all sorts to make a world ...''


The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Badger, Ch. 4.

[No Photoshop - Only Firestorm Phototools + HDR]


★* •.¸Credits ¸.•*★


* Head/Body: Lelutka Stella / Maitreya Lara

* Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLuka Heads

★* Dress: erratic / mirari - bodysuit / holo pink (maitreya)★

* Wings: AITUI - Mechanical Wings - Industrial, Silver

* Shoes: -DRD- post apoc nerd stompers ice

* Hair: Moon. Hair // - Variety - Tennessee @ Uber

* Tattoo: [sYs] TATTOO - Digital (Layers + Slink & Maitreya)

* Arm: [Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.7

* Arm pad: [NeurolaB Inc.] Cyber Arm X-2 Holopad V.3.0

* Eye Wear: [NeurolaB Inc.] VISOR EXO-7 V.1.0.5

I'm in a group show! sorry you only get the tiny version. If you are in Calgary on Feb. 7th please come to the opening. There is also opportunity for any local artists to have their work projected in another show, If you are interested, I can send you the details! You will have to get your images in quickly. I will post photos of all the images I produced on the walls of the gallery after the show

Here is the press release-


Eight Avenue Place Presents:


Contemporary Photography as part of the 2013 Exposure Festival


February 7 to 28, 2013


For Immediate Release:


Eighth Avenue Place (EAP) hosts three exciting art exhibitions in conjunction with the 2013 Exposure Festival. This innovative program is part of the ongoing commitment by the owners of Eighth Avenue Place to position the building as Calgary’s premier office address by creating unique experiences for the tenants by show casing community events within the extraordinary light filled environment. The impressive Winter Garden and a 6000 sq. ft. gallery space on the +15 level will be a highlight of the 2013 Exposure Festival and create an engaging contemporary art experience for tenants, artists and the public.




A group exhibition showcasing the work of five artists - Lori Andrews, Dennis Evans, Mark Florian, Greg Gerla and Ray Van Ness. From the plurality of the artist’s perspectives, “Intersection” will collectively examine the connectivity between realism and abstraction, fantasy and reality, urban and rural, past and present, documentation and creativity, as well as man and nature.




Eight Avenue Place along with Canon Image Square will project the work of photo-based artists across the exterior of the building along Stephan Avenue. The building will become a backdrop to over 200 illuminated photographic images from both professional photographers and students from the Alberta College of Art and Design. 6-9 pm




The Eighth Avenue Place Winter Garden will play host to a rotating exhibition of photographic images created by students from the Alberta College of Art and Design. This ever-changing exhibition will provides the public with a current snapshot how the next generation of artist are seeing the world we share. The exhibition is made possible in part by the support of Canon Image Square.


• Opening: February 7th: 5 pm - 9 pm


• Exhibitions continue until February 28, 2013


• Hours: Monday – Friday / 11:00 am to 5:30 pm


• +15 level, EIGHTH AVENUE PLACE / 335 - 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB


For more information please contact exhibition curators:


Bart Habermiller: 403.244.5423


Richard White: 587-998-2416 /




About The Artists:


Lori Andrews’s autobiographical photos are based on personal reflections of objects, places and memories from her childhood, translated and recreated through her perspective of an adult woman. Both model and photographer, Andrew’s employs anonymity as a device in the recreation of these memories, resulting in a sense of “every-woman” for the viewer.


Dennis Evans’ work reflects the psychology of living under big sky in Regina Saskatchewan, and the influence of his concern for spirituality and the environment. Through skillful documentation of the phenomenal prairie skies the work explores notions of time, movement and place.


Mark Florian’s photos are perhaps the most visually complex in the exhibition, a result of the artists process that includes both in-camera multiple exposures as well as digital layering in the post-production of various images. The large format work, reflect a sense of the multiplicity in time, place and perspective. The resulting single images comprising often 10 to 20 images become rich tapestries of photographs both in appearance and metaphorically.


Greg Gerla’s photography is abstract and minimal, yet in its focal juxtaposition evokes the emotional and natural. His attention to style and composition is evident in these colour-saturated photographs. Referencing the urban environment Gerla uses depth and perception to investigate the visual relationships forged between natural and man-made spaces. Gerla presents a series that explores where we live and challenges how we look at space within that environment.


Ray Van Ness’ photos are the most traditional and yet perhaps the most experimental. The “Remnants” series looks at industrial architecture of the early 20th century including the Turner Valley Gas Plant while “Fragments” looks at the rhythm, pattern and shapes of modern and past urban architecture.


Digging out that old halloween image over the weekend reminded me that i used to have fun playing with textures and going a bit beyond pure photography. I thought of it as bridging the gap between the digital world and where i started with my creativity (old fashioned paint & brushes and traditional landscape paintings).


I chose this subject for a return to those digital layering techniques, as i recently found out that my 'pilgrimage' image (see first comment below) was purchased (via getty) for a japanese book cover and it was a timely reminder that less is often more, to give the viewer a chance to use their imagination.


BTW, if anyone should ever see the book cover, please let me know, we dont usually get told exactly where an image will be used when sold via getty, and its always really cool to actually see the real thing in the wild.



©2010 Jason Swain, All Rights Reserved

This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.


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Hand drawn & coloured using uni pin fineliners, copic markers, sharpies, and gold ink, then digitally layered.


Available as prints, totes, etc from society6 or digital download from etsy Hello Angel Creative.

2 digital images layered

Edited with vsco cam app

… Please press L to enlarge… patterns are made with Moiré effect … sorry that after jpg and upload there is some quality deterioration…


Moiré effect is a visual perception that occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots that is superimposed on another set of lines or dots, where the sets differ in relative size, angle, or spacing. The moiré effect can be seen when looking through ordinary window screens at another screen or background. It can also be generated by a photographic or electronic reproduction, either deliberately or accidentally. ( )


… inspired by Syn Chron by Carsten Nicolai ( )


Fractal and digital layered with photo of spider web & eye.

"Red Lips, Black Eye" 2012

Mixed Media Artwork. 25 x 30cm.

Wood, glass, plastic, felt, canvas.


In this piece I've tried to create visually the disparity between the 'B&W' view of the public (the digital layer) and the media's 'happy ending storyline' (the felt layer) take on the complexities of this issue. I have deliberately put a gap between the two layers which forces the viewer to stand back to line the two layers up and literally 'take a step back to see the whole picture' of a complex and multi-layered issue.


If you or somebody you know is in a domestic violence situation, please call 1800 200 526 to seek help.


See more of my art on Facebook.

old family photo printed using a color shot pola printer on spectra film and sandwiched on top of 690 film - not digital layers

Iphoneography, Mobile Art, Procreate

Nice Large on Black.

New York, NY


Digital layer (170 Amsterdam):

Panasonic GM1 camera

PanaLeica Summilux 15.1.7 lens


Analog layer (Quick Park):

Leica CL camera

Voigtlander 25/4 lens

Kodak Portra ISO160 film

Mucking about with Photoshop again.

„Alles, was die Menschen in Bewegung setzt, muß durch ihren Kopf hindurch; aber welche Gestalt es in diesem Kopf annimmt, hängt sehr von den Umständen ab.“

(Everything that moves people has to go through their heads first; what shape it will take there depends very much on the circumstances.) -- Friedrich Engels


This is a a three-in-one image (centre of a poppy, lid and bottom of my glass teapot), In a Tea Daze


Thanks everybody for your visits.

a review

Paper, paint, collages and digital layering.

Best viewed large for texture effects.

In the Yorkshire Dales the land is divided up by stone fences many centuries old. No cement or other material is used, the stones are simply piled up in an artistic and stable manner.At around the same time the Incas in Peru practiced a similar form of stone construction, often quite spectacular


Texture thanks to JoesSistah

Please click here to view this fireworks large!


Three fireworks images were shot on a tripod with long exposure in RAW. Processed the RAW files using Photoshop CS5. The three files were then digitally combined to create this one fireworks image. I increased the overall saturation with Hue/Saturation in Photoshop. Curve adjustment to increase the overall contrast. 1 layer mask in soft light mode at 50% gray, using brush tool to lighten and darken some areas of the image, to bring out details. Used Nik Sharpener Pro to sharpen image.


My second upload of the 4th of July fireworks display with Portland Oregon downtown skyline from Eastbank Esplanade. This is a digital layering of three fireworks images shot that night. It was great shooting alongside Joe, Vincent, and lots of other photographers.


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A compilation of pictures and digital layers. I remember taking pictures of the moon phases for a whole month. One night I realized, "I shouldn't be out here all by myself", I hadn't even taken my dog with me. It was only a short distance from home, but still not the best idea I've had.

The stars are from a filter in my digital program. The cliffs are near Bryce Canyon and the picture of me is from another vacation. digital layers and double exposure...just reflexions...)

digital layering involved

I took a digital colour photo of this subject as well as the B&W film shot and I overlayed the colour from the digital shot on the film shot in Photoshop and carefully aligned the digital shot to the film shot as best as possible using the warp tool and set the digital layer as "color". And so I have the 1934 Verichrome B&W film shot with the colour from the digital shot on top making it a colour image.

Digital art from a blank canvas. My heron drawing was created in hard copy, then scanned to digital and painted (air brush).


All original work, with any extra effects created in Corel Paint Shop Pro X2.


Part of my whimsical 'naive' pastel series.


Thanks for all comments and fave adds.

fractal and digital layering with PS distortion.

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