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Also called Eristalis Tenax. The female's eyes are separated, whereas the male's meet. They are a bee "look-alike" and can easily be taken for the real thing!



**For anyone wondering, Ganking is when a big group of players team up on one lone player, usually by surprise.**


I do want to thank The Bearded Man for this backdrop. Honestly, it was the backdrop that inspired the pic. I saw it and went, "Hmmm... what can I do with this?" Lol I also had an rpg on the mind. This is was I ended up with. My avi needs some lightning materia.

Job 8: Another of Tra's loser jobs,... temp drone delivery person for Amazon. This lasted one day



Animated Urban Pigeon by

Butanik83 - Wasp Backpack NEW @ CYBER PUNK EVENT

NOMAD // Old Radio Tower

Cardboard Box [DBy Mesh]

::GB::Cyber Elysion Pants (Belleza) Silver NEW @ CYBER PUNK EVENT

::GB::Cyber Elysion Vest (Belleza) Black NEW @ CYBER PUNK EVENT

[The Forge] Cypher Helmet .NEW @ CYBER PUNK EVENT

:::SOLE::: SA - Armtech Mk.4 (White Black) NEW @ CYBER PUNK EVENT

r2 A/D/E sasa gloves[white]Maitreya

Radio-TV_relay by SebastianGeneticGFX Resident

08 Action Used Cars - Dish Rust

.SHI Caleb Boots


Drone Fly on Lavender

Long before the word "Drone" became synonymous with quad-copters, these were the only drones I knew. CSXT #9120 was a former C&O GP40 that CSX had gutted and made into an RCPHE4 (Remote Control Platform Huntington EMD 4 axles) drone. #9120, #9121 and #9122 all retained their Chessie colors after being converted, and were fixtures in yards in Michigan for years. Here we see #9120 working the east end of Wyoming yard with GP38-2 #2520.


The idea behind the drones was that any locomotive could be MU'd with them and be run via remote control. The drone itself also provided additional stopping power in the form of its brakes, but could not provide any extra pulling power due to not having any traction motors. The actual diesel engines were left in them for weight. CSX also had a fleet of former GE Dash 7s of the 4 and 6 axle variety that were also drones. While the concept was good, the added work of basically maintaining an extra locomotive just to house the RC equipment eventually became too much in CSX's eyes, not to mention dragging around the extra dead weight. The drones were all eventually retired and the equipment was fitted to conventional EMD Geeps and SD40s. The EMD drones like #9120 were rebuilt into RDMT Road Slugs and mated with GP38-2 and GP40-2 mothers.

The sail drone is a leading collector of ocean related data. A last minute play date with daughter and son in law ended up being quite interesting. We had no idea the old alameda naval airbase was open to the public. The navy pulled out some time ago but all the decay buildings now house private businesses and the officer’s house rent for $3500.00 per month. It was a giant eclectic place. So huge no one had to be close to each other. Places to walk or ride bikes along the water. The uss hornet is now a museum and will be our next visit


Tactical Drone Market Place and Inworld Store

Omg this is so much fun!

The drone is an RC vehicle with many advanced features

Weapons and streamline handling, advanced flight engine to accurate simulate the flight behaviour of a helicopter, with 3 cinematic cameras system for a real flying simulation & Mobile control unit prop with built-in animation.

Key features:

- controller HUD

- advanced flight engine

- cinematic cameras (cams are as smooth as possible in SL for RC vehicles)

- driver / passenger system with animations

- vehicle mode - sit on the drone to activate. Drive it like a vehicle

- auto land and return functions

- lock / unlock (from unwanted passengers)

- weapon system with slight push (NUKE, cluster swarm, bomb). Fire with LMB

- chat relay (chat through the drone in the local chat)

- phantom mode (fly through objects and obstacles)

- gps locator



Valkyrie Outfit @ Forbidden Friday @ Mainstore

Boots, Catsuit and Mask, perfect for super hero or sci fi roleplay, Maitreya Only

Pick up your Forbidden Friday HUD here


Please see my blog for links to events and mainstores, thank you

Wishing you my friends a very Happy Twenty Twenty be blessed with great health and peace always..


This one was a bit high up, but I liked the way it looked against the blue sky! HFDF have a great day and weekend ;0)

I took my drone for a spin right after an epic thunderstorm in Chicago and got this shot. Super happy about the outcome but curious to hear your thoughts.


More on YouTube, just click >>> here <<<


Lyon. Un drone...ou une feuille morte emportée par le vent.

La 'Fleur Arbre' est une sculpture réalisée par Choi Jeong-Hwa au bout de la place Antonin Poncet

The Common Drone Fly (Eristalis tenax) is widely distributed throughout almost the whole world. It is an excellent bee mimic and around flowers it both looks and sounds like a pollen-gathering bee.


Happy Fly Day Friday have a great day. ;o)

Apparently... according my boys they'd both been wondering what I was up to as I had been gone a long time taking photographs in our woodland, so rather than come and find me, they sent out 'The Drone'.


I had been crawling about looking for flowers, insects and butterflies, I stood up and there was this thing hovering, staring at me like something from 'War of the Worlds'... it scared me half to death... I literally jumped out my skin... I'd heard a low noise but thought nothing of it....Its quite a stealth Drone and I hadn't realised they were stalking me for fun with it... both were quite amused with their new fun idea...


Much needed humour ~ KissThePixel2020


Debbie x



Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse and the Mackinaw Bridge from above with our drone.

I don't know when or if I'm ever going to pick up on the Proxy series again. Its been nearly a year, and all I have are loose scribblings and rough chapter outlines. I feel like I'm way too ambitious with my stories. I have all these crazy ideas of where I'd want to take them, and then a few months later I'll lose interest or motivation before it was even fully realized. Meanwhile all the figures and builds I meticulously worked on to go with it just sit on my shelf collecting dust. I try to hold off on revealing them until they actually appear in the story, but screw it. Half of these are works in progress anyway.


From left to right:

'The Mountain Men'

They would appear way later in the story. Not even 100% sure how or where I would fit them in. The concept revolved around an isolated colony outpost in the rural Pennsylvania mountains, and for whatever reason the Pittsburgh operatives regain contact with them.

I feel its obvious I put a lot more thought and personality into the one to the right. Design-wise I was inspired by the Leshens from Witcher 3.



Ok, hear me out: He's a proxy operative...but he's also a furry

...I don't have any other details prepared aside from that. Maybe he's some kind of skilled "lonewolf" scout along the city limits. I'm struggling to find a compromise between that and the dopy mascot look. I don't even know if I can accomplish it with the limitations of lego.

Definitely going to tweak his design considerably.



A random drone I just threw together for the prologue that I decided to expand upon. He would be a semi regular character throughout the story.



Generic construction foreman boss guy. "EY, C'MAH Y'LAZY BASTAH'DS WE GATTA JOB T'DO!"...Or something like that.

I'm not at all satisfied with his current design, yet I don't know how to improve on it. I'll probably lose the hardhat, kind of doofy looking.


'SOCOM Drone'

If the name doesn't make it obvious, they're meant to be a special forces platform. They would be proper operator-controlled drones, rather than the autonomous droids that have already appeared in the story.

I don't know how I would fit it into the story. I kind of just threw it together at some point and thought it was an interesting enough concept to pursue.



"A medium/heavy upgrade to the standard SF10 infantry foot droid. Heavily armoured, they are nigh-invulnerable to majority of small arms fire. They will stand and take any fire the enemy sends its way, while dishing it out in equal quantity."

They wouldn't appear until later in the story. The design isn't fully complete. I still need to get other appropriately coloured pieces to match. But it gets the concept across.

Normandy Drone Bodysuit.


" WHAT IS SHE WEARING? I want that! " Click the link below, to find out where on my blog. ♥


first attempts of drone photography

first attempts of drone photography

Mohawked drones are epic. :D


Just showing the priest drones from my recent scene, Ritual, you can see more pictures of them here.

Drone fly resting on a Griselinia leaf in our garden. The place for all your bug butt shots is Beautiful Bug Butt Thursday group, new members always welcome. Happy New Year & HBBBT!

First drone shots near Leiden

Drone system with two great looking and detailed models, customizable hologram display and totally configurable paths. Visit Cyber Fair and watch them traveling around the sim, then buy your copy!


➧ This product is a collaboration between AiiZawa and Tetranodo

bee in flight from above

[LiLiMD] Drone Helmet (Implant)

Advanced Lighting Model

Drone system build specifically for its ease of use.

Features a unique Drone Speech mode which is also highly customizable and a full suite of RLV controls.

Color Customization


I went into my garden this morning hoping to find something exciting to shoot that is alive and only came across one drone fly so shot it. I took some pictures yesterday of a bush and only when looking at it on the computer I spotted a Lady Bird. Now if only I had spotted it on the camera! Well the summer is still to come so hopefully I will find more exciting things in my garden to shoot like lady birds, butterflies and creepie

A simple 5-piece moc of a futuristic, sci-fi drone.


This inspiration element was the two Ninjago ninja stars, still connected.


Hope you like this build, have a good day,

Non vedo l' ora di ritornare a fotografare 📷 Love Drone and Camera

Drone shot over Ulster Heights Lake, NY.

west Vancouver

Carrickmore Fly-In 2019

Drone Delivery


Feat. MUSCHI - MyDRONE Amazin, Breath - Blowed Shirt White, and Spirit - Unisex Lav Pants Black.


Blog | ♫ Song ♫ | Sim: La Vie


RX-28896 "Badboy" drone. Like it?

We had a nice day last Sunday and went and flew the drone. Hardly any wind for once. Here's looking east. Our harbor and looking out towards Lake Charlevoix in the distance. Hope you don't mind two shots today.

HDR photo of the sun setting taken with my DJI Inspire1 drone.

Local suburban parks are being more and more commonly used by people flying and practicing with drone toys. This is a high performance drone being flown by some local guys.

The camera in front is sending its feed back to the headset of the guy flying it.


DRONE DJI PHANTOM 3 Professional .


(Full screen , it can fly ... try it -;))

Here at Drones-Gone-Wild Recovery Center we believe that not all drones are created evil. Some just "accidentally" clicked on that thing while updating there software files online, and happened to become infected with malicious viruses that sometimes cause them to disrespect the fundamental laws of robotics. When drones start to head down this dark path - a drone rehabilitation center is the answer to bring there systems back in check and restore normal operation. All of our programs are facilitated by a friendly drone reconstruction expert who will inevitably restore them to functioning members of society.


Couple drone/bot ideas spiced up with a quick backdrop and ridiculous story.

© All Rights Reserved

Drone view of the high trestle in Whitewood, VA with a long empty coal hopper train headed down the steep grade.

unmanned aerial vehicle

Yea time to practice flying the drone!

We had a nice day last Sunday and went and flew the drone. Hardly any wind for once. Here's looking west, our cement plant, Lake Michigan and the pier. 16*

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