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Slider Sunday -HSS!

Weekly Theme Challenge: DIY Tools

Passt in jeden Garten.

Aus der beliebten Schrauberreihe "Jetzt mache ich es mir selbst." von Dieter Korp.

La marmelade d'oranges amères date de cet automne ...

Par contre le beurre - OUI le Beurre !! - date de cet après-midi ;-)


De la crème fraîche liquide dans une petite bouteille plastique (ou un GROSSE bouteille si vous avez près de vous un Môssieur Muscle) et vous secouez .... secouez .... Tsssss ... Pas le Môssieur, la bouteille ! .... secouez .... secouez ..... oui encore ... secouez .... jusqu'à ce que la crème se transforme en beurre :-)

Dans le sud nous l'aimons doux ... et il est effectivement délicieux ainsi !

les bretons pourront y ajouter de la fleur de sel.

Et le tour est joué !


Par contre pour les scones .... quelqu'un peu m'aider ? 😉


This afternoon I made my own butter !!! :-)

While waiting on Mother Nature, some red tulips in a pot make the waiting easier

Good girls go to the school bad girls go to the garage :-)

Found today on the glass-roof of my car

Do it Yourself Easter Eggs get busy better get them done, don't disappoint the Easter Bunny, shot in North Carolina.

I am inspired by everyday objects, even the most ordinary ones.

The ultimate selfie ? A groom photographs himself and his lovely bride at the Sam Houston Monument in Hermann Park - Houston, Texas.

Maand opdracht februari 2017 de Doka " Doe - het -zelf " !!


Drawn by granddaughter Janneke !!

Getekend door kleindochter Janneke !!

Gefotografeerd door mijzelf , doe - het - zelf !!!!!

Manningtree booking office closes for periods of time, but you can obtain tickets from the machine. Makes you wonder if some of these booking offices will close to save money with the drop in passenger numbers due to Corvid.

The owner tells me this garage was erected in 1898 He showed me the original wiring and light bulb inside. Some of the owners have been decorating their own doors to ward off graffiti artists. It seems to be working in most cases. Many of these structures will soon be turned into "Laneway Houses" in an attempt to curb urban sprawl, global warming and help the rental crisis.

C - Paris. February



March 30, 2016

Red-Tailed Hawk, collecting for a nest.


Mount Diablo Foothills Regional Park, Walnut Creek, California

a rose is a rose is a rose


© 2013 Werner Schnell - All rights reserved !

Der Kleiber arbeitet hier schon länger, ob es eine Bruthöhle wird?

This is the box at night, with the lights on. :) It's super bright.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 24 - 105 L IS USM

Picture taken at the beautifull Rosemoor

Thanks to the lovely Strawberrysingh for pointing me to this amazing winterscene. Watch her youtube video here: Exploring Second Life & ASMR - Rosemoor . Listen to her calming voice and just slip away from the busy holidays!

I stay where the photo was taken for several minutes.

All I wanted was for someone to get down that short, yet nightmare material, path, so I would have that incredible perspective with someone for scale.

You know how I love when there are things for scale.

Unfortunaltely, nobody seems to care, or everyone was too scared, or too self conscious.

So I had to stop someone to take the picture instead, and get to that end of the road, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from so high up that I could almost see New York, and looking as confident as possible while my brain was screaming "crawl and go back!" the entire time.


Because what you can't see on the picture is that the photographer could have gone two meters further, and no more, because there's also a huuuuuge gap between he and I, right on the left side of the path that's more of a string.

I was already glad the first time I got to show your that platform.


But now that I'm on it, the pleasure's level is through the roof, even though there's no roof.


I might even come up with a new Do It Yourself Chapter at some point.

Who knows?

Not even me.

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