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The Drupal Create Content > Create Book page allows users to create parent/child page relationships.


The current method allows users to pick the parent page for their new page. This parent could be FIRST (Top), SECOND and so on deep. In the case of, this hierarchy is quite complex and very deep.


This "hacked" image shows how a new hierarchy could be built to simplify page book creation for complex sites. New child drop down boxes could "reveal" themselves using jquery/javascript after the parent was chosen..

Let description displayed when hovering over a menu item in the menu administration page, Home » administer » site building » menus » list.


It improves the administration of the menu items.

I know this isn't UI related, but I couldn't think of a better way to bring attention to this issue. I've also used/suggested other appropriate tags for these types of issues; spreaddrupal drupalmarketing drupalawareness.


The thumbnail shown in the screenshot is pulled into google search results via a firefox extionsion called GooglePreview:


The thumbnail screenshots of the results homepage comes from GooglePreview servers,, and


At leas one of those thumbnail generators, generates the screenshots at a virtual resolution of about 800x600 px, causing the drupal homepage to render yukky. I know the drupal homepage is semantically correct and stands-compliant etc. which I agree is important, but it'd be great to get some attention to details like this in publicity and marketing etc.


Does anyone know if/how to get the screenshot thumbnail corrected? the URL for the image in this screenshot is

The form elements to select the date time formats, simply, sucks. It is not easy to get the right configuration, and is very difficult to use and read.


A much easier way of doing this would be to offer several simple boolean options. e.g.


What comes first:

( ) Day e.g. 14/02/2007

( ) Month e.g. 02/14/2007


[ ] Use 12 hour time


[ ] Show the week-day, e.g. Mon, Tuesday. (medium size date format)

[ ] Even in small date formats


[ ] Show month name, instead of the number. E.g. Jan instead of 01, February instead of 02

[ ] Even in small date formats


The first day of the week is

( ) Monday

( ) Sunday




( ) denotes radio box

[ ] denotes checkbox

-- Drupal UI mockup -- for the upcoming redesign


Possible usage of an overlooked graphing feature and module -sparkline


-This a quick mockup for possible usage, so the graphs above does not represent the values


- diffrent sparkline formats (bar/lines types) are used together for demo purposes only -not to be used together unless necessary -types can be configured on settings


-example above shows the toggled ON mode


more info on Sparkline


-- Drupal UI mockup --

for project/usage/overview


"Graphs for the mortal souls, no tanks! just show me numbers" mode :)


- Sparklines toggled OFF

Changing Drupal layout options could be easy as the Flickr.


Permissions could be admin only (primarily) and also per/user (secondarily, though not necessary)


Currently for Drupal the layout options handled with theming + myriad of modules; Panels, Views, CCK filed options, Composite etc. but there is no a core approach to it


A core layout.module api and all other modules strip of theming/layout functions and using layout api might be a solution

an example of ToC of Codeigniter

something to be inspired for admin/help

In response to Compared to Drupal 4.7, we now list each user's roles and we added some mass user operations. Feel free to make suggestions or to add notes.

Here is a mockup I created 2-3 weeks ago.


Other feature requests in the issue tracker include: filter by severity, add a 'clean logs' button, add 'new'-icons, etc. In general, people want more control over their logs in terms of browsing, managing and clearing them.

Putting the word "OR" between the "Username" and "E-mail address" text fields might reduce confusion as to whether both boxes should be filled.


(Part of Dries' usability feedback experiment.)

A couple weeks ago, I helped a friend setup/configure his Drupal website. Creating a new role and editing that role did not do what he expected it to do. He expected that the newly created 'edit'-link (see screenshot) would allow him to configure the role's permissions. Instead, Drupal only let him edit the role's name.


I illustrated the complete 'flow' in the screenshot below.

Perhaps the access control section of the Drupal UI could be redesigned to allow a few extra things;

1) group access control by like modules (see projects/modules) groups

2) Add a 'rollup/collapse' feature to groups, to allow more visibility to the modules lower down the list.

Perhaps a couple of extra features on the comments approval queue, such as a Tick Box for "select all comments"


More like the options in google mail;


Select: All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred

Suggestion #1

Allow modules to be grouped together by categories in the same way as they are on the main Drupal site.


Suggestion #2

Also allow the categories of modules to be expanded or collapsed using the new jQuery library.


Suggestion #3

Change the way admin/modules illustrates the heirarchy (parent/child) relationships between modules. for example;


- Voting API parent

-- Simple Vote child


This would help illustrate the relationships of complex modules like E-Commerce which are a set of related modules.

Make some minor changes to the users admin page to provide an easier UI for larger sites.

2 x "site maintenance". Change the form element's title to "Site status"?

For normal users, the array of content types available are confusing, e.g. whats the difference beween a Book page, page and a story?


Perhaps CCK in core will help with this!

The access control admin interface is simplistic, a little extra programming, and sysadmins could automate the assignment of roles to users.


New rules would need to be created to assign a new user to a role.

I hate adding weights to my menus as you have to go into each item to fetch what weight it is... I always get mixed up with where I'm up to and mess it up. Why not add the weights to the main overview screen for clarity?

The original grippie (shown as "Before") takes up unnecessary space and also indicates that it's possible to drag the window horizontally, which it isn't.


There's an issue created and also a demo page.


more contrast and the basic page icon is taking its form

working on a new theme, now the framework is almost done ...