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L’eco se ne stava da secoli

rintanata tra le sue montagne.

Riceveva visite solo la domenica mattina,

tra le otto e le undici.

Era abituata a ogni genere di persone,

che andavano a trovarla per chiederle

qualunque cosa.

C’era chi chiedeva con gentilezza,

chi con arroganza,

chi non sapeva ancora cosa chiedere.

L’eco ascoltava tutto, anche il silenzio,

perché sapeva leggere i pensieri più segreti.


Una domenica mattina,

subito dopo le otto,

vide arrivare un bambino con il suo papà.

Il bambino aveva la faccia ancora piena di sonno

e il papà quasi lo tirava per la mano.

Poi, il papà mostrò al bambino come si chiedono le cose all’eco.

Mise le mani intorno alla bocca e cominciò...



mediterrean view, somewhere

Flower Power in Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Spiaggia di Eco del Mare, Tellaro, La Spezia, caraterizzata dall'acqua verde smeraldo

Eco Pond in the Everglades with this white heron flying low over the water.

"One of the chief and most noble purpose of frivolity is to cast a shadow od suspicion over anything too serious"


hi ha un eco de silenci

després de la pluja

que entra i surt com un ocell

per la finestra,

a casa.


Del poema «Quatre respostes a la pluja», #Nectari, Edicions del Buc, 2016 >


(Tècnica: fotomuntatge)

A Canadian Pacific GP20C-ECO rebuild is paired with a CSX SD40-2 on the point of K861, an empty phosphate train that has just come off the Garrett Sub at Deshler and is now pointed south on the Toledo Sub. I can't say much about these ECO rebuilds other than "ugly."

CSX empty phosphate train K861 charges up the grade into Emerson behind a Canadian Pacific GP22ECO and CSX SD40-2 on CSX's W&A sub. Miraculously the ECO lead all the way from Illinois to Florida.

Pair of ECOs on 286-15 this morning @ Glenview!

Ecomuseo del Caroní

Eco Pond Everglades National Park Florida, USA.


Nikon F5 camera on Valvia 50 slide film. I guarantee that this photo was not digital enhanced or changed from the original slide. NPP Straight Photography at

Four Canadian Pacific GP22C ECO locomotives lead a mixed freight south on the Bangor Sub through Glenburn, Maine.

Spiaggia Eco del Mare che si trova vicino Lerici... ci vado spesso da quelle parti ma non ho mai scattato una foto lì, perché non trovavo mai un elemento che mi catturasse. Poi ho visto questo gabbiano solitario vicino alla riva ed ho aspettato che spiccasse il volo.


The eco lake of botanic Garden


Not too recent capture, evening time.

eco paradise

Sony DSC HX20v

Reuploaded because I accidentally deleted it... oops.


286 leaves Muskego Yard with CP 5041 leading a couple CSX GEs, one of which is in YN2 paint. Whats unique about shooting on “The Wash” (or anywhere in Milwaukee, to be honest) is the settings merging together. Once a very heavy industrial city, most of these buildings are abandoned from their original use and were either converted to something else or just plain vacant.


In between the old buildings is nature, as evidently shown with the tree framing the old Sprecher smokestack (which is currently being demolished from what it looks like). I certainly doubt this was common in the days when this would’ve been an SD40-2; when environmental standards were certainly not as strict as they are today, but times a changin. It’s now an SD30C-ECO, further proof that being friendly to the environment is the way of the future, and will never slow down.

Evening view there at Eco Pond in the Everglades.

"Credo che avere la terra e non rovinarla sia la più bella forma d’arte che si possa desiderare"- Andy Warhol


Un fazzoletto di terra toscana alle prime luci, anzi, alle prime ombre del giorno. Foto di archivio, buona giornata "eco-logica" se possibile :)

Morning view looking out over Eco Pond in the Everglades.

living room of individual pallets, you can use each chair individually or put together larger groups, inside or outside the house, all the cushions have mature and pg animations

singles: 9

Cuddles: 3 menus = 19

The pretty Eco Pond in the evening there in the Everglades.

I like CP's ECO units and they look nice (fairly clean) in early evening light at Rices Point in Duluth.

Heretik.Art - All rights reserved. "ECO" 2010

Taken during our Fall Foto Fest Weekend in Bayfield ON.


taken for Macro Monday this week's theme. HMM!

A CP GP20C-ECO, 2269, leads an eastbound freight through Chesterton, IN in the early hours of morning.

The KCS "Eco-Twins" SD22ECO nos. 2600 and 2601 lead the Metro pig transfer through Carrollton, Texas. Photo March 5, 2016.

CP GP22C-ECOs 2210, 2224 and 2292 pull a cut of cars out of the west end of Muskego Yard in Milwaukee alongside an arriving manifest. Muskego's trim jobs are often worked by pairs of ECO units, but this was the first time I'd seen a trio.


Beyond them is the main Rexnord Corporation (formerly Falk) plant. One of the few heavy-industrial concerns left in the Menomonee Valley, it manufactures gears, industrial drives and motors, conveyors, and the like, along with plumbing hardware. Among the achievements of its predecessor, Falk Corporation, was the early development of rail welding, (mainly for streetcar trackage) and the production of gears and other components for customers from local small industry all the way up to the US Navy and NASA. Fortunately, the company's future presence in Milwaukee seems assured, as a new headquarters is currently being moved into a refurbished building downtown.

Nissan ECO-T100 in Bremen-Hohentorshafen.

The pretty Eco Pond there in the Everglades. A three image stitch to get the wide view ... captured with the CPL filter.


Like the tropical clouds hanging over the scene.

I’m balancing on a Jersey wall as I shoot CP 381 in Plymouth. This train featured an SD30C-ECO and GP20-ECO. I haven’t seen an ECO duo before on a mainline train, so I figured I would go out and a get a flick. Some nice EMD noise was playing through here going up the slight grade in Plymouth.

Modelo, edição e texto: Patricia Costa

Brodowski, 2009


“A impossibilidade do esquecimento

Atordoada, pasmática. Travada.

Os movimentos não têm chance. Parada.

Equalizada dentro da minha própria mente.

Um momento de imensidão

E outro de vazio, tão vazio, que ecoa o eco do nada.

Não vence nem o bem nem o mal

Ambos encontram-se divididos em meu corpo.

Não me queira deixar entender

O que você também não entende”.


Soundtrack: Pink Floyd - Echoes

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