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Houx / Common holy / Ilex aquifolium

December 2008 - IBBT Ghent, Belgium

Picture courtesy of Thomas (

Poison Ivy is well-known for causing Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis, an itchy, irritating, and sometimes painful rash in most people who touch it. It is caused by urushiol, a clear liquid compound in the plant's sap.


The berry-like fruit, a drupe, mature by August to November with a grayish-white colour. Fruits are a favorite winter food of some birds and other animals. Seeds are spread mainly by animals and remain viable after passing through the digestive tract.




The Drupe is the fruit of the Cornus Kousa, a decorative dogwood tree. is a group of skilled Dutch Drupal experts who can train developers and themers in Drupal.

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I used a single camera-mounted 580EX flash bounced off the ceiling.

Drupal modules as of 11/9/07


Full-sized, legible photo can be seen here:


Linkable version here:


This photo set contains the 5 smaller printable sections.


These linkable Cheat Sheets are here:


I created this graphic because I felt overwhelmed with how many Drupal modules were out there, and I wanted to have a single cheat sheet that I could print out and reference. But this proved to be impossible, and it took me splitting up this massive photo into 5 subsections listed above in order to legibly print out all of the modules -- all of the modules as of November 9th, 2007 that is. (There's been another 20+ new projects created since then according to


A couple of technical points: The modules are color coded according to the 30 categories listed here:


Also this massive graphic actually has repeating modules in the sense that if a module is in three different categories, then it'll be listed 3 different times.


There were also 36 projects that weren't categorized and inadvertently left out of this big graphic, but were included in part 5 of the cheat sheet -- along with the project pages that have been created without a release, projects w/ deprecated HEAD or pre-4.7.x releases & CVS namespaces that don't have a current project page.


Finally, this listing doesn't take into consideration the fact that many Drupal project releases actually contain multiple modules within them. For example, the Drupal for Facebook module is actually composed of 9 modules.


UPDATE: The 30 MB excel file that contains the raw data used to generate these visualizations has been uploaded to



More details here: Panels: What is Context? & here.


The export code to recreate this panels scenario of overriding taxonomy/term/tid with contextual panels be found here:


Just copy & paste it from the box, add a new panels page, and then click import and paste it in. It helps to have some stock data with taxonomy terms created by the devel generate module.

Hand waving with some Drupal figures.

Jen Lampton, lead of the Twig initiative for Drupal, watches as Twig is committed to Drupal core live during the BADCamp 2012 keynote by Dries Buytaert, Drupal's project lead. The commit was the culmination of months of hard work by Jen and other contributors.

Our cake for the Drupal 5 Party

Transform your vision into reality quickly and efficiently with #Drupal #development

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Skype: reddensoft

The fruit bearing clusters of palm trees are called drupes. These is a close-up of one cluster of drupes from a Pygmy Date Palm from my yard. (I also have another variety of palm that produces huge drupes of orange, fiberous fruit, each drupe cluster weighing about 20 pounds or 9 kilos.)


The drupes emerge from a protective pod (also pictured) that hardens into wood after opening. The little balls on the stalks are flower buds which will turn into tiny yellow flower clusters before going to seed.


Shot for Looking Close… on Friday!, Flora on Black Background


I had to look up online to see what this fruit is called. From Wikipedia: "The fruits of all dogwood species are drupes with one or two seeds, often brightly colorful."

This is our ad for DrupalCon SF, where we have a spot in the program booklet as sponsors.


So what's Kit? Check it out:

Gray dogwood (Cornus racemosa) leaves turn shades of maroon and purple. White berries or “drupes” grow on stalks that turn bright red in autumn.

DrupalSouth Wellington 2010.

I guess this is why they call it fall.


I'm guessing under a walnut tree.


Near the Fountain Garden

Cantigny Park, Wheaton, Illinois 41.854053, -88.154825


September 29, 2020


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Most of the drupes have blown off during the recent "pineapple express" storms lately but a few of the hardier drupes are still hanging on. The resident hummingbird sits behind the huge drupes for hiding and maybe for protection from the wind.

Not sure what this thing is. It's very tiny, no bigger around than a toothpick. Another shot in the comments.

Here lies the Frank Grimes of the Drupal world. Hard working, persistent, ever -present - but largely ignored.


Now it's gone forever. Well, unless it gets reopened. Easily done.

Here is a similar ZIA with Drupe, colored with Prismacolor pencils. I should have known that with the attention span of a two year old I couldn't do two exactly alike, so I added Ixorus and Buttercup to Drupe and Nzeppel.

As the owner of an ecommerce store, you have many major decisions to make that directly impact your company. What products will you carry? How will you determine your pricing? What shipping services will you use? All these and more are questions you need to answer before launching your site.


This is my second go at this wallpaper. Changed the drupal lettering to white upon request.

Love that Budzic by Sue Clark. You can find the step-out at Tangled Ink Art. I put it inside of Drupe for the Square One Focus tangle this week.

eyes the puppet with suspicion.

Tangle in a tangle challenge #44

Tangle string is Drupe

Done on watercolor paper layered on scrapbook paper and cardstock.

I've started making cards from my challenge pieces.


Yuraygir National Park

Northern New South Wales


Rocking Drupal at DrupalCamp LA 2010 - what a great group!

BlueMasters for Drupal is based on the BlueMasters PSD template, which was designed by Wendell Fernandes and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers.


BlueMasters has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to bring quality themes to Drupal.


Which other theme would you like to see ported to Drupal?

Let us know at


BlueMasters Live Demo




- Custom front page with 4 block regions

- Footer with 4 block regions

- A total of 12 block regions

- implementation of a JS Slideshow

- CSS rules for


- Read More and Comment buttons

- Images into content or blocks

- Contact form

- 2-column layout for inner pages

- 3-column layout with a JS Slideshow for the front page


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