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Japanese Area in Camp Italia. Edo Museum and History Museum of the first Italy-Japan Embassy.


>You can visit the Japanese Area by using the internal teleport system at the plaza of welcome area, in Camp Italia.


Official Website>



Wonderful news coming soon... keep in touch, my friends :)


Enjoy Camp Italia!


Official Website>




Scattata 10 anni fa quando aveva quasi tre anni e rieditata, adesso questo musetto è tutto bianco :(

Sake Set


Coaster w/ Sake Cup - 1l


Sake Cup - 1l


Sake Pitcher - 1l


Empty Coaster - 1l


Any questions contact christian2221 Resident.


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- Landmark: Kansai/210/222/21


Merci ma Karro Lean chayrie pour le LM de cette magnifique place


Ca valait bien que je ressorte Papiéku de mon inventaire, pis faut bien la depoussièrer de temps en temps

New items will be out Sep 30 2017 soon at Kinfes!


Male worker or traveller outfit in Edo era.


Item features :


Fitted mesh original size(M/L,XL) try on demo first

Bottom folding Kimono(尻端折り着物),obi(帯),momohiki(股引-pants),Waraji/Warajigake(草鞋/草鞋掛け-shoes and socks) are all in one object

Waraji shoes are linked to the kimono

Hat(菅笠),Cloak(道中合羽) are included,sword is not inclued

Aquarelle inspirée d'une oeuvre de EDO, artiste dont j'admire beaucoup le travail.

Mon apport concerne principalement le traitement du ciel.

Papier Saunders Waterford 300g grain fin, 56x38cm


Karakuri Leggins Fatpack


Leggins L/R


Leggins Fatpack Color Hud


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l'ho fatta con la Olympus digitala del Buzzi.

Ascolta, il passo breve delle cose...


(Alda Merini)

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo during the Edo period (between 1603 and 1868).

Currently, male body appliers are not sold in the VCO main store.

If you want to buy this skin, you have to deal with it yourself.

Inquiries about them may now be sent to me for some reason, but I cannot help you because I am not a store manager...




Outfit : Sakka's studio / (BOX)Ss-EDO worker - black - Coming soon @Kinfes!


Sakka's studioの尻端折り着物と道中合羽のセットはキンヘスで!


Great looking Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 tuned by Edo Competition!

That is my first Mattblack Murcielago and the first from Edo Competition for me =)


Hamburg 01.10.2011


Tokyo, JAPAN


@Edo-Tokyo Museum with my good friend Todd

Leica MP - Summicron 35mm - APX100@400 - Rodinal


いわゆる海老一 染之助・染太郎の芸のジャンルです。


In the park, there was an Edo traditional performing art “Tai Kagura”.

“Tai Kagura” is a type of art performed by Ebiichi Somenosuke and Sometaro.

This person is like the successor of the art. He was also good at talking

Olympus OM-1

Zuiko 135mm

Fujifilm Neopan 100 Across

Derived from an original photograph Ladew Gardens Butterfly House. Created for the TMI challenge In the Style of ... Ukiyo-e

Antique Japanese Cut Glass

Another shot from Happō-en during Tokyo's Monday snowstorm.

Capesize-Bulk Carrier "Mineral Edo" laying on the EECV-Terminal in Rotterdam!

L innocenza di un bambino

Olympus OM-1

Zuiko 135mm

Fujifilm Neopan 100 Across

© ajpscs

The Edo River (EDOGAWA) forms the borders between Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures. The Edo River is 59.5 kilometres (37.0 mi) long

Manual trash

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Ontem (26|set) na Liqüe teve House Sessions com Edo Krause (foto), Pic Schmitz e Rodrigo Marchetti _o/

Nem preciso dizer mais nada né...


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