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This is the last of these pictures.

by Zaha Hadid

Vienna, Austria


It says on the sugar packages: 'Latte by Latte we help the cafés' and 'Start your day supporting your local café´

It started off as giving him the good news that off work for a fortnight... but he didn't understand the concept... so a short chat about the nature of economics, and I got this look.


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Busseto - Ilford Fp4 film


All rights reserved Davide Zappettini 2019


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A Canadian "Toonie" ($2.00 coin for the non-Canadians out there). Shot with a Tokina 100mm macro lens at f51

The Thought Economics' 30-minute interview podcast and transcript just dropped ==> video


"Most investors are focused on making money, full stop. If that’s your goal, you’re going to be like all the other investors — maximising sort term opportunities to make money. Taking a long-term strategy usually involves some larger, iterative process of learning about how to differentiate yourself from everybody else by knowing more than them in any given domain before that domain gets overinvested. We make money is a by-product of investing in the best entrepreneurs who are going to change the world. Our singular filter is to find the people, projects and opportunities that we think are going to be game-changing for humanity. If you succeed at doing that, you’ll make plenty of money"


"The long arc of human advancement — of progress — is from cultural and technological advancement. The human body is identical today to the body we had 2,000 years ago. Biological evolution hasn’t changed us, yet we are ‘smarter’ and ‘wiser’ — that’s cultural evolution. It’s the ideas, science and methods that we have used to accumulate wisdom over time. We put bad ideas aside and accumulate the ones that are helpful and true, allowing us to do the amazing things that we do. Every one of us is a contributor. And I would say I want to contribute to that as much as I can. Because I realise that’s the vector of progress. It's not staying where we are. It's not studying the past to keep it perpetuating. The past is a steppingstone to the future, and our legacy must be: how can we help facilitate human flourishing, advancement and happiness for the most people possible."

7DWF - B&W


Pea soup and tacky focus, nonetheless, its what I see from my soggy view finder …

"Grrrrrr, Yes?" Jasper hates to be interrupted when he's reading the Arizona Economy page. A dog has to stay current, you know


A re-shoot of a pic from a couple of years ago. Why? I don't know, why not?

Students in the library at the University of Economics.

Vienna University of Economics, Library and Learning Centre by Zaha Hadid

BTW, i left the image at full resolution which you can explore via the "view all sizes" option in the download tab


Jasper reads the Arizona Economy page. Kind of takes after his old man who got his degree in economics. Economics is known as the "dismal science", but Jasper is anything but dismal. I guess you just have to keep the right attitude and play plenty of frisbee to balance life

During the "credit crunch" loads of boats moored up just off Falmouth, they had been seized in the British courts after their owners went bust or just had no work. The rent in the sea around Falmouth is pretty low so at one point in the summer one of my friends saw 18 ships at once. Now most of them are off again- strangely they seem to set sail while I am taking photo's - this happened earlier in January on another shoot as well.


This was taken from Swanpool- I was trying to get a shot of the snow on the beach but the snow looked rubbish when I got the shots on my computer- so I cropped it out.


It looks much better large on black


Nikon D40, 18-55, B+W ND110 filter, f/22 and exp = 56 secs

Rich reading! Clever thinking, well written!

Here are some new economics titles that have been purchased over the past couple of months. Place your cursor over a book's cover to receive more information. Click on the "Check for availability" link in the note to see a book's status in the Library's online catalog.

Here are some new economics titles that have been purchased over the past couple of months. Place your cursor over a book's cover to receive more information. Click on the "Check for availability" link in the note to see a book's status in the Library's online catalog.

Even the nicest of nephews has to learn the value of money and to respect those who perform gardening as a living.



My personal favorite shot.


Collier's: November 22, 1952

Illustration by Andy Virgil

Lockdown Economics in action in Winchester :) I put another colour film through my Soviet Era Zenit 12XP 35mm camera. this is on Kodak ColorPlus 200 film

#zenit #film #35mm #lovefilm #winchester #photography #eggs

The We're Here! gang is visiting the Colour of Money group today.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

My Uni staircase project: this one looking down from the top of the economics staircase - so far it's the largest staircase i've photographed in this series.

From left to right: Anu Muhammad, Bithi Ghosh, Amal Akash, Bratto Amin and Kafil Ahmed. Meeting of environmentalists outside seminar on degrowth. Photo: Shahidul Alam/Drik/Majority World

Anu Muhammad Anisur Rahman, better known as Anu Muhammad (Bengali: আনু মুহাম্মদ; born 1956), is a Bangladeshi economist, public intellectual, writer, editor, and political activist. He is the member-secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports.

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