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Full page advertisement for the “Noise” exhibition at Kettle’s Yard gallery, Cambridge, 22 Jan to 26 March 2000. “Noise” was curated by (the artist and conservator) Adam Lowe and by (the historian of science) Prof. Simon Schaffer, and featured the “National Grid” sound installation by Disinformation, in the 13th century chapel adjacent to Kettle’s Yard, plus “The Analysis of Beauty” by Disinformation, in Kettle’s Yard itself. “The Analysis of Beauty” was exhibited adjacent to a video by the artist Marc Quinn, and directly opposite one of Francis Crick and James Watson’s original working models of DNA. “The Analysis of Beauty” was described as “visually sophisticated’ and “distinctive and intelligent” by Laura Moffat, writing in Art Monthly magazine, and as “particularly sensuous” by Rob Young, writing in The Wire. A short video about (a later version of) “The Analysis of Beauty” installation, as exhibited at Talbot Rice, Edinburgh, in Nov 2014, can be viewed here…


“Noise” featured exhibits by Tabatha Andrews, Art & Language, Charles Babbage, Stephen Baker, Joe Banks (Disinformation), Richard Barbrook and HRC, William Bateson, Evgen Bavcar, Patrick Blackett, Jerry Brotton, Soraya de Chadarevian, Adrian Cussins, John Dee, Umberto Eco, Manuel Franquelo, Peter Galison, Joy Garnett, Merrill Garnett, Joseph Grigley, Roger Guillemin, Sebastian Guillié, Mercurius van Helmont, Lynn Hershmann, Jeff Hughes, Margaret Watts Hughes, Lisa Jardine, Bill Jones, Athanasius Kircher, Bruno Latour, Malcolm Longair, Mike Lynch, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Gracie Ngale Morton, Iwan Morus, Sven Nebel, Joseph Nechvatal, Ben Neill, Roy Porter, Marc Quinn, Jonathan Ree, Michael Rees, Giles Revell, Kathleen Rogers, Romandson (Antirom), Brian Rotman, Tom van Sant, Lillian Schwartz, Nicola Schwartz, Robert Shannon, Ludwig van Siegen, Julian Simmonds, Paddy Japaljarri Sims, Bessie Nakamarra Sims, Brian Cantwell Smith, Luc Steels, Bruce Sterling, Josue Tanaka, John Tchalenko, Dave Tovee, John Tresch, Burhan Tufail, Stan Vanderbeek, Catherine Wagner, Piers Wardle, Peter Weibel (ZKM), CTR Wilson and John Wilkins.


“Noise” exhibitions ran simultaneously at 4 different venues - at Kettle’s Yard, at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, and at the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, all in Cambridge, and at the Wellcome Trust gallery on the Euston Road in London. The exhibition was supported by the Wellcome Trust, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Henry Moore Foundation and the University of Cambridge. The advertisement was designed by Joe Banks, featuring a photomontage that later re-appeared on cover artwork for the Disinformation “Sense Data & Perception” CD. The advertisement appears on page 7 of Mute magazine, issue 15, Jan 2000 (alongside features by Hari Kunzru and Tom McCarthy). Thanks to Colin Banks, Georgina Brett and Simon Worthington. Umberto Eco, Piers Wardle, Paddy and Bessie Sims, and Michael Harrison RIP.


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Live at Velvet and The Assembly. Bit of a messy one in all senses of the word.


Velvet (Roosevelt): deep, dark and plush - -- pooh 25yrs+ only (says something eh)

160 Bree Street, Cape Town




30x30 acrylic on canvas.


photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid


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Slingshot Hip Hop Associate Producers RJ Maccani and Ora Wise cutting it up with Spooky.

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the man is clearly a genius -- fiercely smart, erudite, articulate, well-read...and he can pronounce the names of french artists/filmmakers/philosophers without murdering them. (as a reformed francophile who speaks fluent french and lived in paris for four years, i know of what i speak!) i was thoroughly, utterly impressed. AND he has lovely, elegant, long-fingered hands. oh yeah, and he put together a collection of essays* by a bunch of different artists/creators/thinkers/visionaries for MIT press about technology and music. and that's putting it really (ridiculously) plainly -- certainly by paul miller's standards. he also talked about the 'gift economy' and gave out cds to everyone who attended the reading. :)


*the collection is called "sound unbound"

with DJ Spooky (that subliminal kid) in background

Rebecca balances her work at Deutsche Bank (named 2010's Deutsche Bank Leader in Diversity) with a philanthropic dedication to foundations focused on women, youth and education. She became involved in VPF this year and shared here time and title on our benefit committee!

Dub Echoes es un documental del brasileño Bruno Natal, que nos trae la historia de la música Dub desde sus comienzos en la Jamaica de los 60s hasta la actualidad. A través de ella podemos ver y escuchar cómo este estilo fue evolucionando y formando parte de los diferentes géneros musicales que hoy deambulan por clubes, discos y mp3s. El reggae, el drum n' bass, el hip hop y la música electrónica muestran sus influencias dub, con entrevistas a reconocidos músicos del rubro como Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Mad Professor, Bill Laswell, Mario Caldato Jr, Howie B, Adam Freeland, DJ Spooky, 2 Many DJs y los Thievery Corporation entre muchos otros. Todos coinciden en algo: el dub es el sonido electrónico del pasado, del presente, y del futuro, he aquí una muestra de ello.


Ademas, La Golden Acapulco presentara el Show Audiovisual con el que anduvo viajando por Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil.


Viernes 30 de Abril. 22:00 Hrs

Adhesion: $1000


@PEPPERLAND - Sta Isabel # 0261 - Metro Sta Isabel

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